Weirdest Taxidermy Ever (Game)

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Good Mythical MORE
Good Mythical MORE - 12 days ago
Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
GroenFan - 9 days ago
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow USa-videorinos!
Code Bow
Code Bow - 11 days ago
NOPE. You shouldn’t have to apologize fellas, luckily the majority are not judgemental or snowflakey. Keep doing what you’re doing Rhett, Link & Mythical crew 🔥
How to go to sleep forever Die
Dang than when was it made 2 weeks ago?
Squidney :l
Squidney :l - 12 days ago
Good Mythical MORE even through these times of “social distancing”... CONGRATS ON TRENDINGGGGGGGGG
ur gay and i kinda like it
CloudSteele why u sad
TigerJack 177
TigerJack 177 - 2 days ago
Regular MORE Nope Chuck Testa
Anjuman Prova
Anjuman Prova - 3 days ago
2011 was 9 years ago! Shouldn't surprise me but Idk man !!
jennifer gomez
jennifer gomez - 4 days ago
Nice test every
jennifer gomez
jennifer gomez - 4 days ago
I miss my guys kisses
Mike Jaros
Mike Jaros - 6 days ago
I was a deer butt that was turned into a face... It was great
Otis Horne
Otis Horne - 7 days ago
that shirt is AWESOME rhett
Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen - 9 days ago
"Nope!" My favorite answer to anything ever!
x yg
x yg - 10 days ago
I remember the old days with Chuck Tests this brings back memories and it caught me in my feels
lamesauce - 10 days ago
chuck testa reminds me of my dads friends... i honestly wouldnt be surprised if he somehow knew him
Pencils & Pills
Pencils & Pills - 10 days ago
That dog is entrancing
N4m4ste - 10 days ago
You need to bring back Chuck every season, I love this guy so much!
Neva porter
Neva porter - 10 days ago
I freakin love the dog noises throughout the video
Emily Paul
Emily Paul - 10 days ago
I love Chuck Testa 💗💗
He's wholesome. He loves them. His wisdom is great. I also love that he feels like he cannot critique other's work. He's just an all around good guy.
Kimberley W
Kimberley W - 10 days ago
jane hope
jane hope - 10 days ago
I just love his Chihuahua! Such a smiley dog
dudebro - 11 days ago
chuck testa seems so much like a kind grandpa
Fahad Ahmed
Fahad Ahmed - 11 days ago
Ey Chuck is very funny dude
Swine -
Swine - - 11 days ago
Man, I'd love to shadow him! What a man to learn taxidermy from!
Alex Britain
Alex Britain - 11 days ago
Absolutely LOVE Chuck Testa! The man is a treasure. Keep having him on as much as possible, please!
Catherine McAllister
Catherine McAllister - 11 days ago
I would love to see Rhett and Link play DND haha
pacoseventeen - 11 days ago
Chuck Testa is the man. Great More :-)
Samuel Briggs
Samuel Briggs - 11 days ago
I think i need chucks hat.
Currently Pooping
Currently Pooping - 11 days ago
Chuck and digger were great guests, please bring them back again!
Amin Sh
Amin Sh - 11 days ago
Lets talk about that
Teodora M
Teodora M - 11 days ago
was anyone able o find the chuck testa christmas video? or you think it's privated because their kids are in it and link didn't realize?
Heather Orsborn
Heather Orsborn - 11 days ago
Is digger an animatronic?
Hassan Farooq Awan
Hassan Farooq Awan - 11 days ago
Love this more, especially the dog
Cool Space Kid
Cool Space Kid - 11 days ago
"I don't know what it was, but it was wrong."
That describes about half of the things that go on in this show
Jonathan Avila
Jonathan Avila - 11 days ago
I love Chuck Testa
Richard Brown
Richard Brown - 11 days ago
I have 3 baby deer and 3 baby possums in formaldehyde
ADHDistracted - 11 days ago
DaiL - Day in a Life
DaiL - Day in a Life - 11 days ago
11:53 Best cut away shot EVER!
N - 11 days ago
Digger do be vibin' tho
Casey Hoolahan
Casey Hoolahan - 11 days ago
Digger is so sweet, made my day!!!
Shion Hart
Shion Hart - 11 days ago
ipissed - 11 days ago
5:57 Who farted?
Zymosisproductions - 11 days ago
I think that voicemail was a segment from Man Of Steel. When Zod gives the message to earth
Aggie I
Aggie I - 11 days ago
Chuck and Digger are the best guests GMM ever had.
Tommy Baxter
Tommy Baxter - 11 days ago
Chuck testa is the besta
spacewater7 - 12 days ago
He should've had two lines: Nooope. and Yehhhp. Take it from a Swede. Whose ancestor was Gertrude Rambo.
Noah Oswurth
Noah Oswurth - 12 days ago
Kevin Child
Kevin Child - 12 days ago
2:25 I’m dying
Amanda Dawn
Amanda Dawn - 12 days ago
With this pandemic it’s good to see they had prerecorded episodes cuz they are a part of my morning routine stay safe everyone
MissAtari 2600
MissAtari 2600 - 12 days ago
Digger has me cracking up lol. I have a chipin thats old and he makes same noises
Aqua - 12 days ago
Chucks awesome lol
Marcus StaAna
Marcus StaAna - 12 days ago
11:54 Pause😍😍😍🤗
500subswithnovideos Challange
I wish I could’ve been stuffed by the gmm crew
Marcus StaAna
Marcus StaAna - 12 days ago
First One!!!! Pin Me:)
Marlynn Williams
Marlynn Williams - 12 days ago
I love this Chuck guy 😂😂😂
Tim Kitchens
Tim Kitchens - 12 days ago
3:17 Rhett does his impression of Roscoe P. Coletrane.
xx AKSHUN xx
xx AKSHUN xx - 12 days ago
Sara McHone
Sara McHone - 12 days ago
reminds me of dinner for schmucks
Mari Brown
Mari Brown - 12 days ago
Those few moments that we saw Digger zoomed in. Thank you whoever did that
Scribe13 - 12 days ago
Rogue taxidermy? I'm intrigued
Kelarys - 12 days ago
"Cause he's whimsical" made my day
KavaLogue - 12 days ago
These two are the best guests ever
Angel De Jesus
Angel De Jesus - 12 days ago
Jesse Felix
Jesse Felix - 12 days ago
Rosemary Pogyo
Rosemary Pogyo - 12 days ago
*focuses more on Digger* :D
ThisIsTori - 12 days ago
9:38 how sweet. Link and Rhett both appreciating his words.
ThisIsTori - 12 days ago
7:44 that laugh
SuperAmericanism - 12 days ago
Chuck is such a natural. I find him sooo damn entertaining.
Nathan Auvil
Nathan Auvil - 12 days ago
God bless Chuck Testa. I don’t even believe in god but I love Chuck. Keep it up Chuck.
Will Lee
Will Lee - 12 days ago
We love you Chuck!
Karen Parker
Karen Parker - 12 days ago
Chaotic Neutral in the house. I can see Rhett as Chaotic Neutral. Link more toward Lawful Good.
Shann Kielma
Shann Kielma - 12 days ago
Hey link is that a pink members only jacket. Nice call!
silver070 - 12 days ago
Digger has stolen today.
EcoLynn - 12 days ago
Chuck is hilarious
Wendybabendy - 12 days ago
Digger is HILARIOUS!!! Love him!!
Dez W
Dez W - 12 days ago
All I can focus on is the dog breathing loudly it's adorable!
horisontial - 12 days ago
I love the notion of Chuck Testa declaring himself a Chaotic without an alignment :D
Healthyfamfun - 12 days ago
Links coat is old school with a new twist. Gotta get one.
E K - 12 days ago
Digger is a god
Phillip [TEC]
Phillip [TEC] - 12 days ago
Chuck is awesome.
peyton aydt
peyton aydt - 12 days ago
chuck is so pure 🥺
Rachel Boisvert
Rachel Boisvert - 12 days ago
"I'm just chaotic"
God I love Chuck
Hannah Jacobs
Hannah Jacobs - 12 days ago
"I'm chaotic evil" say Rhett, who in just the previous more, asked to be held like a baby
Scarlett - 12 days ago
Rhett, you’re right, you’re chaotic neutral. Link is chaotic good. But you can both be chaotic evil at all times
Jules - 12 days ago
Chuck is frigging priceless
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