GROWN MAN enrolled into my Elementary school

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ɑ ϲմթ օƒ եɑҽ íѕ ɑӏӏ աҽ ղҽҽժ :3 *this is one of the articles I guess*
potato family
potato family - 4 hours ago
I hate my 5th grade it was ok but the end of the year hell no I cryd a lot because one person was so rude she was like the second prinsebel she was so rude I hate her like ._. I’m a little happy I’m gone 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol
Rebecca Mc
Rebecca Mc - 4 hours ago
If we find it on our own, it's not his fault. (read description)
*cough* *cough*
dreamanimation54 - 4 hours ago
Alexandra Ruble
Alexandra Ruble - 5 hours ago
Grown up thinks they adopt a 13 year old, but turns out to be an adult who needs to go to prison....
ORPHAN! THIS VIDEO REMINDS ME OF ORPHAN!! I’m gong to go watch that
SuperKing - 7 hours ago

Your welcome
Rachel - 9 hours ago
it bothers me that this is an incredibly serious topic and people in the comments are joking and trying to get likes. This sort of topic isn't something to joke about.
Giorgi Iobidze
Giorgi Iobidze - 13 hours ago
3 animators that i know of are from arizona i think ginger pale idk he just lives there i think bc in jaidens video it did say that
{ Yani! }
{ Yani! } - 13 hours ago


Da_Clone - 13 hours ago
there y'all
Funny Gacha
Funny Gacha - 13 hours ago
I found a video im pretty sure it's your's since it says that it was in arizona, a guy acting like a 12 yo but rlyl was a 29 yo and who had someone acting like his cousin, uncle and the other lol. Very scary and luckily nobody got harmed in the process.
Adam Rowicki
Adam Rowicki - 14 hours ago
Here y’all go:
RainWing Queen
RainWing Queen - 16 hours ago
Jake frome State Farm
Grape The Orangutan
Grape The Orangutan - 17 hours ago
His name was kasey
LGB Gaming mma
LGB Gaming mma - 18 hours ago link to article
Joshua Potts
Joshua Potts - Day ago
*In case you were wondering, here it is:*
Cam The Fattest Cat 2007
Y is this in my recommended
Frisk :3
Frisk :3 - Day ago
That is SO CREEPY! I kinda wana sue HIM Now!
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez - Day ago
😕 what day hell? A pedifile? O.o bruh that's scary I'm out I'm moving to Amarica MOM GET THE FRINKIN PACKIN BAGS WERE LEAVING ARAZONA!!
512blueboy - Day ago
You like Bendy And The Ink Machine music don't you?
Jackeline Rodruiguez
Yo look at his face 2016 big head
Yo look at his face 2019 small beauty head
Oof who else notice
Nick Slacker_UnFaze_hampster
Found the link
Cactus Boi
Cactus Boi - Day ago
2019 anyone?
Lurking Shadow
Lurking Shadow - Day ago
Omfg this is so old..
Kømål the quartz collector
I think I found it
Lacie Woodley
Lacie Woodley - Day ago
I found the article. Literally wtf that’s so sick
Zoie Cleveland
Zoie Cleveland - Day ago
you should submit this to My Favorite Murder’s podcast ☠️
Tuvstarr - Day ago
Found the article, what a sick dude, hope he gets/did get it hard like hell in prison..
Locky - Day ago
check out this scumbag -
DoodlyeAnimation - Day ago
Is that frikin Billy?
Christopher Jacobson found it
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - Day ago
If anyone can find the link just reply
Prank ScCity
Prank ScCity - 2 days ago
I found the article
Muggie - 2 days ago
What makes it weirder is that I think the parents were grandpa and uncle. Weird situation.
Watermelon Leg
Watermelon Leg - 2 days ago
I found the news story
Monica Orozco
Monica Orozco - 2 days ago
I was like OMG!!!
Mystical Lizard
Mystical Lizard - 2 days ago
I searched this up found him
Rocco’s Games
Rocco’s Games - 2 days ago
Jacob Lilly
Jacob Lilly - 2 days ago
are the animators [ James, Adam and Jaiden ] in the same family!?
Avacodo Pirate
Avacodo Pirate - 2 days ago
Look up the name "Neil Havens Roderick" he did this in 3 OTHER schools
Myles Plays
Myles Plays - 2 days ago
How is no one talking about him playing rainbow six siege
Engineers Bacon
Engineers Bacon - 2 days ago
Here's the article
Wudupdoug - 2 days ago
He has everything right but he looks like Ted bundy with that black haired bowl cut
Wudupdoug - 2 days ago
In gilia county Arizona, Arizona
Wudupdoug - 2 days ago
Neil havens Roderick so call him neil
Adam Balicki
Adam Balicki - 2 days ago
I just searched up the city pedo article and first on list
Theflameingredpanda - 2 days ago
You know it’s serious when you hear THAT music
GWgameing - 2 days ago
* *
Fanatic Craze
Fanatic Craze - 2 days ago
Where’s the article at?
Eyoel Trfa
Eyoel Trfa - 2 days ago
Michele FALZONE - 2 days ago
if any one finds the link you know who to reply to
Szonja Szakács
Szonja Szakács - 2 days ago
Google: “arizona pedophile elementary school” wow this was easy 🤔
Incognito man
Incognito man - 3 days ago
2077 anyone??
Erisnoir - 3 days ago
Bitch i had a 29 year old in my school and he hot sent to metro for beating my friend up so bad he bled a puddle of blood
Melina Burgos
Melina Burgos - 3 days ago
Gamer 5327
Gamer 5327 - 3 days ago
2058 anyone watching
RussianLunchBox - 3 days ago
3:10 Woah Rainbow Six Siege *epic*
Caleigh 0218
Caleigh 0218 - 3 days ago
Found it⬇️
HorrorfulSundae - 3 days ago
Haalah Mouti
Haalah Mouti - 3 days ago
Good job
You did it
You were able to animate in 3 days
Ronique Jones
Ronique Jones - 3 days ago
Fuck them
Chubby Burger
Chubby Burger - 3 days ago

John Gardiner
John Gardiner - 3 days ago
Shoulda put your reinforcements up, wouldn’t have died
ALEX THE ANIMAL - 3 days ago
Lookey he actulyee looks liky a chiled
Derpy Dinosaur
Derpy Dinosaur - 3 days ago
I found the article...
Wealthy Popsicle
Wealthy Popsicle - 3 days ago
a new kid came to my school and now he is my enemy
Rahaf Ali
Rahaf Ali - 3 days ago
I found the arrticle with out opening the description box
Ligma Is real
Ligma Is real - 3 days ago
I think this is the link
animateit - 3 days ago
I looked up on YouTube 29 year old man pretends to be a 13 year old
Nate Russell
Nate Russell - 3 days ago
Nice rainbow skillz
Quarantine X
Quarantine X - 3 days ago
You can actually find the article online
IshyMations and Games
IshyMations and Games - 2 days ago
What is it
imani andrews
imani andrews - 3 days ago
where is the article?
An awkward bunny
An awkward bunny - 3 days ago
This took such a huge turn what the actual fuck
JuiceFoxPencil #5323
JuiceFoxPencil #5323 - 4 days ago
The creep is neil havens rodrei
Dragon DIY
Dragon DIY - 4 days ago
I found the article. That dude is crazy
Camden Bowlin
Camden Bowlin - 4 days ago
Any one else look this up after the vid
Sutterside 9909
Sutterside 9909 - 4 days ago
Holy shit u play rainbow six
Gillian French
Gillian French - 4 days ago
yo i googled “ pedophile enrolls in prep school “ and the first article that popped up is the one
whos that bad youtuber?
Rice Jr.
Rice Jr. - 4 days ago
Siege is the best
Xxshreder xX
Xxshreder xX - 4 days ago
//_< helllp... WTF?!?!?!?1
Carmen Malone
Carmen Malone - 4 days ago
My first fear my mom spannkt me
AskmeNOOB Go away online daters
Is his name Neil avens?
Dillbob101 - 4 days ago
Guys just look up... early 2000s arizona pedo and its the first article
Dillbob101 - 4 days ago
And his fake name was casey
FruitWizard - 4 days ago
Can anyone find a article or newspaper about this cuz this is kinda creepy lmao
Omar Diaz
Omar Diaz - 4 days ago
I saw that guy on YouTube
Sutton Family
Sutton Family - 4 days ago
I wonder how many times he said fairly in this video
Cryptic Unknown
Cryptic Unknown - 4 days ago
Found the guy
Angel Animates
Angel Animates - 4 days ago
Hmm.. I feel like this ain't a coincidence…
TheOdd1sOut lives in: Arazona!
Jaiden Animations lives in: Arazona!
SomethingaElseYT lives in: Guess what? FRICKIN ARAZONA!
I'm not saying it's bad, just odd
Teddy - 4 days ago
This link is provided by myself and I am in no way working or acting on behalf of SomeThingElseYT
Leadcreature 456
Leadcreature 456 - 4 days ago
Yo is that siege my bro
Crystal Artstudio
Crystal Artstudio - 4 days ago
In screwed
Herkko Kauhamies
Herkko Kauhamies - 4 days ago
Bird to Bull
Bird to Bull - 4 days ago
12 years old in fourth grade? I thought 9 year olds were in fourth grade...
antea vukoja
antea vukoja - 4 days ago
„I was a nice kid that wanted to make Friends “ 10 seconds later ,,I was a Judgemental kid “
Lost_ onthecoast
Lost_ onthecoast - 4 days ago
... wait . I'm then all straights are *sarcasm*
Kira Falcon
Kira Falcon - 4 days ago kinda easy to find
Mr. Male 2007
Mr. Male 2007 - 4 days ago
Wow your art has really improved a lot. Everyone always says practice and I always practice and never get better but the fact that your art really improved over time actually makes me think I can get better
Xx_DaMonsta_xX Us
Xx_DaMonsta_xX Us - 4 days ago
Search up sex offender who posed as boy gets 70 years (that’s the guy btw)
some guy idk
some guy idk - 4 days ago
how to fuck can someone get sued by a pedophile ? and you couldn't get sued by the school because there are people who knew already, you just didn't want to link it
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