What Happens When You Freeze Dry Candy?

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yahia alshafaie
yahia alshafaie - Hour ago
:: You know me 😂😂
yung_blk _nappy
yung_blk _nappy - 2 hours ago
A hunny bun
Black-belt -Matt1
Black-belt -Matt1 - 4 hours ago
You should freeze dry the salt water taffey , crush it up and put it in the cotton candy mixer
Lando Commando
Lando Commando - 4 hours ago
Almonds, I love them and your videos!
Casey Sitar
Casey Sitar - 7 hours ago
little late.... But what about toothpaste?
Melba Edwards
Melba Edwards - 11 hours ago
Life hack freeze-dry gummies and you get Cheetos
Morgan lulu19 lulu
Morgan lulu19 lulu - 11 hours ago
Pop Rocks
Craig Woodward
Craig Woodward - 12 hours ago
Who noticed the pull ups behind him
izuku midoriya
izuku midoriya - 14 hours ago
Ok but saltwater taffy is the BEST
Aarav’s Movie Clips and More
Freeze dry cookie dough
Coraline Coe
Coraline Coe - 17 hours ago
The taffy looks like a bathbom
Colton Ray
Colton Ray - 21 hour ago
Try pizza in the freeze-dryer
Jonathon Cunninghon
Jonathon Cunninghon - 22 hours ago
You should try pizza and lasagna and Baloney
Owen 27Oswald
Owen 27Oswald - 23 hours ago
The Skittles look like gumdrops and marbles
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander - Day ago
Imagine if skittles sees this and releases a freeze dried skittle line
Harsha Singh
Harsha Singh - 5 hours ago
FuntimeWith Elyana
FuntimeWith Elyana - Day ago
Who else saw the pull-up diapers in the background when they put the candy in the freezer thing.
Margaret Coreau
Margaret Coreau - Day ago
Freeze dry popcorn
Suzi Davis
Suzi Davis - Day ago
Try popcorn, jello, and chips
what's up dog atherton
can you Freeze Dry cotton Candy?
Sirfartthesecond .
Sirfartthesecond . - Day ago
Trolis 😪
Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews - Day ago
Freeze dry a single Cheeto
-Connie- - Day ago
You should freeze dry a sandwich
mai tofuu
mai tofuu - Day ago
Its like waffer
PurpleR0S3 - Day ago
0:37 the cover says fat boy aka me
Kristina Mendez Acosta
Citlali Rosas
Citlali Rosas - 2 days ago
Why is there baby diper?
Coral MacMillan
Coral MacMillan - 2 days ago
Try to freeze dry an egg
Addison Beach
Addison Beach - 2 days ago
Did anyone notice the pull ups and diapers in the background at 3:10 I know why they are there Though reply with what you think the reason is.
Wes Yang
Wes Yang - 2 days ago
Sister Power
Sister Power - 2 days ago
You should try Oreos! Then put them in milk!
juliette blouin
juliette blouin - 2 days ago
why do they have pull ups ??😮😮
Spookyspoon Gaming
Spookyspoon Gaming - 2 days ago
I love me Aussie sneaks you know why I am aus
Aubrey TUCKER - 3 days ago
Do soda, milk, or anything so yoI might come out with soda flavored candy??
dapple and stellaphane
dapple and stellaphane - 3 days ago
Why do you have so many brands of diapers by your freeze dryer? 3:14
MugManGaming 101
MugManGaming 101 - 3 days ago
The freeze dried ice cream bars are like astronaut ice cream
MaKayla Gayle
MaKayla Gayle - 3 days ago
Anyone notice the Huggies diapers in the background?
FakeHoeSimmer - 3 days ago
I ACTUALLY LOST IT LAUGHING when he drank the water disolved taffy and she respnded "WHY?!" "Come on you know me"
j787023 1
j787023 1 - 3 days ago
i too also have seen the epicenter freeze dry reviews
stella heffron
stella heffron - 4 days ago
Can i buy some freeze dried skittles from you please?
Matt Kizer
Matt Kizer - 4 days ago
Spida man helmet in backround. I actually need likes 😢
Hank - 4 days ago
R.I.P. Grant
SqueeZ Plus
SqueeZ Plus - 4 days ago
Grant, we miss you. 😥
Dagny Is Awesome
Dagny Is Awesome - 4 days ago
“You are probably wondering: ‘Did you just do this so you could eat candy all day?’

“Yes” *Nods in the background
THE REAL SUPREME - 4 days ago
You should try a apple 🍎 or fruit 🍌 in your freeze dryer
John Klatt
John Klatt - 4 days ago
It freezes.
Cher Ang
Cher Ang - 4 days ago
Shay Lewis
Shay Lewis - 4 days ago
Albanese gummies are the best brand of gummies
Super Dabber 156
Super Dabber 156 - 4 days ago
I think you should try fruit :)
FlickyCorn - 4 days ago
Nobody noticed the stacks of Nappies/Diapers 04:05 ??? Really? Do they have kids?
ETHAN SHAW - 4 days ago
Try freezing gum
Faze Jarvis7777
Faze Jarvis7777 - 4 days ago
What happend to the other king of random
Jack - 5 days ago
Lol just freeze dry water
Laila Frank-Gore Year 7
Danny Van
Danny Van - 5 days ago
Try to freeze pizza, cookies and pop rocks
Briana Hunt
Briana Hunt - 5 days ago
Try just plain water in a cup
bald cape
bald cape - 5 days ago
Freeze dry mochi
O-Ren Sasamoto
O-Ren Sasamoto - 5 days ago
All candy lovers crying and screaming “YOU COULD OF ATE THEM”
alexandria schindler
alexandria schindler - 5 days ago
can u frezze dry make up
MittyWitty Gamer
MittyWitty Gamer - 5 days ago
MittyWitty Gamer
MittyWitty Gamer - 5 days ago
Berzerk Devil
Berzerk Devil - 5 days ago
I agree that Albanese is the best brand gummies!! Walmart has a bag of albanese gummy bears that are the utmost FRUITIEST taste
Durdlox - 6 days ago
Try to freeze Kit Kat’s
GamerOwen - 6 days ago
The taffy legit looks like bath bombs and work like them too!
Džiugas Čečkauskas
Džiugas Čečkauskas - 6 days ago
ASMR timeeeeeeeeeeee
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson - 6 days ago
Freeze dry chips
Alizah Ahmad
Alizah Ahmad - 6 days ago
Try some toys
shaniya Chukes
shaniya Chukes - 6 days ago
I am really craving some peach rings
Aymen X
Aymen X - 6 days ago
6:20 Its air.
Chip packet: laughs in 70% air
sad_honey !
sad_honey ! - 7 days ago
Lucas Gamer
Lucas Gamer - 7 days ago
It looks like the milky ways were cheetos
Ava Bentley
Ava Bentley - 7 days ago
Katundra Dean
Katundra Dean - 7 days ago
The gummy worms turned into Cheetos puffs
Jill Ginn
Jill Ginn - 7 days ago
Why do you call it a nugit
Faith Powers
Faith Powers - 7 days ago
Freeze dried lollipops
ISABELLA REYES - 7 days ago
Apple pleas fres dry apple and a showt out plz
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon - 7 days ago
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon
OLiVÉR Ender Dragon - 7 days ago
Me at listening what is freeze dryer:huu its so cold
Janja Kozelj
Janja Kozelj - 7 days ago
Is merch nor or tior
isa burden
isa burden - 7 days ago
Why is there dipers and pull ups
Amazing Username
Amazing Username - 7 days ago
This should be a type of food that gets sold at carnivals or small stores
Jonathan Vento
Jonathan Vento - 7 days ago
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