5 Whole Pizzas + Q&A (#TakeoutTuesday ep.2)

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Homa Homa
Homa Homa - 37 minutes ago
القراان الكريم
cindy lohita
cindy lohita - 2 hours ago
tasty making it big must invite this man damn
%vdevtv %
%vdevtv % - 5 hours ago
How are so healthy look what happened to nikkokado avokado before and after 😲😲😲
Oh yah mr krabs
Oh yah mr krabs - 7 hours ago
Dude you can make fun of whatever you want but NOT DIPPING PIZZA IN RANCH
Mobile trophy
Mobile trophy - 7 hours ago
5:28 ASMR
빵맜잇오 - 8 hours ago
와! 샌즈 아시는구나!? 샌즈 정말 재미있습니다!!!! 게임 캐릭이 샌즈입니다
James Russell
James Russell - 9 hours ago
How does he make the food look so good.
Bakon Smiley
Bakon Smiley - 10 hours ago
Your eating it the wrong way
Pamela Kodato
Pamela Kodato - 11 hours ago
Bro this guy eats so much stuff and doesn’t get fat while I eat one donut and boom I’m a whale
YTZB Top - 18 hours ago
Makan banyak doang kaga gemuk²
abdou dz emiani
abdou dz emiani - 19 hours ago
are you muslim
abdou dz emiani
abdou dz emiani - 19 hours ago
اوووو مكاش ليهدر العربية
PalestinianGoon - 19 hours ago
Im one of those people who dip there pizza in ranch lmao
Toan Pham
Toan Pham - 21 hour ago
Cousins in Arms
Cousins in Arms - Day ago
Magerita pizza easily my favourite
Tyler R
Tyler R - Day ago
When you do the food challenges when do you become full? When you eat five pizzas are you full after the first and have room for 4 more? When you eat a daily meal how large is the portion?
Waifu - Day ago
Amateur try eating 5 papa john’s pizzas
Trizmo Frazix
Trizmo Frazix - Day ago
You eat so much food and your skinny. I eat a 1 biscuit I become a biscuit myself. Not no more tho I’m skinny now but damn
SPED BREAD - Day ago
Real life shaggy
Kayson Mueller
Kayson Mueller - Day ago
If he was a shark, he’d be the megaladon.
Txddy Bear
Txddy Bear - Day ago
1:25 is me when I find out that my mom order some food.
Youkun π
Youkun π - Day ago
1:23 I.. didn't expected him to play that kind of game, just by hearing the sound i already know what game is that 🤣
Pop Tap
Pop Tap - Day ago
MOD pizza? LOL
TV Jam
TV Jam - Day ago
pokimane had no idea what she tweeted.
Dark Victor
Dark Victor - Day ago
How do you not gain fat???
Lily Martinez
Lily Martinez - Day ago
You made me realize that I am simply unlucky to not be you
hit songs channel
hit songs channel - 2 days ago
Please do Indian food
hit songs channel
hit songs channel - 5 hours ago
@Khem idly and dosa in Tamil Nadu food
Khem - 5 hours ago
He already did
Joshila Rai
Joshila Rai - 2 days ago
Pate nahi India gate
Sanjar Hasanov
Sanjar Hasanov - 2 days ago
Osh , palov
Uzbekistan's palav
Scooter Crew LTC
Scooter Crew LTC - 2 days ago
0:23 I think he said pizza like 7 times
Just Kalia X2
Just Kalia X2 - 2 days ago
HOW DO YOU NOT GET FAT?????? pls answer @mattstonie
LinksYTGaming685 - 2 days ago
Matt: I absolutely love going Australia
Also Matt: I haven't been to Australia but will go there soon
XxLP Studios
XxLP Studios - 2 days ago
I agree michi
Ami Bryce
Ami Bryce - 2 days ago
You could see his did at 2:05
Keidelys Marin
Keidelys Marin - 2 days ago
The people who watch you eat behind the camera do they eat something to
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking - 2 days ago
Why do people like shibas, 3 of my friends that owned shibas had them confiscated, or put down because they bit everyone that they bit MOST people they didn’t know.
Khem - 5 hours ago
Its a huskey not a shiba
Gulasch Sees
Gulasch Sees - 2 days ago
I'm watching the video right now if it is not been answered in the video I'm gonna delete this comment.
Can you eat that much because you trained it and if you did why?
Smaddie - 3 days ago
Imagine if he donated his body to science. We’d finally understand blackholes
hotvision - 3 days ago
You will never need to be in Amarillo. I have passed through, its flat, and theres nothing. That restaurant is like an oasis.
Kermit_da_ Thug
Kermit_da_ Thug - 3 days ago
This is just a mukbang
Jokey Bun!
Jokey Bun! - 3 days ago
Cole - 3 days ago
Is it not normal that I can also finish these all by myself?
Персиковое_ пиво
Пришла посмотреть потому что дома ничего вкусненького нЕт🥺🤤
brokenstage 17
brokenstage 17 - 3 days ago
Wheres my take out Tuesday 3? It's nice just to hear you talk and see you enjoying your food
Teg The gamer
Teg The gamer - 3 days ago
I'm from Amarillo Texas
jordy pivaque
jordy pivaque - 3 days ago
Nate - 3 days ago
Mod pizza isnt local
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 3 days ago
Like a cheese pizza, like a cheese pizza
Tanhlei - 3 days ago
2:44 you’ve been to Antarctica???
Joel Suh
Joel Suh - 3 days ago
Ben deen
Technical man
Technical man - 3 days ago
I am watching this video at midnight and I am feeling hungry now😂😂
Hit Shah
Hit Shah - 3 days ago
When ur party is cancelled and u have this guy........
Bangtan_ Kook
Bangtan_ Kook - 4 days ago
Yiyon yiyon nasıl kilo almıyon sen ya ? Ben bi tabak makarna yesem ztn 1-2 kilo alıyom hele bir pizza yesem heralde 3-2 kilo almısımdir yani.Yemin ederim şans sıçıyorsun !
N6ght - 4 days ago
Wow and he didn't even share any pizza bro
Kevin Jeong
Kevin Jeong - 4 days ago
These are small pizzas....... tf?
bchsbvajS - 4 days ago
Who else started feeling unhealthy watching this
Caleah Thomas
Caleah Thomas - 4 days ago
How many toilets have you blown through
prestonplayer 10
prestonplayer 10 - 4 days ago
Matt's stomach:I AM SUPER
Matt's tongue:No i am the super
Matt's stomach:What was that punk?
Matt's toilet:AMATEURS
Awais Mir
Awais Mir - 4 days ago
How the fuck does this guy still have a jaw line??
Helgi Í Nesinum
Helgi Í Nesinum - 4 days ago
This is the fattest skinny dude i’ve ever seen, wtf
Dum dum Sum sum
Dum dum Sum sum - 4 days ago
Matt stonie what increase your appetite to eat a lot of food ?
Sinnerman - 4 days ago
I recommend you to watch this when your hungry 😋
Ахмед Газимагомедов
Одним словом дурак
Rayaan Ali
Rayaan Ali - 4 days ago
I've actually ate barbecue sauce with pizza... it was delicious
Italian Guy
Italian Guy - 5 days ago
XpertGam0r - 5 days ago
I dip my pizza on all the sauces!!!
Manik Gupta
Manik Gupta - 5 days ago
I want to do a Donuts challenge in the next episode and I liked this episode
João pedro Farias da Silva
All mi pizza favorite is tristan
Jerome TM
Jerome TM - 5 days ago
wheres the Hawaiin pizza?
Bean Wizzard
Bean Wizzard - 5 days ago
You for sure take the fattest shits after every video
Taher93 - 5 days ago
Play RuneScape dewd
1Penney1 - 5 days ago
10 minutes of video and you said pizza 23 times lol
Tik Tok Satisfying
Tik Tok Satisfying - 5 days ago
This is great, but how's your health man ? 😯
The AVL - 5 days ago
Everybody on Earth:Earns money to eat food

Matt: Eats (disproportional amounts of food) to earn money
VJMRizon VLOGS - 5 days ago
Your jawline .....
James Mitchell
James Mitchell - 5 days ago
U have enough time to read the Bible, and repent
James Mitchell
James Mitchell - 5 days ago
Read the Bible
Game Player
Game Player - 5 days ago
What abour ep3
Zaffelo - 5 days ago
Why are you so thin af even when you eat too much?
Emotion Matrix
Emotion Matrix - 6 days ago
DID HE JUST SAY DIO? Matt stonie is pucci
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