What Happened To My Fishies Video

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Trent Williams
Trent Williams - 7 hours ago
Two years to the day since this video was uploaded lol
Kayy* - 16 hours ago
After seeing this video and other videos with your pets I've come to the conclusion that when you do have kids you and Julien are going to be the best, coolest parents ever !! they will be SO lucky to have you both!!💕
Kathryn Lilley
Kathryn Lilley - Day ago
You dont actually need live plants in an aquarium it is better for the fish though as it provides more oxygen in the water and they feeds on the co2
callumonmars - 2 days ago
i love how this is jenna's only scandal
Maqle - 3 days ago
Dang, this reminds me of when I had a fish. My cousin actually started out with this fish, but they got sick. It’s siblings had died already and they were the only one left. They were so sick that they were lying down on their side at the bottom of their tank. They looked more dead than alive. We brought them home and they stayed like that for a few days. After a week, their fins moved, not much, but they moved. A few days after that, they were able to swim, slowly. About a month after we got them, they seemed alive, happy. They let us pet their head and wouldn’t squirm if we picked them up in/out of the water(for cleaning the tank). A few months after having this fish though, something happened. They would swim sideways or upside down. I didn’t know what was happening. I came home from school one day to find my fish friend floating at the top of the tank, dead. This is what began my fear of dead animals. We buried them in the backyard. I cried a bunch after they died. I still come close to crying every time I think about them. This was my first real experience with death. Even if they were just a fish, it still traumatized me.
KerriNature - 4 days ago
Really? Didn't know that about round tanks....the stuff you learn on Youtube, I'm gonna look that up. I can't afford fancy tanks, I have a 2 10's cuz I can lift them myself.
Jessica - 5 days ago
I thought Julian named a fish Apple Titty
CatLee - 6 days ago
I love coming back to this video. Jenna handled this so well and she has learned from her mistakes, which is very mature in my opinion.
Flying_bareback - 6 days ago
Jenna isn't at fault really. Once again the pet store gave wrong information. They never told them about cycling they gave her fish to do it and without sulfer (makes tap water safe) and a cycled filter it was going to fail. It wasn't her fault at all, you cant cycle a tank in 24hrs its 30 plus days of testing water, if you have a pre cycled tank you can put the filter in fror 30 days to get the correct bacteria. I want her to try again so badly!!!!
Toni Pajamas
Toni Pajamas - 9 days ago
Watching this made me realize Jennas kinda dumb she could have bought a bigger tank
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation - 9 days ago
Shame on the fish store for misinforming u. U looked for a reputable place, saw great reviews & trusted a store u thought u could trust. Really no need for any1 to crucify u over it.
As a teen I worked at a reputable pet store yrs ago with an experienced fish dept. Unfortunately they r out of business due to petco, petsmart & places that have zero knowledge & get their livestock from crappy places.
Any1 with a brain who has seen even a small bit of jenna's content knows she whole heartedly loves animals. We love u beech . Ppl make mistakes & u were misinformed. Forgiveness, ppl... it's due here. She took responsibility & felt terribly about it. ✌
Samantha Kiever
Samantha Kiever - 9 days ago
Jenna: I can't have plants. They'll all die
Up next: A Tour of My Plants
Olising - 9 days ago
I’m sorry but I loved it when she said “the fish community” 😂
Olising - 9 days ago
I am a happy hamster.
n0 0ne
n0 0ne - 10 days ago
Logan pual makes a apology video about *recording* *a* *dead* *body* with a fake cry and lying and it’s over 10 mins so yo know 💵
Jenna makes a 40 minute video about getting the wrong fish bowl
I have one thing to say Jenna you are a saint
Holly Posluszny
Holly Posluszny - 10 days ago
The size wasn't the problem it was because they didn't cycle . I feel like a lot of people do that and it's okay to make mistakes just make sure it's fixed after . I wish she didn't get sad about it.
Pepsi gives calories all sugar
Jenna !!!
Who else other than Shane
ew - 12 days ago
i’m definitely on the extreme side when it comes to my love of animals. i totally get where jenna is coming from. i treat every animal as a human. whether it be an ant, a cockroach, a dog, a fish, etc. i used to have a blind beta fish. he had to be fed blood worms with a pair of tweezers. you would have to chase him around the tank and try to get him to eat. it was a long process everyday. but i loved him. all my six animals are my children. i may not be the most knowledgeable person and i may not have massive amounts of money to spend on them but they have a great home. i treat them better than i treat myself. i totally TOTALLY feel for jenna. because i’ve made mistakes like this before. she’s a saint and i respect her greatly. like what an angel. i hope i can be as amazing as her one day.
rose c
rose c - 12 days ago
I'm confused what did she do wrong I only really watched the last bit of the video can someone comment on this and tell me please
rose c
rose c - 9 days ago
@Xena San thank you
Xena San
Xena San - 11 days ago
The rest of it is definitely worth the time to watch. It's a great thing to learn from her about owning up to mistakes and learning from them with maturity and grace. She didn't make a big mistake, and it was even a common one, but i received one of my first real life lessons on truly being an adult from this when she first put this up. Truly worth the watch if you've got the time
hkess17 - 13 days ago
You can tell in the vlog that she really thought she was doing it right too. pouring the bacteria in with LOVE

fuck that dumb fish employee
gummy bear 2017
gummy bear 2017 - 14 days ago
Why is she apologizing? She did so good.
gummy bear 2017
gummy bear 2017 - 14 days ago
This is cute
Anna Huff
Anna Huff - 14 days ago
I think you should get another fish, this time you understand excactly what your little guy needs. You could be the best fish mom, and they're so cool to have
MartialArtsMarsupial - 14 days ago
Can some one tell me what’s wrong? Is the tank too small? Are they saltwater?
Elizabeth Bettenhausen
Elizabeth Bettenhausen - 18 days ago
Watching this now I can see that this happened so that way bunny came into the best and healthiest homes possible. Tell me I’m wrong.
Alicia Chamberlain
Alicia Chamberlain - 18 days ago
Wait, so why can’t fish go in a round tank? I’m kinda confused

Also, Jenna I love you so fucking much, you are a good human
Vid Krampl
Vid Krampl - 20 days ago
Did they die
Influennza Pyloric
Influennza Pyloric - 20 days ago
What an asshole fish seller!!!
frickasilverlining - 21 day ago
I'm Giving my betta a tank makeover after watching this he deserves it
Evil Sp0rk
Evil Sp0rk - 22 days ago
I've been watching you for over a decade, you have grown into a better person, we can all grow, and you always try to do the best thing. You're not a horrible person. Mistakes happen. I love you and everything you do. The dorkier and stupider it is, the cuter you've been, and when you talk serious, you're so thoughtful and caring. Please keep being you and don't let any haters stop you. Never stop caring. Thank you for this information!!!
Mélanie Sonier
Mélanie Sonier - 22 days ago
Omg! i completely understand what you are saying... I did the same thing, i bought 4 goldfish, 2black with big eyes and 2normal orange with a 20gallon tank. That was what my local pet store recommended to me and they didnt even tell about testing the PH or anything like that.. It was awful, they fell sick loosing their scails so i called them and the guy on the phone told me it was normal that they was aclimating to the new water...by the end of a week or two they died. I cried a lot, i felt sick to my stomach bc they died bc of me. I tried a year later but with much more information, let my aquarium cycle for a month and a half with no fishes inside, bought all sort of medicine and tests bc i have hard water. Bought real sand with real plants and let them in the tank for another month or two and now i have perfectly healthy fishes😁 These pets stores clerks are only there to sell, they dont know shit about fish.. at least not our local ones... They also wanted me to buy a beta fish with a lamp tank... lava lamp style and i wanted a real tank, a rectangle one. They didnt even sell me a filtration system for my first aquarium... my local pet store is awful... no wonder they dont have cats and dogs there...
Josephine Lim
Josephine Lim - 23 days ago
Why is everyone saying your fish died when you brought them back
Lucy P
Lucy P - 23 days ago
i had fish when i was younger, but my dad would care for them so i couldn't say whether what he was doing was right or wrong, but now i know if get a fish again ill consult this video more and definitely do my research before getting any sort of fish
Beck Cetera
Beck Cetera - 23 days ago
Yes. People grow and learn and in order to do that they challenge themselves by trying new things. If they fail the first time, they choose to try again or to stop all together. If they choose to try again, they try again by becoming more knowledgeable. A hamster is one of those pets that a "4 year old can take care of" because they need simple care and because they like any other living things, even the best care can't keep them alive. A plant is the same, and I get it doesn't have a beating heart but I have killed all my plants too and my mom has been a florist since before I was born (currently working on a spider plant and an aloe vera...thoughts and prayers) and my mom has told me what to do and what not to do but sometimes things just aren't meant to be. Jenna cares about animals, she wasn't out to hurt any thing.
Yanira Estep
Yanira Estep - 23 days ago
@40:35 Jenna was vaping, and that’s okay.
hello moni
hello moni - 24 days ago
I still have no idea what she did lol
UnusualPeopleStudios - 24 days ago
As someone who used to work at a place that sold fish, not soley fish but it was a very popular department, I 100% never trust the employee selling them (or any animal for that matter). ESPECIALLY a place that doesn't specialize in pets. The employees get very basic information about reading a label on the front of the tank and that's it. No information for each kind of fish, what they need to eat, what they need or what size they'll grow to, nothing. Unless you go into the job knowing how to care for a certain type of pet, most people are clueless. I once sold a black moor goldfish to someone not knowing it would need a 10 gallon tank within a year, and that it needed special care. I only found out when I looked into it myself (I was interested in buying one of my own, and immediately knew I couldn't care for it). I felt terrible for that little fish friend I sold, knowing that it was going to a tank and environment that wasn't suitable for it.
But I literally could not tell the customer otherwise, not only out of my own ignorance, but because I would have gotten in trouble if I had told the customer they were wrong. This happened on multiple occasions.
No matter how much an employee seems like they know, I never trust them blindly. I do extensive research before getting any pet; they're living beings after all and, as Jenna said, they deserve a good life.
Cheepy McPeepy
Cheepy McPeepy - 24 days ago
also, this inspired me to start my research and tank setup for the shrimp i want. 💕
Miquel Montgomery
Miquel Montgomery - 21 day ago
Cheepy McPeepy Shrimp are a very good choice but very expensive and it’s a long start up care the good thing is, is that you can get any size tank and shape and not go wrong. Make sure to get the right drip acclimation kit and buy from a good breeder. Don’t trust PetCo or PetSmart.
Cheepy McPeepy
Cheepy McPeepy - 24 days ago
I have so much respect and adoration for you, Jenna. can't imagine people giving you crap about your pets - you're the sweetest caretaker a fishy could ask for. 💕
Yugah Rœby
Yugah Rœby - 24 days ago
Bubbler and a water filter..
xcarmen - 25 days ago
I have so much respect for her
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth - 25 days ago
Have you seen any of the aquascape tanks that start WITH PLANTS and then you eventually add lil fishies/shrimps to the fun tiny world? You should check it outttt.
Isabel Salas
Isabel Salas - 26 days ago
I think a great first fish is a beta I’ve gone thru so many gold fish now I have a beta for a year he needs a little tank not tiny tho
Vincent Rossi
Vincent Rossi - 27 days ago
Meanwhile Alinity throws her cat like they’re balls
Sandie S.
Sandie S. - 28 days ago
Jenna, you corrected yourself, sure you made a mistake but you absolutely took the initiative to fix it💕
Dance Fanatic
Dance Fanatic - 28 days ago
You're such an amazing and caring person
Hannah King
Hannah King - 29 days ago
I have that tank for my gold fish !! :)
Morgan Gullie
Morgan Gullie - 29 days ago
I love that you reached out to Taylor Nicole Dean, shes one of my favorite youtubers when it comes to animal videos!!!
Aster Yeager
Aster Yeager - Month ago
I am relieved to know that lieutenant shiny sides is safe and sound.
Lawren Haggerty
Lawren Haggerty - Month ago
We are so not worthy of being your viewers Jenna. We love you. 💜
Face Palm
Face Palm - Month ago
It’s like Jenna is the realest person on YouTube . Much much love 💕
JustJ8 - Month ago
I don't understand why everyone is so confused/overwhelmed by a video about KILLING (yes, accidentally) SENTIENT ANIMALS LIKE EVERYONE READING THIS! It's not that unbelievable if you're a good person!!!! #govegan
JustJ8 - Month ago
All the carnists in the comments: *can't believe a 47 minutes apology about fishes*
Cassidy Jones
Cassidy Jones - Month ago
I know this is an apology video but I find it so wholesome and soothing to watch.
I legit put on my sleep mask, get into bed and listen to Jenna apologize for buying the wrong fish tank at night to put me to sleep. 🤣
It’s such a wholesome way to end the night. Try it sometime im serious lol
Emma Evans
Emma Evans - Month ago
jenna is the best
TarekBakes - Month ago
I need a fish to survive through my basketball game tomorrow.
Jackie Jones
Jackie Jones - Month ago
Me, watching this in 2019
Jenna: I can't have plants, they'll all die
Me: :) that growth tho
Eccentric. - Month ago
My mom used to have aquariums and she had fighting fish. One of her fish jumped out of the tank and died because she forgot to close the tank.
She carried this around with her even 20 years later. I think what makes a good pet owner is that the pet owner takes care the animals are safe. And you certainly did that.
However, I am not so sure if the chances of the fish surviving is better in a place like this fish store who cares so little about the fish surviving in your care. I know some pet stores are really brutal. Killing rabbits as soon as they are not small and cute anymore etc. I hope they all survived and had a better life.
Doylt - Month ago
Don't distrust all aquatics store workers though! My best friend has a degree in ornamental fish and takes her responsibilities very seriously.
ᴊᴏᴏɴɪᴇs ᴅɪᴍᴘʟᴇs
she just took apology videos to a whole other level.
*Brooke Houts has left the chat*
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