Microblading My Scalp For Balding

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Hansy - 5 minutes ago
8:00 hahahahah, not in your case, that's pretty obvious ;) But, it's generally not about the amount of testosterone, but the biproduct and it's affect on your hair.
Eddie Gamez
Eddie Gamez - 2 hours ago
ultimately, you can't fight nature. it'll always win. I'm in the beginning stages of losing hair. decided to buzz it all off.
best decision because I can get used to it.
Clown World
Clown World - 5 hours ago
Just drop the top and grow a beard
Arcana - 8 hours ago
Wtf is Maggie?
joni kejani
joni kejani - 9 hours ago
Why the fu do people lose hair
And they still have butt hair
Buggyboo 2006
Buggyboo 2006 - 10 hours ago
One time I got 3 of my canines surgically removed the 4th had fallen out a week prior because I needed my baby teeth out I dont even remeber 2 minutes before they gave me laughing
samapak7 - 16 hours ago
His monologue at the first 2 min really hit home. I'm a guy in my early 20's and I'm balding. It's SEVERELY impacting my self esteem and self confidence in ways no one would understand unless they were also in my situation. Props to him for talking about it so directly.
Akshay Oval
Akshay Oval - 16 hours ago
Hair transplant have you ever heard about it bro....🤔🤔🤔
Brenda Lambert
Brenda Lambert - 20 hours ago
Why not? If the tech is out there...
D. Rüesch
D. Rüesch - 21 hour ago
Just shave your head, pussy.
autdelux - 23 hours ago
im sure this looks great when he finally lost all his hair ^^
How old is this dude? That sucks.
Di Grenier
Di Grenier - Day ago
Dude... your attractive, just buzz it off. You’ll look waaay better. Eventually you’ll have to tattoo the majority of the top of your head. You’ll see these funny areas that you’ve tattooed. Let it go. Cheers!
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson - Day ago
Di Grenier first of all, the tattoo fades over time, second of all. This is what makes him happy! To fix it! Not everyone wants to go bald lol
B E - Day ago
The irony that one of the dudes is bald
aneesa - Day ago
ah this looks so good!
Ginger32 - Day ago
What about when you go gray?
Carers Issue
Carers Issue - Day ago
8:00-8:08 yeah I think we can safely say too much testosterone is not the reason scrawny effeminate soy boys go bald early. If testosterone even plays a part at all, it's because guys like this are not using the testosterone they do have to build muscle and be masculine and so the excess is converting to DHT and going to their scalp instead. Most bodybuliders have full heads of hair and they are injecting steroids, so there is now way this is due to "too much" testosterone and everything to do with being an effeminate weenie, in many many cases.
metalmaster76 - Day ago
just shave it bro
Ez L
Ez L - Day ago
Just shave it all off dude, you're getting older it happens
Fire tire Lirepire
Fire tire Lirepire - Day ago
How does dots make his hair look less bald?
TillTheBreakOfDay - Day ago
I prefer to own it, shave my hair. Have grown a nice beard and work out more. Better diet. Dress better. Use a nice cologne. Stop drawing attention to your physical insecurities, people find that unattractive. Find a way to be confident in who you are.
A VC - Day ago
So when the rest falls out you'll have lines all over you like you had a pen open in a pocket...JUST GET THE TRANSPLANT SURGERY
Aseel Charolia
Aseel Charolia - Day ago
and here I am having to ask the barber to thin out my hair.
Gaming Nubes
Gaming Nubes - Day ago
He looks like lester from gta but not fat
Isabella P
Isabella P - Day ago
How old is he?
downbntout - Day ago
I wouldn't want a standup, bend neck down job. Nope.
D C - Day ago
If these guys aren’t gay I don’t know what is
Vincent Hart
Vincent Hart - 2 days ago
>so much testosterone
Vincent Hart
Vincent Hart - 2 days ago
Try Guys? More like Queer Guys. What a bunch of pathetic faggots.
Woah - 2 days ago
Vincent Hart you got some personal problems you need to workout
Mammy Bluegum
Mammy Bluegum - 2 days ago
What knowledge I acquired about gays when receiving my psychology degree
• Sense of self as worthless or bad
• Lack of connectedness to supportive adults and peers trying to get you mental help
• Lack of alternative ways to view "differentness" due to your illness
• Lack of access to role models because of your mental illness
• Lack of opportunities to socialize with other gays/lesbians except at gay bars
• Lack of being accepted by normal people because of you may have STD’s
• The risk of contracting HIV or having STD’s
• Always defensive because normal people distance you from them because they know of your illness and you will not seek mental help
Sam and Hailey Vlogs
Sam and Hailey Vlogs - 2 days ago
What about when he goes really bald? Will there just be little tattoo marks lol
Woah - 2 days ago
Sam and Hailey Vlogs they already said the tattoo would fade if he went bald. Also he already got treatment to stop the hairloss
Conor Ashton
Conor Ashton - 2 days ago
Evlyn Remley
Evlyn Remley - 2 days ago
*Important distinction:* this video has a pretty high number of likes (167k as of this comment). That's not because we like your insecurities about your hair - it's because we're proud to see you caring for yourself. These likes are for taking ownership of an area of your life that - up until now - had taken ownership over you.
Cal Bennett
Cal Bennett - 2 days ago
You should just shave it, beef up a bit and get some clear frames man you will look great!
Anthony Bogart
Anthony Bogart - 2 days ago
So this video was uploaded after Buzzfeed's video on the same content was uploaded, but I am curious which was filmed first.... We seem to be getting a Dreamworks vs. Disney scenario here.... lol Nice transformation though. Much love.
John L
John L - 2 days ago
I wish I had as much hair as him! This seems like a good supplemental procedure for people who have exhausted their donor hair for hair transplants but still want a thicker look
Janice Wun
Janice Wun - 2 days ago
Who else want some of those laughing gas?
javier n
javier n - 2 days ago
transplant pubic hair on your head. Pixee Fox did
Sonya G
Sonya G - 2 days ago
Ok but what if he goes all the way bald and then there’s just this tattoo left
Sonya G
Sonya G - 2 days ago
Yeah I realized that after I watched the video lol. I wrote this comment before they said it.
Woah - 2 days ago
Sonya G they already explained the tattoo would fade along with it.
Miss Bri
Miss Bri - 2 days ago
Oh no
J MationStudios
J MationStudios - 2 days ago
Just wear a hat😐
CATS CORE - 2 days ago
Like si estas pelón :V
Hilton Head
Hilton Head - 2 days ago
If you're balding that much its time to buzz it. Otherwise you look silly.
You Tuber
You Tuber - 2 days ago
How much cost?
re up
re up - 2 days ago
If you dye your scalp when you get old and grey hair you literally have nasty head.
cindi wentlandt
cindi wentlandt - 2 days ago
as someone who has been doing this for the past 20 years this absolutely is a tattoo in fact they used a tattoo machine to do it why not be honest about it
Woah - 2 days ago
cindi wentlandt yea they use the machine, but they use a different ink. It’ll fade if they decide to go bald and it’ll match the color for your hair
comic is Cool
comic is Cool - 2 days ago
You can always just shave your head.
空白 - 2 days ago
You are so f handsome and cute at the same time.
Dyvonna Katrice
Dyvonna Katrice - 2 days ago
If anybody needs tryguy tickets for the alanta show tues. I have to extras for 166 section 103 row 1 seat 1&2
Anna Greenland
Anna Greenland - 2 days ago
We love you Zach! You’re amazing!
Luis yt
Luis yt - 2 days ago
Like if he should get a man weave
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