Debby Ryan & James Charles React To Cameron Boyce Death

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Tae- Tae
Tae- Tae - 14 days ago
Rip may you rest in peace I thank you for my memories
Ethan Baccinelli
Ethan Baccinelli - Day ago
Tae- Tae a week ago he died and he’s already irrelevant 😂 u will not be remembered
kaidan ordonezgreen
kaidan ordonezgreen - 4 days ago
Emilee Graham
Emilee Graham - 7 days ago
Aj Maxwell yes he is
memes 4 life
memes 4 life - 7 days ago
@Corgi youre dog sh##
Gachie Mushy
Gachie Mushy - 8 days ago
@Corgi Tf is wrong with you?
GOLDEN panda
GOLDEN panda - 8 hours ago
RIP Cameron was my celeb crush- ;w;
niema hunter
niema hunter - 20 hours ago
I just found out:(
Estrellita Parga
Estrellita Parga - 22 hours ago
R.I.P Cameron Boyce
💔Always take the funny and good ones💔We will miss you. You made us laugh and be better people. May you rest in peace dear friend by God's side. Hope you will make heaven a happy place to.
Hortencia Diaz
Hortencia Diaz - Day ago
How did he pass away
Ryleigh Brown
Ryleigh Brown - Day ago
Cameron Boyce, thank you for bringing me a smile in my face. U are awesome and I thank you 😘
Reginald Whitfield
Reginald Whitfield - 2 days ago
Life Debater
Life Debater - 2 days ago
This sucked but as someone who's had a seizure I know that he died peacefully
Just cristal 25
Just cristal 25 - 2 days ago
That is sad so depressing:(
Mellow Fishticks
Mellow Fishticks - 2 days ago
your story isn’t finished man . hope you’re feeling a lot better up there , all the love 🙏🏽💙
Kim Williams
Kim Williams - 3 days ago
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saltwater angling
saltwater angling - 3 days ago
Social media destroys lives no thanks
Jerardo Reyes
Jerardo Reyes - 3 days ago
Jerardo Reyes
Jerardo Reyes - 3 days ago
Anniah Salas
Anniah Salas - 4 days ago
R.I.P you beautiful soul. We will never forget you
The Gamingkid
The Gamingkid - 4 days ago
He is good man and died so young he was 20 may you rest in pace thanks for the memories ❤️❤️❤️
Anne Liz Ybarra
Anne Liz Ybarra - 4 days ago
Spice Mice
Spice Mice - 4 days ago
How people are still milking this shit give him a break
Petra Westmont
Petra Westmont - 4 days ago
Cameron Boyce had a strong voice and even though he died the echo from his voice will never die out
Lyrik Guerra
Lyrik Guerra - 4 days ago
He was the 2 king of pop
Melinda Hardin
Melinda Hardin - 4 days ago
I loved him so much i hope u are in a better place
Deanna Marek
Deanna Marek - 4 days ago
Who is so rude to dislike this video
Edit: I just don’t get why over 2000 people would dislike this video
Amy .W 6T
Amy .W 6T - 5 days ago
I miss him already?!😢😢😢😭😭😭Why him I loved him, he was my fav in descendants!
Wesley Engstrom
Wesley Engstrom - 5 days ago
Damn just thinking you were watching him as a teen now you’re a little older now he’s dead I feel sympathetic with mix feelings of him dead you know like how the hell is this possible.
Ashley A
Ashley A - 5 days ago
this is how sad this is👎
KTN GAMING - 5 days ago
I remember the night I heard about it, it was 12:05 am July 7th. I thought it was a false rumor but when I found out it actually heart broke into a million pieces knowing that my childhood influencer is gone. I never thought he would pass so young.
antonio Miramontes
antonio Miramontes - 5 days ago
We will all miss you Cameron Boyce
Jia Desai
Jia Desai - 5 days ago
Artez Cage
Artez Cage - 5 days ago
Devindra Boss
Devindra Boss - 6 days ago
Dat One Bear
Dat One Bear - 6 days ago
I actually thought it was a joke when I heard about it way too young to be taken away from this world
Thank you for the amazing childhood. RIP 💔💔
Vegito_ Super
Vegito_ Super - 6 days ago
Shapes:pentagon hexagon octagon and thisniggagone
Vegito_ Super
Vegito_ Super - 6 days ago
Do the Cameron boyce
chelsea walton
chelsea walton - 6 days ago
You are so sweet and nice and kind to people thank you
SkatingLola - 6 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Now my dream
May never come true
Scott Masin
Scott Masin - 6 days ago
I might not be a famous person and I might not have met him but just from his acting career his heart was so strong RIP Cameron Boyce
Kmell 2234
Kmell 2234 - 6 days ago
He was cool amazing funny comedic and now he's gone
Mochi Chan
Mochi Chan - 6 days ago
I never watched “Jessie” But RIP if I did watch it I would’ve cried because he would’ve been my favorite, hearing from other people about how funny, nice, Sweet, He was good person from what I heard...
PokéBros xD
PokéBros xD - 6 days ago
I hated Disney so im glad he's dead
PokéBros xD
PokéBros xD - 4 days ago
@Faith Bennett eat shit u fucking weeb
Faith Bennett
Faith Bennett - 4 days ago
Marlee Garcia
Marlee Garcia - 6 days ago
He was so amazing this is such a tragedy😭😭,he was always the most amazing,kind,patient,loving person he could be to everyone. He was absolutely one of a kind. My heart goes out to all his friends and family❤️❤️ May he Rest In Peace💗💗
Suby Ali
Suby Ali - 6 days ago
It's so sad I used to love him he will never be forgotten
Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson - 6 days ago
So sad
Mariam Maghraby
Mariam Maghraby - 6 days ago
I wish I met him 😢😢😖
Serene Rowland
Serene Rowland - 6 days ago
"descent kid" he wasn't descent. He was amazing.
wolls Ntaji
wolls Ntaji - 6 days ago
Love you R.I.P I am so sad 😭😭😭
iiReagan Gacha
iiReagan Gacha - 7 days ago
Whoever disliked this video is one...

Going to hell after I kill them

and two...

Kristen Hart
Kristen Hart - 7 days ago
:( v
Kristen Hart
Kristen Hart - 7 days ago
Poor Cameron
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