PART THREE: Our Favorite Looks from the Met Gala

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Flickan - 2 months ago
imagine thinking "I can't bring fried chicken to parties because I'm black and someone will get offended"
Complex Simplicity
Complex Simplicity - 2 months ago
Jeannie’s vain ass story about exchanging pics for foods was annoying ...#girlbye
Leroy Hill
Leroy Hill - 7 months ago
They give food at the emmys before the awards show lol around 4 to 5
Daniela - 10 months ago
TBH... I'm a Colombian and in here we don't have racism that much (mostly because 99% of us has mixed races at some point in ancestry), and that is actually something I just usually just take for granted, but when I see at how other countries just put people against each other based on race, it makes me so mad! And I think people makes a huge deal out of it. Whatever anybody wants to eat, go ahead! Stop the judgement! If you don't hurt others or yourself, and what you're doing seems good to your conscience... What is the problem?
Free State School's Gwijo
They didn't bring up Nicki Minaj ? I'm triggered.
Elaine Mora
Elaine Mora - Year ago
So we gone sit here and not talk about zendaya . Damn.
Adrianna Davis
Adrianna Davis - Year ago
I with Tiffany if I am hungry I have a real bad attitude like I am a total b#$*$ I don't want to be but man I AM HUNGRY!!! But once I eat I get better.
I’m not gonna lie, but half of the people that they said served looks, didn’t do anything for me☠️☠️. Like they forgot about Zendaya, Lupita, Gigi and etc.
Tran Vo
Tran Vo - Year ago
Maybe it’s just me but Tiffany tried so hard to fit in the stereotype to be funny. Because naturally (in my opinion) she’s not that funny and so she tries so hard but it ain’t cute.
Oscar Meza
Oscar Meza - Year ago
I want to meet the Asian chick
holly comstock
holly comstock - Year ago
What about Jim's dress
my girls look lovely mss your dress is ridicculous lets me sound like Tamar
nicely ghetto that's whats up mama
Shania-Naje Omega
Shania-Naje Omega - Year ago
So our girl Zendaya's outfit combined tech and fashion, and she doesn't even get a shout out but Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish do? Come on ladies I thought we were going for originality!
Jake Klomparens
Jake Klomparens - Year ago
The only bad thing about this video is you can't mute it and just watch. Like, like, like, like, like like like like like like
babybree175 - Year ago
People keep forgetting..TIFFANY HADISH IS A COMEDIAN, SO YES SHE WILL TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER! I wouldn't and maybe you wouldn't do it, must some will and she did! Its hers to take! So people... breathe
Nyeka Page
Nyeka Page - Year ago
Thanks Jeannie lol you may have just gotten Tanya fired 🤣🤣🤣😂 hopefully not!
Jaylaan Pough
Jaylaan Pough - Year ago
I'm a little made ain't no one mentioned Zendaya or Cara Delavigne
erin leshay
erin leshay - Year ago
How the hell you uncomfortable cuz sb had chicken🙄
Subbox Junkie
Subbox Junkie - Year ago
She should've eaten actually everyone in that case, before that event. It had aways been said that there is not much food served there. But anyway whatever she decided to take is her decision and not anyone else can judge her for that.
Adelaide Ann
Adelaide Ann - Year ago
I like how Loni brought that up. It can get annoying at times to always see people perpetuating black stereotypes especially at an event like that, but I get it, she's a comedian, that's what she does.
A. Inai
A. Inai - Year ago
THANK YOU LONI The other girls do not have the racial issues that black people have thats why Adrienne and Jeannie can dismiss it and Tamera would dismiss it because she live in a republican/white bubble
Ann-marie Meurs
Ann-marie Meurs - Year ago
I love chicken and watermelon and purple drank. Its not a stereotype if its true
Britt Waller
Britt Waller - Year ago
I'm black and tiffany haddish having fried chicken is just being tiffany. Like I hate that as a black woman I have to be careful with what I do as to not light a dumpster fire. I like water melon she likes fried chicken. Like dang I hate that we all have to set this example like we need constant approval. It's ridiculous.
Side note:
Arcadia Ardana
Arcadia Ardana - Year ago
Sorry but bringing food in your purse to an event like that is so ghetto- and if you did do that, then please keep quiet about it! Whether you’re black or white or purple doesn’t matter- that’s just ghetto for anyone sorry - CRINGE!!
Ms. Wilson
Ms. Wilson - Year ago
The fried chicken is what y'all stressed about? I'm disgusted with thw no underwear/ ovulation
Isabelle Joseph
Isabelle Joseph - Year ago
Adrienne stop🙄y’all need to learn about food racism. It does affect us because it’s people like her that make Black people look “ghetto”
Isabelle Joseph
Isabelle Joseph - Year ago
Tiffany bringing chicken was not cute🙄
Yana Phillips
Yana Phillips - Year ago
They faves was a miss me on there looks like come on what about zendaya And most importantly Ciara Ciara killed her look
Norleetha M
Norleetha M - Year ago
Lupita? Ciara? .. No they just choose Cardi nd Tiffany .. The ratchets
liddy lundor
liddy lundor - Year ago
What about Kylie jenner and Kendall Jenner and my favorite ZENDAYAA💯❤❤
supernaturalme - Year ago
Soo to Loni’s point would it be different if she had tacos or empanadas in her purse? Bringing outside food to any event is tacky especially smuggling it in your purse but that’s Tiffany. People mad because she does stereotypical black ghetto things but she’s always been the stereotypical black woman. That’s how she mad it to the mainstream masses, now y’all want her to change because she partying with Anna Wintour??
she superior
she superior - Year ago
tanya getting fired now lmaooo
Ocotillo David
Ocotillo David - Year ago
Benedicta D.
Benedicta D. - Year ago
Tamera I feel you
Daysha Illarza
Daysha Illarza - Year ago
Loni is right, Jeannie and Adrienne may not be able to relate but it is a little uncomfortable as a black person simply because of the stereotypes that have been put on us because we know what the "others" are thinking.
Erica Beth
Erica Beth - Year ago
Hell I’m white and I’m always sneakin food & drinks into places. Chicken, slices of pizza or whatever. Movie theaters are expensive and this girl tryin to save her coin. Just sayin 🤷🏼‍♀️
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a - Year ago
Tiffany haddish 😂😂😂😂😫❤️
KUDZAI M - Year ago
If it was sushi in her purse it would have been OK ?
Enlighten Us
Enlighten Us - Year ago
What Tiffany Haddish did was unforgivable.
Blue 1967
Blue 1967 - Year ago
You guys aren't black, ya don't get it.
Blue 1967
Blue 1967 - Year ago
Tiffany is a walking stereotype
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey - Year ago
“I got some chicken! Y’all want some chicken?”
Tanicia Pratt
Tanicia Pratt - Year ago
I think Loni really had a strong opinion about the chicken but was holding herself back.
JulySummers - Year ago
Same here. She definitely had more to say, and probably would have had the other hosts joined her in that.
Courtney Austin
Courtney Austin - Year ago
I'm white AF and would have been first in line for that chicken!!!
Nora Rosario
Nora Rosario - Year ago
black people still skin bleaching...omfg tiffany haddish u were not born that way get a grip . and then africans want to get on mixed race poeple or white pooeple for tanning atleast we dont tan to the point we become another race like u people skin bleach to become white or mixed race. sad
Celeste - Year ago
my grandmother is a snack smuggler we were at a funeral and she had candy sandwiches fried chicken and everything😂
Emmanuela Emejuru
Emmanuela Emejuru - Year ago
Don't know why people keep saying Tiffany plays hood. She doesn't play anything, that's just her and she likes to keep it real! My only problem with her is that her outfit wasn't camp!
Beth Morris
Beth Morris - Year ago
Girl tiffany haddish makin me crave some fried chicken.
Simone VEVO
Simone VEVO - Year ago
*So they just not gon talk about my girl Zendaya slaying as cinderella frrrr* 😑😑😑
Justin Walters
Justin Walters - Year ago
Pretentious horseshit.
cesar martinez
cesar martinez - Year ago
I think Tania just got fired.
Ying - Year ago
LMAO! I got some fried chicken! You want some!? LoL
stepAside - Year ago
Why is this trending with low views and 3 days old?
Fuzzy - Year ago
Subscribe moy channel
Autumn - Year ago
ADD KiD - Year ago
Jeannie used to be too skinny she gained a little weight and now she’s bangin
mecadi-ann mitchell
mecadi-ann mitchell - Year ago
Tamera love your hairstyle 💁‍♀️
Ed Worton
Ed Worton - Year ago
A majority of the looks this year were just bad. Sorry :\
c k
c k - Year ago
Pro tip. If you liked this video you have a future of working at Walmart. And hurry up work faster I hate being in Walmsrt longer than I have to.
Simon S
Simon S - Year ago
Why does the asian woman sound black?
Steely Dan
Steely Dan - Year ago
Okay the title is about the best looks from the gala but you mostly talked about fucking food
Amour830 - Year ago
Loni’s outfit 🥴😬
Hope Falls
Hope Falls - Year ago
Why is the sterotype of loving fried chicken such a bad thing?most humans love fried chicken its great! It's better than the Chinese sterotype of eating cats and dogs!get over it people! I feel like Loni is such a trouble maker!✌
Ellie L
Ellie L - Year ago
Jeannie looks really nice
Zach Orrison
Zach Orrison - Year ago
Pointless celebration of vanity
Chingy Changy
Chingy Changy - Year ago
I would have been thankful for the chicken...just saying.
Icekick - Year ago
I love YouTube trending
elleni zoe
elleni zoe - Year ago
and then there was James Charles stalking Shawn Mendes
Auraqelle - Year ago
Loni only person keeping it real. God bless you all individually and together.
Who Cares
Who Cares - Year ago
Met gala was nothing but a satanic ritual for the world to see, that was made clear with their anti christian theme last year, you leftists deserve to live under the sharia law you want so badly.
Meghan Rose
Meghan Rose - Year ago
Wait, I have an honest question. Is it okay that I love fried chicken and I'm white?
Mark Jamson
Mark Jamson - Year ago
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Veronica Cooper
Veronica Cooper - Year ago
I love Tiffany Haddish. People are so damn sensitive for nothing. Putting on for people
44SuperShredder - Year ago
Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders - Year ago
Worst look of the met gala is all of it because Dayron Arias was not invited. This proves how the met gala is insensitive and continues to microagress against the greatest content creators ever.
Aditya Waghmare
Aditya Waghmare - Year ago
My favourite was *The Begger Look* by Priyanka Chopra
Viral Virus
Viral Virus - Year ago
the asian girl looks straight off porn hub
nan chou
nan chou - Year ago
Her Story
Her Story - Year ago
I thought she was Chicken George from roots. I thought it was part of her custom.
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