UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

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Precious Syiem
Precious Syiem - 2 hours ago
We want you fight against Mc Gregor
Context in motion
Context in motion - Day ago
Tony Ferguson is the real champion! Al Iaquinta and Mcgregor to defend against? Seriously Khabib you are the number 1 contender with the belt.
Gokhan A.
Gokhan A. - Day ago
Anyone wants to watch full ufc fights in hd just get VPN, connect to the Netherlands, and go to veronicafight's channel here on youtube
Medium grey
Medium grey - 2 days ago
How in the world could you boo Tony Ferguson?
Petros Kostianis
Petros Kostianis - 3 days ago
I'm disappointed at the crowd. These dudes just went at it. It's not their fault for the stoppage. It happens. I guarantee Tony will give cowboy a rematch.
el cucuy
el cucuy - 5 days ago
Conor and cowboy quit .... yet casuals say still cucuy is cringe.. like 5 years ago
el cucuy
el cucuy - 5 days ago
Casuals used to say Tony is cringe
go lix
go lix - 5 days ago
I can not wait the day when Tony beat and then chock Khabib,its gona be so funny
Jules Winnfield
Jules Winnfield - 6 days ago
What a humble mother fucker coyboy is
Emerest Thisk
Emerest Thisk - 6 days ago
Tony is the type of guy....who can beat Khabib. But I think he won't manage it, I think it'll be Khabib's hardest fight because of Tony's stamina, and Khabib will not take him down to the mat easily, but I think he will manage it by round 3 and submit him. Ground and pound is going to be a tough option seeing as how durable and mad Ferguson is, so choke will be the strategy.
Jay - 7 days ago
They were throwing shit at Tony. This was right after he had a schizophrenic episode. He did not intentionally stick cowboy after the bell. The way they treated him was truly disgusting. Chicago is really letting me down a lot lately and i'm about to drop their teams for the city I've spent most of my life KC
jesbsnrn - 7 days ago
tells you the IQ of some of the fans . when two fighters gives everything and gets boos
John Sanders
John Sanders - 8 days ago
Dam thats how seriously tony takes this fight game. Almost cries because he didnt think he gave the fans what they wanted but they where really just booing the call by the med staff to end the fight. Hes a true warrior and is by far my favorite fighter.
Dude is the embodiment of how Aztec warriors were
Shahid MNAK
Shahid MNAK - 9 days ago
Khabib is real champ.. khabib will beat tony easily.
Kawhi Jenner
Kawhi Jenner - 10 days ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to wear a resistance band, as a head band
Muhammad Afif Bin Mansoor
Tony the type of guy who trains with Chuck Norris.
champmma - 11 days ago
One day this fight there gonna be fighting for the title not for a title shot this should be a title shot
just a buffoon with sharingan
Tony the typa guy to have his funeral at someone elses wedding
Jiko Vicko
Jiko Vicko - 12 days ago
Tony is the type of guy who makes people say tony is the type of guy..
Isaias De Leon
Isaias De Leon - 13 days ago
Tony took him to the old town road
No Love
No Love - 13 days ago
Tony the type of guy to silenced the crowd.
Troy Bromwich
Troy Bromwich - 15 days ago
Love you bro. Always positive the boggy man
kickboxer 98
kickboxer 98 - 15 days ago
Cowboy will always be my favorite fighter.
Anas Saboo
Anas Saboo - 15 days ago
Tony the man the legend and the myth
Q M - 15 days ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to train with a Honey Badger for Khabib.
Jesse - 16 days ago
Cerrone is a good fighter and a wanna-be like I’ve never seen ever
Eccoworld Vlogs
Eccoworld Vlogs - 16 days ago
Nice video big like from indonesia👍👍👍
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader - 20 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to fell sad for ending a good winning streak in Donald .
Lukas - 21 day ago
The crowd should appreciate all the athletes for performing on these levels - awesome to watch!
yas ak
yas ak - 23 days ago
Toney is the type of guy to wipe his ass before he does a shit
the anonymous truth
the anonymous truth - 23 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of Guy to outcondition d'arcemus
Able Sanchez
Able Sanchez - 23 days ago
Fuckin Donald. These mfs are true warriors...
Marjo Ebiya
Marjo Ebiya - 24 days ago
if cowboy don't blow his nose Tony will finished him 3rd round it's very shameful for cowboy fans..
david akers
david akers - 25 days ago
Cowboy missed some right hand punches that were there. Might as well retire.
Johnny 32
Johnny 32 - 26 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to give Jorge Masvidal a 3 piece with the soda
Professor - 27 days ago
Please beat the shit out of Khabib, Tony
Johnny 32
Johnny 32 - 18 days ago
Professor yes PLEASE TONY
Glianostiano TheAlba16
Glianostiano TheAlba16 - 27 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to let Joe make the question and then say talk to cowboy
Art Simental
Art Simental - 28 days ago
It’s cuz he hurt a man and also cuz the way he won dumbasses
robertg305 - 29 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to go to a bank and ask the tellers if they’d like to take out a loan
Prasetyo Dimas
Prasetyo Dimas - 29 days ago
Classy act from Tony... and respect to Cowboy... what a show...
water sheep
water sheep - 29 days ago
I feel bad for Tony.. 😢
adaptiveagile - Month ago
Both gracious at the end. Two mega badasses.
Angami Accent
Angami Accent - Month ago
Tony .. deserves some fucking respect
Simon 'Two Questions' Randall
The crowd was absolutely pathetic. If it wasn't Cowboy losing, they would have had zero shits to give.
Fergusons punch was already launched when the horn blew, it's impossible to stop a punch mid-launch in such a heated exchange.
Second, the punch had nothing to do with the fight being stopped, which Donald said as well. The last punch hit Cowboy in the mouth, his nose was busted up way before, he was touching it and it was bleeding after the first half of round 2.
He might have wanted to keep going, which he would have hurt himself with further, Ferguson is barely warming up in round 2.
MultiFirebrand - Month ago
Why are they booing him?!
Jeffrey Pham
Jeffrey Pham - Month ago
Both of these guys man...I dont even know what to say. On one hand, I know Cerrone still wanted to fight and Ferguson wanted him to be able to end the fight the right way, but Cerrone was just taking a beating. I loved both of these guys, they really showed the highest level of respect and class.
sami badawi
sami badawi - Month ago
what do they mean he blew his nose?
Me Me
Me Me - Month ago
Idiot yank fools booing
Notorious Faridh
Notorious Faridh - Month ago
Fuck those pussy fans . Respect to both warriors
Stephen Uytterhaegen
Stephen Uytterhaegen - Month ago
Talk to 🤠 haha!! Tony El cucuy Ferguson!
Johnny 32
Johnny 32 - Month ago
Tony the type of guy to beat 2 former champions and multiple former title contenders and still not get a title shot
RichieBratby - Month ago
Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to demand the octagon wears Vaseline.
Johnny 32
Johnny 32 - Month ago
RichieBratby lmao
Abdulrahman Alenezi
Abdulrahman Alenezi - Month ago
It’s funny that you could laugh at a million “tony the type of guy” jokes and can’t come up with one
Jayden Li
Jayden Li - Month ago
What exactly is the crowd booing? Fucking degenerate retards, cowboy blew his nose, wtf does that got to do with Tony? Bunch of simpleton, herd mentality mfs
Sam Chrystal
Sam Chrystal - Month ago
Tony is the type of guy to jump under the fence
Johnny 32
Johnny 32 - Month ago
Sam Chrystal lmao
LittleRebel - Month ago
Tony the type of guy to open a glass jar to see what's inside
Johnny 32
Johnny 32 - Month ago
LittleRebel lol
Brd Bru
Brd Bru - Month ago
I have no doubt that khabib will lose against this dude
And khabib knows this. He's scared for his 27-0 record.
Jared Oliveira
Jared Oliveira - Month ago
Not gonna lie feels like Tony’s gloves got some shit in them, like he was getting cowboy but that amount of damage? And even to all of his opponents each time seems suspect but if not much respect!
Alex tsmmi
Alex tsmmi - Month ago
Luke Rockhold got rock by Jan after the belt and nobody gives a shit.But when it comes to Tony, everybody's going crazy cause they know that he's the real deal. You guys are angry cause Tony whop your crush ass, I get it.
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to welcome khabib to Russia
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy that to thank himself after opening the door
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - Month ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to call himself out after a fight
conejo negro6
conejo negro6 - Month ago
Chicano 🇲🇽power👊🇺🇸
ayoub el-bachraoui
ayoub el-bachraoui - Month ago
weird fight the winner mad and the loser is so happy
Alex tsmmi
Alex tsmmi - Month ago
Mad!! He's disappointed huge difference man.
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy - Month ago
Tony just fucks people up plainly, i think cowboy did that to save himself from taking more punishment, he knew that would happen.
pravin dubey
pravin dubey - Month ago
Tony is our Champion
Q Anon
Q Anon - Month ago
Q Anon
Q Anon - Month ago
All Tony Ferguson fans needs to get their asses kicked.
Isaa G
Isaa G - Month ago
Tony the type of guy to listen to Drake after he wins a fight.
Malinga Herath
Malinga Herath - Month ago
Tony ferguson the type of guy to call time out just to see if the referee is OK
Johnny 32
Johnny 32 - Month ago
Malinga Herath lol
Aaron Tadd
Aaron Tadd - Month ago
So much respect for Cerrone, dudes fought once a month for what feels like forever. He's a savage
Cody Parmarter
Cody Parmarter - Month ago
Bro is Cowboy and Tony the coolest fucking dudes? "Talk to Cowboy" Cowboy apologizes. These dudes make the UFC seem less fucking WWEish
illusive_nezzy88 - Month ago
Ungreatful rude fucks show Ferguson some got dam respect! He is the best fucking light weight and the ONLY man i feel that can take down khabib although i really like khabib as well. I don't understand why people hate Ferguson so much he fights his ass off!
dapperdonmilli - Month ago
did Antonio Margarito wrapTony's hands for this fight?
justin zhang
justin zhang - Month ago
Salute to cowboy , this guy is really genuine fighter.
Eddie Figueroa
Eddie Figueroa - Month ago
Tony would have messed him up that’s why he blew his nose
Cerrone knew it was coming to a knockout
Dan Messick
Dan Messick - Month ago
All respect
Яссэр Абухарба
Tony's the type of guy to dislike his own Youtube comments.
Jesus Murphy
Jesus Murphy - Month ago
2:46 one of tonys cornermen reacted like"are u fucking koddinge? Ah shit here we go again" and just bounced outta there.
Nawed 377
Nawed 377 - Month ago
Respect for tony.
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