I was arrested when I was 13 years old *STORYTIME*

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Deja Milan
Deja Milan - 21 hour ago
lmaoo im crying he's funny as hell SUBSCRIBED
Soo yeon & Ae young
I want that hoodie so bad.. but I’m poor..
Brilee Rae
Brilee Rae - 2 days ago
tell me why she’s so beautiful 😔🤚 i kinda wanna die
Amelia Torres
Amelia Torres - 2 days ago
13:27 I walk on an escalator...
Magzilla 2008
Magzilla 2008 - 3 days ago
Makaela Mahoney
Makaela Mahoney - 4 days ago
"I'm not saying you should steal but I DID get a lot of free things from stealing"
Took. Me. Out.
keep calm and panic at the disco
No one:
Antonio: *i thinK IM BOUTTA STEAL-*
mmks - 5 days ago
When storytime starts 4:15
Sara J
Sara J - 6 days ago
the guy how stole 2 shirts is Austin Macbroom from the ace family
ღ Cutie ღ
ღ Cutie ღ - 6 days ago
It’s 4 AM for me :3
Krista clark
Krista clark - 7 days ago
that five-finger discount may be on your record for 30 years and can keep you from getting a job...like it did for me.
Andres Crisanto
Andres Crisanto - 7 days ago
“Yes mam”
SkinnTAEH potatos
SkinnTAEH potatos - 8 days ago
*I tHiNk I'm BoUt To StEaL*
Danny Moreno Alfaro
Danny Moreno Alfaro - 8 days ago
R u a girl
Sundos Mohammed
Sundos Mohammed - 9 days ago
Any Arabs hear her say teezy?😂
“Easy pezzy”
“ Squeezy”
“Mixed tezzy” 10:23😂
Sarah Alkhaldi
Sarah Alkhaldi - 7 days ago
Sundos Mohammed YES I was dying 🤣
Lily Rivera
Lily Rivera - 9 days ago
Antonio you Encourage me
Thanks Antonio Garza❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maddy Folser
Maddy Folser - 10 days ago
She made money off of this... meaning..... she made money off of stealing
Tuty Hasbi
Tuty Hasbi - 10 days ago
Probably the last good video she had
Tristian Sherman
Tristian Sherman - 11 days ago
I love you so much you are my inspiration you are my favorite makeup artist
Narwhal - 11 days ago
She said

*Vegetails t-shirt, thats probably why they arrested me*
b_illiea - 11 days ago
I am half um......LAtInA
jimin i took your jams sorry
In the Netherlands we have a store called kruidvat and there is a shit ton of candy that you can choose and but in a bag and then pay for it later and everybody did this as a child we would take the candy and eat ut realy fast or say to our parent that we wanted to just look at the candy but while we where looking we would grabe a shit ton of candy and stuff our mouths
KatIsMe - 12 days ago
please do more story times they’re so entertaining for some reason.
Moriah Grannum
Moriah Grannum - 12 days ago
Where you stand there, and it moves you up.
(This is mostly just a timestamp for me. Feel free to use it.)
nadia - 12 days ago
OH MY GOD im not saying you are a dumbass but if you had told them "I put it back" they would have begrudgingly let u go cuz they were just trynna catch u slipping !!! lmaooo im so sorry
jenna h
jenna h - 13 days ago
Zoe Cannoli
Zoe Cannoli - 14 days ago
Macy Worker👩🏾:Your going to jail
Police Officer 👮🏾‍♀️: Your going to jail
Antonio Garza🤠:yee yee
Paula Lynn
Paula Lynn - 14 days ago
If her friends told her to steal periodt they aren’t her real friends
Peema Macaranas
Peema Macaranas - 14 days ago
12:51 is by far one of the most ICONIC scenes that will forever stay in my heart
April Tut
April Tut - 14 days ago
drew cotter
drew cotter - 15 days ago
wack - 15 days ago
U need some acne cream
Dominick Teles
Dominick Teles - 15 days ago
Plz shave the eyebrows
Ashely Ferna
Ashely Ferna - 16 days ago
2:33. TAKE ME TO JAIL had me dying of laughter❤❤
min yoongi's Bitch
min yoongi's Bitch - 16 days ago
Antonio's forehead be like: ✨
Miyah Taylor
Miyah Taylor - 16 days ago
Molly Robson
Molly Robson - 16 days ago
I actually love you Antonio but are you trans ?
Boiled Eyelash
Boiled Eyelash - 16 days ago
eyebrows on fleek
looks like she hasn't washed her face in a week
this is a joke no hate
Yasmine Izabella x
Yasmine Izabella x - 17 days ago
So u used to be a kleptomaniac. It's litterly a mental disorder
cait brooks
cait brooks - 17 days ago
bruh they pulled a scared straight
Caiden Robertson
Caiden Robertson - 18 days ago
*I learned how to make letters bold*
lavender - 18 days ago
2:58 *but are you verified in the eyes of god?*
Aubrey Shelton
Aubrey Shelton - 18 days ago
She’s secretly a man
Makeuplover - 18 days ago
Aubrey Shelton usa-video.net/guBf0aINyzI-video.html
*UwU* - 19 days ago
Little me from like 6-9 years old in the Mexican corner store they used to like open big packages of candy so you can grab singular candies but me, I used to eat the bubblegum that was open and stuff the wrappers under the aisle thingy
Lpslover 636
Lpslover 636 - 19 days ago
June 1st is my birthday.. 😂
Tyler - 19 days ago
Why did she censor TJmaxx???
DRAMA QUEENS - 19 days ago
tea HEE StOrY TiMe 🥴
Jona - 19 days ago
Fun fact. A store has no legal right to detain you. If you want to walk out you can. Also once you’re out of the store, they can’t do anything. They can only file a police report
yee yee
yee yee - 20 days ago
antonio’s eyebrow evolution.
thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming. today we will be showing antonio’s eyebrow evolution, and how they’ve changed.
antonio started with 🐛 eyebrows
then went to 🥖 eyebrows
as you can see, the eyebrows have gotten better, and we stan.
haylie green
haylie green - 21 day ago
is this a girl or a boy?
Mika Tingz
Mika Tingz - 22 days ago
I guess I’m a bad bish now becuz I stole candy when I was five😎✌🏼.......
caswithluv - 22 days ago
when i was in 4th grade
i stole my friend’s rainbow
glittery pen lmao
you have nothin on me 🥰
o o p s
o o p s - 24 days ago
i used to steal shopkins from t*rget
Fnafiplier Girl
Fnafiplier Girl - 24 days ago
This is actually hilarious. Right before he put on the baby lips lip balm, a Macy’s ad popped up😂😂
odwi - 24 days ago
11:11 fave part lmfaoooo
A'niya Wilson
A'niya Wilson - 25 days ago
why is 8:53 me favorite part lol
A'niya Wilson
A'niya Wilson - 25 days ago
why do i kinda want him to sue me
Cassi Lou
Cassi Lou - 25 days ago
So0.ill__ - 25 days ago
Antonio: so i was like.✌WhAt'S uP GUys
Leanne Reghis
Leanne Reghis - 25 days ago
2:33 take me to gel
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