Friends: Rachel Loses Marcel (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

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pete jones
pete jones - 5 days ago
Every time I look at her in that skirt my trousers get tighter
pete jones
pete jones - 5 days ago
Wasn't Mr heckles in taxi. ?
pete jones
pete jones - 5 days ago
I've never fancied Rachel but that schoolgirl look in this. Phew ..
Rafael Alonzo
Rafael Alonzo - 7 days ago
Great! Now I have to fantasize about Rachel 20 years later
Isaiah Hamilton
Isaiah Hamilton - 10 days ago
That schoolgirl outfit Ray Ray got on, ooh wee 😍🥰😎
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly - 20 days ago
It amazes me that I still find friends funny to this date
spiralout72 - 24 days ago
I’ve never wanted to fuck a woman more than I wanted to fuck Jennifer Aniston in the 90’s
Sandavi Rathnayake
Sandavi Rathnayake - 27 days ago
OMG Chandler is so fucking handsome in the first season !!!
Imma Centaur
Imma Centaur - 29 days ago
am i the only one in here who clicks on every Friends videos,pauses it,and scrolls thru the comments section??
Maheen Rida
Maheen Rida - Month ago
Everyone talking about Rachel but look at Monica. DAMN!
Miguel Achucarro
Miguel Achucarro - Month ago
Nostalgia Gaming
Nostalgia Gaming - Month ago
Ok, quick and painful
Sagartirtha Sengupta
Sagartirtha Sengupta - Month ago
Monica was damn hot back in those days!!
Nudge - Month ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am here for the skirt
And so are you
tavia warner
tavia warner - Month ago
It you disagree with me, your wrong!! This is the best show ever!!
tavia warner
tavia warner - 25 days ago
44excalibur don’t sweat it!! All good!!
44excalibur - 25 days ago
@tavia warner Sorry, I was replying to someone else and got you by mistake. 🤭
tavia warner
tavia warner - 25 days ago
44excalibur hu??
44excalibur - 25 days ago
The Russian Tea Room is a popular restaurant in New York City.
LA2047 - Month ago
Holy crap if I were Jennifer's guy I'd ask her to wear that outfit like, every day.
Osbaldo Cruz
Osbaldo Cruz - Month ago
Everybody talking about how Rachel is looking hot with that skirt but DAMN Monica... I can see myself dating a girl with her fashion sense
talha butt
talha butt - Month ago
I wanna marry all of em right now 😭😭😍😍
Darci xoxo
Darci xoxo - Month ago
This outfit tho😍
Caffeinated Nation
Caffeinated Nation - Month ago
Why is Rachel dressed in a slutty school girl outfit?
Brandon Coomar
Brandon Coomar - Month ago
Is there a problem?
Вадим Мукабенов
Can someone explain the joke about the Russian tea room?
44excalibur - 25 days ago
The Russian Tea Room is a popular restaurant in New York City.
Brent oesterle
Brent oesterle - Month ago
Witich cagisseed in a what's
James H
James H - Month ago
I still remember that school girl outfit two decades after seeing the original episode.. Jennifer was a total hottie back then 👍🏻
M.Y JB - Month ago
I just noticed that Marcel was eating a waffle at the end. Mr. Heckles did have a Belgium waffle at the end of the day that he wasn't ready for it 😂
Ananya Murali
Ananya Murali - Month ago
omg i just noticed that too!!
Rachel is soo hot in this episode .
ed campion
ed campion - Month ago
Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful here
Lenny Murphy
Lenny Murphy - Month ago
Stupid show.. Six friends with nothing in common..
Lenny Murphy
Lenny Murphy - 5 days ago
@Alex WAllar when you're older you'll will understand what I mean.
Alex WAllar
Alex WAllar - 6 days ago
@Lenny Murphy I'm 18
Lenny Murphy
Lenny Murphy - 6 days ago
@Alex WAllar what age are you? 12.
Alex WAllar
Alex WAllar - 13 days ago
What you talking about. It's a show about the power of friendship
Tommy Hunter
Tommy Hunter - Month ago
My gosh Jen is FINE.
خود و خدا Bill gates
I love you freinds
Афанасий Пушкин
Rachel is dressed like a pornstar.
Himanshu singh
Himanshu singh - Month ago
They look stop eating hot.
C L - Month ago
Should have started you off with, like.. a pen, or a pencil
C L - Month ago
Chandler helping 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shyamsundar Rajan
Shyamsundar Rajan - Month ago
I didn't want to click on this but seeing Rachel in that school girl outfit was just too hard to resist
Shyamsundar Rajan
Shyamsundar Rajan - Month ago
I didn't want to click on this but seeing Rachel in that school girl outfit was just too hard to resist
Vinicius Machado
Vinicius Machado - Month ago
Who was Marcel?
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique - Month ago
One of the best Rachel's outfit
potato - Month ago
oh my.... Monica looks SO good!! (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)
Афанасий Пушкин
yeah, she was perfect before all those terrible plastic surgeries
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments - Month ago
Damn that outfit.
John - Month ago
Rachel looks hot in that skirt.😋
marketweis - Month ago
Is that you Captain Obvious?
Travy Doyodirt
Travy Doyodirt - Month ago
Only clicked for that outfit
Will Buck
Will Buck - Month ago
Me too.
John Greene
John Greene - Month ago
I was distracted by that short little skirt Rachal had on
2 small 4 the mall
2 small 4 the mall - 25 days ago
@Pink Alien Yikes you need to get out more
Aritra Gupta
Aritra Gupta - Month ago
@Sara . A. 65 Why?
GRIMSETER 6 - Month ago
@Pink Alien lmfao whaaat.
Sara . A. 65
Sara . A. 65 - Month ago
@Pink Alien ur disgusting
Pink Alien
Pink Alien - Month ago
Yep, just imagine peeling that back, sliding down those panties and filling that American pie...
Krathoon - Month ago
Coupling (the British one) was like an R rated Friends.
Summer Kenady
Summer Kenady - Month ago
Jack is a good looking guy. Too bad he married someone older than him!
sundance cassidy
sundance cassidy - Month ago
@C Marq I love the Giggle Loop.
C Marq
C Marq - Month ago
Krathoon : I loved COUPLING!
crazy mind
crazy mind - Month ago
Rachel made me sweat😍😍😍
45ginola - Month ago
Racist fucking show
Ashley & Christaldo
Ashley & Christaldo - Month ago
You will be successful whoever read this Comment 🙏🏾
nikky& me
nikky& me - 11 days ago
Thank you ♥️
Gio C.
Gio C. - Month ago
@_Chapternumberone _ I'm not. SHe didn't say anything nice. It was bullshit that deludes people with like "superstitious" nonsense. I just gave my opinion and didn't insult. It might have been in a harsh tone .... but that's it.
_Chapternumberone _
_Chapternumberone _ - Month ago
Gio C. that person just said something nice..if you want to believe it or not is your choice...but stop being such an ass ;)
Gio C.
Gio C. - Month ago
And 4. I'm not pessimistic. It's just that writing such a sentence doesn't make anyone successful, unless necessary action follows.
Gio C.
Gio C. - Month ago
1. This is bullshit. 2. Hence, it's a lie. 3. At least bother about writing a grammatical correct sentence.
Mary Allgier
Mary Allgier - Month ago
“Spray Lysol in my shoe.”
Um might need more than that
Amirul Asyraf
Amirul Asyraf - Month ago
The #1 most overrated TV show ever.
90AlmostFamous - Month ago
I wouldn’t call something overrated thats still on air after 26 years it first came out and is still popular. It’s like what now, among top 5 shows on Netflix ? It just transcends ur ordinary critic dude.
L A Z Y G A C H A T Y :3
Will Buck
Will Buck - Month ago
@U Bristole Rachel's outfit. Duh
U Bristole
U Bristole - Month ago
Huidige TLOF
Huidige TLOF - Month ago
@Kay F strongly strongly disagree with you Kay F . Friends is a trash Tv show.
Caroline Lutz
Caroline Lutz - Month ago
Marcel was a golden concept 😂😂
Catherine Bhima
Catherine Bhima - Month ago
The "Ok, quick and painful" part lol 😂

Making the outfit Rachel is wearing for myself 2moro!😭🔥
parvin swift
parvin swift - Month ago
@Catherine Bhima ahhh.. I see thanks♥
Catherine Bhima
Catherine Bhima - Month ago
@Andrew Rogers I'll 😌
Catherine Bhima
Catherine Bhima - Month ago
@parvin swift She said... I can't do this ,as in keeping quiet and not telling him that Marcel is missing But Ross thought she was saying: I can't do this, as in dating him lol So he said "ok quick and Painful" , meaning the rejection I hope u get it lol 😂
parvin swift
parvin swift - Month ago
What did he mean.. I didn't get it🌝
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers - Month ago
Nice! Make the skirt a bit shorter lol
Kieran Hannon
Kieran Hannon - Month ago
Damn, that schoolgirl uniform on Rachel, any guy that isn't turned on by that is dead below.
Isaiah Hamilton
Isaiah Hamilton - 10 days ago
Or gay.
RisingUnderdog - Month ago
Agreed! 😍
NBA Drama
NBA Drama - Month ago
Kieran Hannon you need help
Aidai Sevigny
Aidai Sevigny - Month ago
What about girls?
Harrison Rob
Harrison Rob - Month ago
@Christie jones they ain't guys
Noah Voris
Noah Voris - Month ago
That schoolgirl outfit Rachel is rocking though! 😍😝 DAMN! Jennnifer!!!
Josue Vallejo
Josue Vallejo - 9 days ago
Loser here!!!! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Pink Alien
Pink Alien - Month ago
Yep, I'd have that off in seconds and I'd be up to my nuts in guts.
Will Buck
Will Buck - Month ago
@Beck Styles Then count me in as a loser...and you're either weird or a latent homosexual. Go away.
Beck Styles
Beck Styles - Month ago
you loser
Wasif Shah
Wasif Shah - Month ago
Best show ever🙃
Abdul Hannan
Abdul Hannan - Month ago
Watch the office
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