10 Times Neil Peart Was the Best Drummer on Earth

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skatejamie - Day ago
again why would people dislike this
Greg Jones
Greg Jones - 6 days ago
1,000 dislikes? Whoever you thousand ppl are, please just know that you made baby Jesus cry.
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic - 6 days ago
I hate to do this to ya but.. Whenever I watch Neil play I can't help think that someone did some Tom Hanks deepfake editing..
Big ‘ol bag of meatballs
This should be the longest video on YouTube lol
Snow Dog
Snow Dog - 8 days ago
Metal Fanatic
Metal Fanatic - 12 days ago
I think you mean "Neil Peart is the best drummer on earth"
ElliYeet - 12 days ago
He’ll be able to see his wife and daughter once again.
Slanderous 8
Slanderous 8 - 15 days ago
I love neil pearlt, but his friend and band mate alex lifeson is one of the best guitar players and the most underrated
Officer J Beck
Officer J Beck - 15 days ago
Neil is my idol with out him i would never learned and loved drums
Triode Amplification
Triode Amplification - 16 days ago
I was really sad and still am when I first heard of his passingI I guess we are all mortal after all. I'll be 63 this December so I'm starting to see the light. Not that light, the Ghost Whisperer. Glad I got to see him in 1984 at the Hollywood Sportatorium here in Florida. Life goes fast. Enjoy every minute of it. GOD BLESS ROCK AND ROLL AND NEIL PEART FOR EVER!
Ben S
Ben S - 16 days ago
musgrave68 - 17 days ago
criminally overrated pseudo-intellectual "virtuoso" objectivist who used to diss mccartney every chance he got when it's geddy lee who really mattered.
Coastcrawler - 20 days ago
He may be dead now, but he is undying.
Konsta - 22 days ago
”10 Times when Niel was best drummer”. Yea all the time when bonzo wasent alive anymore
Aeynos Arturii
Aeynos Arturii - 26 days ago
There is fast, and then there is accurate. If Neil were a gun he would drop a couple of hundred rounds a minute, center mass at a 1000 yards with a cross wind.
Jam Beard
Jam Beard - 26 days ago
There was one time he was the best drummer on Earth; 1952-2020
sylvain dutil
sylvain dutil - 28 days ago
Rush, the sound track of my life... ❤
Oddball Skull
Oddball Skull - Month ago
Only ten huh?
D M - Month ago
Neil was definitely one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. Also worth mentioning as some of the best rock drummers: (In my opinion) Mick Fleetwood, Jeff Porcaro, Dave Grohl, and Stewart Copeland.
TMM Ironman_RIP
TMM Ironman_RIP - Month ago
Only because Buddy wasn't around........."Gene Krupa. He said Buddy Rich was, ‘the greatest drummer ever to have drawn breath.’ Those are fightin’ words, no question, and that was maybe 50 years ago, but I believe Gene was correct. It’s not just Buddy’s natural musicality, soloist’s instinct, and the ears of a dancer. He had those, all right, but chief among his gifts was those hands. It's not ‘fan talk,’ because I never really was a Buddy Rich ‘fan. Buddy was truly the master of everything. Yes, there are plenty of people who can swing and rock those sticks, no question - but here we have a blend of a great gift, a life devoted unstintingly to its perfection, and audiences to appreciate it along the way.
We shall not pass that way again.
Neal Peart, (RIP) Nov, 2 2017 Who's gonna argue with him?
Stephane Lo Sardo
Stephane Lo Sardo - Month ago
10 Times Neil Peart was the best drummer on Earth: ALWAYS
shamus jubenal
shamus jubenal - Month ago
Best one was at 1:10. Where could I find the rest of that jam?
Terry davidson
Terry davidson - Month ago
The only person ive seen can come close is Mark Brzezicki once of Big Country Check him out Rush fans.
Neil Peary was the first drummer I tried to imitate. I gave up. 😂😂
angus brown-grant
angus brown-grant - Month ago
Not a patch on Bobby Graham.
Alex and Jonny blogs
Alex and Jonny blogs - Month ago
Steve Wells
Steve Wells - Month ago
We all lost.
Matt Banks
Matt Banks - Month ago
he always is the best drummer on earth!
Nejj Reyob
Nejj Reyob - Month ago
Two men I knew were legendary drummers before I ever knew their songs:
Neil Peart & John Bonham. 😔💔😔
I like to think they’re in another realm having an eternal drum-off.
Rest Easy, Gentlemen. 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Ed Gomez
Ed Gomez - Month ago
I didn't know Tom Hanks can play drums this great.
Gone too soon
Gone too soon - Month ago
Hey may have been the best technical drum player, but he had no feel. he was a robot on the kit so in my opinion he was never the best drummer.
MagicMan -
MagicMan - - Month ago
“I never knew tom hanks plays drums too “
fulano tal
fulano tal - Month ago
is this a joke? this guy is pure trash
Lil Homo
Lil Homo - 2 months ago
you mean everytime he played?
Doug Fielding
Doug Fielding - 2 months ago
Wow, is there nothing Tom Hanks can't do?
guitar covers 307
guitar covers 307 - 2 months ago
Me: reads the title
Also me: What do you mean 10 times? He's always been and always will be!
Cargus Bralem
Cargus Bralem - 2 months ago
RIP Legend
bassistdc - 2 months ago
And you've heard every drummer on Earth.
Greg Poore
Greg Poore - 2 months ago
Saw Rush 10 times and each time my jaw dropped watching him play. There will never be another like him.
the_frontline_is_everywhere yt
he is the greatest drummer
BENSTAR BEATS - 2 months ago
I made this beat out of his tribute. I will never sound like him but this all i could do https://youtu.be/l1_VTwihEvU
Tekhartha Zenyatta
Tekhartha Zenyatta - 2 months ago
Neil Peart is what you get when an octopus plays drums
Matt S
Matt S - 2 months ago
Only weirdos dont like this. Bellends
LordOfTheThings - 2 months ago
I thin you titled this video wrong, you mean "1000000000 times Neil Peart was the best drummer on earth"
Bugra DAL
Bugra DAL - 2 months ago
It's so smooth I love it
Snehashis Nag
Snehashis Nag - 2 months ago
Neil Peart should play Tom Hanks in a movie about Tom Hanks playing Neil Peart.
Chris Manzi
Chris Manzi - 3 months ago
Honestly I hate drum solos it's just showing off, Neil's true genius was how he incorporated his technique into Rush's songs, that says enough
Dios Molon
Dios Molon - 3 months ago
Chester Cheetos knew it
JMOC - 3 months ago
Buddy Rich is the best
Galin Atanasov
Galin Atanasov - 3 months ago
I have seen just a few minutes of him drumming, but it is evident that this guy was one of the best in his profession. Rest in peace, Neil.
James Unger
James Unger - 3 months ago
What defined Neil as one of the greatest drummers of all time....not his technical abilities,. Not his lightening fast stick technique.... not the most common elements that make a great drummer. Now obviously I'm not a drummer but I listened to a number of the greats..Baker Moon Bonham Copeland etc and Neil had one unique quality which in my opinion not many drummers have...he was a true student of the art always searching for new techniques to incorporate into his repertoire. He travelled the world and learned from different countries and different styles. He was a composer of music. His solos were orchestrated and rehearsed to perfection. Maybe one might think that to be a true great you need to improvise and that solos should be somewhat random. But Neil was a perfectionist. He wanted to nail every song every solo. He pushed himself and his physical limits to create perfection and he paid dearly. He was a true professional a professor of the art. A master! RIP Neil 🙏🙏🙏
The Enygma
The Enygma - 3 months ago
If someone asks you "Who is the best drummer in rock?" and you don't reply "you mean after Neil Peart?" then you done messed up.
Damon Weasel Head
Damon Weasel Head - 3 months ago
Could've took the Kardashians, Mumble rappers, Politicians, BUT NO, You took Neil.
anthony christenson
anthony christenson - 3 months ago
R.I.P Neil Peart I will miss you, you were and still my favorite drummer.
Behrad Behrady
Behrad Behrady - 3 months ago
You were a master at your craft. RIP Neil.
GRAFICORP PERÚ - 3 months ago
Adios Neil Peart. Mi mejor baterista.
Steven Martinek
Steven Martinek - 3 months ago
The professor!You will be missed!
rsandahl4 - 3 months ago
When was the 3rd clip like what Iive performance at 1:15
Zevonfan524 - 3 months ago
Neil wasn’t the best drummer on earth for 10 drum solos. He was the best drummer on earth for 67 years.
Kevin Andreassen
Kevin Andreassen - 3 months ago
10 times Lars ulrich actually ok
Jesse Tarr
Jesse Tarr - 3 months ago
Any technical drummer should love Neil !!! RIP drum God legend your memory lives on!!!
K L C - 3 months ago
apiece ofdirt
apiece ofdirt - 3 months ago
Boy, those DW drums surly sound shitty. His Ludwigs and Tama’s sound the best.
Ong Gi
Ong Gi - 4 months ago
he is better than a atomic clock ! so long Geneve !
Cold Beer
Cold Beer - 4 months ago
Neil was unchallenged as the greatest drummer to ever breathe. He constantly re-invented the craft and then took it to yet another insane level. Man, just thank you for doing it Neil. Can't remember how many times I 'air drummed' to a Rush song.
Kanade Tachibana
Kanade Tachibana - 4 months ago
Surrounding yourself with as much shit as you can doesn't make you the best drummer
walla - 4 months ago
Best drummer ever!!!no dought
Kimberly Castello-Stutchbury
You made a mistake in the title. Any time the man took a breath was the time he was the best drummer on Earth.
David Morton
David Morton - 4 months ago
For me: Idol. Mentor. Teacher. Inspiration. Since 1980.
Inf1n1tyStr1ke - 4 months ago
Times Neil Peart was the best drummer on Earth

Lil Homo
Lil Homo - 4 months ago
You mean every time he played? That's what I thought
allrequiredfields - 4 months ago
'hE wUZ tHE gREaTesT dRUmmAr EveR!!'
Bloody Kai
Bloody Kai - 4 months ago
Gordo better
Michael Cutcher
Michael Cutcher - 4 months ago
So many great comments in this thread, Neil and the rest of Rush are just simply irreplaceable.
TEOMANIA Santos - 4 months ago
The best drum's friend.
NGD - 4 months ago
Why would anyone dislike this, he is so far and away above all others in his art. No denying his greatness,
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson - 4 months ago
no idea what i just watched but 2 of them were not neil but watch the end.... see the fucker warm up.. bloody hell... we miss you x
John Cornell
John Cornell - 4 months ago
Only because John Bonham died in 1980. Cheers.
Tim Savini
Tim Savini - 4 months ago
THE best EVER. No question in my mind. Not one.
nemesis1970 - 4 months ago
two weeks gone and no challengers NEIL PEART WAS THE BEST !
dizzybynature - 5 months ago
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi - 5 months ago
what would be the best 'recorded' example of his drumming chops?
the first part of 'bytor and the snow dog' is one that comes to mine... but i only listen to the same 3 rush albums the whole time and ive never really ventured much out side of them, mainly because there are so many albums its hard to know where to start. some real rush fans out there might be able to fill me in?
MrFlipperInvader792 - 5 months ago
2:51 seeing Neil like that reminds me of Mike Stolska from redlettermedia
Gareth Jackson
Gareth Jackson - 5 months ago
Every part Neil played was a masterpiece. Many have aspired to be him, and imitated his work over the years, but few could ever comprehend his thought process and ingenuity which has resulted in an everlasting legacy of superb craftsmanship.
Dalvin Currie
Dalvin Currie - 5 months ago
bongker g
bongker g - 5 months ago
Once again I was saying all through High School I wanted to make it through a whole Rush concert without getting caught frying on acid and getting kicked out or being too stoned buy tickets before they sold out damn it God bless Neil
bongker g
bongker g - 5 months ago
Dude this sucks man during my whole high school years always wanted to go see
Galactic Boost
Galactic Boost - 5 months ago
Darren King...
RedboltVGC - 5 months ago
What was that first one?
rapoldschoolhiphop - 5 months ago
name of the track at 1:10?
DaDewd2112 - 3 months ago
Big Money, it's on the Power Windows album
Rysslass - 5 months ago
I wake up up to Rush every day ,and will continue doing so, thanks.
Rysslass - 5 months ago
nemesis1970 - 5 months ago
i dare you to find a better one!
nemesis1970 - 5 months ago
WHEN not the best drummer on earth?
Ghosty Scopes
Ghosty Scopes - 5 months ago
How Does this make sense? 10 times, He IS THE GREATEST Drummer Ever
Dibruni Nanaa Yaw
Dibruni Nanaa Yaw - 5 months ago
I agree Mr Peart was the best drummer of all times. At least to my knowledge. But don't forget his predecessor John Rutsey, who was brilliant also. Listen to a song like "Working Man" and you know what I mean.
Do you think they play drums on Heaven?
That will be a party! !!
The Llama boy 24
The Llama boy 24 - 5 months ago
But he plaid the drums more than 10 times
R Kaylor
R Kaylor - 5 months ago
I love Bonham's groove and sound, but you cannot escape the technical precision and sheer percussion mastery of Peart. I hear Moon, Krupa, and Buddy Rich all over his playing, but you know it's distinctly Peart.
TOM OUTDOORS - 5 months ago
the thinking man's drummer. love Rush and Neil Peart. RIP still mispronouncing his surname, i apologise. is it me though or did he look a bit like Tom Hanks?!
Don Chico
Don Chico - 5 months ago
Rick C137a
Rick C137a - 5 months ago
2:34 wasn’t that in Tom and Jerry
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