Ups & Downs From WWE Fastlane 2019

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WhatCulture Wrestling
WhatCulture Wrestling - 13 days ago
We are doing a live show in New York at WrestleMania weekend! So excited for this, it's gonna be so much fun!
Acer_WhatheHec - 12 days ago
WhatCulture Wrestling
WhatCulture Wrestling - 12 days ago
+Luis: Man without a Niche Try
Lane Patterson
Lane Patterson - 13 days ago
Aaron Knipper
Aaron Knipper - 2 days ago
can´t fucking shane mcmahon stay out of fights already......really dont wanna see that guy anymore. he has nothing, all hes doing is climbing on things and jumpin down on people from said climbed objects. mostly hurting himself more than his enemys....
dashy media
dashy media - 5 days ago
“i then apparently took a load of drugs” lmao
poopikins - 7 days ago
1:20 Video Starts
rodgeinator - 7 days ago
I wouldn't mind slipping around in Mandy's ring
DeadpoolYagami2 - 7 days ago
I'll be honest, I didn't see Shane being the one turning heel. I thought it was gonna be Miz
CaptainPlanet - 9 days ago
When is Whaltculture committing to the Cleary Ups Downs Invasion angle?
Mark Slade
Mark Slade - 9 days ago
Simon never stop doing these videos.... You the man!!!!
Sydney Howe
Sydney Howe - 10 days ago
So Becky is now on Raw??
hotgirlsarehot - 10 days ago
If Vince wants to troll the WWE universe, he will have the UFC fighters retain their belts, Daniel going over Kofi and have FTF retain their tag belts.
Ben Goddard
Ben Goddard - 11 days ago
Womens tag match was an awkward botch fest. Bayley and Sasha need to work a lot harder on their tandem moves (what was the weird looking hand holding ?) and Nia needs to learn to catch.
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike - 11 days ago
Of course you enjoy being excited, you're Johnny Sins! 😂
bob markiz
bob markiz - 11 days ago
OMG! That Diss at JDFROMNY Killed me
Jesster - 11 days ago
When I saw the thumbnail, I thought a stream of water was coming out of her armpit
Jackson Chulu
Jackson Chulu - 11 days ago
This guy looks like Johnny.... Xxx
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 12 days ago
#44 on trending
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - 12 days ago
Tamina and Nia are botch machines they don't deserve pushes until their game is on lock
Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan - 12 days ago
Can’t believe you’re trending
Shamar Campbell
Shamar Campbell - 12 days ago
Great ups and downs as usal Simon you are aswome.
NathanKing94 - 12 days ago
I love you Simon but I feel like at times you brush over the poor parts of a card instead of giving them a down, case in point you didn't give The Midcard Of Doom a down...well you didn't give it a up it down at all?
GoblinGuide 82
GoblinGuide 82 - 12 days ago
Ring slippage!!! Not a term you can use everyday
The Elite
The Elite - 12 days ago
Troy Clayton
Troy Clayton - 12 days ago
Key word staged show.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 12 days ago
Hello, Humans. There is a place that doesn't have sand or water. A place that allows you to manipulate the very fabric of reality. Nothing can prepare you for the unknown. The water and sand throughout the universe will create life. That life will end, in order to create more sand and water. Sometimes in life....
Heartshapedbox81 - 12 days ago
Simon it was new shield gear therefore not the one that he burned
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - 12 days ago
On trending hell yeah
chi-towns finest the movement
You should do ups and downs about every Wrestlemania leading up to this year's Wrestlemania
Hiphyro - 12 days ago
For a second I thought the thumbnail was water shooting out of the person’s armpits
Jason Todd
Jason Todd - 12 days ago
Mr clean is the coolest
Jacob Navarro
Jacob Navarro - 12 days ago
Lots of people are giving the Match of the Night to the US Championship 4-way but I gotta give it to the WWE Championship Triple Threat. Spot-wise, the USC match was probably better on average than the WWEC triple threat. But the latter had that awesome intercepting knee spot finish, and it had to unbury itself from the crowd who were protesting the match at the beginning but on their feet in support by the end. The "Yes" Kicks deserve a lot of credit for that but Bryan, Ali and Owens managed to hold their attention from that moment on. That's a rare feat.
GKG神Kami神 - 12 days ago
David Robertson
David Robertson - 12 days ago
I got the 30 day free trial on wwe network for my kids about 3 months ago, and happily paid ever since with all that content! 30 years old and got sucked back in 😂
Lyall Williams
Lyall Williams - 12 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks the fatal 4 way for the us title was amazing R truth , Rey Mysterio , Andrade and Samoa Joe have amazing chemistry together aswell as Carmella and Zelina Vega brawling outside that whole match felt like a golden up
Alicia Ruigar
Alicia Ruigar - 12 days ago
I live rousey
Alicia Ruigar
Alicia Ruigar - 12 days ago
Omg with the 12:07
Asouva Iomain
Asouva Iomain - 12 days ago
As the audience chanted "We Want Kofi!", the close-captioning system for the WWE Network was saying the audience was chanting "We Love Ali". It almost made me cancel my subscription to the network. I guess I'll wait until after Wrestlemania when everyone leaves WWE because of poor booking decisions and the insistence of the MacMahon family to insert themselves into all the story lines at all times.
Thomas Da Playa
Thomas Da Playa - 12 days ago
Trending Boyz
Christian Hafer
Christian Hafer - 12 days ago
It was a damn entertaining show. Nice job, Simon.
Jerry Gurrola
Jerry Gurrola - 12 days ago
Lucasdesu - 12 days ago
Dhruv Trivedi
Dhruv Trivedi - 12 days ago
14:02 to 14:14 The best damn lines you've said in a long long time.
Junior Rangel
Junior Rangel - 12 days ago
Pepa pig
bigblocks rock396
bigblocks rock396 - 12 days ago
Just trollin thru utube.
Can't resist. You idiots probably believe all this crap is real 😂😂😂😂
Abyiraj Mahajan
Abyiraj Mahajan - 12 days ago
ba snwkkww be ww
Lauren Stanford
Lauren Stanford - 12 days ago
Your videos are bad don't do a intro
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson - 12 days ago
Those KOFi chants tho....
Gene Burgess
Gene Burgess - 12 days ago
Wwe hall of fame is becoming a joke.
Ajay Amundson
Ajay Amundson - 12 days ago
ryan Alex
ryan Alex - 12 days ago
lol thank you thank you thank you
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ - 12 days ago
Mus Ali got the push, thanks to Aladdin. You know it, I know it.
gert christiaan cruywagen
The tag team match was amazing! Aleister Black and Ricochet my 2 new favorites
Geo Narusade
Geo Narusade - 12 days ago
New day: Walks in. Vince hear our plea!
Vince: ok the match will be a triple threat and its right now
Kofi: runs out clapping his hands
*The Bar Music starts*
They had us in the first half not gonna lie.
izzey07 - 12 days ago
Fastlane wasn't bad at all this year
iPleatheTV - 12 days ago
Jimmy and Jey actually ARENT twins lol
Yaniel Dj
Yaniel Dj - 12 days ago
Best fastlane ever as of now
Wessam Ali
Wessam Ali - 12 days ago
Why put two thumbs up for the triple threat? No one wants that and charlotte feels like a joke, it's all about ronda and becky that's all the fans want that's the interesting exchange, it's like a tennis match becky ronda are the players and charlotte is the net
Smoshbrp43 - 12 days ago
Wendigooooo - 12 days ago
simon should up and down nxt too
Chris Mullan
Chris Mullan - 12 days ago
Big E and Xavier to win the tag titles in a fatal 4 way between the bar, Nakumara & Rusev and the Usos while Kofi to win the Wwe title and the New Day stand tall at Wrestle mania?
SMC01ful - 12 days ago
Rose just doesn't have much charisma. I think Asuka should have dominated her completely. Winning via dodgy ring apron is a tad annoying.
RyanMK666 - 12 days ago
Charlotte being involved in the first place has ruined this entire storyline for the raw women’s championship. Just completely ruined it.
Forcemaster Naik
Forcemaster Naik - 12 days ago
This video is on trending!!!
Larry Jung
Larry Jung - 12 days ago
Real wrestling is the amature Olympic freestyle type of wrestling !.
TheBest AME
TheBest AME - 12 days ago
Umm okay? You're in the wrong video mate. Just search for that type of wrestling and you'll find it
VHSAlien - 12 days ago
#19 on trending
Davie Todd
Davie Todd - 12 days ago
The sheild back togeather for the 3rd time in the last year,was good about 7 years ago,wwe is hard to watch these days same shit over and over and over again
Marvel Gaming
Marvel Gaming - 12 days ago
Ayye Trending
Abhinav Jain
Abhinav Jain - 12 days ago
Did it not bother people that not a single title changed hands during the event? The matches were all mostly good but not seeing any real shift in power was a bit of a letdown.
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller - 12 days ago
Elias was funny on the Guitar 🎸 Kofi got screwed 🤷🏾‍♂️ shame o mac snapped Fastlane was pretty good and Sasha Banks stays pretty after getting knocked out and pummeled 😥
Juan Solo
Juan Solo - 12 days ago
His head is absolutely massive!
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez - 12 days ago
THIS IS ON TRENDING? Congratulations
T B - 12 days ago
This sounds like the gayest shit ever.... oh well back to MMA and jiu jitsu
T B - 12 days ago
TheBest AME 😂 naw that’s all you guys
TheBest AME
TheBest AME - 12 days ago
That sounds more gay fam. It's okay if you're into that gayness
Craig Del
Craig Del - 12 days ago
Simon Miller's Ups & Downs are actually more fun to listen to than most WWE commentators. WHY??
Salvs Cerera
Salvs Cerera - 13 days ago
Ronda doing the Santino Marella walk is the highlight of the show lols
Héctor Peña
Héctor Peña - 13 days ago
Esto por que es tendencia?
Андрей Баран
Андрей Баран - 13 days ago
1-Starter YUTUBER
7 are lazy (aya
9 rich
imronaldo1985 - 13 days ago
Someome get rid of flair because I want it to be only Ronda V Becky!!
Edgar Dominguez
Edgar Dominguez - 13 days ago
Uhhh you guys are trending! #19 as of monday/Tuesday night
Archit - 13 days ago
Can't believe this is on Trending
one punch god
one punch god - 13 days ago
Archit why because you ufc fanboy
SaltyCures - 13 days ago
Dude that women’s tag title match had more botches than the rest of the show combined...cringey 🙈
r385671 - 13 days ago
Penile implant.
Russell Dunningham
Russell Dunningham - 13 days ago
Kofi Becky and Seth to win.... or we hunt Simon down and slap his heaf
Kool Aid Cobain
Kool Aid Cobain - 13 days ago
*WhatCulture is fucking trending.*
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer - 13 days ago
Thumbs down..cuz this shit fake like cnn
TheBest AME
TheBest AME - 12 days ago
Thumbs down because you don't watch it? Lame
Peter Denman
Peter Denman - 13 days ago
Fastlane was really good.
Jaylen Stanford
Jaylen Stanford - 13 days ago
I think Brock is gonna win again tbh
Jaiden - 13 days ago
Holy shit it's trending
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset - 13 days ago
Trending 👏
Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson - 13 days ago
Congrats, You’re Trending
TImmys Dad
TImmys Dad - 13 days ago
Down for the Ortan Styles segment u are an idiot!!!! No not just an idiot A Stupid Idiot
steel city sultan
steel city sultan - 13 days ago
The mizs vs the mc mahons at the wrestle mania. (the miz and dad vs shane and vince
Angel V.
Angel V. - 13 days ago
Why is this trending?
Nacho Mora
Nacho Mora - 13 days ago
It trending
mb m
mb m - 13 days ago
You’re trending!!!
MizWoodStudios - 13 days ago
WhatCulture on Trending? Hmm. Congrats guys.
Bengal Man
Bengal Man - 13 days ago
No one gonna mention that they're trending ?
paul jr lagunas
paul jr lagunas - 13 days ago
Whatculture become trending. Of the word of a great British "What Just Happened"
Andrew Holka
Andrew Holka - 13 days ago
Wait, Kofi was demoted to the pre-show?
Kushal Rijal
Kushal Rijal - 13 days ago
I dont want to appear mean but I doubt type of Roman's lukemia. Roman is popular but nobody had hint about Roman's treatment. Why didnt WWE disclose what type of lukemia Roman actually had?? Maybe WWE declared symptoms of lukemia as actually disease and turned out to be nothing. Like declaring Swine Flu straight out when you sneeze. I may be wrong but I dont think WWE actually was honest with us in Roman's case.
Hipolito Soriano
Hipolito Soriano - 13 days ago
They need new announcers and a few good wrestlers
kevin coots
kevin coots - 13 days ago
Don't care for the shield. Sorry not sorry.
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