12 Biggest DISAPPOINTMENTS of the 2019 NFL Season

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TPS - 25 days ago
What else disappointed during the 2019 NFL season??? Comment below, we want to hear them.
Alex Willhite
Alex Willhite - 31 minute ago
Joshua Leibowitz they did suck the others just sucked more
Alex Willhite
Alex Willhite - 33 minutes ago
Michael Wyatt AB isn’t a psycho he’s a normal guy who got hurt by football and after he stopped making the NFL money they throw him aside and let us call him psycho
Grant Henry
Grant Henry - 6 hours ago
LIONS DEFENSE, I'm a lions fan btw. They still suck.
Always Meepin’
Always Meepin’ - 14 hours ago
The saints in the playoffs
Mage Playz
Mage Playz - 19 hours ago
The pile of eagles injured players
Alex Willhite
Alex Willhite - 42 minutes ago
Phone was at 13% when he said falcons 13th for that
LuicydClan _YT
LuicydClan _YT - 5 hours ago
Robbie Gould ?
Joycenator Gaming
Joycenator Gaming - 7 hours ago
Honestly any time I click on one of these videos and it’s this guy I just shut it off. Most stuff on this channel is lazy analytics and uneducated tropes highlighted by a complete lack of film watching. But it’s so glaring with this guy’s lousy attitude attached to it
Froggy jumps high Bronxs bigy fans
I'm fed up with Obj blaming other people for everything, him and Aaron Rodgers
Issac G
Issac G - Day ago
Mason Rudolph
CookieFace - Day ago
Steelers offence
Frontz - Day ago
Just let the browns get used to their new team they can't just go to 1 -16 to 16-1 in one year
Joshua Kovacic
Joshua Kovacic - 2 days ago
Patriots sucked because they underutilized James White. And they even used wrong.
Mauro Tanaka
Mauro Tanaka - 2 days ago
Uhh no Zane Gonzales for a good kicker?
Smizz - 2 days ago
Packers really need obj
BETHEL WULF - 3 days ago
Eagles get no credit, still been in the playoffs 3 seasons straight and 2 time division champs in that time.
Adam Ripley
Adam Ripley - 3 days ago

Just nobody

Me: "For the bad kickers how about the Seattle Seahawks kicker : Jason Myers
Donald Dorito
Donald Dorito - 4 days ago
Vikings kicker Dan Bailey was great
False Prediction Sonnen
Everyone at TPS is about to become alcoholics once Brady wins his 7th next year
Jonathan Keane
Jonathan Keane - 5 days ago
Jonathan Keane
Jonathan Keane - 5 days ago
Patriots offense was Good What do you mean
Miner 69er
Miner 69er - 5 days ago
Falcons are legit on this kind of list every year and should be til we win a superbowl
iVolcanic - 6 days ago
Why did he not say anything about Josh Lambo? He's honestly the best kicker in the game. Has missed 2 fgs in 2 years
ThatOneHawaiian - 7 days ago
We lost the Super Bowl
Nathaniel Inman
Nathaniel Inman - 7 days ago
Daniel jones threw 24 tds against 12 picks ? How's that bad qb play smh y'all steady hating
No u Buddy
No u Buddy - 7 days ago
Ummmm... Panthers???? Where they at on this list
Nelson King
Nelson King - 8 days ago
The bears was a huge disappointment
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 - 8 days ago
This is the best, most thorough video I have seen from this channel. Keep up with this type of unbiased content, because it is great to watch. And that’s coming from a guy who is usually critical about your videos due to how heavily biased or rushed they sometimes appear.
VeganVRking- daGameCat
VeganVRking- daGameCat - 9 days ago
cookman2k - 10 days ago
Butker has been my kicker in fantasy leagues the last 3 years, i take him in rnd. 14 to make sure i get him. 1st place 3 of 4 so far.
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan - 10 days ago
chris boswell had a pretty good season
DanDaDon - 12 days ago
I love how the thumbnail is just the whole NFC East😭😭 I’m a giants fan btw
Zachary Lindgren
Zachary Lindgren - 14 days ago
Can you do “top ten teams who WILL make the playoffs next year and WONT make the playoffs”
ZachTube - 14 days ago
Blame the Offensive line for the Rams because Almost every play at least Defensive lineman are getting close to sackong Goff. But Goff just throws the ball away when about to get sacked. But he throws wobbly passes.
BigRedMu1e - 14 days ago
Saw Phillip Rivers in the ad, figured I'd see him in the video too
Brian C-137
Brian C-137 - 15 days ago
The poor play from the Rams didn't start with Goff, it started with the dismantling of their dominating offensive line and their poor play.
Bradley Cheese Pepperoni X
0:28 you forgot about Aldrick Rosas
LITTLE CAT Edward - 18 days ago
Crosby!!!! My favorite kicker
SportsBrandon95 - 18 days ago
Jake Elliott makes his Field Goals he missed 4 this year
Craig Crockett
Craig Crockett - 12 days ago
SportsBrandon95 I agree
Andrew Flynn
Andrew Flynn - 19 days ago
I know Pass Interference is on here, but Officiating in general deserves to be on this list. As a Broncos fan, I got to see Denver drop games to the Colts and Bears on last second field goals set up by awful penalty calls. I know Denver wasnt exactly good this year but they would've made the playoffs if they won those 2 games like they should have. Im also sure a lot of people remember Packers - Lions where GB twice had their game-winning drive saved by hands to the face calls against Tre Flowers where his hands were clearly on the shoulderpads of the Packers lineman.
Its Pyron
Its Pyron - 19 days ago
Dante Pettis. 110ish yards all year.
BeastlyCobra - 19 days ago
Jake Elliott is the NFL's most underrated kicker, don't @ me
MultiKushie - 19 days ago
Dude Browns ain’t trading nobody. That rumor been died.. let it go
b o r e d a f
b o r e d a f - 19 days ago
Daniel Jones didn’t even have a bad season wys
Yarnball G
Yarnball G - 20 days ago
The whole NFC East lmao
Brandon Montgomery
Brandon Montgomery - 20 days ago
How they forget the Officiating🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Jjs123 J
Jjs123 J - 20 days ago
12: Tom Brady
11: Tom Brady
10: Tom Brady
9: Tom Brady
8: Tom Brady
7: Tom Brady
6: Tom Brady
5: Tom Brady
4: Tom Brady
3: Tom Brady
2: Tom Brady
1: Baltimore ravens (Lamar Jackson playoffs)
Daniel Setzke
Daniel Setzke - 20 days ago
Most disappointing rookies on each team or the best rookie on each team of the 2020-2019 seasons
Dog_Bason BBox
Dog_Bason BBox - 20 days ago
What about Chris bosswell I forgot how to say his name
johnny xiong
johnny xiong - 20 days ago
Robby Gould for the niners only missed one field goal.
KPN_ Karma
KPN_ Karma - 20 days ago
Ravens playoff run??
xnuntius - 21 day ago
No 1: Antonio Brown
DreamyCREAMY5000 - 21 day ago
It is not Mitch Trubisky fault if he has to go for big plays if it wasn’t for Pinerio missing easy field goals kick
Tango Bango
Tango Bango - 21 day ago
Yes I agree. The NFL KICKERS were terrible in 2019. Remember when they were considering killing the PAT (Point After Touchdown) because it was a Gimme’ and was rarely missed? 🥴
Blake Jones
Blake Jones - 21 day ago
Jake eillot
Eric Carpenter
Eric Carpenter - 21 day ago
The o-line was the reason for bells bad season.
Yianni Mastorakis
Yianni Mastorakis - 22 days ago
did he just say Daniel Jones had a disappointing 2019 season wtf
joey steinert
joey steinert - 22 days ago
Devin Funchess signed a 1 year 7 million dollar contract. I don’t think the Colts “Overpaid” him
BigShotTM - 22 days ago
Did anyone else call the Patriots guaranteed super bowl champions since the preseason?
surfing nerd621
surfing nerd621 - 22 days ago
Leave it to TPS to not list Josh Lambo as one of the best kickers, and to be so wrong about the Ramsey/Coughlin situation in Jax. Ramsey left because of Coughlin not the defense.
Jeff - 22 days ago
Biggest disappointment of all time: tps
TitanicMegalodon - 22 days ago
Browns have to be #1

They missed the playoffs despite a fantastic offseason :(
Jdman 2008
Jdman 2008 - 9 days ago
Giants too
Dylan Pusinsky
Dylan Pusinsky - 22 days ago
The Ravens lose to the Titans...? Literally should be top 5 lmfao
mcfrickenwatcher - 22 days ago
do biggest surprises of the season. like so they can see
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