Trixie Makeup On A Budget

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Zany - Day ago
Does the white gel liner even exist? I can’t find it anywhere.
Familyluv#1 - 2 days ago
Sis you have lovely hands. You are a Doll, in or out of drag.
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia - 4 days ago
Who’s gonna tell her that her eyeliner is a Right Angle triangle not a Isosceles triangle.....
Iona W
Iona W - 4 days ago
Budget drag
Amilia s.
Amilia s. - 5 days ago
Something I learned from this video
Dont buy wet n wild
LeilaKoch - 6 days ago
I use the e.l.f. Total Face Sponge. You can’t use it wet/damp because it doesn’t work. When it’s dry, it’s amazing.
GroovyRoo - 6 days ago
I love Trixie. Binging all her videos. I need more makeup and barbies videos.
Lamisa Mahmud
Lamisa Mahmud - 6 days ago
Trixsi your makeup exhalent
Neck Rolls
Neck Rolls - 8 days ago
I was expecting him to lick the brush, but don't friki'n make out with it 😂😂😂
Izzy Knicely
Izzy Knicely - 8 days ago
Me:*doing my makeup while watching this*
Trixie:*holding elf sponge* this sucks dont buy it
Me:*lloks at my sponge*(the exact sponge)....but i love it :(
Fjorgyn - 7 days ago
I do too. I live how huge it gets when you dampen it.
Rebecca Benway
Rebecca Benway - 8 days ago
That is literally a receipt for only a few items, I can vouch for you.
Elise Seymour
Elise Seymour - 9 days ago
James Charles: no makeup on white sweater
Trixie: gets whole pot of setting powder on top
Lol love you so much xx
Emily Fortino
Emily Fortino - 10 days ago
the sound effect of him licking the brushes omg I'm FUCKING CRYING 😭😭😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💕💕
brybry Coach
brybry Coach - 10 days ago
Not today devil!!!
No tacos for me
mvron. - 10 days ago
oh honeeyyy
Rosie Ramos
Rosie Ramos - 11 days ago
First time on Trixie channel and I’m LIVING for his energy 🥰😍😂
Tonya - 11 days ago
You remind me of a cute little fox🦊💜
Juan Cena
Juan Cena - 11 days ago
Sorry I’m new to this stuff but what does glue on the brows achieve?
Fjorgyn - 7 days ago
Gluing down your eyebrows makes it so you can hide them beneath makeup so you can put makeup over them without there being hairs visible.
Paige Becker
Paige Becker - 11 days ago
teen sunshine
teen sunshine - 11 days ago
i actually really like that wet and wild foundation stick
susy salinas
susy salinas - 12 days ago
I want to see someone do a soft glam on him loo
Maia Bella
Maia Bella - 12 days ago
ME: sounds like a pig on steroids
Urata Hilaj
Urata Hilaj - 12 days ago
He licks everythink 😆😂😛 . Like if u agree
vaidahi - 12 days ago
I can't believe id never seen trixie without makeup before this
Jessica Makes Videos
Jessica Makes Videos - 13 days ago
Wet n Wild: *exists*
Trixie: I dont know sis...
*ten seconds later*
"im loving this black shadow"
Monika Makulova
Monika Makulova - 13 days ago
I'm not trying to be rude, but you really do look like a clown with that Half a kilo of makeup, you look so
Weirdo ,natural beauty is the best people can Recognize who you are see your natural beauty with that makeup you look so heavy strange to me it looks like you go to some kind of clown party it's not nice at all and that big lashes omg ,I can't even see your eyes ,your face can't breath enough how on earth can you put on that much makeup, you are a man you try to look as girlish as you can but that won't help you and you call yourslef a professional makeup artist no no no, you literally Ruin people's natural beauty looks which is shame 😢😯😕
Fjorgyn - 7 days ago
Do you even know what the fuck drag is? Drag queens are all about exaggeration of typical feminine beauty for entertainment purposes. This is who Trixie Mattel is when she's in character.
Taxnii Nichole
Taxnii Nichole - 13 days ago
15:33 look at trixies shirt-
Soraiya Omer
Soraiya Omer - 14 days ago
5:10 is hilarious
HeyItsYoGurl QB
HeyItsYoGurl QB - 14 days ago
Him: Casually licks brush :)
James: NOW WE NEED SONE OF THAT SETTING SPRAY!!! Hehe love y'all both😂
Christine Grimmond
Christine Grimmond - 14 days ago
Its amazing how your persona changes as you apply more makeup. You start off as Brian and then adopt this Trixie persona as more of your face goes on. Interesting.
*Aesthetic Bear*
*Aesthetic Bear* - 14 days ago
It’s crazy how you can make yourself look completely different with makeup -
Monika Makulova
Monika Makulova - 13 days ago
That's so Weirdo and crazy, natural beauty it's always the best
Emma Pierce
Emma Pierce - 14 days ago
Did Charli make the mascara😂I hope someone gets the joke
Samantha-Grace Merrifield
Is anyone else here from James instant influencer?

Just me?oh ok then 😂
Mia Valenzuela
Mia Valenzuela - 15 days ago
haters back of
Emma Elaine Carroll
Emma Elaine Carroll - 15 days ago
I hate cvs they don’t sanitize my sister got sick not with virus this was 3 years ago she got the flu from that place
Fressia Ramirez
Fressia Ramirez - 15 days ago
Nic Smith
Nic Smith - 15 days ago
Full stroke 😂😂😂
Celine - 15 days ago
I want her to yeet me
Ellie Brown
Ellie Brown - 15 days ago
trixie is actually so funny i stan i love her shes my new fav
Megan Joyce
Megan Joyce - 15 days ago
"I went to cvs late last night, I just needed afew items"
*pulls out a 4 foot long receipt*
well I wouldn't trust him with a credit card......
Fjorgyn - 14 days ago
CVS are notorious for having stupidly ridiculous receipts no matter what you buy there.
Diana Montero
Diana Montero - 15 days ago
The dress and bow combo is EVERYTHING
Hallie Johnson
Hallie Johnson - 15 days ago
Am I the only one that finally realized what Trixie matel looks like with her eyeliner!!? Woolverine. I love u so much girl
Amy Louise Davis
Amy Louise Davis - 15 days ago
are you Trixie or not? I thought your name is Trixie?
Fjorgyn - 14 days ago
Trixie is her drag name. His real name is Brian Firkus.
Elle McFierceson
Elle McFierceson - 16 days ago
What I learned from this vid is that all the brands are good except wet n wild... But now they have some new stuff that she tried out in the other vid and its not all bad!
Tyler Peterson
Tyler Peterson - 16 days ago
I love how he’s just so honest, hilarious,and amazing edits 🙏🙌🏼
Sophie Amber Sixx
Sophie Amber Sixx - 16 days ago
Your wearing arachnids on your eyes sis
Sophie Amber Sixx
Sophie Amber Sixx - 16 days ago
James Charles is shook by how much makeup trixie got on her shirt like bro
Hunter Craig
Hunter Craig - 16 days ago
I’m loving the Scream shirt
Step Chickens unite
Step Chickens unite - 16 days ago
This says that EVERYONE CAN BE A STAR ⭐️
Abbeyy - 16 days ago
him and shane act sm alike
Mirabelle Anderson
Mirabelle Anderson - 16 days ago
I freaking love you and your vibe
Savannah Aurora
Savannah Aurora - 16 days ago
I love your laugh omg 😂😂 so contagious 😂
Kacey Paterson
Kacey Paterson - 16 days ago
I like how confident your are
missVmilne - 16 days ago
Lit x
Maria Andrea Aguiar
Maria Andrea Aguiar - 16 days ago
Hannah Lovette
Hannah Lovette - 16 days ago
Please do a collab with Shane Dawson 😂
Ariana Grande super fan
Ariana Grande super fan - 17 days ago
The way he puts the glue on his brows is harsh 😑😑😑
Fjorgyn - 14 days ago
You're supposed to when you're gluing them down so they don't move under your makeup.
e schwarz
e schwarz - 17 days ago
lol; The CVS receipt now in the time of Covid can be like a complimentary rough roll of TP.
ally_ Ally
ally_ Ally - 17 days ago
Ok but how do y’all get the glue out of your eyebrows?
Fjorgyn - 14 days ago
It's water soluble so soap and water. Makeup wipes also do it.
Selah Heard
Selah Heard - 17 days ago
That receipt is how far y’all should be Social distancing 😂😂
audrey - 17 days ago
*the girl with kombucha*
5 months later they collabed or whateva 😳
Suzanne Street
Suzanne Street - 17 days ago
ILY ❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍🤎💚💙
נעמה נחמיאס
נעמה נחמיאס - 17 days ago
I think i am the only one who hates drug makeup
Fjorgyn - 6 days ago
@נעמה נחמיאס looks pretty good to me. This is her style of drag. There are many styles and this is merely one of them.
נעמה נחמיאס
נעמה נחמיאס - 6 days ago
Becouse it is not looking good...
Fjorgyn - 6 days ago
@נעמה נחמיאס why?
נעמה נחמיאס
נעמה נחמיאס - 7 days ago
@Fjorgyn Drag
Fjorgyn - 7 days ago
Drugstore makeup or DRAG makeup?
Mia Dominguez
Mia Dominguez - 18 days ago
Me watching this with my Hispanic butt eating mangos with lemon and salt and Tapatio
Neo LPSTM - 18 days ago
“well, actually-“
heather martin
heather martin - 18 days ago
I just found you.
On the video of you watching your makeup toruial spell check
And I love you
This is video #2.
Stay Trixie
Christena - 18 days ago
Little did they know they'd be with kombucha girl 6mo later!
Damian Cybulski
Damian Cybulski - 18 days ago
I love you handsome. 😙💓
Mason Camarda
Mason Camarda - 18 days ago
emmuhlee 69
emmuhlee 69 - 18 days ago
i’m going to be late to my zoom meeting for this but i don’t care :)
Chloe Hansen
Chloe Hansen - 19 days ago
Wow i drink lick and eat food and water I didn’t know ur ment to lick eat and drink glue..... mabye i should do that nw
Miss Mausoleum
Miss Mausoleum - 19 days ago
I own and love my elf blender though 🥺
Camille Cordero
Camille Cordero - 19 days ago
In a good way don’t come for me teehee 😊☺️🤭
Camille Cordero
Camille Cordero - 19 days ago
When he has no drag makeup on he kinda looks like the little kid from the “mmhmmm chicken” vine
Mommy & Milani
Mommy & Milani - 19 days ago
“You bought that highlighter you better use it bitch” “down the finger”😂😂😂
Nicole Crandall
Nicole Crandall - 19 days ago
I just subscribed!!!
Brenda Benitez
Brenda Benitez - 19 days ago
Kinda got attack because my name is Brenda 😂😂
emmy e
emmy e - 19 days ago
I JUST REALIZED HE LOOKS LIKE EDDIE RIOS THE SMOED CHEER COACH!! ahhh might just me me but i can’t unsee it
Gene J
Gene J - 19 days ago
How do you get boobs
Gene J
Gene J - 13 days ago
Fjorgyn oh thx
Fjorgyn - 14 days ago
Bra stuffed with a shitload of padding. You can see it in her One Night Only video at the end.
Alexis McGinnis
Alexis McGinnis - 19 days ago
Not sure if it’s been done yet but you should do half face of your normal products and half face of drug store products!!
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