Microblading My Scalp For Balding

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wannabe normal
wannabe normal - 4 hours ago
You get to smoke when you het your hair done!! Sign me up!!
galanoth17 - 4 hours ago
This guy should shave it because he's very young and at this rate even those hair will vanish quickly and then the dots will be visible. It'll look weird unless he fully covers his head with dots. You should've shaved it and then got an SMP on the whole hairline.
Lively Stones
Lively Stones - 13 hours ago
Stop eating soy my guy.
Jovanny Alvarez
Jovanny Alvarez - Day ago
You should’ve just gotten a hair transplant!!
Théo - 2 days ago
Why is everyone afraid of balding? I mean being bald with a beard is kinda cool men mostly if you hit the gym on a regular basis
Oyinkansola Aiyenimelo
Oyinkansola Aiyenimelo - 2 days ago
The silent shade of the doctor is everything 😁
Derpqueen 101
Derpqueen 101 - 2 days ago
Jojo siwa needs this
_Riley_Hildebrandt_ - 2 days ago
Wow. Two of the four try guys have come out with things that they feel insecure about. Eugene coming out as gay and Zach talking about his balding. I have a lot of respect for all of you
Joe Dick
Joe Dick - 3 days ago
I'm surprised they're not just cloning hair follicles by now. I guess that's probably in the pipeline.
Ahnaf Dragneel
Ahnaf Dragneel - 3 days ago
8:05 "I agree to disagree"
john boduris
john boduris - 3 days ago
when we gonna see the update?
Vicente Vega
Vicente Vega - 3 days ago
Catseye189 - 3 days ago
But then if he does lose the hair, he will have a bunch of dots on his scalp! ? future scalp tattoo coverage?
BonBon모토피치 - 3 days ago
What happens when he is bold and the tattoos remain
Sisubalan Selvan
Sisubalan Selvan - 5 days ago
Thought it was a kiwi from the tumbnail😂
Loris Badeau
Loris Badeau - 5 days ago
kill ua
kill ua - 5 days ago
actually the problem is bout the cost T_T...i think i will going to bald head style hehe
Dirty mind Dirty humans
What's the problem if hair is lost?
DontReadMyName x
DontReadMyName x - 6 days ago
Wheres the other half?
Mana Nikjoo
Mana Nikjoo - 7 days ago
What about when he gets old and his hair gets white
Youssef O
Youssef O - 4 days ago
put white ink instead
JoHolz - 5 days ago
I think they said the ink will fade eventually....so it may not be a problem?
Slice of Pi
Slice of Pi - 7 days ago
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins - 7 days ago
Honestly, respect to Zach and the others who are commenting on this video, talking about the insecurities about your hair. It’s pretty brave to talk about it, and it’s really difficult to deal with. Respect to y’all!
draft menship
draft menship - 7 days ago
You think only girls have insecurities
You’re wrong
draft menship
draft menship - 3 days ago
Joe Dick because we all know that
Ahnaf Dragneel
Ahnaf Dragneel - 3 days ago
your comment makes no sense whateoever +draft menship
Joe Dick
Joe Dick - 3 days ago
Why would anyone think only girls have insecurities?
Christoffer Hald Christensen
Man. If he gets bald when he's old. He will just have weird tattooed dots on his scalp. hahaha
Rachit Srivastava
Rachit Srivastava - 8 days ago
You look like Andrew from Big Mouth
Matt Dobing
Matt Dobing - 8 days ago
Just shave it jesus
Dafuq is this
Dafuq is this - 8 days ago
A bald guy is treating for balding
M. Cole
M. Cole - 9 days ago
Why the artist don't get it?
Luis Cosmico
Luis Cosmico - 9 days ago
Im a 13 year old I had anxiety from school basically I would touch my hair a lot to the ponit where it got si thin you could rip it off like picking an apple off a tree and then tried shampoos pills etc didnt work until I drank some nasty stuff and worked
Coagulantsleet - 9 days ago
Haha bald.
Edith den seje Dahl
Edith den seje Dahl - 9 days ago
I have thick hair and i WANT it to be thiner 🤣

- im a girl👩🏽
Bell Iron Fist
Bell Iron Fist - 8 days ago
Alex Popa
Alex Popa - 9 days ago
The guy that did the pigmentation is bald, the only treatment: EMBRACE IT! cut that shit off, get a buzz cut or something and that's what you will be, no hiding, no anxiety, etc. Or does your hair really define you!? p.s. I'll do that too soon ;)
Niks Cruz
Niks Cruz - 9 days ago
Dude 7:05 sounds like Keith's laugh 😂
Red Reaper
Red Reaper - 10 days ago
The new penniwise sorry Zach I had too
Elana Recinto
Elana Recinto - 10 days ago
If you replace hair with dick.....
Emily Ung
Emily Ung - 10 days ago
Shaaavvvveee iiiitttttt
Abdasalam E
Abdasalam E - 10 days ago
Zach is so goodlooking
Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan - 10 days ago
I'm 25 and I can feel my hair's thickness is starting to decline ... I'm scared
How I wish there's a cure for hair fall and baldness
Pentapox - 11 days ago
so what happens when the hair around the tattoo dies? Are you just left with a bunch of dots tattooed on your bald head?
Maggie Lin
Maggie Lin - 2 days ago
They explain that it fades over time at 9:10 of the vid :3
Yeeterson Junior
Yeeterson Junior - 8 days ago
did you even watch the video
01987 N?a
01987 N?a - 8 days ago
yes and no, the body breaks it down over time. you'll just have to wait for that to happen or you can speed up the process with laser removal.
Dorota - 11 days ago
Simply use neem oil
Simon R
Simon R - 11 days ago
dont take finasterid
Tulip Istanbul
Tulip Istanbul - 11 days ago
it would be nice if you had a PRP treatment instead and see the before and after results.
Julie Diamond
Julie Diamond - 12 days ago
What happens 10 years from now if you're completely bald with tattoos on your head?
Tyler Short
Tyler Short - 12 days ago
Alright Rodney
fla la
fla la - 12 days ago
Happy for ya Zach 🙌
zanyzoo6767 - 12 days ago
Grade one it , smile, except...... move on . You will be so much more relaxed about it. Oh and spend the bucks saved ,on a good holiday and make some memories .
victor carrillo
victor carrillo - 12 days ago
Loosing hair is hard, but ... the best thing is just shave it or cut it really short, thats the only way to say the world: “hey! I am not hiding my hair loss” and you look more bad ass, and you also start using more hats.
Pokpong Trikalnon
Pokpong Trikalnon - 12 days ago
I got thick hair short forehead and no family history of hair loss so i find myself pretty lucky hair wise
Jatinder Bajwa
Jatinder Bajwa - 13 days ago
he basically got a tattoo on his scalp
Kisha A
Kisha A - 13 days ago
doctor: you are more mainly then you ever thought your body has more testosterone and your body just can't deal with it lol :)
ned: that what I thought.
Dark Vulcan
Dark Vulcan - 13 days ago
5 years and youve only lost that much hair??? Ive been losing mine for 9 months and I look like ive aged 20 years!!
Γιαννης Βασ
Γιαννης Βασ - 9 days ago
That's what I was thinking. In 1 month and i look like sht
Emiii Kim
Emiii Kim - 13 days ago
uploaded on my bbbbb day.. a day for zach worth remembering
happened on the day of my birth
Un Bon Brie Des Familles
Un Bon Brie Des Familles - 13 days ago
they gay lmao
MrPirateking619 - 13 days ago
USA has spent over 1trillion USD in Afghanistan imagine that money being spent on hair regrowth damn
Brian Aguiar
Brian Aguiar - 13 days ago
Man, I started visibly losing my hair in my early 20's. So I just said fuck it, embrace it. And I shaved my head.
ANTON BLYAT - 13 days ago
My dad is 49 and havent started balding
WhoDis - 13 days ago
"I, as an insecure little beta male who has nothing else to think about, am fixing my natural balding process"
Markus Lokander
Markus Lokander - 13 days ago
Just shave it off
Nephast Gweiz
Nephast Gweiz - 13 days ago
Microblading your macrobalding scalp.
Jack mc Daniel
Jack mc Daniel - 13 days ago
your hair is to long ,...cut it shorter and it will look thicker ...think like golf course fairway looks thin but the green looks thick
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