Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Jackson Love
Jackson Love - 5 hours ago
Ok this is cool, but do they not have a crush on each other? I can’t be the only one
Evette Calix
Evette Calix - 10 hours ago
Winona is the most pure ray of sunshine to ever be created she is truly a blessed child we stan! I love her so much smh its legit my dream to meet her I love you Winona!
Ireallyreally Hategoogle
Ireallyreally Hategoogle - 14 hours ago
This was ... kinda boring.
Kathleen Kay
Kathleen Kay - 16 hours ago
Is that David Bowie on her shirt?
delightfullyawkward - 21 hour ago
I always thought my cousin Tara looked like Winona Ryder. Also note how when asked who her boyfriend was on stranger things, she was pointing her thumb at David because of season 3 but they cut it out so what it shows is her putting her thumb down and looking apologetic while David is saying Bob. I'm assuming they told her she wasn't supposed to say that and they edited it out. Although I don't see why they wouldn't allow that info to come out, the season had already been released a few days earlier
MeMe LeAdEr
MeMe LeAdEr - Day ago
5:12 like my aunt
Maria S.
Maria S. - Day ago
6:24 Correction: Hopper really 😂
Maria S.
Maria S. - Day ago
They are cute af off screen please still be alive
Eric schilling
Eric schilling - Day ago
My middle name is Kenneth to
Kameryn Edwards
Kameryn Edwards - Day ago
Who else thinks hopper is funny in stranger things😂
GARS - Day ago
Joshua Baatjes
Joshua Baatjes - 2 days ago
When he spoke British for the first time,he sounded alot like thor like alot
Joshua Baatjes
Joshua Baatjes - 2 days ago
She is not 48
madison harressey
madison harressey - 2 days ago
I’m mad at the person who didn’t cast her as Dorothy.
Sarah - 3 days ago
Winona aggressively making him stop being self deprecating is my favorite part of this video 😂
What a meme
What a meme - 3 days ago
We don’t deserve Winona Ryder
10:45 ok mom
808 KIIHOI - 3 days ago
El and hopper closes the gate

Mind flayer :UNO REVERSE Card
Jonathan seekins
Jonathan seekins - 3 days ago
did winona play a person in beetle juice
lucy f
lucy f - 4 days ago
winona yelling at david is like a mom yelling at her kid for running around in a grocery store😂
kungfu kitty
kungfu kitty - 4 days ago
I love how DHarbour talks and burst out laughing at the same time
Hampus Hedal
Hampus Hedal - 4 days ago
My b Day is one Day after winonas🤣
Kaden Dowd
Kaden Dowd - 4 days ago
My birthday is December 16... so I technically was born on the same day colonel sanders died.
Harmonizer - 4 days ago
Not a demogorgan:
Not even a mind flayer:
Not even The Russians:
David Harbour: *Winona Ryderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*
StrangerThingsRocks 123
omg david is so funny
Mason Jay
Mason Jay - 5 days ago
i shot a flare and he didn't come ):
chewyjello1 - 5 days ago
When David Harbour does a British accent he sounds just like Eddie Izzard.
Erik Olivecrona
Erik Olivecrona - 5 days ago
When she said it sounded like she said That would be a slightly different site.
Kiwi Journal pages
Kiwi Journal pages - 5 days ago
🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 my fathers middle name is Kenneth!!!!!
cattastic kid
cattastic kid - 5 days ago
Wait my aunt and uncle are mike and Cindy
Rebeca Reyes
Rebeca Reyes - 5 days ago
“Team Steve”
Me: Give me that SHIRT I NEED iT nOw ! mY mOmThEr iS StEvE.
4Pr0 - 5 days ago
Finn doesnt act like Mike
Winona doesnt act like Joyce Millie doesnt act like Eleven but David acts just like Hopper
#HopperBeardMeansSomething #JimHopperIsAlive
RXandom ThXughts
RXandom ThXughts - 5 days ago
Yaaaaassssss Heathersss
eye -
eye - - 5 days ago
they’re so cute omg
Lil Leon
Lil Leon - 7 days ago
She doesn’t look like Joyce
INFERIOR Is nice 23
INFERIOR Is nice 23 - 7 days ago
Anyone remembers her in a episode of friends
Liam Sutherland
Liam Sutherland - 7 days ago
Omg my birthday is November 1st the day after halloween
Crystal Christy
Crystal Christy - 7 days ago
Where does David Harbor live?
Haskins, Indiana 1983
Fake _P
Fake _P - 7 days ago
*they just put smile on my face*
Gladiator7 7
Gladiator7 7 - 7 days ago
A gentle giant who gave us so much joy with his talent in Stranger Things!❤️
And Winona? Priceless!❤️
Jusst. nina
Jusst. nina - 8 days ago
David is just the cutest and must wholesome person ever
Shirley Ann Charlie
Shirley Ann Charlie - 8 days ago
Jayden Shawn
Jayden Shawn - 8 days ago
0kaiB0y - 9 days ago
Hi im Jim hopper i mean David
Eli Montes
Eli Montes - 9 days ago
His beard is long because he has to look like he’s been stuck in a cell for a long time in the beginning of season 4👀
1000 subscribers without a video Plz
Winona Ryder looks like she time travled back into her 2000's for some reason for me...
James Bass
James Bass - 9 days ago
I'm taller than Winona Ryder! And I'm just a kid!
Joe - 9 days ago
Lowkey was hoping for an awkward question about saks
GLO-TUBE - 9 days ago
Halfway through the video: "So these are... Googled?" She's so cute.
catcat - 10 days ago
I cant even count how many times I have watched Girl, Interrupted. I love that movie so much mostly because of Winona
Gambit_84 - 10 days ago
He's got a brother #gronkh
R. B.
R. B. - 10 days ago
David Harbour is so adorable.
Ava George
Ava George - 10 days ago
winona ryder looks like joyce byers
K.A. GORDON - 11 days ago
David Harbour is gorgeous but the beard totally reversed that opinion....eww.
K.A. GORDON - 11 days ago
So glad Winona doesnt look nearly as old as her character. We thought wtf happened to her face especially her eyes? Drugs, alcohol, bad genes or was it the character? Her eyes got less crazy at the end of the last episode but she looked so stressed. She looks amazing here.
Cornelius- Terb- flex capacitor
They are both equally talented. I'll never forget Winona Ryder in Alien Resurrection. David Harbours character in Stranger Things is so likeable and cool. He is a very realistic hero and I enjoy the relationship between him and 11 on Stranger Things deeply!!!!!!!! I believe he is much more talented than people realise!!
rahul singh
rahul singh - 11 days ago
yes i also think hopper will come back in season 4 he is very important for this series people loves his character.
Eskimoto - 11 days ago
This is how many people fell in love with David Harbour's character
Lavender the Winged wolf
Hopper is my favorite character
Eskimoto - 11 days ago
Mr. Deeds is a 2002 American comedy film directed by Steven Brill and starring Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder.
So-pi-a Skye
So-pi-a Skye - 11 days ago
David is like the one friend making self deprecating jokes and Winona is the friend trying to convince the other friend those jokes aren’t true 😂
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