Astros smash 7 homers in rout of Athletics | Astros-Athletics Game Highlights 9/9/19

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Bevin Covington
Bevin Covington - 16 days ago
This game is the reason fiers snitched. Made his ERA and his ego explode
Teal your average teenager
The day Fiers became Tekashi 6ix9ine
Crunch Akina
Crunch Akina - 5 months ago
This is the exact moment Mike Fiers decided to snitch out the astros lol
Caleb Fuller
Caleb Fuller - 5 months ago
This was the day that Fiers decided to snitch
dragnet53 - 5 months ago
I hope this happens again to Mike Fiers when we see him again.
Hdog 05
Hdog 05 - 5 months ago
This came up in my recommendation. Funny Fiers was pitching in this one
Ulysses Olivera
Ulysses Olivera - 5 months ago
Cheating pieces of sh&#!!!
Therealrolliepee - 6 months ago
This is why Mike Fiers snitched lol
Robert Lupia
Robert Lupia - 6 months ago
Convenient the video doesn’t have all the banging before the pitches
Samuel Jue
Samuel Jue - 6 months ago
This was definitely a cheat game. Every Astros hitter that came up was swinging for the fences every at bag and just sitting on the fastball. So glad the A's ended up smacking them back(honestly) the next game.
Prab - 6 months ago
Astros prolly cheated this game
Terry Herrera
Terry Herrera - 10 months ago
Yea 😞😞😞 30+ runs in two games !
Chocked the next !!
21-7 !!😞🙉🙈🙊😳
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy - 10 months ago
That 2nd Alvarez home run was the furthest one I've ever seen hit at Minute Maid.
D Mateo
D Mateo - 11 months ago
And after this series.. guess who won 7 out of 10 games against Houston... Bet y'all thought you had it in the bag this week after this game 😂
ClassicExampleBand - 11 months ago
After Houston won this game so dominantly, they figured the series would be an easy win.
Oakland had other plans, though.

Oakland 29, Houston 12 the rest of the way.
Sean McAndrew
Sean McAndrew - 11 months ago
Good Lord....
Jacob Wang
Jacob Wang - 11 months ago
Possible Division Series preview?
Vlad The Inhaler
Vlad The Inhaler - 11 months ago
Well, bout time to buy me an astros hat, maybe an open star late 90’s type, and a Sunday cap.
Michael L
Michael L - 11 months ago
The A’s got payback with the next game 21 - 7
Brooke Schelfe
Brooke Schelfe - 11 months ago
we should do this again tonight to forget about last night lol
Joseph Bisesi
Joseph Bisesi - 11 months ago
Yea but then the astros got blown out 21-7
Hector Camacho
Hector Camacho - 11 months ago
ChariotManGaming - 11 months ago
Let's go #Yankees! The #BronxBombers. Y'all #Astros getting out they're way! Going to the World Series to see the #Dodgers!
Martin Jensen
Martin Jensen - 11 months ago
Watch the A's will score 21 runs on Tuesday
Justin Simmons
Justin Simmons - 11 months ago
Came here to feel better after they smacked us tonight
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez - 11 months ago
How is it looking tonight the game Astros fans? Last night bragging a little too much. Just said the A's won last series 3 games out of 4! 😁
Pilgrim Here
Pilgrim Here - 11 months ago
Did you see the Houston Astros? Maan , The are going strong, I hope they keep that great attitude.
Non_SpawnPeeker 96
Non_SpawnPeeker 96 - 11 months ago
😂the A's used a reverse uno card on the Astro's in today's game.
Frankenseuss - 11 months ago
I still remember going to games as a kid with my dad. First game at the Astrodome, next 5 at Enron, last 30 or so at Minute Maid.
Steven Schaefer
Steven Schaefer - 11 months ago
Where you A's fans at that were telling me we dont want to run into you in the playoffs?
I'm out of weed and you guys have plenty to share.
JoeLopez40oz - 11 months ago
How did you like 3 wins in a row against the Astros? Boy did the tables turn quick hahahhahaha!! Go A's!
Joker777420 - 11 months ago
ROOOOOOT FOR THE GOOD GUYS!!! ‘STROS 2019 World Series Champs ⚾️
K. G
K. G - 11 months ago
Them boys cold ☃
TacoFingers - 11 months ago
I went to this game and it was crazy! 15 - 0. Normally the Athletics would win but the Astros really took it back.
전성재 - 11 months ago
Fantastic !!
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez - 11 months ago
3 more games to go! You win a game by 100 runs and lose the next 3 by one run! What counts more? 😁
Clay Pattison
Clay Pattison - 11 months ago
Buncha Yankees disliked this video
D Me
D Me - 11 months ago
Their TV announcer sounds like the typically pudgy, screaming, hockey announcer. And, Ysnkee Stadium is a REAL baseball stadium: Without a goofy-assed train.
Jovon delahoussaye
Jovon delahoussaye - 11 months ago
Batting practice??? Jesus Christ🤦🏽‍♂️
prdp_matthew - 11 months ago
Jeff Z
Jeff Z - 11 months ago
Rumor has it Yordan’s hit still hasn’t landed
rene reza
rene reza - 11 months ago
Home run derby.
robbieyh - 11 months ago
Houston is on fire!
tractorback76 - 11 months ago
I just pray Yordan doesn't hit one back at the mound.
Clayton Dusauzay
Clayton Dusauzay - 11 months ago
That second HR by Alvarez. Has it landed yet?
Joseph Trusty
Joseph Trusty - 11 months ago
It made it to the space station lol
Chasity - 11 months ago
1:54 just perfection
VICTOR M - 11 months ago
World series?
raul Garcia
raul Garcia - 11 months ago
The Rockets need to call Yordan up. He could probably get us some rebounds.
raul Garcia
raul Garcia - 11 months ago
Texans need to call Yordan to play defensive end 🤔
Brian Garrett
Brian Garrett - 11 months ago
Damn Astros are going to be scary come playoffs
DivineForcesBro - 11 months ago
Still missing Yuli and Correa too.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit - 11 months ago
It's sad the A's and Angels have to play in the same division as the Astros juggernaut, so much talent in every position. Alvarez reminds me of young David Ortiz
Toro Man
Toro Man - 11 months ago
Diana Camacho
Diana Camacho - 11 months ago
How much ft was the second hr of Álvarez?
Christopher Gutierrez
Christopher Gutierrez - 11 months ago
Good luck Yankees
C S - 11 months ago
Is it me or are these juiced balls are getting more and more tightly wound? I wonder if it will take a player getting killed by a line drive to stop this craziness.....and yet I still came here to see these balls get mashed.
Yely Harmony
Yely Harmony - 11 months ago
Now show me all the evidence you have that they're "injecting steroids into the balls" all are just mere talk...but...ARE YOU ONE OF THE WORKERS MANUFACTURING THOSE "SUPPOSEDLY JUICED BALLS" OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT?
BELIC 68 - 11 months ago
I'm an A's fan, it doesn't look good for oakland, sorry A's fans looks like nobody's going to beat the astros, their bench is deep! alot of talent, great front office, great organization,
BELIC 68 - 11 months ago
@The Sentinel ,your right, I'm hoping for the best, this why I love baseball, anything can happen
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson - 11 months ago
The Golden State Warriors of baseball
Josh Slabbaert
Josh Slabbaert - 11 months ago
watch each persons reaction to yordans bomb
Davonne X'O
Davonne X'O - 11 months ago
Anybody notice how Altuve was scared to give Alvarez a high5 after he crushed that second home run? 😂
Nathan and Rhonda Neathery
Nathan and Rhonda Neathery - 11 months ago
Any of you Astro's fans want to explain 1:50?
Matthew Hicks
Matthew Hicks - 11 months ago
Lol just Springer bein a goober per usual.
JustJay 0312
JustJay 0312 - 11 months ago
I remember when nobody paid attention to the astros in 2017 and they quietly made it to the World Series and won. Now they are the hot topic of all sports radio
lonestar lows
lonestar lows - 11 months ago
Yeah watched espn on labor day weekend their top 50 plays of the month. For the month of august. Not a single astros play was on their top 50. Neither was any matt chapman plays. Who is in charge over there at espn lol
RSVP 14 - 11 months ago
espn has never liked the Astros. They only want Boston, NY and LA. It pains them that the Astros are better than all of them. It really does.
lonestar lows
lonestar lows - 11 months ago
Where in this line up does opposition pitcher get a break.
The Cajun Redneck
The Cajun Redneck - 11 months ago
lonestar lows none lol
Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs - 11 months ago
Yea. I could hit a golf ball into the upper deck too. Try it with real baseballs next time.
Drummer 27
Drummer 27 - 11 months ago
Yordan "Superman" Alvarez with only 22 years old, the narrator said connected the longest home run in the history of the Minute Maid park. Somebody tell me, how long distance? Feet?
Barbaro Acosta
Barbaro Acosta - 11 months ago
Dude broke statcast. That shot was at least 490 feet.
The Cajun Redneck
The Cajun Redneck - 11 months ago
There’s no way that was only 416ft. not at that distance lol
Drummer 27
Drummer 27 - 11 months ago
@Paul Villarreal okay thank you.
Paul Villarreal
Paul Villarreal - 11 months ago
Edwin Collazo not the longest, stacast said 416ft but it looked a lot longer
culam nguyen
culam nguyen - 11 months ago
Abreu could be a decent bullpen arm in the future and yordan finally snapping out of his slump
Nazgull123 - 11 months ago
Tyler Hunter
Tyler Hunter - 11 months ago
the guy behind home plate on the right has to cover his baby's ears after every home run lol
ekimshield - 11 months ago
You forget how good the Astro starting pitching is.
ekimshield - 11 months ago
@D Mateo Verlander pitched beautifully last night as nearly always. And all the play-off teams shrink to a three man rotation because of all the off days in the play-offs.
D Mateo
D Mateo - 11 months ago
@ekimshield trio ain't gonna win a world series... Especially if Verlander lost last night...
ekimshield - 11 months ago
@D Mateo You wanna go up against the play-off trio they'll feature?
D Mateo
D Mateo - 11 months ago
Yeah no...
Eric Smith
Eric Smith - 11 months ago
War eagle
DJ 40oz
DJ 40oz - 11 months ago
Joshua P
Joshua P - 11 months ago
dont elevate your pitches in that band box
Andre Toles
Andre Toles - 11 months ago
Looks like Zack using some of the Astros pitching system finally
Dreamingbig - 11 months ago
Astros world series champs this year
Paul Aguilar
Paul Aguilar - 11 months ago
If u like it or not Astros are mlbs #1 team
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez - 11 months ago
I'll still come if my yankees lose, but I doubt they will we, like I said we shall see,I'll be back after the alcs
James Williams
James Williams - 11 months ago
@Angel Lopez Yankees are not beating the Astros calm down
Thevidgame - 11 months ago
Angel Lopez What if the Yankees don’t? Where will you be?
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez - 11 months ago
We will see in October I'll meet you here after the yankees win the alcs
Paul Aguilar
Paul Aguilar - 11 months ago
@Angel Lopez we beat the Yankees so they dont count
Paul Aguilar
Paul Aguilar - 11 months ago
Stro's before hoes
Luke Carney
Luke Carney - 11 months ago
Astros are pretty good, huh.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Houston playing decent these days. 😌👍
Matt - 11 months ago
smh my head
GERARDO victorino garcia jr
GERARDO victorino garcia jr - 11 months ago
even the As pitcher liked yordans second home run he took a long look admired it 1:54
黑馬紳士Subaru - 11 months ago
CREW LOVE - 11 months ago
Houston Astros made me become a baseball fan
legolas1601 - 11 months ago
Me too!
CREW LOVE - 11 months ago
@1 2 they caught my attention a few years ago. 2017 they were great! This year though! They're on a whole other level and I'm just glad to witness it.
1 2
1 2 - 11 months ago
They've had some rough years. 2005 was the worst, Bagwell and Biggio did not deserve to get swept in the World Series.
Kid Corey
Kid Corey - 11 months ago
And I thought we (the Braves) had a potent offense 😳. My god
Steven Burks
Steven Burks - 11 months ago
Donaldson is having a very good comeback season.
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez - 11 months ago
About how many future hall of famers does this team have right now? 🤔
Steven Burks
Steven Burks - 11 months ago
At least 3 for sure. Verlander, Greinke and Altuve. But if a couple more keep going then Bregman, Springer, Cole, Alvarez, and possibly Brantley as well. If Correa could ever stay healthy then he could very well be a HOF candidate.
Juan José Feliz
Juan José Feliz - 11 months ago
Palo y palo
Lou Gehrig
Lou Gehrig - 11 months ago
The A’s play the Yankees like they’re the Astros but when the A’s play the Astros they’re the Orioles.
_ŞаHLт _
_ŞаHLт _ - 11 months ago
Roberto Rodriguez facts, just telling this chump that the yankees are strong but not that strong
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez - 11 months ago
@_ŞаHLт _ we'll see in ALCS because everybody want to watch two juggernauts battle it out to see who represents the AL and I just don't think Ray's, twins, Atletics, Indians beating the Astros or yankess in a 7 game series.
_ŞаHLт _
_ŞаHLт _ - 11 months ago
Trump 2020 nope, their the same team, it’s just that the stros are a bit better then the yanks
delor b
delor b - 11 months ago
Was watching the game and I swear I took my eyes off for one second and we were up three. Wow. Not crowning them yet, but damn. Let's go 'Stros!
Montgomery Stanley
Montgomery Stanley - 11 months ago
concrete jungle
concrete jungle - 11 months ago
Man this is turning to be World war 2 my Yankees vs the Big bad Astros this so we tie but the Asstros would win the tie breaker
Steven Burks
Steven Burks - 11 months ago
I will give props to Yankees though, they've had a lot of their big names injured and them boys they called up have definitely taken care of Business on the east coast.
Joe Boscarino
Joe Boscarino - 11 months ago
Alright , all you people that said , " Anyone can score 21 against the Mariners let's see you do it to the "A's" , well there you go . Didn't quite make it to 21 , but 15-0 , 7 homers come on folks , they are the real deal .
Joseph Gabel
Joseph Gabel - 5 months ago
Joe Boscarino well it helps when you’re cheating and know what pitch is coming next so....
Terry Herrera
Terry Herrera - 10 months ago
Frankie Garza
Frankie Garza - 11 months ago
@Gdirtee7 lol second best record, nothing but history being made over here. And at least we got 7 on the board. No shut out haha. But seriously look at how the last week. Even two weeks has been. Not to mention these pitchers and hitters. Definitely an All-Star World Series roster
Michael L
Michael L - 11 months ago
It’s not good when the favorite going into post season gives up 21 runs in their next game with the A’s
Gdirtee7 - 11 months ago
Astros gave up 21 runs lmao
олег Олегович
олег Олегович - 11 months ago
Astros hot
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson - 11 months ago
who tf turned career mode to "rookie"
Joey Thompson
Joey Thompson - 11 months ago
All the hitting sliders at 100
Jorge colon
Jorge colon - 11 months ago
go astros
Dalton Miller
Dalton Miller - 11 months ago
At the start of the vidoe when they were talking about the A's pitcher stats I'm sitting going impressive till bregmens HR and was lik it's all down hill from here lol Houston is to damn good
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones - 11 months ago
The Astros are 28-4 in their last 32 home games.
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn - 11 months ago
rangers94ism they swept the Yankees at Minute Maid this year
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - 11 months ago
But they have played the Yankees?
Butch Coolidge
Butch Coolidge - 11 months ago
@rangers94ism we won the season series with the Yankees. So your comment is dumb.
rangers94ism - 11 months ago
That's because they don't have to play the Yankees. I can't wait for this rumble to happen.
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones - 11 months ago
In the last 2 games, the Astros have scored 24 runs in the first 3 innings.
lord isaias
lord isaias - Month ago
@martin diller they only did it in 2017
martin diller
martin diller - 6 months ago
@Todd Bergman Sign steal much?
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones - 11 months ago
The Astros obtained Yordan Alvarez from the Dodgers.
The Dodgers got pitcher Josh Fields, who has a 6.57 ERA this season in AAA.
Barbaro Acosta
Barbaro Acosta - 11 months ago
@Julius Ulit shields better than fields. Still both trades were plain day robbery.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit - 11 months ago
Maybe but Padres got Tatis Jr. for James Shields LMAO
lochness - 11 months ago
Steal of the Century, rivals the Bagwell for Larry Anderson trade
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones - 11 months ago
In the last 2 games, the Astros have outscored their opponents 36-1, and outhit them 39-4.
I would think that both of those margins of 35 must at least be close to a record for 2 consecutive games.
AsSeenOnTV - 11 months ago
The ball is juiced AF
Pj Magana
Pj Magana - 11 months ago
@AsSeenOnTV except everyone is using the balls, not everyone were using steroids
Steven Burks
Steven Burks - 11 months ago
Go check out a USa-video channel called Fuzzy, he just did a juiced ball video. Pretty eye opening. He did a lot of research on the issue
AsSeenOnTV - 11 months ago
Not talking about Astro’s/A’s, I’m talking overall in MLB. Balls are being hit further without Steroids
Pj Magana
Pj Magana - 11 months ago
Same ball the a's were hitting, sorry trying to hit.
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones - 11 months ago
Not for the A's, it seems.
DEVON PETTIGEN - 11 months ago
I did not think it was possible for them to get better. I was wrong.
Joseph Trusty
Joseph Trusty - 11 months ago
Wait till they get red hot! Lol
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