Unboxing Spot The $75,000 Robot Dog

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 4 days ago
grab a snack and enjoy
IdkkPinguhh - 17 minutes ago
STE4MZ anims
STE4MZ anims - 24 minutes ago
Grab a potato chip
Andrew Souza
Andrew Souza - 2 hours ago
today he is cute tomorrow he is running after fugitive women in the forest as in the series BLACK MIRROE
I Torres
I Torres - 5 hours ago
Proof i was here before the AI Apocalypse
Gamer Tube
Gamer Tube - 6 hours ago
Unbox Therapy But wait im curious about seeing him running or jogging? Any other upcoming video?!
Max French
Max French - Minute ago
This is insanity
Thomas Singer
Thomas Singer - 2 minutes ago
Bonker Studios
Bonker Studios - 3 minutes ago
Yeah people don’t worry this isn’t ai, it just has a object detection function. Like so:
If objectdetection == true then
(changes its position by how much x and y and z positions)
It’s just a detection function that scans for objects in a certain range.
Rey Pacamana
Rey Pacamana - 3 minutes ago
Does it bite?
yas nation
yas nation - 5 minutes ago
I liked this video , because he just spoke like a human who gonna bring revolution in robotics 🤖,he talks like a future man 🚀
WarForMoney - 8 minutes ago
Did you just tip toe around what else can be mounted on those railings? ahhh nice.
R L - 8 minutes ago
It's all fun and games until you give it a command.....and it says NO!
Ryan Gleason
Ryan Gleason - 9 minutes ago
Just wait for brick to get one
Jonah Levac
Jonah Levac - 10 minutes ago
This is honestly way more dramatic than it needs to be
Tornado_Dude20 - 13 minutes ago
still less than my tesla
ZeroPhoenix - 14 minutes ago
Give it to Micheal Reeves!!!
IdkkPinguhh - 17 minutes ago
Bahaá E.
Bahaá E. - 18 minutes ago
This will be like the game boy color one day
Vote4paydro - 20 minutes ago
3:56 the singularity.....there is no turning back now....good luck humanity
STE4MZ anims
STE4MZ anims - 20 minutes ago
**imagine getting over dramatic**
Brandon - 21 minute ago
Why is this video so dramatic?
It’s a robot dog
Brandon - 20 minutes ago
Are all his video this dramatic? I don’t watch him so I don’t know
Liam Redington
Liam Redington - 22 minutes ago
bruh i came here to see a robot dog not 20 mins of a dude going “😨 oh my god 😳 the implications of this are insane”
Saharfahzan Mhdsalleh
Saharfahzan Mhdsalleh - 22 minutes ago
Boston Dynamics: Lets use Android for the remote..
Apple: Lets buy Boston Dynamics..
luffy blaze
luffy blaze - 23 minutes ago
Lew :it can jump, climb , adapt,analyze.......
Me : how hard its gonna be to pull a trigger for someone ?.....thats scary as hell
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez - 23 minutes ago
Str8jacket7923 - 2 minutes ago
Hop in! We need to go find the person who asked!
Rash XL
Rash XL - 24 minutes ago
The start of its life
Is the end of ours
Le monke
Le monke - 27 minutes ago
Can you ride that thing?
BEAT MAN - 28 minutes ago
Ok make it bite and I’ll get one
Grant Stand
Grant Stand - 29 minutes ago
Metal head Black Mirror Series sums it up.
Theo Myers
Theo Myers - 31 minute ago
k now send it to bricknermon
Mmm 333
Mmm 333 - 32 minutes ago
I wouldn't spend $500 on this.
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore - 34 minutes ago
You did a great unboxing.
Robert Gitau
Robert Gitau - 35 minutes ago
This is like a prequel to a horror movie 😱
"The 10 year from now version of spot is unrecognizable"
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop - 35 minutes ago
Why it's edited like a documentary 😬
Jaikumar Gumble
Jaikumar Gumble - 36 minutes ago
cyberpunk 2020
Ed Vincent Calaguas
Ed Vincent Calaguas - 36 minutes ago
Plot twist: the robot is actually learning the humans until he will them all his own pets.
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo - 36 minutes ago
Enthusiasm seems a little fake.
Str8jacket7923 - 36 seconds ago
Well I mean it is a 75k robot dog so I think you’d be a little excited to.
MEREG - 37 minutes ago
А вы тоже ищите РУССКИЙ комментарий?
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor - 39 minutes ago
Michael Reeves😓
Vakho Kilauridze
Vakho Kilauridze - 39 minutes ago
The eerie “robots about to takeover” background music isn’t helping
claude speed
claude speed - 40 minutes ago
This is a black mirror episode
Ben Meiter
Ben Meiter - 40 minutes ago
Here for brick norman>>>>>>
Sanchit Dobhal
Sanchit Dobhal - 42 minutes ago
That slow music when spot is falling made we think as if he is dying
Rocco Ochlich
Rocco Ochlich - 43 minutes ago
That one black mirror episode with the robot dogs us coming to life
FrozenCoach - 43 minutes ago
That is going to evolve into Skynet's Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 or the T-800 who's mission is to terminate John Connor
EtienneSC .x7
EtienneSC .x7 - 43 minutes ago
Is it just me that feels the need to treat this as a real dog?
Andrew - 44 minutes ago
Should unbox some shock collars
LLucidd - 44 minutes ago
CBKx Ninja
CBKx Ninja - 45 minutes ago
imagine having that thing as a guard dog i would be terrified of this chasing me
Nicholas Freeman Buyungo
Nicholas Freeman Buyungo - 46 minutes ago
Me: laughs in black mirror..
Prince Carlo Juguilon
Prince Carlo Juguilon - 46 minutes ago
ngl the stairs got me
REJECTED_SOÚL _ - 47 minutes ago
50Rs kaat overacting ka
shout out
shout out - 48 minutes ago
i am excited to see the unboxing of neuralink.
CYBER x PUNK - 49 minutes ago
The dogs already knows that one day they might get replaced by the bots. Tragic 😞
Chard - 51 minute ago
Damn that was amazing
THAT-PIXEL _GUY - 52 minutes ago
Man I’ve been watching the development of these Boston dynamics robots since the early days of the PETMAN 😂 then I watched terminator 😳 and said to my family I want one still. I’ll just carry a shotgun or two just in case.😂😂😂
The Ghost
The Ghost - 54 minutes ago
I don't like phone cases
Carson Scohera
Carson Scohera - 56 minutes ago
Plz give it to bricknermon
Caspeer - 57 minutes ago
Y’all seen that one episode of black mirror?
Diegozsk Tv
Diegozsk Tv - 57 minutes ago
Give it to brick
JoeyFlex - 57 minutes ago
So that’s who Jack is...
Doge - 57 minutes ago
The switch ps4 xbox thing remote kinda fresh
MINTZ - 59 minutes ago
Brick Nermon Is Crying
Ulysse Worsfold
Ulysse Worsfold - Hour ago
Unbox therapy: this rail system can allow spot to carry cargo and sensors
The military: this railing would be a great place to strap a bomb
Kezia Yakubu
Kezia Yakubu - Hour ago
I like how the robot acts dumb until it’s eyes goes red
dyslexic rug
dyslexic rug - Hour ago
Micheal reeves needs this
R4CC00N - Hour ago
Micheal reeves is probably jealous
Raihan Khan
Raihan Khan - Hour ago
7:30, wait till he finds out about self-driving cars..
Galactic 8-ßall
Galactic 8-ßall - Hour ago
Aibo and the way he acts, always on, and just senses as a dog combined with Spot and everything about it...
Kezia Yakubu
Kezia Yakubu - Hour ago
Black mirror episodes coming to life real fast
Raihan Khan
Raihan Khan - Hour ago
5:17 literally just doesn't have wheels and he's acting like he just witnessed some iRobot level tech lmao
william towns
william towns - Hour ago
Now attach a gun to it
SuperBigDog2U - Hour ago
There's something very creepy seeing that come to life for some reason....is THIS the start of Skynet????
Avi Eshed
Avi Eshed - Hour ago
you too can spend $75k to impress ten year old boys. :)
Chuck Maddison
Chuck Maddison - Hour ago
It's a big moment but is also a problem.
william towns
william towns - Hour ago
I like the dogs reaction
Daniel Mauzer
Daniel Mauzer - Hour ago
Imagine a arena, robot warz. They can drop and pick up different types of paintball guns and just... having fun?
Ron - Hour ago
You’re being really pretentious about this. The dramatic pausing, the dramatic music, everything about how you approached this. It’s literally just a fancy remote control robot that doesn’t even have especially useful automations (that part especially did not meet my expectations). At its current capability, the thrill of this thing will wear off soon like a toy. For the price, this thing should’ve included extremely advanced automation set up options in order to actually make a difference in people’s lives.
Yo Diig
Yo Diig - Hour ago
Relax it’s just a fucking robot dog lol
Nele - Hour ago
anyone else actually scared of this thing imagine arming this thing holly shit i am against AI and theese things call me crazy and oldfassion but hell no
william towns
william towns - Hour ago
Mrbeast should buy like 20 and raid a city
Smoovie119 - Hour ago
"Imagine they made one that was like, unfriendly." That kid knows what's up.
Soumyadeep lodh
Soumyadeep lodh - Hour ago
It's not good man! Just not good. The dog can sense it
Armin - Hour ago
Bruh 75k for a camera that you have to count the pixels lol
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