GROWN MAN enrolled into my Elementary school

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fireslayer drumright
fireslayer drumright - 28 minutes ago
The dude named himslef casey and now he is in jail for 70 1/2 years boom (peice of shit)
Youtubeman 37
Youtubeman 37 - 39 minutes ago
Casey or Roderick was abducted when he was young?
Maxim Fenster
Maxim Fenster - 3 hours ago
“I’m kind of glad I was a judgement-al a** hole” wait, are you serious?!
Oc//oceancurrent - 6 hours ago
I found the website his name is “Casey”
Team AlexMalex
Team AlexMalex - 7 hours ago
It’s horrible that people want to do things like this. It scars children for
life and never recover fully. It’s disgusting.
Shane Wicker
Shane Wicker - 10 hours ago
Adam’s drawing has become so much cleaner!!!
Jay Gaming
Jay Gaming - 11 hours ago
Neil Rodrick posed as a boy named Casey.
blockeybuilder blockey
blockeybuilder blockey - 15 hours ago
he posed as casey
blockeybuilder blockey
blockeybuilder blockey - 15 hours ago
his name is rodrick
Isaiah Foggiato
Isaiah Foggiato - Day ago
Jack Mazing
Jack Mazing - Day ago
I found the article
Luke p
Luke p - Day ago
look at his facial expression!!! LOL 1:39
Random Trash
Random Trash - Day ago
So your saying there rapers
Alaina Williams
Alaina Williams - Day ago
I expect this in Flordia, but...
theRussianDrift - Day ago
ahh the days when blackbeards gadget wasn't useless
Celia Polk
Celia Polk - Day ago
WAIT three days before Halloween... that’s my bday
Seo - hyeon
Seo - hyeon - Day ago
but theres one question

who is the mother...
Seo - hyeon
Seo - hyeon - 6 hours ago
@Megan Moore26 I know but who is playing the role of the mother?
Megan Moore
Megan Moore - 7 hours ago
He was adopted 🙄
Woodpecker Iz Here
Woodpecker Iz Here - Day ago
When i started watching you, this was my first video i watched
cat typer
cat typer - Day ago
CalmManiX [GMD]
CalmManiX [GMD] - Day ago
Well he’s a piece of PEDOSHIT
Joshua Yong Kwang Min
Lol r6s just popped up XD
Sara Mist
Sara Mist - 2 days ago
I'm from Arizona and I am scared now...
PepsimaxDarragh Lolz
PepsimaxDarragh Lolz - 2 days ago
i found it...
Abbie Sketches
Abbie Sketches - 2 days ago
In my primary everyone were freinds and I would talk to everyone but then I went to secondry school and some people shout at me for talking to them but I have awesome new freinds to
Parisa kahn
Parisa kahn - 2 days ago
Why all the animators from Arizona?
james gamer8910
james gamer8910 - 2 days ago
Good thing at this time he didn't have the mama seeks nightmare
Broc Kelly
Broc Kelly - 2 days ago
sick man pedofile fuck
landerjacob vitug
landerjacob vitug - 3 days ago
So are you saying this grown man is as tall as a 6 year old...... sounds reasonable
Matni Fart
Matni Fart - 3 days ago
5 times 5 is 25
CHIKEN SQUAD - 3 days ago
He cusses a lot back then
Q Fluffie
Q Fluffie - 3 days ago
*g o a w a y p o o p y f a c e*
Ruby Girl777
Ruby Girl777 - 3 days ago
I think I found the article for that story :
Lily Gaming splatoon girl roblox
What is a petafile
DeadCupcake2323 Gacha
DeadCupcake2323 Gacha - 4 days ago
Did anyone else notice that his “fake” name that Adam gave him was close to his real last name no just me 😊
Gavin Shockley
Gavin Shockley - 4 days ago
Rose's are red vilets are blue my highest amount of likes is two
Charlotte martin
Charlotte martin - 4 days ago
Now its 2018 YAASS ALMOST 2019
PollyAndMe - 4 days ago
Out of all the names you picked Roblode I mean how do you even spell that (I like that name)
Edita Berezneviciute
Edita Berezneviciute - 4 days ago
Mckenzie Relyea
Mckenzie Relyea - 4 days ago
Oh k that guy isn’t creepy at all
(Freaking out inside)
Sk8ter _189
Sk8ter _189 - 4 days ago
I saw the article and that is messed up
the game me
the game me - 5 days ago
KitaBanana - 5 days ago
They guy on siege cussed and said stupid waaaay to much
Vlad Kovtun
Vlad Kovtun - 5 days ago
The articles which the OP was probably referring to:
skez 572
skez 572 - 5 days ago
Stoooooooop cursing
Oddly YT
Oddly YT - 5 days ago
I found the article on its so weird
poop men12 qq
poop men12 qq - 5 days ago
God no
YTBerryXD - 6 days ago
“Ouhhh hey wats up guys”
“gouh away ya poopy face”
The point of the bad grammar is I tried to mix it in with the voices
Cookie Dusk
Cookie Dusk - 6 days ago
I will put a article down below
Does not put it down below
Sausage Boy
Sausage Boy - 6 days ago
Holy shit this is actually legit I read the article and it’s crazy
artfullywandering - 6 days ago
Omg pedifial idk how to spell btw
Ninetales Icefox
Ninetales Icefox - 6 days ago
Error404: not found
Error404: not found - 6 days ago found him
poop men12 qq
poop men12 qq - 5 days ago
Good job
Obsidian Flight
Obsidian Flight - 7 days ago
just saying, in the article it says that he put make-up on so he "made up" his appearance *budum tss i totally got a good joke right there* ~end my life~
WithyPack4018 - 7 days ago here is the link to the story and also sew me
Some thing else YT's elementary school!!!😎😎😎😎😎...cringe
Anthony and gavin videos
The real guy kid name was casey correct me if im wrong
Laurie Yume
Laurie Yume - 7 days ago
So I was kinda curious about the situation and how exactly it ended because I wanted to know if those assholes got at least a life time in jail and I found a lot of articles and.. that guy succeed to enroll in FOUR DIFFERENT SCHOOLS
The most "hilarious" thing in this ? He didn't even get caught because people discovered he was a pedophile but because they thought he was abducted.. like they genuinely thought his papers and all looked suspicious because he was a child that was kidnapped.
Not because he seemed too old to be 12 years old. They were convinced he was a 12 years old boy.
I don't even understand how nobody saw the masquerade and I am genuinely scared that it may have happened before or is happening right now and we don't even know it..
Sp3ctrum_ _R3tr0
Sp3ctrum_ _R3tr0 - 7 days ago
Found article. He should rot in hell. Judges did the right thing by giving him not 70 not 71 but 70 and a half years in prison. Atleast 45 more yrs until he dies of age. Maybe sooner bye other prisoners. Lets hope he dropped the soap at least 10 times a month for the past 11 years
Ryley Steinwand
Ryley Steinwand - 7 days ago
I was playing rainbow siege while he was playing
Plot twist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neil Loera
Neil Loera - 7 days ago
Wtf I heard about that shit awhile back . sick people in this world
Firepop_lovesMemes :D
Firepop_lovesMemes :D - 7 days ago
I skip to the end and see a random guy with an exploding head.
Me: No big deal that stuff happens on a day to day basis
Jason Shang
Jason Shang - 7 days ago
Bibsquid 707
Bibsquid 707 - 7 days ago
My school is preschool-high school
EpicGamer123 HD
EpicGamer123 HD - 7 days ago
Zaiden Direnzo
Zaiden Direnzo - 7 days ago
Did anyone hear the creepy background music over his voice?
Wolf lover xhd
Wolf lover xhd - 7 days ago
Happy late Halloween
toy league
toy league - 7 days ago
If you were tricked into thinking he was a kid,he was probably a migit
Trooper Gaming
Trooper Gaming - 7 days ago
jose lopez
jose lopez - 7 days ago
The name of the man is Neil Rodreick
Diverse_Lunatik - 7 days ago
This animation suckkksssssss it’s so funny comparing this to your newer videos
Shopkins with Wee-Bears
No offense, how many time did he say fairly?
Mr. Wolf Spider
Mr. Wolf Spider - 8 days ago
chino valley school? chino?!
Sage Lafayette
Sage Lafayette - 8 days ago
What.... What.... What the fuck?????
Mac But Not The Makeup Brand
Jesus christ someone give me the link
Jonah M.W.
Jonah M.W. - 8 days ago
this is a *fairly* good video.
Crazy Gamer Kids
Crazy Gamer Kids - 8 days ago
“I was a very friendly kid
(5 minutes later)
I was a very judgmental kid
R0BO Gaming
R0BO Gaming - 8 days ago
every like is a frog. 🐸
V!g!l3nt DJ
V!g!l3nt DJ - 8 days ago
Carlos Life
Carlos Life - 8 days ago
i think i found the article , and WOW and LMAO how did the school not noitce
Ded Mows
Ded Mows - 8 days ago
The pedos name is Neil rodreick and Adams school is Mingus elementary school
PAUL FERGUSON - 8 days ago
You're fairly friendly? You mean, FAIRLY LOCAL?
ruby conics
ruby conics - 8 days ago
I totally wasint curious and found out about something (years later) you are under arrest for finding useless information nooo;-;
Doot Doot
Doot Doot - 8 days ago
Very good
Bowl of Rice
Bowl of Rice - 8 days ago
I love when I live in Arizona too
TheCat48 meow
TheCat48 meow - 8 days ago
No one talking 'bout that r6 gameplay?
Obsidian Flight
Obsidian Flight - 7 days ago
you are
Alayna Nichelle
Alayna Nichelle - 9 days ago
I love his storys and how he makes awsome jokes i love him
Maya Navarro Finley
Maya Navarro Finley - 9 days ago
Casey Robertson
Casey Robertson - 9 days ago
Was that you playing Rainbow at the end Adam?
mahi girma
mahi girma - 9 days ago
Priya Kala
Priya Kala - 9 days ago all you need to know :)
Priya Kala
Priya Kala - 9 days ago
Watching this in 2018 -_- You really changed your art style... Thank you for changing it... No offense this just creeps me out.
Bonnie Bunny
Bonnie Bunny - 9 days ago
.....thats just cold!.......😑f these poopy faces
Arija Karklina
Arija Karklina - 9 days ago
Found it
DannMike DelaCruz
DannMike DelaCruz - 9 days ago
In phillippines : their was no middle school

*rip,your life is a lie*
MessyTessie - 9 days ago
Aeden Gibson
Aeden Gibson - 10 days ago
Jaziel Lara
Jaziel Lara - 10 days ago
This is my first video from you and i already love you
Grace White
Grace White - 10 days ago
Was his name casey?
Luna_Animations 25
Luna_Animations 25 - 10 days ago
I bet no one will like this
crispy potato chip
crispy potato chip - 10 days ago
very easy to find, Neil Havens Rodreick
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