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Jadyn Kellebrew
Jadyn Kellebrew - 2 hours ago
hi i cant have tik tok no more so i am sorry but can you look at my vids pl
Eddy Lopez
Eddy Lopez - 2 hours ago
Anna Yuqi
Anna Yuqi - 3 hours ago
11:20 BREAKFAST??. Lol I’m coooking my lunch at the time...but it rich people play by different rules
Itzz. Miaa
Itzz. Miaa - 3 hours ago
Am I the only one who doesn't like addison?
honey gamir
honey gamir - 5 hours ago
Asu Jordán
Asu Jordán - 7 hours ago
le dicen addison kardashian
_Elijahh - 7 hours ago
On kuwtk they made kourtney seem like a bi*ch she is really cool lol
Rafael Pereira
Rafael Pereira - 8 hours ago
only brazilians know how good the avocado pudding is
MemesJuice - 8 hours ago
“Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” 🍀
gali bdeb
gali bdeb - 9 hours ago
"Bleep yeah"
Dark Mode
Dark Mode - 11 hours ago
I won't be surprised if i see her at KUWTK
Zdays Craze
Zdays Craze - 12 hours ago
Everyone obviously knows that her morning routine is a lie
Abigail reimer
Abigail reimer - 12 hours ago
Can i join addison and Kourtney ?
oliolioli OLI
oliolioli OLI - 12 hours ago
agora que eu entendi o lance do creme de abacate kkkkkkk. Pq isso n eh de la nn kkk
Alexia Braten
Alexia Braten - 19 hours ago
Hi Addison rae
Rhean Mae
Rhean Mae - 20 hours ago
Anita Lewis
Anita Lewis - 20 hours ago
Addison Rae I’m going to beat you tomorrow and every move your make up everything and I’ll see your outfit bye anything
Te Huiputea Matiaha
Te Huiputea Matiaha - 21 hour ago
Plz reply hi
Gracie Hernandez
Gracie Hernandez - 23 hours ago
Hi Addison I really love your tik toks 😇
Neha Hanamsagar
Neha Hanamsagar - Day ago
Kenna Moyer
Kenna Moyer - Day ago
Can you Please Hug Charlie
Bitch pullap Yomama
Omg did you guys see that belly too? I don’t know it but she pregnant??? 1:35 stop the video there y’all see it too right?
Gloria Mugambi
Gloria Mugambi - Day ago
Addison is a Libra like Kim kardashian. Fun fact
samar alyousif
samar alyousif - Day ago
I love it so much
Careen Frxnch
Careen Frxnch - Day ago
Awe when kourtney started talking addi put down the phone straight away thats so polite!
Keinny Hernandez
Keinny Hernandez - Day ago
Hi I am new😀😊
Erika Rossi
Erika Rossi - Day ago
Wow, you think if we weren't there, she wouldn't have a chance to meet these people, so sometimes a little time for fan's you'd take it
sharmeen zariwala
sharmeen zariwala - Day ago
Who is Harry Hudson
Shushu Ali
Shushu Ali - Day ago
Ok guys let's be serious and all of us start tiktok like wtf that app changed many people's life like charli and addison but i know i wouldn't be famous and rich😏😑
Ron Chee
Ron Chee - Day ago
This relationship turns me on
rabbit girl
rabbit girl - Day ago
Giulia - Day ago
she doesn’t look 40 what
Yadira Quintana
Yadira Quintana - Day ago
Addison can pass as Natalie's (vlog squad) little sister or something
Toxic Potato
Toxic Potato - Day ago
I think, if anybody says their friendship is “weird” or “fake” they don’t have friends :) And so If y’all keep hating guess
You don’t have friends D:
Roderick Smith
Roderick Smith - Day ago
Addison can you fallow my tik tok kirstennatomgan127
Ron Chee
Ron Chee - Day ago
Zarza Guillermina
Zarza Guillermina - Day ago
So Kourtney. She's always late.
Matilde Pavez
Matilde Pavez - 2 days ago
hi hey they are very very good
Anita Lewis
Anita Lewis - 2 days ago
Addison you are the dance qwaint and I like you on tiktok
SuperSonicSpeed - 2 days ago
How this people buy those houses !!!!!!!!!!
I just want to be rich but don’t know how
Sarah Grantham
Sarah Grantham - 2 days ago
Is there still a pandemic or what to them but no hate to addison or kourtney
Ron Chee
Ron Chee - Day ago
no there is not. Did u not hear about the Sputnik v
Addison Plays
Addison Plays - 2 days ago
Why did u guys Swim w clothes
Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True - 2 days ago
Addison get hot, red and sweaty like normal people LIKE ME!!! lol love it 😀 😍😍😍
Fri i Yamun69
Fri i Yamun69 - 2 days ago
How has she got so rich from her parents forcing her to dance
Ria Sidhu
Ria Sidhu - Day ago
Fri i Yamun69
Fri i Yamun69 - 2 days ago
Charli D’Amelioo
Charli D’Amelioo - 2 days ago
A kardashian driving a car???!!!!!
Worldwide Hits
Worldwide Hits - 2 days ago
Addison rae latest video
Lola Holyman
Lola Holyman - 2 days ago
life learning Quiz
life learning Quiz - 2 days ago
I really don't know why the all hype house making LIVE but i cant reached i won't sleep to just watch your LIVE love you hype house 2020
Naya Wah
Naya Wah - 2 days ago
All i hear is Addison yelling “BLEEP
Luna Samy
Luna Samy - 2 days ago
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Angelina Nguyen
Angelina Nguyen - 2 days ago
Kourtney: i have to go film
Don’t tell me Addison’s gonna be on KUWTK
Thu Duong
Thu Duong - 2 days ago
I don’t know why people think their friendship is weird. It just seems like a friendship between a younger and older sister 😊
Riley McDonald
Riley McDonald - 2 days ago
Addison was literally on her phone the whole breakfast
Royanna Smith
Royanna Smith - 2 days ago
She speaks so intelligent
Emily and Jacob Do Stuff
This is how much time Addison said bleep
Gio Urbina
Gio Urbina - 3 days ago
Absolutely No one:
Addi: bLeEp
Me: omg lmao qweeeen ❤️
Only You
Only You - 3 days ago
Positive vibes Always ❤️
Salima Azize
Salima Azize - 3 days ago
Love you 😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Salima Azize
Salima Azize - 3 days ago
Hi addiss je t'aimais 😘😘♥️♥️
Isa, a bela
Isa, a bela - 3 days ago
Omg I feel so good that kourtney’s nanny was Brazilian cuz I am too :D
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz - 3 days ago
Welcome to an episode of you can’t have it
Bethany Purnell
Bethany Purnell - 3 days ago
I love you
Khaliljhn - 3 days ago
this isn’t a day is a morning...
Tabarak Khalil
Tabarak Khalil - 3 days ago
Cristina Diaconescu
Cristina Diaconescu - 3 days ago
シシsmiles - 3 days ago
Ariel Suriano
Ariel Suriano - 3 days ago
Ariel Suriano
Ariel Suriano - 3 days ago
Ariel Suriano
Ariel Suriano - 3 days ago
DigiMoll - 3 days ago
I WISH I COULD SEE YOU! If I had one wish it would to see you your INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, KIND, GOOD AT TIC TOKS
Dennefy Victoria Santos
Não faço a mínima ideia do que eles estão falando , mas do mesmo jeito assisto
Alex John
Alex John - 3 days ago
Addison rae latest videos
Kerry Hatchman
Kerry Hatchman - 3 days ago
Feelings - 3 days ago
Addison is a queen https://youtu.be/BVkR8cR7-WI
Isabella Almeida
Isabella Almeida - 3 days ago
Janet Salas
Janet Salas - 3 days ago
“First of all it’s not called a ponytail it’s called a rubber band”😂.
Chameleon - 4 days ago
becky676 112233
becky676 112233 - 4 days ago
Adison raesists
Hannah Tran
Hannah Tran - 4 days ago
This is how many times she said bleep ;-;
Dagny Weber
Dagny Weber - 4 days ago
Damn Addison drops out of college and gets to be friends with the kardashions
leon the pro
leon the pro - 4 days ago
she will be invited to the met ball🤦🏻‍♀️
Aiman - 4 days ago
In my opinion I don’t like Tesla or any electric cars bcs they don’t have sound n they don’t have an actual engine and oh yeah save the manuals
Khaliljhn - 3 days ago
Aiman no one asked
SkRt sKrT9000
SkRt sKrT9000 - 4 days ago
hah, sweet girl? more like racist body shaming girl with an act.
Anna clara Nunes
Anna clara Nunes - 4 days ago
Gente o que elas falou do rio e do brasil?
Ausra Skietryte
Ausra Skietryte - 4 days ago
siri - 4 days ago
Addison rae ❤️
I'm really waiting for next video ❤️
Dixie Charli Adi and Avani
Adi plisss shi hi Nanul plisssss plissss😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
XxSunraefan ForeverxX
XxSunraefan ForeverxX - 4 days ago
Addi your the best!!!
Kangwa Chiyungi
Kangwa Chiyungi - 4 days ago
This is more like a morning in the life of Kourtney
BoIdymain - 4 days ago
I gots a question why not 100x better why 20x better
PIPS PLAYTIME! - 4 days ago
It’s so crazy how out of touch she is.. as if we allll can just start our day this way. Ridiculous
lava barzanji
lava barzanji - 5 days ago
hi addison i love
Mikayla ThePoptart
Mikayla ThePoptart - 5 days ago
And I know TickTock
Mikayla ThePoptart
Mikayla ThePoptart - 5 days ago
Hiiiiii💋. Trying to call you
rblx and daily tea シ
rblx and daily tea シ - 5 days ago
I love you ADDI ✨🥰
Loida Margaret Castro
Loida Margaret Castro - 5 days ago
Thats just a morning with Kourtney
Makungu Nkuna
Makungu Nkuna - 5 days ago

Jack Thornell
Jack Thornell - 5 days ago
your lucky this margo wynn
Silvana Madrigal
Silvana Madrigal - 5 days ago
Silvana Madrigal
Silvana Madrigal - 5 days ago
Navo - 5 days ago
You and kourtney look like twins
Khaliljhn - 3 days ago
No they dont
Slytherinxo - 5 days ago
Dancing on an app to visiting one of the biggest moods
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