Jacksfilms wins YouTuber of the Year || Shorty Awards 2018

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Rectangle boi
Rectangle boi - 2 hours ago
Lol wtf jacksfilms is trash smh
Binyamin Solomon
Binyamin Solomon - 3 hours ago
Jack saying 4hat his parents supported him over the years thats a lie

They hate him
Upside Down Sonic
Upside Down Sonic - 3 hours ago
He was the breath of fresh air on a zoomer clout kid award show
TheMofoHeister - 5 hours ago
Who the fuck are all these people?
Drive knight
Drive knight - 2 hours ago
How could you not know JohnMovies?
Simple 1230
Simple 1230 - 5 hours ago
Is Jack a furry now?
Gurshaan Dhesi
Gurshaan Dhesi - 6 hours ago
I’m wondering if anyone thought he was a real furry
Lee Peak
Lee Peak - 7 hours ago
Cant find jacksfilms? Go to 1:11
Tiny Gaster
Tiny Gaster - 9 hours ago
Me me big boy
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian - 11 hours ago
*”Finally, they will take me seriously”*
*- Jack Douglass 2018*

The greatest quote ever.
cooper buchli
cooper buchli - 12 hours ago
He did it he actually did it???
Sl4yer - 15 hours ago
He should have said.......
Torsopher - 17 hours ago
It sounds like the audience sound wasn’t recorded so it’s like watching a sitcom without the laugh track
Vincent Meade
Vincent Meade - 17 hours ago
The fact jack won is proof that hope still lives
Lorcan Corless
Lorcan Corless - 18 hours ago
lele and juanpa didnt even deserve to be a nominee
Luke Song
Luke Song - 20 hours ago
Garfield is best man boi
Luke Song
Luke Song - 20 hours ago
Yes jacks in here
Madison Luyao
Madison Luyao - 20 hours ago
Such an incredible man
If you have pedophilia please whoosh me
Every time the host made the joke
The audience didn’t react and it really made me want to commit suicide
Drive knight
Drive knight - 2 hours ago
But but but the audience noise was removed
DaredevilZ - 21 hour ago
Small Tuna
Small Tuna - 23 hours ago
One question, why is there lele pons?
no videos with a 1000 subs
Phunny - Day ago
jacks films wins the most annoying youtuber of the year
L.P Plays
L.P Plays - Day ago
Me me Garfield boy
IIBlackArmyII - Day ago
Dude, you deserve it for giving us all the big surprises giveaways in the comments!
Draw Anything
Draw Anything - Day ago
Nobody in the audience understands his comedy, because his IQ is too high.
Albert bezak
Albert bezak - Day ago
brittonsux - Day ago
why was lele pons even fucking considered
aidan !
aidan ! - Day ago
They didnt have many good options that year
Elijah Davila
Elijah Davila - Day ago
The fact that Lele Pons is in the same category of Jack is just insulting.
Kxloux - Day ago
This fuckint audience lmaooooo.... dead silence at every single joke
Jhett_44 - Day ago
Me Me Big Boi
yeet myself off a cliff
I only liked two out of all of the finalists, and one of them was Jacksfilms. Wow.
Andrew Wishon
Andrew Wishon - Day ago
Literally any second of Saits Row the third and post games
Andrew Wishon
Andrew Wishon - Day ago
Is that dude wearing a man purse?
Miles Emad
Miles Emad - Day ago
its funny seeing jack next to lele pons and david dobrik
Aliup98 - Day ago
Holy shit he did it
Andy Stevenson
Andy Stevenson - Day ago
Wow Saf was nominated too
I didn’t realise how popular she was (this isn’t hate btw I’m sorry if it sounds like it she’s one of my favourite YouTubers)
I’m so happy for John
Marcus StaAna
Marcus StaAna - Day ago
2:01 Kenny Knox!!!!!
Duncan Shaheen
Duncan Shaheen - Day ago
love hearing the 5 and 3/4 people in the audience clapping
Dante 16
Dante 16 - Day ago
if lele pons won i was ready to jump off a building
Kreeper M3Mr
Kreeper M3Mr - 2 days ago
I disliked it because Lele pons got nominated
justyna maruszewska lol lol
Jfr Films
Jfr Films - 2 days ago
Mom: wear something nice to the restaurant

me: 1:55
August Osani
August Osani - 2 days ago
The mad lad actually did it
max Morgan
max Morgan - 2 days ago
was there like two people in that audience
nancy boy
nancy boy - 2 days ago
Why is the room always so awkwardly silent? There’s like 4 claps and 2 laughs the entire time.
Lemonade -Brawl Stars
Lemonade -Brawl Stars - 2 days ago
I thought Jack won, not Furvius.
i cant splel
i cant splel - 2 days ago
Oh I get it now. He said he will wear a “fur suit” so therefore he’s half suit. At 1st I just thought he was in a hurry
ComicCartoon1 - 2 days ago
I don't care to much for the Shorty's but the fact that Jack one over those people who in my opinion shouldn't even be on that list, is atlest good
Zahed Athfy
Zahed Athfy - 3 days ago
He actually did it. He actually won youtuber of the year.
Zahed Athfy
Zahed Athfy - 3 days ago
He actually did it. He actually won youtuber of the year.
Nechronicles yt
Nechronicles yt - 3 days ago
Who liked this because jack is wearing a garfield suit
GAVITRAXmz Animation
GAVITRAXmz Animation - 3 days ago
If Lele Pons had gotten it. That would've blown my mind. I literally would've taken a shotgun to my temple.
Jimmy Brassard
Jimmy Brassard - 3 days ago
big crowd
Bobbo 655
Bobbo 655 - 3 days ago
The whole time I’m thinking, “My Mannn”
Kaden Hayes
Kaden Hayes - 3 days ago
thanks king actually did it
Kira Aesa
Kira Aesa - 3 days ago
Norman - 4 days ago
The audience has no sense of humor
FreyjasFaceAndCo - 4 days ago
Is that Kiki Palmer?
IAmLegend - 3 days ago
maddy! - 4 days ago
i sat thru the entire streamys for this when it happened and god damn it was worth it. for context, the ENTIRE chat the ENTIRE stream was just people requesting to see furvius
Ashton Neal
Ashton Neal - 4 days ago
I would be sad if Lele Pons Won
Blackie Chan
Blackie Chan - 4 days ago
I love how Kenny just gives it to him so nonchalantly
Sable - 4 days ago
lele pons, really
Animating Alex
Animating Alex - 4 days ago
He deserved it.
Demonetization Club
Demonetization Club - 4 days ago
epic gamer
Potato God
Potato God - 4 days ago
Is everyone ignoring how the first dude roasted Logan Paul
Pizzamaster - 4 days ago
Eat cereal brother
Captain Irresponsible
Captain Irresponsible - 4 days ago
Dickhead of the year
Ryn McKin
Ryn McKin - 4 days ago
Damn is that audience excited af
Notti - 5 days ago
audience is dead as hell
The King of Antarctica
The King of Antarctica - 5 days ago
This was somehow even more cringy and awkward than the Crunchyroll Anime Awards...
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - 5 days ago
I love how awkward the guy is at the beginning 😂
Kokaben The Krispy
Kokaben The Krispy - 5 days ago
*furvius has entered the stage*
Citrus - 6 days ago
the only person on the finals that is respectable is safia, oh yeah theres jackfilms too i guesss
Isnan Rahman Khan
Isnan Rahman Khan - 6 days ago
mah boi🔥
Kid EYT - 6 days ago
This is turning into The Eric Andre Show.
Plz don’t click
Plz don’t click - 6 days ago
Zombeebear - 6 days ago
Is anyone else getting this recommended to them 2 years later??

Also I’ve only ever heard of Jack Douglass out of this list....
suck pener
suck pener - 7 days ago
So when is tyler gonna be nominated for the shorty award?
J Webster
J Webster - 7 days ago
I thought furvius was a alti establishmentarian, why is he at a awards show
Dovahkiin Dragonborn
Dovahkiin Dragonborn - 9 days ago
DerpJerd - 9 days ago
I've never even heard of most of the youtubers nominated
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