Testing Real 5G: Part 2!

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Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming - 20 hours ago
Why Apple doesnt sponsor you for 5G test? Sorry they should first copy to have 5G
Саша Поликарпов
That feeling, when you have the same speed of 4g in Russia...
P.S. we actually have very fast and cheep internet. For 5 dollars in a month you’ll have unlimited 4g.
Farhan Mahalludin
Farhan Mahalludin - 2 days ago
lmao he even copied how Doug shoots his videos. Btw what's the DougScore on the GT, Marques? 😂
deplies - 4 days ago
Keep messing with 5g, and see how long you’ll live
Nisi Jp
Nisi Jp - 5 days ago
I guess your speeds in US might be slower than here in Toronto Canada. I get anywhere from 252-290 mos on TELUS but average in the 200s
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia - 5 days ago
Is 5G dangerous?
Joshwayop - 7 days ago
my iphone xr on LTE got a max of 138mbps apple needs 5g on there phones
Vin496 - 7 days ago
Here in Los Angeles, around the 5/605/105 area. I have been getting 70-80 Mbps speed consistently when out and about for some time now, with occasional 120-140 Mbps speeds during early weekend hours or real clear weather. Inside my house I average around 20-40 Mbps with mid 30 ping and that's 2 bars of 5G or in ATT case 5GE(lol). In comparison my home internet WiFi is 350-400 Mbsp with a 10 ping and an upload of 25 Mbsp all day long.

Will be interesting to see how they handle 5G here. Lots of family ask me what's the deal with 5G, and the best I can explain it is. It's not about downloading music or movies ant faster(though it will do that), it's about real time connectivity of everything.

Example a car half a mile ahead of you has to slam it brakes because someone walked into the street, it tells all the cars behind it to slow down. It will make real time driverless cars and information a reality.

Basically if your scared of Big Brother, you may want to close your eyes cause it's coming very soon.
Random Dude
Random Dude - 7 days ago
5:18 I thought the car on their right was doing a wheelie lmao
Pharaoh Sanakht
Pharaoh Sanakht - 7 days ago
Lol I'm not going to do a review of the car but check this out.....
Wally Wally
Wally Wally - 8 days ago
Stick their 5g up their ass period.
Asgher Rizvi
Asgher Rizvi - 9 days ago
Edi Fišer
Edi Fišer - 9 days ago
Hahaha ... Doug Demuro meme ... QL! :)
the modfather
the modfather - 10 days ago
i regularly get like 240mbit down from LTE
Nathan Daniel Saldana
Nathan Daniel Saldana - 10 days ago
GPS, specifically with the T-Mobile 5G (both Maclaren 5G Pro and Note10+ 5G) seems to not work. T-Mobile has told me to just use LTE. Battery life is terrible with 5G.
Xtypik - 10 days ago
Marques: 5G
Me living in a country where is even 4G not supported: Nice
B E - 12 days ago
So in a couple of years we really get fried?
nedj10 - 12 days ago
and now MKBHD has added his own impersonation of Doug DeMuro to the long list of people who have already
Depot msa
Depot msa - 12 days ago
this is the new mcclaren dang doug !
Christian Offley
Christian Offley - 12 days ago
Verizon is pretty much doing what they did with FiOS. T-Mobile is always been the quick less refined option. They are a great carrier with lots of features. Fortunately Verizon always delivers with quality over quantity. As always great video, Thank you MKBHD Team.
hermyfromgermy - 13 days ago
My home wifi has 600
Wes Nichol
Wes Nichol - 13 days ago
Marques Demuro
Blend Hamiti
Blend Hamiti - 13 days ago
9:10 had me dying looool, "I was able to fit a suitcase of video gear just fine.. Not that i use video gear.."
Pritesh Ruthun
Pritesh Ruthun - 14 days ago
7:23 Don't, just don't. This is why the car industry doesn't know what it's doing, because of 'ballers' like MKBHD and Stupidcarblondie
Alexandre Sarkis
Alexandre Sarkis - 15 days ago
Do we REALLY need millimeter wave 5G?
Adam B Toth
Adam B Toth - 16 days ago
36 ms ping? Am I a joke to you? I don't think so 5G should be like this :D
faudanke - 16 days ago
one idea for 5g: use phones as access points for 5G and daisy chain ones who have lower signal strength to the one who has the strongest signal, instead of one direct connection to the tower.
all007 - 16 days ago
Loved that McLaren review coming out of nowhere ahah you're the best
Ice tech ايس تك
Ice tech ايس تك - 17 days ago
Please translate for the Arabic.😍♥️
wtfMYRON - 18 days ago
Doesn't it seem quicker because there's no demand atm. It's only you using any bandwidth?
Tuga - 18 days ago
So T-mobile is giving 4G speeds and mark is as 5G ? Didn't AT&T do that with 5Ge? Lol paid video free ad for T-mobile
John Palcon
John Palcon - 19 days ago
Ok Doug
SmokyFrosty - 19 days ago
18 Golf Clubs... Markass has never played golf.
Apolinar Ponce
Apolinar Ponce - 19 days ago
You forgot to mention how tmobile says its unlimited yet after 50 gigs they slow your speed down so its useless to even have 5g theyll still slow you down after 50 gigs its better to have 4 lines to get 200 gigs of fast 4g
xChubbyDuckyx ww
xChubbyDuckyx ww - 20 days ago
xChubbyDuckyx ww
xChubbyDuckyx ww - 20 days ago
Bruh, what is that vehicle? Is that a goddamn Bugatti? Rich people man. 😢
Anto Joy
Anto Joy - 20 days ago
9:34 of you're looking for the electro chromatic thing
Jacob Kangeman
Jacob Kangeman - 20 days ago
this is Doug in dark mode lmfaooooo
kens97sto171 - 21 day ago
Network speed greatly depends on location.
Verizon's LTE-A in my city gives 65-75mb down 20-40 up pretty common.
I've seen 105 down in a few locations.
amit bora
amit bora - 21 day ago
Internet speed is best in india
Plot Armor Goku
Plot Armor Goku - 21 day ago
How the fuck is it faster than the note?
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson - 22 days ago
Please do more care reviews!!!
Airborne Filip
Airborne Filip - 22 days ago
Wait, 4g under 100Mbps is good? :D Considering situation in Croatia and 4g, I kinda expected 150Mbps 4g common.
Andy P
Andy P - 22 days ago
Will it still be throttled? I mean theoretically with 100 times the network capacity of LTE, it should be fully unlimited. I should be able to cancel my home internet and replace it with a 5g hotspot, but that probably won't happen.
리치 - 22 days ago
It's ad for T mobile. I heared that ATT has better quality in USA
Roy AnderssoN
Roy AnderssoN - 22 days ago
7:17 how many times did he practice that xD
srinivas b
srinivas b - 22 days ago
4g speed i am reciving 40 mb in india with airtel
Brandon Marosi
Brandon Marosi - 23 days ago
Your dumb buddy it’s not gonna hurt you! You’re welcome for this 5g t mobile
Theo Thistledon
Theo Thistledon - 23 days ago
Marques is more interested in the McLaren super car. Lol 😂👍
saiful faizal
saiful faizal - 24 days ago
Hassan Mohiuddin
Hassan Mohiuddin - 24 days ago
i think that you should car reviews other than tesla especially this mclaren
Tom Chrissy
Tom Chrissy - 25 days ago
push out the low band first so everybody who wasted money getting a new phone just for 5G gets some benefits rather than waiting years, and by then you will have to buy another new phone
Ro Man
Ro Man - 25 days ago
5G is Evil
Itzpayday 123
Itzpayday 123 - 19 days ago
Jay x Nova
Jay x Nova - 26 days ago
5G about to catch alot of bodies. Protect your health and energy everybody.
JaVaughn McGregor
JaVaughn McGregor - 26 days ago
The Doug DeMuro-ish improv-interlude was dope af 👍🏾 !!
Cris-P-Bacon Yeet
Cris-P-Bacon Yeet - 26 days ago
“You can even fit more in there if you want to”
MKBHD: **proceeds to fit a human in there**
Next episode: so I’ve been human trafficking for a couple weeks now here’s my review
Cédric Dettwiler
Cédric Dettwiler - 26 days ago
Well in Switzerland we have 4G speeds up to 280mbps. So I currently don't see the need of 5G. Yes in other countries, like america, 5G might be reasonable to put up. But the health aspect is still not quite studied. And what about the 25'000 + satellites they want to put in space? You can't tell me that wouldn't harm planet earths nature.
WolfoxBenny - 26 days ago
To imitate Doug Demuro, when you indicate with your hand, you should move in slowmotion! HAHAHAHA, But that "THISSS......." Hahahaha. Oh and you are not wearing shorts.....
riccoh hudson
riccoh hudson - 26 days ago
Aspect's 2nd account
Aspect's 2nd account - 27 days ago
Yay my internet is better than low band 5g
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