Moneybagg Yo - Federal Fed feat. Future (Official Audio)

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pk_1 - 17 hours ago
Yooo Bagg & future gotta make a joint album/ mixtape🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Robert Whitten
Robert Whitten - 2 days ago
Unrelease money Bagg music click link
Jaymon Fair
Jaymon Fair - 2 days ago
Cant lie this song hard af 💯💯
Mark Ass Whimsy
Mark Ass Whimsy - 2 days ago
U can’t tell me Moneybagg didn’t write future verse
Dee May
Dee May - 4 hours ago
Chill future the goat, bodied moneybag shxt
Quartvorge Peavy
Quartvorge Peavy - 3 days ago
Future da Best
Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson - 4 days ago
Money bagg yo the business and future the truth my 2 favorite.. Curry and Clay Golden State.. MJ and Scottie Bulls..
Big10ent - 4 days ago
do a remix wit lil hust
millionhHI888 - 5 days ago
I ride around with the F&N loaded I’m my security that’s why I tote it
Sade Brisco
Sade Brisco - 5 days ago
I be going federal fed pop me a med then i burn her head
Candi Osama
Candi Osama - 5 days ago
Dammn everybody shouted out Kobe at one point
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner - 5 days ago
Damn this shit bang🔥
Rico Kendrick
Rico Kendrick - 6 days ago
RIP OG goat Kobe black mamba
clevette hill
clevette hill - 6 days ago
I love that skirttt
Cedric McDaniel
Cedric McDaniel - 6 days ago
goanar youl
goanar youl - 6 days ago
This song was harder just MoneyBagg. Future slick fucked up da song
Diamyne Keller
Diamyne Keller - 6 days ago
😩 he is 🔥
Ryan Safholm
Ryan Safholm - 6 days ago
"Tune your 808's" 😂
Vadorion Willis
Vadorion Willis - 7 days ago
This bih right here fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hit that like if true
D Bless
D Bless - 7 days ago
Damm that's all i can say.
Julio Ramos
Julio Ramos - 7 days ago
He know he not bout That Life , its fuck that lil Nigga & i meant what i said. Murdaaa!
Ravon Fowler
Ravon Fowler - 7 days ago
Kash k1d
Kash k1d - 8 days ago
future came in like his mama finally took him off punishment
Samaya Jones
Samaya Jones - 8 days ago
Cory Bannerman
Cory Bannerman - 8 days ago
Carlo Santana
Carlo Santana - 9 days ago
My lords nem went 🔥 and 🥶 at the same time!
Hooded Clique
Hooded Clique - 9 days ago
XpO - 9 days ago
Dem boys got that Juice
Izzy Luciano
Izzy Luciano - 9 days ago
I swear MoneyBagg Yo got the same flow but still got killer beats and bass 💯🔥
H. Nissen
H. Nissen - 10 days ago
He said “pooputt” 😂 I have only ever heard that from family out in the Caribbean (SGV). Boy change your clothes you look like a pooputt!
RobHeem216 - 2 days ago
I'm from Cleveland and that has been part of the slang out here my whole life. I'm 27
FantasticVictor - 10 days ago
Fu always killing it 🔥🔥
Ryen Davis
Ryen Davis - 10 days ago
Yall cap future was decent he didn't go crazy
Rich Shootah
Rich Shootah - 9 days ago
Period... 😭
Eric Howard
Eric Howard - 10 days ago
Future never gonna stop tell he done every track ✅
Banana Clip Cossey
Banana Clip Cossey - 10 days ago
Future really reinventin himself
New Bread
New Bread - 10 days ago
Im on they ass this summer
Tanisha streeter
Tanisha streeter - 10 days ago
Shitttt 🔥🔥🔥
Marvelous James
Marvelous James - 11 days ago
Cup full of hi-tech
Rasheem Foster
Rasheem Foster - 12 days ago
This bang yo 🔥
Artis williams
Artis williams - 12 days ago
Derrick Thompson
Derrick Thompson - 12 days ago
Mark steven
Mark steven - 12 days ago
This moneybagg yo album 😂 but hit that like button if future still the
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Shake Music Channel
Shake Music Channel - 12 days ago
OG Kennedy
OG Kennedy - 13 days ago
Out of nowhere Money Bags Yo has become a living legend that album is fuckin crazy who agrees he needs a collab album with Future ??? I would buy that an not open it for antique status 1day
G.i.O Underwood
G.i.O Underwood - 13 days ago
Here because I heard #MoneyBaggYo say CUP FULL OF HIGH TEC 0:27 👀🔥🔥🙏✈️
Sedrick Gipson
Sedrick Gipson - 13 days ago
Ada Odelia
Ada Odelia - 13 days ago
Brooklyn Flo
Brooklyn Flo - 14 days ago
Future going Future Mode🤾🔥😎.
V-MEKKA - 14 days ago
This shit is a top tier banger
Yonathan Mengistu
Yonathan Mengistu - 14 days ago
Please bagg, for the love of all that is holy, please do a mixtape with Future. Federal Bandz would be the hardest shit to come out in years...🔥💯
Opticz Spamz
Opticz Spamz - 15 days ago
Fucc dat lil nigga i meant wat i said.😈😈🐐
James Satterfield
James Satterfield - 15 days ago
Jus listen to “Moment of Truth” now I’m blasting this one Yo
Trumpumentary 6
Trumpumentary 6 - 15 days ago
Nicki Minaj should jump on this 🔥
Kev Tv
Kev Tv - 15 days ago
Future disrespectful 😂😂
Britney Tidmore
Britney Tidmore - 15 days ago
DJ Fred 100
DJ Fred 100 - 15 days ago
Hardest song on the album. Future straight violating Scotty!!! Lol
YungK17VEVO - 15 days ago
"If I don't know them Im charging them KOBE" - R.I.P GOAT 🙏
Daniel Burton
Daniel Burton - 15 days ago
Future went dumb... just to say bagg ain’t slacking in da studio
Curry - 15 days ago
future always fucckn on somebody’s wife 😂😂
Kelly Kells
Kelly Kells - 16 days ago
Boss shit 100
Chelsey Moman
Chelsey Moman - 16 days ago
Fire AF ♥️
Ed R
Ed R - 16 days ago
@ 7k wattS. This shit hits onna different lvl
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