UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

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RSR423 - 5 days ago
Ferguson the type of guy who's that good he has to punch well after the bell.
Kriston S
Kriston S - 5 days ago
In spite of my personal opinions on what was supposed to be Tony vs Khabib I admire Tony's respect for other fighters.
Nitesh Khatiwada
Nitesh Khatiwada - 10 days ago
Tony 'the type of guy to pass Joe Rogan to Cowboy like a joint' Ferguson
hot pot
hot pot - 11 days ago
i dont get it. why you cant blow your nose in Cowboy's position?
Subtain Alwaeli
Subtain Alwaeli - 13 days ago
0:43 how can you hate that smile. Like never seen some being happy for getting the shit beat.
Cooper Altmann
Cooper Altmann - 15 days ago
Fucking bullshit cowboy was dog shotted
juan camaney
juan camaney - 16 days ago
Tony is the type of dude to make Joe Rogan interview the loser first.
Randal Richardson
Randal Richardson - 16 days ago
Biggest fixed fight I've ever seen joe Rogan was blowing ferguson the whole fight bullshit
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Panzerkampfwagen 1 - 16 days ago
Tony is the type of guy to win a fight in the UFC and then do an interview with Joe Rogan after.
Leo Jerez
Leo Jerez - 17 days ago
La cagó Tony... pero filo.. se entiende ... los dos wns estaban haciendo buena pelea.. son cosas que pasan... en fin...
triple d
triple d - 17 days ago
Tony the type of guy to interview joe rogan after a fight
Ankri - 17 days ago
The crowd is so annoying.
the don dota
the don dota - 17 days ago
"Letem get there boos in" tony is truly a fucking goat man.
Brad Maclean
Brad Maclean - 18 days ago
Tony is a dead set wild man, no taking it to the ground, 100% stand up, so much better than minute after minute rolling on the canvas! I’d love to see him clown the Irishman
Pete Mason
Pete Mason - 18 days ago
Cowboy might have taken the first but Tony was walking Cowboy in the end of the second round, no question. Unfortunate he landed the straight after the bell, adrenaline and whatnot... Tony was gonna win tho, I think the booing wasn't necessary
Muzamel Pardis
Muzamel Pardis - 18 days ago
Tony is the type of guy to change the boo of the crowd into cheer in one minute
TOMOMOT - 18 days ago
Spider - Man
Spider - Man - 19 days ago
Best fight, best fighter. Cowboy u have my respect and Tony too. This two is legend
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan - Month ago
Gaethje destroyed tonny! Now everyone knows you are just a weak bitch
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy - 25 days ago
Haroon Khan tony will kick ur btch ass stop being a keyboard warrior
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts - Month ago
The crowd would boo if a fighter died and the fight couldnt continue
It's Syke
It's Syke - Month ago
Tony a good guy
YoungBeastKiller - Month ago
Tony seemed more disappointed in this fight than his loss against Gaethje
Nick B
Nick B - Month ago
Bro this was almost a year ago!? I thought it happened yesterday
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Month ago
Donalds pussy ass quit AGAIN
NJ Drummer 71
NJ Drummer 71 - Month ago
Respect for Tony for letting cowboy live.
uhhh - Month ago
NJ Drummer 71 respect for gaethje for letting tony live
suqma dievk
suqma dievk - Month ago
Gaetje is gonna put this guy to sleep
jeffrey vedha
jeffrey vedha - Month ago
And he did
Zitzy - Month ago
The Click-Bait
The Click-Bait - Month ago
Tony the type of guy to have a one night stand with his wife and divorce his side-chick
uhhh - Month ago
The Click-Bait tony is the type of guy to get exposed by finally fighting a good fighter
Rich Marrero
Rich Marrero - Month ago
Its easy to see tony isnt mad for winning, hes really just beating himself down over that last punch after the bell had sounded... much respect Tony I see it dude.
Ayoub Bouchti
Ayoub Bouchti - 2 months ago
if only enough tony fans were present that day. feel bad for him
Ayman Elian
Ayman Elian - 2 months ago
what’s the song that comes on right after this interview?
Craig Lunn
Craig Lunn - 2 months ago
How can you boo what a set of dickheads
Shernon Sequeira
Shernon Sequeira - 2 months ago
Fuck those dumb useless negative crowd
JOMAR NIEVA - 2 months ago
Tony, cowboy and the notorious Conor McGregor leaving everything behind after the fight! Just humble classy gentlemen 👍💪👋🤝
Jordan Martínez
Jordan Martínez - 2 months ago
Tony is the type of guy to wake his alarm clock up
Squidboy Luis
Squidboy Luis - 2 months ago
Mma 💞 I love this sport truly
shubham tamse
shubham tamse - 2 months ago
Stupid crowd
EliPlayzGaming - 2 months ago
1:35 why do I hear corona song
Oblivion Creety
Oblivion Creety - 2 months ago
Tony is the type to have the longest doctor stoppage finish.
Tudor Ionut
Tudor Ionut - 2 months ago
Tony the type of guy who ask cop for driving license.
Mateen I
Mateen I - 2 months ago
As much as I dislike Tony, I respect him for this
Sumukh - 2 months ago
Tony Ferguson is type of guy who buys ppv's he's fighting in.
The Truth
The Truth - 2 months ago
Khair Owen Sullivan III 'Godless Rathead'
Adesanya VS Silva post fight interview was emotional. This post fight was emotional. The respect these guys have for each other.
He immediately told Joe to let Cowboy speak first. Cowboy immediately says it was a genuine mistake from Tony and himself. Just fucking amazing man.
Joel Campos
Joel Campos - 2 months ago
nigga said el cewcewie
Rafael Proenca
Rafael Proenca - 2 months ago
Tony the type of guy to take a driving test to take the bus
Toori Baba
Toori Baba - 2 months ago
1:42 the joe "death stare" rogan! He's probably looking for young jamie
Zak D
Zak D - 2 months ago
Tony clearly feels very deeply and is emotionally effected by the undeserved boos, and is overly upset with himself for the late punch - the ref is as much to blame for not stepping between them. That's why the ref also looks upset at the beginning of the clip.
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson - 2 months ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to put his foot on a chair only to tie the foot that on the floor
J M - 2 months ago
Tony the type of guy who congrats his opponent for losing
Lemontarts01 - 2 months ago
Good on cowboy. Took it very well and i don't think anyone can complain. Madsive respect for both these guys
big brother
big brother - 2 months ago
Universe to khabib: I can,t let you close with this type of man
big brother
big brother - 2 months ago
Tony will do to the same to khabib
prima pallp
prima pallp - 3 months ago
cowboy cerrone is like ufc's sweetheart
Villain - 3 months ago
Corona time beat in the background after Donald finished his speech
Ислам Дашаев
Ислам Дашаев - 3 months ago
toni chem hellwarrior
Johannes Danbjørg
Johannes Danbjørg - 3 months ago
bla bla
bla bla - 3 months ago
tony is the type off guy to feel bad for cowboy
Literally Shaking
Literally Shaking - 3 months ago
Cowboys eye turned into a vagina 🍑
Marvin Bautista
Marvin Bautista - 3 months ago
Dan ass Mirgliotta blaming Tony when it is his job to break the fighters after the bell. They should fire him, getting his own emotion to decide the fight.
Mohamed Mma
Mohamed Mma - 3 months ago
It seems like Donald is more happy dan Tony
Unknown one
Unknown one - 3 months ago
After or before the round Tony still killed the cowboy
Zahir Abbas
Zahir Abbas - 3 months ago
Cow boy is guy always losing bcz he coming in octogon for los
Skeptic Sam
Skeptic Sam - 3 months ago
Can't wait for khabib to bang this MF
daily dose of politics
daily dose of politics - 2 months ago
Can't wait to see that khaboob chicken get butcher by tony
Servant of YHWH
Servant of YHWH - 3 months ago
The crowd sucks!
Marco Polo
Marco Polo - 3 months ago
Cowboy looks very ugly with this face man and he still bullshiting 🤷‍♂️
The New Era!
The New Era! - 3 months ago
Why is my nigga Tony getting boo’d???
infinite asap
infinite asap - 3 months ago
Tony to type of guy to pass guard during sex
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius - 3 months ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to wear his UFC gloves everywhere
Both guys absolute gentleman
HOW TO DRAW suraj karki
HOW TO DRAW suraj karki - 3 months ago
Tony is that type of guy who brings presents in someone funeral
HOW TO DRAW suraj karki
HOW TO DRAW suraj karki - 3 months ago
Tony is that type of guy shit I forget the line
FrequencyOo - 3 months ago
Cowboy looking half asian.
江鹤 - 3 months ago
tony the type of guy to fly to Italy to fight the Coronavirus
LİL HİTLER - 3 months ago
Khabib dead😂😂😂 hahahahahahaha
J B - 3 months ago
Please stop cowboy fighting again his brain must be fried already.
Asad Awan
Asad Awan - 3 months ago
Khabib vs Tony . Good contest but khabib is the real worriore
nyc king
nyc king - 3 months ago
Team Khabib here, tony is one hell of a fighter , little bit stupid but very dangerous
Lillie Adams
Lillie Adams - 3 months ago
Crowd just mad the the cowboy is washed up
forza juventus
forza juventus - 3 months ago
Tony is the kind of guy...
Jeffery Wallace
Jeffery Wallace - 3 months ago
Tony the type of guy to win a fight and then raise the refs hand when he wins.
Last King
Last King - 3 months ago
Donald deserve respect. 💯
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