GROWN MAN enrolled into my Elementary school

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Michael Scotto
Michael Scotto - 2 hours ago
Kind of the same thing happened to me we had a teacher who won let’s just say he came to the school and left with the cops here’s what went down so we had this Teacher in the school and you were taught for first grade and one day he invited kids to his house or something like that I don’t remember the whole thing because there’s like five years ago six years ago but let’s just say parents were called he was arrested for being a pedophile and well now he’s in jail and probably dead because yeah it was not a good
Game Days
Game Days - 10 hours ago
Guys just look up Arizona pedophiles arrested and it’s the first link
Michael Lester
Michael Lester - 19 hours ago
rylan heers
rylan heers - 22 hours ago
i thought you had to give the school your birth certifacite so this wouldnt happen
soinc and talis best friends forever
he get in jail 10 days than hes free
Tenza Z
Tenza Z - Day ago
The culprit's name is neil h rhodrick II. He had sex offended a 6yr old boy and had a 2nd try when he got out. Im not sure if the article is accurate about the man being in jail for 7yrs before he came across Adam
Neerajjj - Day ago
lightningcrush - 2 days ago
3:38 reminds of a certain bird legend that does political videos
Meghan Mullen
Meghan Mullen - 2 days ago
I looked up the weird guy who pretended to be 12. He is so weird!
Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith - 2 days ago
Did anybody notice that the video stopped at 4:20 SMOKEY SMOKEY LEMON PENIS QUOKY.
Jack Drill
Jack Drill - 3 days ago

adnan shishani
adnan shishani - 3 days ago
look like it been animated by the odd one out
Kitten Meow
Kitten Meow - 3 days ago
Bro in my school has 70-80 kids.😑
L0ud2 Bear6
L0ud2 Bear6 - 3 days ago
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
*in creepy voice* Already am
Many Games Gamer
Many Games Gamer - 4 days ago
Adam: 4th grade they think he’s a 13 year old
Me: isn’t 13 8th grade??😂
Mustapha Ait Medour
Mustapha Ait Medour - 4 days ago
chav kid126
chav kid126 - 4 days ago
If you meen kacy he was in more than one school and one was my one
Zayne Glantz
Zayne Glantz - 4 days ago
This is the image link for him scroll down to see the image
Bellah Tange
Bellah Tange - 4 days ago
Yamfsa K.
Yamfsa K. - 5 days ago
This video is 4:20 minutes long
N i c e
Emaad Zaheer
Emaad Zaheer - 5 days ago
Oh I see what you did there

4:20?? Ahhh?? AHHHH!!
Project WarFare
Project WarFare - 5 days ago
ares god of war
ares god of war - 5 days ago
Found it
David Deloera
David Deloera - 5 days ago
The time of this vid is 4:20
Madison's Matrix
Madison's Matrix - 6 days ago
I am in 4th grade
I'm a batim person
I'm a batim person - 6 days ago
In case you want to know his real name, it's Neil Havens Rodreick. And yeah, he's in jail now, along with his partners in crime.
NoobMaster - 6 days ago
Adam:I was a very nice kid...
Also Adam:I was a judge mental kid.
destroyer 69420
destroyer 69420 - 7 days ago
Don't Scare Rami
Don't Scare Rami - 7 days ago

This totally isn't the article NOoO pffft what do you mean
sean sweeney
sean sweeney - 7 days ago
I hated that kid so much he was a very creepy person at school
The Adam fan Ya
The Adam fan Ya - 7 days ago
KittenKraze09 YT
KittenKraze09 YT - 7 days ago
God thats weird.
Zoey Yu
Zoey Yu - 7 days ago
I got a new kid this semester. It was the girl who changed schools and came back for the last year.
History of kids. Starting
31kids. Shi hao has a mom who lives in Georgia and is a soldier. So on some grades he don't come back. This is the last year of elementary.
Mapu. Has a dad who lives in Argentina. He visits him so he goes to school there oh and he is annoying. He stop coming here
I forgot one. My favorite one. Serenity. An angel who stopped coming in 2nd grade.
Lastly is jazlin the perfect girl no joke. EVEN HER SILKY Hair. She stopped in 4th and came back in 5th grade (second semester) the last year of the school I go to.
Paishynce Fouts (2025)
Paishynce Fouts (2025) - 7 days ago
I looked at the artical HE LOOKS LIKE BILLY
halopotato queen
halopotato queen - 8 days ago
i searched arazona pedifile incdentand the story came up
I like Memes
I like Memes - 8 days ago
NELLY Cc - 8 days ago
Wow he must have been VERY VERY SHORT
PearlRainbow Animations
1. Why do all animators on yt live in Arizona
2. I animate in Britain
Optimistic Onon
Optimistic Onon - 8 days ago
i love how the duration is 4:20
Annie Kora
Annie Kora - 8 days ago
Adam! I used to think quite highly of you but now I know i was wrong. Gun games? Seriously? That is the lowest of the low. Please don't ever put that in a video again
AxolAtlas - 8 days ago
You removed the article link, but you can’t men in black me into forgetting I can use keywords to find it myself
little kitty
little kitty - 8 days ago
Thoses art skills tho-
DrChanciepoo - 8 days ago
That Bambi ending tho
Pax Plays
Pax Plays - 9 days ago
Went and read the post, man craps messed up, well if nothing else this adds extra sence of meaning to stranger danger
Sçarlëtt - 9 days ago
Its 2020 now and this is the first time I have seen this
faith lovett
faith lovett - 10 days ago
this is how lonly i am OvO
Brians quality animations
I think i saw it on here on youtube it was uploaded it said the man got 70 years in prison
Kauila Punua
Kauila Punua - 10 days ago
michael shouse
michael shouse - 11 days ago
uuuuuuuummmmmmm mabey
Cart Of Stamps
Cart Of Stamps - 11 days ago
Joanna L
Joanna L - 11 days ago
Found it
Cement Cleaner
Cement Cleaner - 11 days ago
*your face looks P O O P Y*
Cement Cleaner
Cement Cleaner - 11 days ago
Why does this seem shorter than usual?
Agent _47
Agent _47 - 11 days ago
I did my research and the mans name when he was pretending to be a kid is Casey prince
Golden Games
Golden Games - 11 days ago
music is creepy
Noble gamer Review
Noble gamer Review - 12 days ago
420 what Adam what you calling weed
Bridget Bondsteel
Bridget Bondsteel - 12 days ago
Groggle donk dips?
ARI Gonzales
ARI Gonzales - 12 days ago
*snort* 4:20
Hudson Porter
Hudson Porter - 12 days ago
Here’s the link
Elite Rink
Elite Rink - 12 days ago
If I got a quarter every time he said fairly I would be rich.
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