Trixie Makeup On A Budget

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Brenda Morales
Brenda Morales - 8 hours ago
8:43 I did repeat it but it came out ugly😂
שני הילמן
שני הילמן - 8 hours ago
Does trixie knows christine? Aka holo girl? 1:26
Monika Mestinšek
Monika Mestinšek - 8 hours ago
oh my god you're BEAUTIFUL
Baked Butterfly
Baked Butterfly - 9 hours ago
That's the foundation I always use, it truly is great.
Iris Cedeno
Iris Cedeno - 9 hours ago
He’s the cutest lmfao
Melissa Robertson
Melissa Robertson - 10 hours ago
The word of the day is gradiant, kids.
Kearn Schafer
Kearn Schafer - 12 hours ago
Was she referencing simply nailogical xD "The tea is this cristine, it's got to be the purple one"
AudLiv - 12 hours ago
Great news is Trixie will still be able to find work in his 70s and 80s cause I do not think any signs of aged skin would be slightly detectable under all that paint hahaah
Jessica Hontz
Jessica Hontz - 14 hours ago
I have like 15-20 pallets and 8 foundations and two big gallon tubs of other makeup, I have 0 wet n wild. I spent an hour looking.
Myo - 14 hours ago
Trixie: Ughhhh, Wet n' Wild...
Me, hiding all my WnW makeup stuff: Ahahhahaha, yes, ugh :DDDDDDDD
Kami C
Kami C - 15 hours ago
don’t worry all black girls use hair glue for their lashes 🤣🤣🤣🤣 including me lmaooo
Ronika Dickey
Ronika Dickey - 15 hours ago
trixie mattel the beauty guru i didn’t know i needed
Ja Ha
Ja Ha - 15 hours ago
Wet N Wild disliked this video 830 times
Emma Mudge
Emma Mudge - 16 hours ago
Girl I love using that Cody powder
ECEM AKAL - 18 hours ago
Bitch I live in Turkey and I am so mad at our price tags. The maybelline foundation you used that is 11 dollars is 80 Turkish liras and bitch I aint rich. It is so expensive in here I am so mad. Again.
Theresa Ainge
Theresa Ainge - 18 hours ago
But trixie...the wig!! I know you're a fierce makeup artist but I think a wig tutorial for the Halloween would be everything!! Please.
K. K
K. K - 20 hours ago
*The tea is this too Cristine , you have to use the purple the white glue doesn’t work* I just watched Simply Nailogical transforming Beyyyn into a drag queen while struggling on eyebrows sooo...It’s either that or my English so much worst than I thought that I’m hearing things
Lal rinfeli
Lal rinfeli - 20 hours ago
I love youuuuuuuuu
Fern Fernis Fernie
Fern Fernis Fernie - 20 hours ago
shut up tracy that's not a "food truck" that's katya in a clown car waiting to pick you up
Allison Linner
Allison Linner - 22 hours ago
With all that powder I'd normally be worried about a respiratory condition called Clown Lung.

But she's a woman, so...
Thijmen Stolwijk
Thijmen Stolwijk - 23 hours ago
I love how a little bit of katya has slipped into trixies personality
Desiree Rios
Desiree Rios - 23 hours ago
VIDEO IDEA!!!!!!:Do a video judging other people’s trixie makeup!!!
thelipstickgal - Day ago
I love you so much Trixie! You make me laugh so much, and I needed that. Love your honest take on the good, bad, and the ugly at the drugstore.
But Then What?
But Then What? - Day ago
O kay,, that hand trick,,,,,, HOW? I would have never thought about that and never have thought it would have worked that well.
JoelDesuKa - Day ago
Nice Makeup, but where did you get that Scream shirt from?
Vanessa Smalls
Vanessa Smalls - Day ago
I AM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF HAHAHA ❤️❤️ "i i don't knowwwww guys" hahahah ..
Elif Yurtsever
Elif Yurtsever - Day ago
I love these longer videos!!
Christine Barnes
Christine Barnes - Day ago
"if you know me, don't text me. if you don't know me, definitely don't text me."
I relate so hard.
Mya McNicol
Mya McNicol - Day ago
I've never watched anything drag related. But I'm hooked
Adriana _exe
Adriana _exe - Day ago
I don't know if anyone else has said it but when he puts on his eyeliner and turns his head his eyeliner is literally a right angle. Lolol
Cristina Rivera
Cristina Rivera - Day ago
Omg she knows about Brittany Broski 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Following Phan
Following Phan - Day ago
You’re so funny and so much fun to watch do drag makeup
Following Phan
Following Phan - Day ago
I just re-purchase the wet n wild matte catsuit lipcolor in rebel rose.
Karla Daniel
Karla Daniel - Day ago
Haha me bitch I want those tacos
WalrusDComedy - Day ago
genuinely good explanation! awesome 👏🏼
Lina liu
Lina liu - Day ago
Highlight is brighter than my future
Mariiii!!!! - Day ago
I fucking love u, Pls love me back mom
Leo WBeauty
Leo WBeauty - Day ago
I had no idea Trixie had a channel. I’m so happy 🥰🥰❤️❤️
Soaribb - Day ago
I watch Raven and Trixie talk about Wild and I'm at peace with that.
Bree B
Bree B - Day ago
I don't even wear makeup anywhere near this but I stay watching these videos
Witch Bish
Witch Bish - Day ago
and *"if it doesn't, don't tag me....bye"* 👁️👄👁️
Caitlin Jacobs
Caitlin Jacobs - Day ago
For once I don’t need eyebrows and I’m glad I don’t have them
Nama Steph
Nama Steph - Day ago
14:33 katya?!?!
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins - Day ago
Omg this video gave me life 🙌🏽😂
Not Called Greg
Not Called Greg - Day ago
wear the drugstore look for more than 3 hours and you’ll see why you spend a fuckton of money
Ali Mcneely
Ali Mcneely - Day ago
New game take a shot everytime trixie licks her brush
Mark Herron
Mark Herron - Day ago
Mark Herron
Mark Herron - Day ago
the hxverling
the hxverling - Day ago
i wonder how much makeup is inside trixie's stomach right now from licking everything
bby m
bby m - Day ago
I’d be scared gluing eyebrows like that you would lose the hairs
Staplers Break
Staplers Break - Day ago
I adore Trixie and I love her innovation but I can't get myself to see the illusion and it hurts my soul that I cant
Alishya Wheat
Alishya Wheat - Day ago
It’s kinda like a Batman mask in the beginning 😂 I love you tho!
Crystal Rodriguez
Crystal Rodriguez - Day ago
“ if it’s not good , don’t tag me”😂😂😂😂
Leah Crow
Leah Crow - Day ago
5:11 I’m Batman hoe
tjpm - Day ago
Watching this is so relaxing...
ScoutInSpace - Day ago
you do a video of trying to use and style cheap fake wigs!
Sparkle Bucket
Sparkle Bucket - Day ago
we want
*isosceles triangle*
round chicken
round chicken - Day ago
I have the Super Stay Full Coverage and honestly I have the wrong skin type it's sooo cakey 😂
yourstrulyyellow - Day ago
I really needed this. I wanted to go for Halloween as you or Farrah and fuckingthankyoutrixieireallyneededthis
Dana - Day ago
The nose said ↙️
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