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Olivia Sui
Olivia Sui - 4 months ago
AnimeAyla - 5 days ago
Your work wifes 🤣
Ozzie Productions
Ozzie Productions - 7 days ago
Your my favourite pizza place
Elliot N
Elliot N - 8 days ago
mayonnaise burger
mayonnaise burger - 9 days ago
The Gamer Cookie
The Gamer Cookie - 9 days ago
Katherine Parker
Katherine Parker - 15 hours ago
*There's a 1 in 5 chance its Fat Joe*
Better than Bryton Myler
Better than Bryton Myler - 16 hours ago
My friend Shayn
Emily Tyner
Emily Tyner - 21 hour ago
I’m surprised her boyfriend doesn’t mind her calling him work boyfriend
Kristen Broughton
Kristen Broughton - 2 days ago
Well now I want to see him on Try not to Laugh
too fang skinny
too fang skinny - 3 days ago
Does he know she has flashed kieth
bethan loveridge
bethan loveridge - 3 days ago
wait if shayney boi is always right then why did he get the question wrong !?
Brianna Herrera
Brianna Herrera - 3 days ago
I still can’t believe Shane was in Sam and cat.
zafir aa
zafir aa - 4 days ago
Shayne and olivia siting on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G!!!
Sheyna Chulef
Sheyna Chulef - 5 days ago
why is sam just a knock off shayne oml
D CEE - 6 days ago
That dudes not really her boyfriend she’s with Peter kitch
Trevor Peterson
Trevor Peterson - 6 days ago
I ship courtney and shayne
Izzy Geary
Izzy Geary - 6 days ago
Did anyone notice that her boyfriend Sam is an acter on the Goldbergs
Like if you watch/watched the show.
Roxanne Walker
Roxanne Walker - 7 days ago
Woodrow Coombs
Woodrow Coombs - 7 days ago
Maggie Baker
Maggie Baker - 7 days ago
I ship shayne and courtney
Cesar Gandara
Cesar Gandara - 7 days ago
10:41 Shayne's face is like: "Dude, We're screwed"
ッ C u p C a k e ツ
ッ C u p C a k e ツ - 7 days ago
I ship Sam and Shayne
andrea b
andrea b - 8 days ago
the nervous laughter from the three in the back is so relatable
James Slater
James Slater - 8 days ago
13:08 I’m with Keith on that one
Jasmine Puente
Jasmine Puente - 10 days ago
They should have included Courtney too lol, should would have destroyed them both
Emma Allen
Emma Allen - 10 days ago
love how they’re both on the goldbergs
idk_Gacha64 - 11 days ago
Shane's friend zoned 😂😂😂
Finn Van Eck
Finn Van Eck - 12 days ago
I puncht the bell now my i-pad is broken. Thanks guys
Edward Boutwell
Edward Boutwell - 13 days ago
Bro it’s Jeff from Goldberg
Alexis Fleming
Alexis Fleming - 13 days ago
My biggest fear is butterflies too.
Sanford Hooper
Sanford Hooper - 14 days ago
1 Drake is far from the best and 2 HE DOESN’T WRITE HIS OWN SONGS!!!!
Olyvia McGaughey
Olyvia McGaughey - 14 days ago
PoTAtO WoRLd - 15 days ago
What's a work boyfriend
Tiny Squire Gaming
Tiny Squire Gaming - 15 days ago
Olivia: “He’s always right”
Flashback to Wild West
Shayne: *says* “Wyatt Earp
Also Shayne : Celebrating with his team because he got it right
ErinVlogs - 15 days ago
Charlotte Laub
Charlotte Laub - 16 days ago
wait a second, why did i JUST realize she said about drake “i-i was on degrassi”
5:27 is the time but BROOOO HE WAS
Dj Roth
Dj Roth - 16 days ago
Why r u scared of butterflies 😂😂😂😂😂
Christiana Soto
Christiana Soto - 17 days ago
i thought that courtney was your work wife
Shelby Woodhouse
Shelby Woodhouse - 18 days ago
I just realised that sams from truth or dare :00
imthe best
imthe best - 18 days ago
I knew it was drake duh🤨🤨🤨
TeddybearØfflinê - 18 days ago
Probably her real bf meant Lil tay?
Sophia Solamillo
Sophia Solamillo - 18 days ago
Alexis Bunch
Alexis Bunch - 18 days ago
Sam:Shane always laughs at his own jokes.
Shane:Big joe is your teddys name...Hhahahhahahaha
•ŞTARY_ MØÒN• gacha
Well I ship Courtney and Shane
Josh Thorne
Josh Thorne - 19 days ago
I'm just having fun with my friends
Yushi Kun
Yushi Kun - 19 days ago
Phoenix - 19 days ago
I was hoping so hard Shayne would notice the chance to name the teddy bear fat joa and he did last sec!
Haylie O'Hagan
Haylie O'Hagan - 19 days ago
Who else knows Shane and Sam from the goldbergs
Asta Maree
Asta Maree - 19 days ago
one little warframe story
smosh demonetized 7:40
TreyakiAnims - 21 day ago
Olivia’s boyfriend is an actor in the goldbergs
(Berry’s friend in the JTP)
Steve Akuma
Steve Akuma - 21 day ago
I think it's funny that people on YouTube and twitch and things like that they all have to be in relationships with other people that are famous on YouTube or twitch. Like it's blasphemy if you're not I get they do it specifically to make their channel get better that's why they normally break up and then go back out to get the sympathy and the drama card by its a little shallow and it's very pathetic.
matt tau-golden
matt tau-golden - 22 days ago
Sam actually looks like John oliver
P1nk D34th
P1nk D34th - 23 days ago
Wait is olivia’s boyfriend not that one guy in JTP in “the Goldbergs”
Gacha Violet
Gacha Violet - 23 days ago
Me and my friends are like you guys (sometimes) you always make something dirty even if it isn’t
Erin Wadyko
Erin Wadyko - 24 days ago
Im going to guess he rolls on you in the bed if you sleep in the same bed
Erin Wadyko
Erin Wadyko - 24 days ago
I guessed lil Libby cause your name is Olivia
woodsy lol
woodsy lol - 24 days ago
13:52 she got left hanging 😬
The Wigan Kid
The Wigan Kid - 24 days ago
Her real bf is from the Goldbergs his show name was jeff
Oliver Regis
Oliver Regis - 24 days ago
10:09 but my names Oliver 😢11:40 thank you😀
RinPhoReal - 25 days ago
Elijah Hendrickson
Elijah Hendrickson - 25 days ago
I knew it was noah
Mychyl Kime
Mychyl Kime - 25 days ago
Shayne: We're all shipped with each other.
Me, a Shaymien and Koah shipper: You're goddamn right.
Marisa Russell
Marisa Russell - 25 days ago
Courtney is Shayne's work wife, Damian is Shaynes work husband, and Shayne is Olivia's work boyfriend
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