12 Biggest DISAPPOINTMENTS of the 2019 NFL Season

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TPS - 8 months ago
What else disappointed during the 2019 NFL season??? Comment below, we want to hear them.
Laura Prado
Laura Prado - 2 months ago
Steelers offense
Juan Barrera
Juan Barrera - 2 months ago
Pittsburgh Steelers
Christian Ingram
Christian Ingram - 3 months ago
Winston's int
Hudaman - 4 months ago
Panthers collapsing late in the season.
HBG Mystic
HBG Mystic - 5 months ago
Ben & Ashlee Battocletti he always was a disappointment jacoby carried him jacoby was the real Super Bowl mvp and he made the pats come back on us in the playoffs in 2015.💀
Manchild Does Dumb Crap
Manchild Does Dumb Crap - 19 days ago
Daniel was on pace for over 4,000 yards and 32 touchdowns against 16 interceptions. How was that poor?
Juan and Only
Juan and Only - 29 days ago
Bro really nfc east worst of NFL season how about the consistency of the AFC east cheatriots win every year of their horrible division JETS BILL'S Dolphins are all trash which means they are so trash cheatriots basically own their division I do not appreciate this garbage TPS puts out and plus you had better ppl to push your content I really don't like your new spoke person and I hear you steal content come up with your own shit fr this channel has lost significant credit looking at you producers
Ju Young Kim
Ju Young Kim - Month ago
leveon bell david johnson todd gurley, james conner and melvin gordon. All former studs
Gavin D
Gavin D - Month ago
0:28 kickers that’s the word
HockeyCoverageForever - 2 months ago
I wouldnt blame Goff for rams sht play. They lost zac Taylor to the Bengals and it massively affected Goff
LukioTheDudis - 2 months ago
How did u not mention how the titans beat the ravens BRO
Banana shavings
Banana shavings - 2 months ago
1. The browns
Inverted Scrxbz
Inverted Scrxbz - 2 months ago
But Younghoe Koo was, at least in my opinion, in the top 5 kickers this year
BeastoneaFanX - 2 months ago
Browns will NOT trade OBJ
Richard morrill
Richard morrill - 2 months ago
Daniel Jones didn’t even play bad? He was surrounded by a horrible team. Golden Tate actually did well if you watch the Giants play every week.
JRS 24
JRS 24 - 3 months ago
The only reason why or won struggled is because of his offensive line in Pittsburgh they had a top 10 and the jets have one of the worst offensive lines
GeneralShadow - 3 months ago
kicking.... yeah... Cody Parkey
Andrew Long
Andrew Long - 3 months ago
So you not going to mention that the eagles had about 8-10 key players injured. Like really
Cam H
Cam H - 2 months ago
Yeah that's disappointing
Kristian Mojo
Kristian Mojo - 3 months ago
You should do Top 10 D-Linemen of 2019 or Top 10 Linebackers of 2019
Old soul 16
Old soul 16 - 3 months ago
Aren’t the Cleveland browns always a disappointment every year though? Lol
Burrito Ninja
Burrito Ninja - 3 months ago
Dan Quinn not getting fired
Copen Bros
Copen Bros - 3 months ago
Tyrell got injured and up to every game until he got injured he had a touchdown and over 80 yards per game
Nick Wagner
Nick Wagner - 3 months ago
What about matt prater
Tyler J Chase
Tyler J Chase - 3 months ago
Panthers Fan
I'm calling they'll be here
I'm_ Paul
I'm_ Paul - 4 months ago
I have to say something to save Obj. Who can you not be bad when you're playing on the freakin BROWNS
Cam H
Cam H - 2 months ago
That makes no sense.
Danny Football
Danny Football - 4 months ago
Not Suprised the Cowboys are here
Borderlandsurvivor - 4 months ago
Eagles making the playoffs and Wentz getting put out in the 1st Qr
Crsn E
Crsn E - 4 months ago
Pats had the most drops and a shit o-line and ya it’s Brady’s fault right 🤦‍♂️
This is why this channel and videos are made by idiots 😂😂😂
Hot Dog Ice
Hot Dog Ice - 4 months ago
Hehe... Number 1 better be me.
Adam Novak
Adam Novak - 4 months ago
No one:
Not even a single soul:
TPS: "oBj Is GeTtInG tRaDeD"
Pascal Aucoin
Pascal Aucoin - 4 months ago
Yeah! the falcons suck
CraftySouthpaw - 4 months ago
3:59 - "They brought back the same core of players from a year ago."
NOT true - they let go of Jordan Howard, one of their best weapons from the prior year.
CraftySouthpaw - 4 months ago
Without watching the vid: Browns #1.
Chargers, Bears, and Nick Foles somewhere on there.
2ICYY - 4 months ago
I like the browns and Cowboys and I have to agree watching the season hurt my eyes. I blame most of the browns problems on coaching and the cowboys mostly from the defense
That's Unfortunate
That's Unfortunate - 4 months ago
also you mentioned players on the eagles who were out once the season started or was consistently injured and all the players who had similar traits on the eagles, you just mentioned them as disappointing
That's Unfortunate
That's Unfortunate - 4 months ago
you cant plan injuries, soo you can blame gms for picking up players that got injured
HWoodModelling - 4 months ago
Did you say poor play from Daniel Jones?? Alright
Hudaman - 4 months ago
Do biggest surprises of the 2019 season.
Kyle Starrett
Kyle Starrett - 4 months ago
Yes, just casually forget to mention the Philly’s entire team was injured 🙄
Travis Naeseth
Travis Naeseth - 4 months ago
I may be in the minority saying this but I think the browns should've kept Freddie Kitchens for 1 more year. I think he could've polished out a winning season in 2020. For the browns from what I've seen over the past decade or so 7-8-1 is actually better then what they usually did over the last decade which is usually under 6 wins except for 2014 when they went 7-9. 7-8-1 is still better than 7-9 though because a tie doesn't count as a loss. I'm not a Browns fan by any means. I pity browns fans because of the carousel of quarterbacks and coaches they've had to go through since they came back in 1999. I want to see them win not only to piss of Steelers and Bengals fans because fuck them (ravens are ok), and I want to say "wow this team's not a pushover anymore. Good for them." I'm not a fan of an afc team at all. I'm a Cowboys fan. The browns are just so bad I want them to be good. I thought they might have actually gained some traction, stopped their losing streak, and finally found some way to win. I guess not. Now I know they're going to waste the careers of all the good players they have like they did Joe Thomas.
Eric Russell
Eric Russell - 4 months ago
Maher screwed us over
DenDen Pickle face
DenDen Pickle face - 5 months ago
Nombur 1 apex numero declote
James Spadafora
James Spadafora - 5 months ago
dont come at my man daniel jones like that
Thermo Beats
Thermo Beats - 5 months ago
How did Daniel Jones have poor QB play besides the fumbling?
07USMARINE - 5 months ago
U missed a rookie wr Redakins Terry McLaren he was great
Leisure Family
Leisure Family - 5 months ago
Jake elliot is good to
Goggle The safari
Goggle The safari - 5 months ago
What about Zane gonzalance
Alex Stauffiger
Alex Stauffiger - 5 months ago
Bring back Mike Cantaloupo
Joshua Kovacic
Joshua Kovacic - 5 months ago
Alvin Kamara, do I have to say more.
Caydencur Lol
Caydencur Lol - 5 months ago
Remember when we thought the browns would win the superbowl🤣
King Roxas1997
King Roxas1997 - 5 months ago
Daniel jones was the reason giants were bad it totally wasn’t having the worst defense in the league and o line of the giants won it was because of Daniel throwing TDs
Thomas Shelleby
Thomas Shelleby - 5 months ago
The only call that cost NO a super bowl trip was Drew Bree's INT. Take off the blinders. Or also tell the truth the no call on a facemask on gurly cost the rams a TD... Hmm? Reality check?
Stephen - 5 months ago
bruh the eagles litterely lost every single starter just wait till next season when they win the superbowl
Blake Clark
Blake Clark - 5 months ago
It funny how much praise Sam Darnold gets and how much hate Daniel Jones gets, but Daniel Jones is already 20 times better than Darnold.
joanne chon
joanne chon - 5 months ago
Bad kickers? serves them right for not choosing Mexican kickers
Benjamin Shewchuk
Benjamin Shewchuk - 5 months ago
you should do a video on the 12 best things in the 2019-2020 season
Daniel Kellish
Daniel Kellish - 5 months ago
My boy big nutz lutz makes up for the bad kicking
Anthony R
Anthony R - 5 months ago
Pats sucked because tom brady always just threw it up to Gronkowski. Or he hit him short so Gronkowski did all the work
Keenen Mayfield
Keenen Mayfield - 5 months ago
As long as Jerry remains in office. The so called "Them Boys" will remain God Awful.
Preston Flowers
Preston Flowers - 5 months ago
WorldWide Sports.1
WorldWide Sports.1 - 5 months ago
Jesper Tay
Jesper Tay - 5 months ago
straight up disrespecting josh lambo who had the best field goal accuracy
Brady Van Hove
Brady Van Hove - 5 months ago
Xavier Rhodes
cooper budd
cooper budd - 5 months ago
The panthers finally looked like they pieced it together... oh wait we lost again!
On Fire
On Fire - 5 months ago
Tradisky sucked this year
Pattabhiram and Swathi
Pattabhiram and Swathi - 5 months ago
the entire NFC east
Prototype Dogs
Prototype Dogs - 6 months ago
Jake Elilott is a good kicker
meggie liu
meggie liu - 6 months ago
Best player at each position pleaz
Yo Boi Jay Da Man
Yo Boi Jay Da Man - 6 months ago
Shut up Lego man
Yo Boi Jay Da Man
Yo Boi Jay Da Man - 6 months ago
Fishy Bwudah
Fishy Bwudah - 6 months ago
How about Super Bowl 54 49ers loosing in the 4th quarter 😥
Monika Novak
Monika Novak - 6 months ago
layupzz - 6 months ago
Rams qbs was not the problem. They had no oline and no run game.
Brady Dowd
Brady Dowd - 6 months ago
I’m a bears fan and I couldn’t agree moreeeee
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby - 6 months ago
Lol I feel like the saints should be on here #skol
Jerbal87 - 6 months ago
Tbh, Daniel Jones was solid in 2019. the only problem was his fumbling, but besides had better stats than murray, when Jones played just 12 games
Jennifer L
Jennifer L - 6 months ago
Bruh obj is way worse than landry
Emanuel Tennyson
Emanuel Tennyson - 6 months ago
Baltimore ravens got screwed out of a Super bowl by the Tennessee titans at home
SuperYoshiBros - 6 months ago
What about Stephen hausca
Michael Leroy
Michael Leroy - 6 months ago
Minnesota Vikings in playoffs (as usual )
Samuel German
Samuel German - 7 months ago
Actually people who believed in the browns being a superbowl contender are the #1 disappointment. I thought they might have been a wildcard team and only win their division if Ravens/Steelers were bad. Turns out they weren't even a wildcard team.
Chris Eberly
Chris Eberly - 7 months ago
Why am I watching this. I'm a Chargers fan who has family in Chicago. Why
Joe DeAngelis
Joe DeAngelis - 7 months ago
TPS and this guy are clowns bro
Brandon Bull
Brandon Bull - 7 months ago
Goff is so overrated in my opinion.
Ari Itzkovits
Ari Itzkovits - 7 months ago
Steven Gotskowski is good, just admit that much
Coolio Boolio
Coolio Boolio - 7 months ago
What about 12 biggest suprises from the season? You know, Ravens, Derrick Henry, etc.
Dr. Mayhem
Dr. Mayhem - 7 months ago
"Number eight, patriots offense"
Me: who's complaining?
Team Carrot
Team Carrot - 26 days ago
me lol
Dr. Mayhem
Dr. Mayhem - 7 months ago
Robie Gould was a good kicker
Emxry Jones
Emxry Jones - 7 months ago
Biggest disappointment of the 2019 season: Ravens loss to titans in divisional
Ryan Ahr
Ryan Ahr - 7 months ago
Damn. An entire list of NFL disappointments and no negative mentions of my Bills. Feels good :)
Sylvia Matrosky
Sylvia Matrosky - 7 months ago
Dolphins week 1 59-10 loss
Nick McIver
Nick McIver - 7 months ago
The Ravens in the playoffs
Gareth Owen-crumpton
Gareth Owen-crumpton - 7 months ago
Seahawks O-line and their coaching should've been on here
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams - 7 months ago
The Browns were obviously number one. They could not even win against the worst team in the league the Bengals
Frank Guy
Frank Guy - 7 months ago
You can't really blame the eagles for their season. I'm pretty sure that they were starting four or five starters at the end of the regular season
I am the Senate
I am the Senate - 7 months ago
I think the Bears future is fine
Victor Thiros
Victor Thiros - 7 months ago
The Super bowl was disappointing to me. It was entirely predictable and they chose the wrong MVP.
Don Gray
Don Gray - 7 months ago
My biggest disappointment the Chiefs didn't score more points in the Super Bowl
K&L Brothers
K&L Brothers - 7 months ago
Petros Christofides
Petros Christofides - 7 months ago
This is legit the complete opposite of what I've been suggesting for like the past 10 vids
MikeOnGames - 7 months ago
The ravens in playoffs
Puwers - 7 months ago
Poor quarterback play from Daniel Jones? He set a record for rookie touchdowns and maybe if he had some better blocking he could’ve done a lot better. The only thing he struggled with was ball control.
Puwers - 7 months ago
How about mention our god awful defense that more often than not let up a touchdown or field goal in the final drive to lose the game. The offense was the part of the team that actually kept us in most of our games. The defense constantly let up the game winning drive.
Pandaistheone - 7 months ago
The Seahawks no pi call no review that costed them the division against the 49ers
John Luke Wood
John Luke Wood - 7 months ago
Juju Smith-Schuster should have been on this list
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