Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Tony Hull
Tony Hull - 13 minutes ago
What is Wynona Ryder's big brown beaver?
CaptainTwitch96 - 17 minutes ago
Winona looks like a combination of Natalie Portman, Danielle Panabaker and Kiera Knightly
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - 45 minutes ago
Dammit if only Peter and Lois were this cool , what the deuce
YT_ IVG_Arnold
YT_ IVG_Arnold - Hour ago
"on the east coast some where you will find me roaming" priceless XD
RealPickleJuice - Hour ago
Bruh shave the beard and mustache dawg XDD
Stevey Wonder
Stevey Wonder - Hour ago
Heather musical or movie
Why does she look so much like the actor of Caitlin Snow ( in the flash)
Tamna Hatchwell
Tamna Hatchwell - 2 hours ago
Oh Winona
Ashleigh Butler
Ashleigh Butler - 2 hours ago
Danielle Panabaker and Winona Ryder
Jessie Elizabeth Fleming
Jessie Elizabeth Fleming - 2 hours ago
Can you imagine you start working at 37 in acting and get a job in an 80’s nostalgia series with fricken winona rider
kermit the frog
kermit the frog - 2 hours ago
winona ryderrrrrrr
Jessica Castillo
Jessica Castillo - 3 hours ago
I think I've seen this video so many times that I already know all the questions and answers.
You gotta love these guys so much.
stan hessa
stan hessa - 3 hours ago
Winona is really beautiful and I ship her with Johnny Depp long time ago when they’re still dating. If only until now, they’re still together😭
sebashtiahn - 3 hours ago
Hopper is most likely dead but to be fair we never SAW him die even in the explosion scene. His body just wasn’t there unless he got incinerated? insanely quick? and Alexei deserved to die due to him being a traitor to his own country even if he was starting to enjoy a real life and not stuck as a Russian slave like we saw in the beginning and how he was treated. He still was a traitor and his death was inevitable.
Sara Napolitano
Sara Napolitano - 3 hours ago
Winona’s laugh is so cute omg
Trevor Lynch
Trevor Lynch - 3 hours ago
Loved that R.E.M. reference ❤️
JO EL - 3 hours ago
Is it weird that billy's death hit me harder than hopper's death?
GamerGirlEmily1 - 4 hours ago
I too did a wizard of Oz play as a child I played a Munchkin lol
// Msp with Izzy //
// Msp with Izzy // - 4 hours ago
Winona Ryder looks like Bree Turner. I mistaken her for her when she first appeared in Stranger Things.
FNAF Katpotato
FNAF Katpotato - 4 hours ago
Is it just a coincidence that my best friends parents and Winona’s parents have the same name?
Jack McCann
Jack McCann - 5 hours ago
Winona Ryder hasn’t aged? Whaaaaa?!
ginger psycho
ginger psycho - 5 hours ago
Winona ryder is one of my biggest celeb crushes
TheSwolOne - 5 hours ago
Also Joyce:
Ylva Elinsdatter
Ylva Elinsdatter - 6 hours ago
Every time I see David Harbour in any shows, movies or interviews, my heart just melts
Riley Cochran
Riley Cochran - 6 hours ago
Wynonna is such a mom to david " Stop, stop with that!!! "
ItsPrettyDeep - 6 hours ago
ItsPrettyDeep - 6 hours ago
Winona getting upset when David talking about how big he is might be the most wholesome thing ever
ItsPrettyDeep - 6 hours ago
Honestly I think Winona looks kinda like Tina Fey and Natalie Portman combined?
el c0m0d0re
el c0m0d0re - 6 hours ago
Whenever I see David Habour this legendary scene comes to my mind
"Hey! Three-inch minimum!" 😂
Алексей Кононов
feels like something going on here ),
you dont know me
you dont know me - 7 hours ago
*K E N N E T H*
Philippe Forest
Philippe Forest - 7 hours ago
Heureux duo !
Thanks for the outstanding acting ! )
inoue 6
inoue 6 - 8 hours ago
I love David's *Team Steve* shirt ❤️
Christobanistan - 8 hours ago
I have been and will be head over heels in love with Winona Ryder my whole life. ♥
Sans4Smash - 8 hours ago
Winona is so pure
Mandy Müller
Mandy Müller - 8 hours ago
8:05 he's playing alexei in the new Black Widow movie
Tonguç Endem
Tonguç Endem - 9 hours ago
For me she will always be the cool chick that we all fell in love with back in the 80s with Beetlejuice.
Augustas - 9 hours ago
How about the date on Friday, 7p.m.
Augustas - 9 hours ago
Bald eagle has landed
Jesse pinkman
Jesse pinkman - 10 hours ago
Why is Stranger things 3 so great and the other two so horrible?
Emery N
Emery N - 10 hours ago
david: i mean... i look like an ogre
winona- sTop
me- *wheezes*

i love them sm 🥺
Jhonatan Velez
Jhonatan Velez - 10 hours ago
Quién quiere volver a ver a Winona Ryder como estaba de hermosa en la película manos de tijeras que encantadora era 😭
Jasmin Baskerville
Jasmin Baskerville - 11 hours ago
winona looks so pretty with makeup on
Mikayla Borras
Mikayla Borras - 11 hours ago
Oh my goddess!! I LOVE WINONA RYDERS VOICE!! Also
: who is Winona Ryder’s boyfriends in stranger things
David: bob the brain
Winona: points at him * realizes she’s spoiling something ( possibly I don’t know) smugly moves it
Donkey Kong main Oof
Donkey Kong main Oof - 11 hours ago
10:35 when ur mom gets mad at you
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera - 11 hours ago
I can see him playing Chris Farley in a movie . Just throwing it out there
royalfourever - 11 hours ago
When he was knocking his size and she got genuinely mad at him!!! Adorable!! 😍 she’s amazing!!
Yoongi The Small Potato
Yoongi The Small Potato - 11 hours ago
Winona's laugh cleanses my soul.
Headless Chicken
Headless Chicken - 12 hours ago
Winona Ryder rejected doing a kissing scene with harbour. Feels bad man
Headless Chicken
Headless Chicken - 12 hours ago
Is Winona Ryder really a nympho like Johnny Depp claimed
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