Robot golf club fixes my game

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Raginaction - 12 hours ago
this would actually be a viable product to sell if their was more of a golf market
DeadtomGCthe2nd - 22 hours ago
Why the expensive IMU? What's wrong with cheaper IMUs? This isn't an application that needs any more accuracy than say a drone or augmented reality system.
Sam Adler
Sam Adler - 4 days ago
I recognise that Knights play hole any day of the week been playing there since 2005!
Luke Stephenson
Luke Stephenson - 5 days ago
$$$ MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR IDEA $$$ (disclaimer: potentially)..Could you make a desktop injection molding machine? Tooling is crazy expensive for small run injection if you could use that "durable" 3d printing material to make tools, you'd be laughing.
Cen - 5 days ago
This would make an awesome  TXG Tour Experience Golf  collaboration.
Building a human robot versus building an actual robot...
anwar naieem
anwar naieem - 5 days ago
Abby where you at!
Directed by Karma
Directed by Karma - 6 days ago
you should be in shenzen
יותם גיטאי
יותם גיטאי - 7 days ago
The guy needs to work for some huge engineering company
Kyle Schulte
Kyle Schulte - 8 days ago
I play golf.
Lennart Clausen
Lennart Clausen - 8 days ago
A suggestion for another robot supported human thingi: Could you combine a billiad/pool queue and smart glasses to show you the resulting travel way of the balls? At least for single balls.
余宗翰 - 9 days ago
6:32 what is this app?
josh mcgee
josh mcgee - 9 days ago
did he say the 3d printing material is called Durable? I can't find anything by that name, only people commenting on the durability of materials
Andy Alam
Andy Alam - 10 days ago
this guy looks like a smarter version of scott the woz
Roy Kullick
Roy Kullick - 11 days ago
I thought that it was a total hoax....then you started your explanation. Wow
Harrison Levithan
Harrison Levithan - 11 days ago
Just be good at the game
LikMaw - 12 days ago
This should have 0 dislikes
Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson - 12 days ago
Is it possible to make a photo frame but imagine it holds itself/ balances itself but on one single leg. Maybe two stacked so you can change the COG
Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson - 12 days ago
Can you make a robot that makes sandwhiches!?
Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson - 12 days ago
Make a magnetic glove so you can repel and attract thing like telekinesis
Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson - 12 days ago
Can you make robo-roller skates?! Like a Segway for each foot. Keeps you balanced and you can zoom about!
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez - 13 days ago
Hey dude you ripped off my idea from high school. We designed this in robotics >:(
justin Hegar
justin Hegar - 13 days ago
Looks like you were at knights play for testing
Honu Putters
Honu Putters - 13 days ago
Can it correct for "about to hit the ground behind the ball" or "going to top it"? I guess you would need a telescoping shaft. No idea how you would sense that...
Tokoyeh - 13 days ago
What drawing app are you using on iPad?
Max - 14 days ago
Hey! This is my first time watching one of your video, very cool. There's a material in there that interested me, but i'm unable to find more about it on the internet. It is the 3D printed material you said called "durable"?
if you wouldn't mind directing me to more information on it, that would be amazing!
Gregory Denman
Gregory Denman - 14 days ago
You are wearing the golf glove on the wrong hand.
Brock Olson
Brock Olson - 14 days ago
Waiting for the Michael reeves collab.
Mark Proffitt
Mark Proffitt - 14 days ago
Metal brakelines for the hydraulic approach.
Osama Bakht
Osama Bakht - 14 days ago
Who tf is that mark NASA engineer guy compared to this dude
Leader Puppy
Leader Puppy - 14 days ago
Wow they added terraria golf to real life
Chill Vinyls
Chill Vinyls - 14 days ago
Guys he's chill Michal Reeves
Fuzion Tony Gaming
Fuzion Tony Gaming - 14 days ago
Is this the one from last of us 2?
tv athome
tv athome - 15 days ago
agument my personality so i can get a girlfriend? realms of science fiction... i can dream
Artin akbari
Artin akbari - 15 days ago
what app is he he using to draw ?
Michael Wang
Michael Wang - 15 days ago
The third monitor is always a joke
Philip Martin
Philip Martin - 15 days ago
Hahahaha I have had similar issues doing serial interface programming. Delightful.
Grin Reaper Of Trolls
Grin Reaper Of Trolls - 15 days ago
14:16 i dunno why, but you reminded me of sherlock holmes just then. Come to think of it, you kind of remind me of benedict cumberbatch
Rose Lakatos
Rose Lakatos - 15 days ago
Anyone know what the app is that he uses for the drawing
KingDavid - 15 days ago
Wife pranks are the best
Aaron Rainey
Aaron Rainey - 15 days ago
Wife: So is this not a prank?
Husband: Its a golf club; how could this possibly be a prank?
😂 yea, there is no scar tissue there from prior pranks pulled by the husband.
Morris Walker
Morris Walker - 16 days ago
12:41 you need 2 adjust the servo so that it moves to where the club would be if the golf ball was there. Then it would be more accurate
Brian Rollins
Brian Rollins - 16 days ago
Patten it
David Bozic
David Bozic - 16 days ago
I am a golfer and screw machinist for 50 years. The club was great BUT you didn't think about pairing mechanical impact with supination of your left wrist. At impact the ball crawls up the face. This is what gives it height and spin. Your left wrist was constantly pronated, alas scooping. It must be supinated, always. Great channel!🐈
Riff Pickle
Riff Pickle - 16 days ago
Larry Singer
Larry Singer - 16 days ago
Seriously? Nobody commented on "wife mode" in the chipping challenge? That had me LOLing!!!
Maxwell Leiter
Maxwell Leiter - 16 days ago
Just a heads up if those are affiliate links in the description I think you legally need a disclaimer
gz_xim - 16 days ago
Why doesn’t this guy have millions of subs
Patty Dodero
Patty Dodero - 17 days ago
It kills me that he has all the smarts in the world all the tools one could want and saws through the shaft... as a club builder it was hard to watch. So cool though.
Nuel Sima
Nuel Sima - 18 days ago
*Abby wants to know your location*
Sai Girap
Sai Girap - 18 days ago
Up the editing a bit and add music and you could actually be the next Mark Rober
Spectronic5536 - 18 days ago
This man is making hacks
NPC #6133769420
NPC #6133769420 - 18 days ago
Can this work on Joel's head?
Nuel Sima
Nuel Sima - 18 days ago
Uncle Craig
Uncle Craig - 18 days ago
Where’s mark rover?
gary_neilson - 18 days ago
Quick, make more super complicated inventions for our entertainment! Your channel is exploding.
Meinlll - 19 days ago
Bean Burrito
Bean Burrito - 19 days ago
Obviously easier said than done, but just a possible recommendation on the slice and hook adjustment. You could set the Xo of the angle where you start the club, so the servo would adjust for the delta of that angle. In my mind, using the same mechanism for the club head angle should also work for the shaft, just rotated vertically. Again, way easier said than done but just a thought in case you were stuck
John Higgins
John Higgins - 19 days ago
Hey man, would u be interested in having some sort of intern for your channel? Im an engineering student at the university of denver and I think I could learn a lot more of hands-on engineering skills from you.
Gabriel 1
Gabriel 1 - 20 days ago
Maybe Charles Barkley can finally beat a toddler at golf with this club.
gideon healim
gideon healim - 20 days ago
Thanks for sharing. I like the design concept. Perhaps the design would be improved by coupling the club with an intelligent tee. The tee would communicate the x,y,z of the ball in order for the club to make last-second adjustments. (With a fixed reference, the error is grossly reduced.) Moreover, the tee could also be equipped with a line of sight between the ball and the hole, so the the ball's direction could also be more accurately calculated. Your design approach is intelligent using an iterative approach to determine the club's head angle. Instead adjust the error off of the theoretical flight rather than empirical method you now use. This approach would also reduce the error to result in a better flight trajectory. Great job in any case! Real engineering my friend. :)
Ed Perez
Ed Perez - 20 days ago
This guy is a wake up call. Made me realize that my potential in academics and (especially) engineering has been completely wasted and I regret ever decision I have made in the past 2 years
Mllr Hr
Mllr Hr - 20 days ago
You look like young Bill Gates.
Christian Ziller
Christian Ziller - 20 days ago
Aye is that Knights Play?
Zahra Fayyaz
Zahra Fayyaz - 20 days ago
You have amazing videos. Can you please tell us a little about your background and how you earned these skills?
Ankrzzz - 20 days ago
So you know u could make billions off just the fact u can change the kind of club it is
artyom 1457
artyom 1457 - 20 days ago
I am learning physics and never thought how to apply it in real life. It turns out I need to learn engineering and then I can finally use physics in a useful way. Great video. Had me interested all the way.
Alkenzie yowananta
Alkenzie yowananta - 21 day ago
Good .it works 👍
Kevin Shiflett
Kevin Shiflett - 21 day ago
Someone like this for putting would be cool
Jake - 21 day ago
You probably can't swing the club consistently because your form is really bad. When you swing a golf club your left arm is supposed to be straight and your right elbow tucked to your side. You bend both arms which is a no no
James Manley
James Manley - 22 days ago
Damn YouTube really hooked me up with a ‘fix your swing’ ad 😂
Easy Clapz
Easy Clapz - 22 days ago
This reminds me of that 1 episode in Stuck In The Middle
luqman md nor
luqman md nor - 22 days ago
Tbh, we all need a good ol'room/workshop tour
Jayden Lawson
Jayden Lawson - 22 days ago
You could release a spring-loaded face mechanism a moment before impact, therefore increasing your club-head speed astronomically
Jakeguy - 22 days ago
You should somehow make shoes that make you run faster or jump higher.
somebody - 22 days ago
Rare example of a channel had an average vid viewcount above sub count
Danny Danny
Danny Danny - 23 days ago
Collab with Colin Furze!
Azumi Maekawa
Azumi Maekawa - 23 days ago
I also developed a robotic throwing system with a similar concept last year.
MJohn TV
MJohn TV - 23 days ago
$ubbīñg baçk tõ anyøn3 who likeß thïs c0mmënt♥️♥️ l'm fã$T👌
J3FF _K_
J3FF _K_ - 23 days ago
This is dope!
alextwist8 - 23 days ago
Great video! Usually when I watch a video I find myself scrolling through the comments but you kept my attention all the way through.
lord tachanka
lord tachanka - 23 days ago
Make a baseball bat the gets you a homerun every time
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