Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) ft. DaBaby

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jeffy p
jeffy p - 5 hours ago
Neon and orange bracelet and me and da baby angel princess Camilla
jeffy p
jeffy p - 6 hours ago
The 2 colors and my two Angels
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - 6 hours ago
She sounds perfect!
Gabriella Perry
Gabriella Perry - 8 hours ago
my fav singers are camilo . ariana , sofia and billie
aasshhyy - 8 hours ago
so now i know she uses autotune...
AnhyB Leethœ
AnhyB Leethœ - 9 hours ago
My favourite dance for Camila Cabello
Karen - 10 hours ago
She's so masterpiece.
Karen - 10 hours ago
Nunca me voy a cansar de esta presentación. Confirmado.
Aeron Singh
Aeron Singh - 13 hours ago
bu why are camila's knees invisible??
La bagita gonzalez
La bagita gonzalez - Day ago
la cansion autentica es puro autotun
JC Walters
JC Walters - Day ago
I don't think I've ever seen a better live performance-and Camila's expressions were just perfect!
Imisioluwa Amushan
Imisioluwa Amushan - Day ago
Can we give it to Camila's girls for real
Isabella Postma
Isabella Postma - Day ago
Jou ken good zingen
Myasia Cotton
Myasia Cotton - Day ago
But your voice here ugly
Issac Skaggs
Issac Skaggs - Day ago
Omg oh ohm I was so sorry to say I love you and you are my favorite one is the best thing ever and ever and you can get it done with my birthday and I love ❤️💓❤️
Vitor Pacifico
Vitor Pacifico - 2 days ago
a empolgação do Jimmy com a camis é linda hauhauhuau
Erick Miranda
Erick Miranda - 2 days ago
Jenna Schlatter
Jenna Schlatter - 2 days ago
My Jenna show Camila Cabello girl she Jenna like it we Weill money
_ yamini_
_ yamini_ - 2 days ago
Boys were amazing dancers. They really kill it. They were not only dancing ,they were indulged in it. They had expressions from the very their entries. .
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina - 2 days ago
Let’s be honest, is not your first time here
•ᴥ• Hi !
•ᴥ• Hi ! - 2 days ago
We need Shawn Méndez watching this 2:18
•ᴥ• Hi !
•ᴥ• Hi ! - 2 days ago
Creo que yo soy el único hablador Spanish
Mees Bosch
Mees Bosch - 2 days ago
0:15 is so cool🤩
Alguien 7
Alguien 7 - 2 days ago
2:25 el tornado
Rayven Battles
Rayven Battles - 2 days ago
Good job👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Karol Franco Orozco25
Karol Franco Orozco25 - 3 days ago
That doesn’t sown like her
The black kid from Norway
the black girls insta ????
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa - 3 days ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..........
I love im spanish
Nya Dingle
Nya Dingle - 4 days ago
when dababy came in and oooohhh it remind me of ohhhh hold onnn coochie song
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - 4 days ago
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - 4 days ago
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - 4 days ago
I love
cabeyooo13 jack
cabeyooo13 jack - 4 days ago
Farid Flores
Farid Flores - 4 days ago
Te copiaste de "tierra sur
FaithxNala - 5 days ago
The dance and vocals and outfits are 🤩
Francis Garcia
Francis Garcia - 5 days ago
Ok let’s be real camila cabello dosent need auto tones
•ᴥ• Hi !
•ᴥ• Hi ! - 5 days ago
1:33 *She don't be kissing on me either*
I love that part of the song
SAMURAI SAM - 5 days ago
0:24 my oh my!! 😁 I am sweating....
MB25 :
MB25 : - 5 days ago
I love this song. I love this song. My name is Adelyn Pena ♥️💜💕
Janiyah Calmes
Janiyah Calmes - 5 days ago
I like how she has black and White it's perfect it's what the world needs
Janiyah Calmes
Janiyah Calmes - 6 days ago
Umm this is a little gross the way there dacing is kind of scary. Makes me feel good I'm single. But I still love this. No hate
Nadine Retzer
Nadine Retzer - 6 days ago
Why did I find this so late?! 🙈
Those Girls
Those Girls - 6 days ago
So we not gonna talk about the way he touched her hair:/🤪🔥
Leola Renshaw
Leola Renshaw - 6 days ago
yea that is not the best the best thing is tik tok
Fersie Mae Sison
Fersie Mae Sison - 6 days ago
I don't like her voice, cause I loved it!
Hinata Chan
Hinata Chan - 6 days ago
Surf X 5
Surf X 5 - 7 days ago
Camilla is such a good singer like wth!
Laurent C.
Laurent C. - 7 days ago
oop i saide hat i mean that*
Laurent C.
Laurent C. - 7 days ago
was hat realy Camila Cabello
Cameron Phillips
Cameron Phillips - 7 days ago
2:50 I see yall low key doin the nae nae
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Edvane Cavalcante
Edvane Cavalcante - 7 days ago
Betzaida Irizarry
Betzaida Irizarry - 7 days ago
Where is Shawn mendas
Yg Jackson
Yg Jackson - 7 days ago
Korey Butta
Korey Butta - 7 days ago
Zara - 7 days ago
Monster hight this you??
Elijah Joseph
Elijah Joseph - 7 days ago
This video said 🟩🟦🍑
Pamela Greer
Pamela Greer - 7 days ago
*i like how when dab Aby was leaving the girls was trying to catch him*
i love this song it so inserting
Manu Rios
Manu Rios - 8 days ago
¿Soy yo o si voz se escucha DEMASIADO distinta aquí? O sea sigue siendo hermosa pero se escucha bastante diferente (?
(y si gente,Hablo español alv)
• softsukii
• softsukii - 6 days ago
Camila tenía un resfriado ese día. xD
Cloudii_daysss - 8 days ago
who else is here in the comments bc you thought you were gonna have a seizure...
NATHAN SMITH - 8 days ago
My Oh My
Dana Cohen
Dana Cohen - 8 days ago
Ugh bad boy Lern from Wattpad strikes again
aashow Sisters
aashow Sisters - 8 days ago
No offence, I prefer the music video
Astrid Beatrice
Astrid Beatrice - 8 days ago
She is one of the best pop singers, songwriters, performers on the planet and she is breathtaking! She is the such an amazing artist. A mega star❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹
South of Hollywood
South of Hollywood - 9 days ago
I get it! The black is the black token.
cassandra clarke
cassandra clarke - 9 days ago
its tha best
Josy G
Josy G - 9 days ago
Camila does not sound the same
• softsukii
• softsukii - 6 days ago
She had a cold.
Jacqueline Sy
Jacqueline Sy - 9 days ago
Uh I like the song so much
TOLGA RACİ DİNÇER - 9 days ago
A Great Song, A Great Clip and an Amazing Woman, There is No Such Singer in the Country I Live
Mokgadi Mokgomola
Mokgadi Mokgomola - 9 days ago
My oh my
Carlos Augusto
Carlos Augusto - 9 days ago
soy El luis
soy El luis - 9 days ago
Me gusta mucho
QUAILDOG The superhero
QUAILDOG The superhero - 9 days ago
Early squad gang
Diana Roman
Diana Roman - 9 days ago
Not only Camila Cabello was a fantastic performer but the back up dancers were also really amazing
Jaiden Minor
Jaiden Minor - 10 days ago
Nobody: DaBaby comes out simp
Payton Kearse
Payton Kearse - 10 days ago
DMR PENNA - 10 days ago
Io dopo che mi ha fatto l’occhiolino 👁👄👁
Aminata CisseVienne
Aminata CisseVienne - 10 days ago
The guy in the middle of the thumbnail, I-
BustiBoy - 11 days ago
Is it only me or when dababy doesn’t say lessss go It anit feel right or sum?
Desmonio Omboto
Desmonio Omboto - 11 days ago
Da Baby Killed it
Carmen Mota
Carmen Mota - 11 days ago
Catherine Hunt
Catherine Hunt - 11 days ago
paula natalia rozo betancur
que linda voz te amo camila
• Strαωbberу Sƙყ •
all 22 mill views are from mee............................
Hanisha Raj
Hanisha Raj - 11 days ago
Those dance moves poppin

MOROXITO xito - 11 days ago
#isabelamerced fans supporting sabrina, come see don't go by #isabelamerced ojala un duo juntas.💥💥
Isabela Dias
Isabela Dias - 12 days ago
Algum brasileiro que veio pelos memes do Instagram?
bray niga
bray niga - 12 days ago
Bella camila👸😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤💥💥💥
Kimberly Trotter
Kimberly Trotter - 12 days ago
This song is so fire
JADE - 12 days ago
camila has had so many live performances and she puts in so much effort for every performance, just never fails to make me feel so much respect for her
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