here are some things i thrifted in nyc :)

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starbriee - 5 hours ago
6:03 Heather Chandler vibez
Carly Marmolejo
Carly Marmolejo - 5 hours ago
that clip you put in a 2:03 is so beautiful omg i’ve been rewinding it for the past 5 minutes
Bridgette Sitton
Bridgette Sitton - 5 hours ago
The fact that you always makes me smile while looking super cute,sexy,beautiful is just magic yes yes we miss you and need more!! Loves xxx😁✌🌻
Ellie - 5 hours ago
i'm british and have lived in england for all of my 18 years and yet at 12:10 ashley sounds way more english than i ever could
Estée Poichot
Estée Poichot - 5 hours ago
Ashley seeing as you love good movies and rom-coms and beautiful dresses and aesthetics I would suggest you watch « Les Demoiselles de Rochefort », it’s originally French. Love your videos, been following you for a while now;)
Leticia Fard
Leticia Fard - 5 hours ago
Your videos are amazing, and you're so talented 💕💕
101yayo - 5 hours ago
The third movie with men in suits is 'American Psycho'.
Yoora Kpop
Yoora Kpop - 6 hours ago
what did jeSUS DIE FOR?
Sneha Wadhwa
Sneha Wadhwa - 6 hours ago
Will u please drop ur skincare routine
Aurélie Jenna
Aurélie Jenna - 6 hours ago
The commentary always very much appreciated 💙💙💙
Maggie - 6 hours ago
I have absolutely no sense of personal style but could listen to ashley talk about clothes for hours
Talia Shuman
Talia Shuman - 6 hours ago
Take rice purity
Give us an apt tour
Get rid of clothes
We would greatly appreciate it
Jemima Onuwe
Jemima Onuwe - 7 hours ago
And your comment about Disney throwing a “coloured “ princess in there to “spice up” the plot is too true . And the coloured princesses have European features and it just doesn’t add up
khdrea jones
khdrea jones - 7 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the part with the scarf took me out cause that's literally me in my room
Jemima Onuwe
Jemima Onuwe - 7 hours ago
I will never stop watching you Ashley . Never .
Giulia Gem
Giulia Gem - 7 hours ago
i love u
cat - 7 hours ago
you're literally glowing!! drop the skincare routine queen
VIOLET WOODLEY - 7 hours ago
Joselle Padilla
Joselle Padilla - 8 hours ago
Her lisp is too prominent in this vid. Too cute 🥺
Linette Floutrup
Linette Floutrup - 8 hours ago
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Sarah - 8 hours ago
i love u so much
Lot Prakke
Lot Prakke - 8 hours ago
personally attacked that you couldn't think about leonardo dicaprio in the titanic when he was in suit
Nicolette Escanillas
Nicolette Escanillas - 8 hours ago
Sophisticated, Confident, Stopped taking shit from men hahaha your very cute and funny
Ashlee Brouwer
Ashlee Brouwer - 9 hours ago
not the cougars camp tshirt from BYU
Francheska Acevedo
Francheska Acevedo - 9 hours ago
Lmao.... what did Jesus die you girl
soomthings - 9 hours ago
I missed your voice so so much, i hope you’re doing grea or even good, i love you so much ashely💜
Theo - 9 hours ago
the cUteeeee sent me HEHE
Sabby Tse
Sabby Tse - 9 hours ago
i love how ashley has reclaimed her energy in this video!!
ploma kohli
ploma kohli - 9 hours ago
I hatee waiting for her the entire month .. can we have atleast two vedios per month
Naomi ter Borg
Naomi ter Borg - 10 hours ago
As for the scrappy fabric thing, I think it's called a pashmina and you can also drape them around your neck
K MV - 10 hours ago
You are something special, Ashley.
Gregorianka - 10 hours ago
Thank you again fro great video! :) Also I had a good laugh when you tucked the vest in :D :D You have great sense of humor!
malu tourinho
malu tourinho - 10 hours ago
I love your style so much!!!✨
Zoe Evangeline Idea
Zoe Evangeline Idea - 10 hours ago
Basha Fredman
Basha Fredman - 10 hours ago
@bestdressed have you been to My Unique in the Bronx? It’s literally the thrift store of any thrifters wet dreams lol
Sophie Downer
Sophie Downer - 10 hours ago
“If you don’t accidentally flash someone a little bit of your ass during a New Years party. What did Jesus die for?” I’m speechless Ashley. Put this on my gravestone wtf
Inés Carpio
Inés Carpio - 11 hours ago
9:41 being thankful that we have universal public health system in my country, 264$ for an ear desinfectant wtf?!
Grace Liddiatt
Grace Liddiatt - 11 hours ago
I literally laughed out loud multiple times watching, we’ve missed you!!♥️
Indigo Blau
Indigo Blau - 11 hours ago
Oh Ashley, how dare you making me question my heterosexuality by being this overwhelmingly wonderful, pretty, hilarious person?
Caerulus Mavi
Caerulus Mavi - 11 hours ago
I haven’t watched your videos in so long , n i missed you !
annbubble - 11 hours ago
Sees 10:36
Me: “Oh, it’s the chotto matte meme”
Martha - 11 hours ago
you’re amazing ashley
Linda Smal
Linda Smal - 11 hours ago
Really loving the brown leather jacket!!!!
mariel amansec
mariel amansec - 12 hours ago
Alice Linden
Alice Linden - 12 hours ago
Hey girl! I missed you!
Marta Salmaso
Marta Salmaso - 12 hours ago
9:53 "this, but for my feEt" killed me HAHAHAH
Mary_O_Malley - 12 hours ago
Really enjoyed this!
Sad China
Sad China - 13 hours ago
thought this wuld make me feel better but just got more depressed thinking abt how classist thrift stores aka consignment is.. this is coming from a me, who started thrifting when i was 16 to be able to afford unique pieces of clothing & as an adult, go thrifting for homeware, dishes, decor, lamps & plants too. well prepandemic. i havent been inside a thrift store since march but my friend hosts a swap fb group sigh anyway im ranting with sunchip fingers
a one
a one - 13 hours ago
😍😍 *ASHLEY {screeches loudly}. . . That-Piece-of-Art-Leather-Jacket is evvverything* !!
Fer reals it is the *bestest ever* article of clothing that have see you buy.
I couldn't make up a name so here I am.
The pink and black jacket with corset detail was so cute 😭😭😭😭
Claire Beeli
Claire Beeli - 13 hours ago
i love u thank u for posting
x - 13 hours ago
I can't believe she didn't mention Peaky Blinders. Outrageous.
Roza - 14 hours ago
Me vibing to the add so ash keeps growing ヘ(◕。◕ヘ)
Diane Bassett
Diane Bassett - 14 hours ago
You're hilarious. Is it depressing to have new clothes to dress up and not be able to go out into toxic covid-world?
anandamc - 14 hours ago
Existential crisis: I think I'm asexual. For real. Don't know what to do, or how to be sure. Yeah...
Captain Millie
Captain Millie - 14 hours ago
one of my fav vids of yours in a while! it felt so natural, like we're friends (are we friends Ashley pls say yes 😰)
Emily C.
Emily C. - 14 hours ago
ok but drop that arm workout !
Jenn DeBoer
Jenn DeBoer - 15 hours ago
Are we ever gonna get an apartment tour! 🥺
Filipina Canadian Family
Filipina Canadian Family - 15 hours ago
Pls subscribe my channel and i will subcribe u back.thank u
foodfvl - 16 hours ago
women in leather pants are so underrated
kt - 16 hours ago
Just gna pretend you didn’t defend hillary clinton
Erika Croft
Erika Croft - 16 hours ago
I have so many comments for this video. But all the outfits are so cute!
Erika Croft
Erika Croft - 16 hours ago
Wow young Hilary Clinton is so pretty 😄
Sarah Bauer
Sarah Bauer - 16 hours ago
Yesssss this was the highlight of my week! Your videos are hilarious and uplifting
Joanna. mb
Joanna. mb - 16 hours ago
i'm always amazed how faster you talk that i even have to check the speed of the video, you are the best Ashley 🙌🏼
Jessi Eckberg
Jessi Eckberg - 17 hours ago
Okay but I’m genuinely curious how you fit all your clothes in your apartment
Eva Littman
Eva Littman - 17 hours ago
Lorena Balbão
Lorena Balbão - 17 hours ago
this video is SO good hahhahahhahaha loved it a lot, you are so funny
Samantha Bell
Samantha Bell - 17 hours ago
bruh L train is my shiiiiiitttttttt
sarah g!
sarah g! - 17 hours ago
i’m glad u picked this thumbnail
Gloria Xu
Gloria Xu - 17 hours ago
Ashley is so cute!!
Abby Bonds
Abby Bonds - 18 hours ago
Your button-up top is so cute!
Hideously Adorable
Hideously Adorable - 18 hours ago
SHE WAS LITERALLY A FEW BLOCKS AWAY FROM MY HOUSE 😫 one day one day I’m going to meet you
Sasha Le Desma
Sasha Le Desma - 18 hours ago
12:11 lmao I thought I was the only one who did that
thefeud - 18 hours ago
Those cosplays>>>>
thefeud - 18 hours ago
Also was very triggered by the zip zap zop
tess - 18 hours ago
ah yes, the floor here is made of thrifted
Lydia Brama
Lydia Brama - 18 hours ago
the energy in this video is IMACUATE
Kloe Gaye
Kloe Gaye - 18 hours ago
ashley: it was so huge (that's what she said)
me: hehe
ashley: sorry i'm 12
me: *calls the police*
LittleMissHailey - 18 hours ago
Ashley is such a queen omg
Neha V
Neha V - 18 hours ago
today in ashley discovers the joy of dupattas
ClaraL27 - 19 hours ago
you're freakin hilarious omg
Miami's Channel
Miami's Channel - 19 hours ago
i will love you forever and ever, you are my faovrite YouTuber and I'm so happy that you're back to posting on your channel! I hope the construction doesn't continue into the evening or start super early so that it doesn't disturb your sleep, that would be super annoying. Please stay safe in New Work! It's such a hot spot for COVID-19 :/
Sarah - 19 hours ago
Apartment tour?? 👀
Matcha - 19 hours ago
"What did Jesus die for"
I'm gone 🤣
Devon O'Leary
Devon O'Leary - 19 hours ago
the downstairs of no relation smells absolutely awful but its such a fantastic store :)
Marissa Krall
Marissa Krall - 19 hours ago
hello I have decided that I am in love with you
Marissa Krall
Marissa Krall - 19 hours ago
pink accented leather jacket reminds me of that bitch from fast and furious
Doaraha Hai
Doaraha Hai - 19 hours ago
I’m ugly! So No one looked at me😔😔😔😔
-Sage- - 19 hours ago
i love your vibes so much!! i want to be friends with you!!
phoebejpg - 19 hours ago
I'm in love with you. How do you do your hair omggg
Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker - 19 hours ago
I think sarah dunk has shopped at some of those they look familiar
Paul SeoigheMcGee
Paul SeoigheMcGee - 19 hours ago
omg the yanks do thrift stores so nicely
redhatgnome - 19 hours ago
please stay home (and save lives)... or at least don't advertise that you're going out and spending time inside at multiple thrift stores... with all due respect. We're about to go into a lockdown for a reason.
Nymphetaminia - 19 hours ago
Shine Seon
Shine Seon - 20 hours ago
It’s red leather yellow leather good blood bad blood
gaming secrets
gaming secrets - 20 hours ago
i love her little dance that she does where she swishes left and right to the rhythm of her talking its so cute
Luiza Kist
Luiza Kist - 20 hours ago
This video is so good, honestly i have so much difficulty on finding inspos and cool clothes here in brazil but your videos make me so inspired to try new things and styles.
I love your videos, i must say the classic brazilian phrase so here it goes Brazil loves you!
Krystel - 20 hours ago
I've been watching your youtube videos for a FAT minute and I feel like our sense of style is slowly going it's separate ways lol, you more prep and me more alt I still love you ashley, forever will continue to watch every video you grace us with
Pippie Averett
Pippie Averett - 20 hours ago
In Australian thrift stores, you will find car seat covers, sequinned t-shirts and stained nighties that someone absolutely wore in hospital
No •
No • - 19 hours ago
Same here in yee haw Louisiana like bitch why do I only find clothes that definitely came from dead people at the nursing homes yee haw clothes jo jo siwa type stuff and the local crackheads 🤠✨
ohona islam
ohona islam - 20 hours ago
iiidroolmm - 20 hours ago
A turtleneck with the black dress would look so cute!
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