What Happened To My Fishies Video

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JustPickAlready - 10 hours ago
She apologized about fish for 32 minutes. How can someone be so sweet
CreepItSurreal - 11 hours ago
And now she's a happy plant mother too lol AND has a 4th dog!
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor - Day ago
besides my kid, youre one of the most amazing human beings.
Antonia Miquel
Antonia Miquel - Day ago
Jenna you have the most beautiful heart, and it is always in the right place
Rachel King
Rachel King - Day ago
I adore you found Taylor Dean and love Cheese.
Niekard - 2 days ago
I love you.
nicole - 2 days ago
I am glad he was not dumb enough to say “here’s some goldfish” because their bioload is hell. They eat pretty much anything and their digestive system does not work like others. Ammonia poisoning and New Tank Syndrome is very common with them. I watched this because I work at a pet store, and I think her points are very very good. I only want to point out that artificial plants are still an option, for freshwater plants can come with risks and certain fish would destroy anything else. Overall, pleased with this video, as it gains more attention. Pet stores are quite overstocked and rough either way, by the way. So in most cases that is also not an amazing option. Also, my biggest suggestion is a master water test kit.
ainsley siglock
ainsley siglock - 2 days ago
debiT solomita
iiim alive and good
iiim alive and good - 2 days ago
We don't deserve Jenna
Meiari - 3 days ago
god Jenna is such a good person.
Eleni Hines
Eleni Hines - 3 days ago
Hans solometa (if that's how you spell it) = yes.
Fog Logic
Fog Logic - 4 days ago
Jenna played a huge part in developing my maturity and responsibility for taking care of another life and I went almost 20 years without that.
You're all your pets have and you should be this serious about caring for them. Even when it goes wrong at the end of the day you know you gave it everything you could and that's huge. Thank you Jenna.
LyingPeaches - 4 days ago
jenna this is not your fault. you maybe should have researched more on the internet but its also way valid to think the fish person would tell you all the correct information. its fucked up that he told you legit fucking lies and sold you the worst possible tank he could. This is not your fault and youre amazing for saying all of this stuff thank you so much for being awesome
Wild Angel
Wild Angel - 4 days ago
I love Jenna!
Steven Kawleski
Steven Kawleski - 4 days ago
Jenna is obviously a nice person... but if an employee of mine came into my office this upset, and I found out it was about their gold fish not living their best life, I would be concerned about their mental stability.
Merari Ochoa
Merari Ochoa - 5 days ago
I’m two years late and I want to know what happened.
Shannon - 5 days ago
Honestly they’re just fish
BluePink - 5 days ago
I had a beta for a couple years (maybe 4) when I was a kid. After watching this, im so surprised she held out for as long as she did because of all the obvious wrong I had been doing her. I didn't take time to research what she needed after receiving her at a wedding reception, although i was very young, I feel awful now.
im so sorry for the suffering I put you through for your entire life. If I had realized how wrong my care of you was, I would have changed immediately in order to give you the best life. Instead, I overcompensated in food and ended up overfeeding you. I feel horrid and have felt awful since the day I realized you had left us. Rest in Piece, you were a beautiful and feisty fish that I will never forget. ❤
Love, Fynn
P.S. if you've read this entire comment, im sorry, i just had to get that out somewhere before I exploded from regret. I hope Bety is in a better place
Emily Alice
Emily Alice - 6 days ago
Only discovered how much i love Jenna Marbles a month ago but seriously, what an incredible human! Admit, apolagise and improve. You're a real role model Jenna.
yeeyee - 6 days ago
i like how there’s no ads
KAS meditation healing
KAS meditation healing - 6 days ago
And this is why we love you.
Rain / Slytherin Queen
Rain / Slytherin Queen - 7 days ago
I have never seen a circular tank. I have a hexagon one that's rad as hell that it great for a few neon tetras, or a beta and some algea eaters.

Snsiebeidbnenr I never wanna go to this place, omg, what awful suggestions. Small tanks are easier to clean?? Because they're smaller? I have a 2 and a half gallon which happily held a beta for a couple years, god damn 😂 this is a mess.
Rain / Slytherin Queen
Rain / Slytherin Queen - 7 days ago
You made a 47 min vid because you accidentally killed some fish??? Damn.
You're such a sweetie, such a queen. God damn.
Edit: you didn't kill them by accident, you did everything so they wouldn't die. Even better, honestly.
Chuck RAy
Chuck RAy - 7 days ago
Plastic plants are fine after the tank cycles....
Chuck RAy
Chuck RAy - 7 days ago
I got started fish keeping with a carnival goldfish.....
Lucy’s Creative Side
Lucy’s Creative Side - 7 days ago
My question is did you watch any YouTubes about starting up a tank 😂
Fog Logic
Fog Logic - 3 days ago
Sorry I didn't understand how you could question someone who just spent 50 minutes genuinely apologizing and giving you the full story but haha just kidding
Lucy’s Creative Side
Lucy’s Creative Side - 3 days ago
Fog Logic it’s a joke haha 🤣
Fog Logic
Fog Logic - 4 days ago
She didn't. That's the entire reason she apologized. She went to a fish store and trusted a fish expert to teach her instead of reading online and chancing misinformation and he ended up misinforming her anyway.
Shar Roon
Shar Roon - 7 days ago
Ah the burn of bad advice, I know it well.
Nebojsa Milosevic
Nebojsa Milosevic - 7 days ago
Year and a half later I'm still waiting for Jenna's aquarium :'(
Ada mercury
Ada mercury - 8 days ago
In the future, when bunny is trained and adjusted to her environment, I would really love to see Jenna get some fishies.
selina - 9 days ago
I love that this is literally your biggest controversy
Love you so xx
Strategic Hobo
Strategic Hobo - 12 days ago
I love how she takes care better of her fish than her hair omfg I love you bibi 😂💛
Scuba Tuba
Scuba Tuba - 12 days ago
Juliens names are fuckingn top notch
Phoebe Harris
Phoebe Harris - 12 days ago
I won a goldfish at a fair and it lived for 7 years
Ada mercury
Ada mercury - 8 days ago
Phoebe Harris I forgot where, but in their natural environment goldfish can live up to 30 years and grow like a foot long.
Chocolate Muffin
Chocolate Muffin - 13 days ago
You don't eat animals but you buy them? So confusing. Fish in a tank is never fine.
Chocolate Muffin
Chocolate Muffin - 6 days ago
@Ada mercury Are you kidding me? So you actually think that we should breed animals in captivity and sell them like things? Are you ok? I've given you plenty of food for thought but you seem unable to digest it. Feels like talking to a stupid child.
Ada mercury
Ada mercury - 7 days ago
Chocolate Muffin I was hoping for an insightful debate, but so far you haven't given me any actual facts to derail anything that I'm saying beside your own opinion. Unless you can give me some "food for thought" I'm gonna dip cause I got things to do.
Ada mercury
Ada mercury - 7 days ago
Chocolate Muffin I believe that you should buy fish from local, trusted breeders that care where fish go instead of pet stores that are filled with unqualified employees.
Chocolate Muffin
Chocolate Muffin - 7 days ago
@Ada mercury so you agree that fish can only be bought and that's a cruel business that shouldn't be supported?
Ada mercury
Ada mercury - 7 days ago
Chocolate Muffin I'm saying there's foster home for animals on the streets because you wanted to bring up strays and kill shelters. Fish have been studied, that's how people get information-from research. Have you even seen a happy fish?? It's just so clear when an animals is happy, that there's just no question about it. Why don't you go look up some??
estelle healer
estelle healer - 13 days ago
I know this is years late but I’m very sorry for the fish not working out for you. Since I was in elementary 2nd grade I always had rats as pets. When we got our first few generations of pet rats we had them in an environment that was horrible for a rat but at the time we had no clue nor was there any internet sources about rats back than. I look back on those first few generations of rats I owned and I just want to cry. I know past me had no idea and I honestly wanted them to live the happiest life I could give them. It pains me to think that they were in the wrong environment. I loved them so much. Sometimes things like this happen even if we have the best intentions possible. You did the right thing for these fish and your heart was definitely in the right place
Everything for Everyone
Everything for Everyone - 15 days ago
People at pet sores just want you to buy things and sell you things for money! Hey usually don’t care! They just want you to spend money! It’s really sad!
Raeann jeanene Peters
Raeann jeanene Peters - 16 days ago
I’m worried about my fish now
Zackaroni - 16 days ago
This was such an informative and wholesome video with good intention, god bless you jenna for being open and human and responsible
JAy Dub
JAy Dub - 17 days ago
This is why I love Jenna so much. She turned a negative experience into a learning experience. No dragging. No drama. She genuinely cares.
Summer Acky
Summer Acky - 17 days ago
jenna i love you i love that you made a longer video for getting the wrong fish tank than logan paul filming a dead body you are an inspiration for your viewers thank you so much
Sarah Locklear : UNCENSORED
my mama has always had fake flowers in her fish tanks...but I hate this hurt u...
Courteous Geranium
Courteous Geranium - 19 days ago
As a guy who has four beautiful goldfish, this apology video still warms my heart. We all make mistakes, especially with fish, and in 2017 there was still so little good info on fish care. Even now, there's so much misinformation. You're such a beautiful person, Jenna.
Crusty Narwhal
Crusty Narwhal - 20 days ago
Alright. I won a goldfish from the fair, it has been alive for over a year now and I literally love this fish so much. Idk but I felt so emotional when Jenna was talking about how she would have cared better for her fishies if she knew better ❤️❤️
3two1zero - 22 days ago
@JennaMarbles--How are your fish doing now? Are you keeping any now?
Lacey Rose
Lacey Rose - 22 days ago
They literally put more time and care into these fish than 90% of fish owners. Internet will attack anyone for anything smh
Sadie leigh
Sadie leigh - 22 days ago
So..... did they die? Not to be Morbid or anything
Ada mercury
Ada mercury - 8 days ago
Sadie leigh I'm pretty sure she took them back with-in the same day.
kitty Orr
kitty Orr - 22 days ago
Another tip dont turn on the light befor 24hr to 48 x
Morgan Okos
Morgan Okos - 22 days ago
And she doesn’t even put ads Respect
Jamie Lacroix
Jamie Lacroix - 23 days ago
I’m fairly new to your channel, but I’d just like to say.. You handled this wonderfully. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a youtuber just take responsibility & learn from their mistakes. It takes a mature badass bitch to handle shit this well. You rock🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻
bunnie - 23 days ago
I work at a pet store, and im in charge of all the animals there and the fish tanks. I try my absolute hardest to give the best advice i can from what ive learned through my own research. Im going to school for zoology/animal education, so I really do care about giving people the best advice that I can! I always try to encourage people to go home and do their own research as well. But, sadly most of my co workers know NOTHING about the animals and just give random advice, however its not really their fault. Pet stores dont do anything to train their employees and teach them about the animals their selling/caring for. There's also a lot of ignorant people , who i will give advice to and tell them for example do not buy a tiny plastic fish bowl for their fish, it will die, and they don't listen/care because "its just a fish". The main reason i even still work at a pet store is to hopefully provide decent care to the animals we sell. and provide as best advice as i can to people buying animals, so those animals dont suffer.
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