Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Final Trailer (My Thoughts)

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SoapKingston - 15 hours ago
Oh man. Cant you all just be happy to get a new STAR WARS MOVIE?!
Today everything needs to be critical reviewd and nothing is good because there are always people with problems. I wished we would not have this huge internet community to make every opinion the only one opinion. Star wars will always be star wars. I dont care what happend in the last jedi. Im so hyped for the last movie
Matt Sawyer
Matt Sawyer - 18 hours ago
At this point, I wish Disney had left Star Wars alone. I remember when I just had to dislike a few things in the prequels. I miss those times.
MadGabe82508 - Day ago
The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ends with Luke waking up on the island and all 3 movies were force visions.....
JS B - Day ago
You forgot to mention the horses thrown in with the ships. Horses!
Zephyr - Day ago
I seriously hate C-3PO's line "Taking one last look, sir, at my friends." Uhm, literally NONE of your friends are there. None of them. You've shared a total of what, 5 minutes of screen time with any of those characters? Shameless, pathetic, emotional manipulation...and it doesn't even work! lol
Damien Chavez
Damien Chavez - Day ago
What if it turns out Rey is palpatines grand daughter
Guitarsthatkill - Day ago
Then it'd be like finding out that instead of a dog-doo sandwich, it was a cat ass-cigar sandwich. Either way.... Anything other than Rey being a clone of Luke's hand is a disaster given the 1st two disney movies flow and plot. But after all we're hearing from rumours/'spoilers' they aren't going for that angle.
spid3rfant0ny - Day ago
You got it wrong all wrong it's going to be Rey training Luke it would finish the whole Awoken phase. Just kidding but seriously Rey needs training?
TheJzai - Day ago
What really annoys me with this new trilogy is the never ending ships that just spawn out of nowhere. After the Empire lost, you'd think they would be weaker in numbers but the First Order come outs making the Empire look like nothing, then with each movie the fleet just gets bigger and bigger and bigger even though everything gets destroyed. Now we get to see the resistance use the same hacks. How many ships should the resistance have now?

Resistance: Yes.
Panagiotopoulos George
Panagiotopoulos George - 2 days ago
Let’s say...that at the opening sheen of rise of of the skywalker Po dies. Who cares???nobody. Honestly. No one will care. That’s how bud thinks are for starwars.
Blair Guinn
Blair Guinn - 2 days ago
I want to watch this movie because I want to see how they are going to get themselves out of this hole they made.
James Abrams
James Abrams - 4 days ago
Hopefully this is a “New Hope” for this last movie 🤣
Joshua Bulmer
Joshua Bulmer - 8 days ago
Okay Jeremy if the movie is good you better put the star wars cape back on!!!! Deal?
BowlofIndoMee - 9 days ago
Why Rey needs to be trained when she's already better than Luke
LoganBluth - 9 days ago
Jeremy, usually I love your videos, but I feel like you went into this one determined to nitpick and complain about the trailer. You always say you hate when trailers give too much away yet for this one you wanted more info. I think less was definitely the way to go with this trailer since it wasn't going to change anyone's mind about whether to see the movie or not - At this point people are either going or they're boycotting.

The line about confronting fear makes sense with regards to TLJ because Luke started the movie ashamed and unable to deal with his failure in training Ben (FEAR) and then ended it at peace after having been able to make his stand and face Ren who he felt responsible for creating (FACING his fear). I understand you may have hated the character progression, but just inserting literally THE FIRST SCENE HE IS IN in TLJ is not a fair representation of Luke's arc in the movie.

And with the million ships, well Abrams is just taking his cue from George who opened RotS with ALL THE SHIPS!!! Haha. I mean, you can't say it's not in keeping with the franchise's previous example.
zaandarbrow - 10 days ago
you should definitely review some of saber comp 2019 its a competition hosted everty year to upload the best fan duels and some are better than the films lol
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard - 10 days ago
Seems like committing suicide is the way to become powerful in this world. Stupid.
Neal X
Neal X - 10 days ago
Shouldn't a lightsaber being deluged in water be creating a lot of I dunno, steam? My two cents I don't give a shit about this movie anymore.
Selena Dominguez
Selena Dominguez - 10 days ago
The trailer is so... generic? There's nothing new.
jay be
jay be - 11 days ago
Disney is a garbage and JJ Abrahms is a garbage director, so what are the chances this movie isn't garbage?
Waffles For Days
Waffles For Days - 11 days ago
Star Wars is dead, just accept it and move on Star Wars isn`t worth anyones time anymore
Valarius J.
Valarius J. - 11 days ago
Why does the resistance suddenly have an armada seemingly larger than both the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion at its peak combined when in the last film the majority of them were wiped out? Why is cowardly luke who hid for decades suddenly preaching that a Jedi should face fear? Why is diet Palpatine waiting for someone he's never met or had anything to do with before this script was penned?
I am incapable of being optimistic for this movie after what we've seen so far, and this is after the two re-shoots of the movie. I really look forward to Jeremy's review of it but please do not pay money to see this in a theater Jeremy. You become part of the problem that enables them to shove out this heartless, Hollywood garbage if you do. Even good intentions can have disastrous repercussions.
ben eadie
ben eadie - 12 days ago
i truly feel bad for the people who are so goddamn ignorant that they can’t enjoy anything that’s not the original and feel the need to bring people down who like it
Specialist in Failure
Specialist in Failure - 12 days ago
So... what exactly was this trilogy about?
degenatron 23
degenatron 23 - 13 days ago
they wont kill lando because he's not a straight white male, he's safe
RappelKarton - 13 days ago
The Emperor is back? What? I dont even know or care anymore. I think I'll have a wank instead of watching more of this garbage trilogy
Collin Adams-Henderson
Collin Adams-Henderson - 13 days ago
Hopefully the movie is as good as the trailer.
Akiraspin - 13 days ago
"I hope it's better than Solo."
The bar is that low now is it?
Luke Ulibarri
Luke Ulibarri - 8 days ago
Akiraspin - 13 days ago
I can't believe I'm going to say this...
But I'm done with Star Wars.
An overwhelming sense of loss has just overwhelmed me.
Cry Havoc
Cry Havoc - 13 days ago
JJ is a joke of a storyteller! He never creates anything original! Why does he keep getting jobs!
Cry Havoc
Cry Havoc - 13 days ago
The entire treatment of Luke, Han, and Leia was disrespectful to the original story!
Jack Krmpstee
Jack Krmpstee - 14 days ago
I mean allegedly they are still filming this movie, and they have 6 different endings to pick from. Maybe that's why the trailer doesn't say a whole lot.
lostcause78 - 14 days ago
"I hope they aren't just throwing more ships and more stuff at the screen so it looks bigger."
That's pretty much JJ's way of doing things though.
May - 14 days ago
Jem jacket noice 😍 liked
Kylo D. What is a kylo d.
Binge Think
Binge Think - 14 days ago
It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
Marcel Nobrega
Marcel Nobrega - 14 days ago
This ships reminds me of Game of Thrones final episode, they need to make them respawn to make eveything look more epic and make less sense.
YjT Echo
YjT Echo - 14 days ago
“Confronting fear that’s the way of a Jedi” *Yeets lightsaber over cliff*
Shade Gotti
Shade Gotti - 14 days ago
bro.. even luke skywalker himself is dissappointed in these movies. its the 3rd and final installment of the 3rd trilogy in the saga. and i still have no idea what the fuck is going on 😂
Turtle Quirk
Turtle Quirk - 14 days ago
Click right here to Seymour
Mack M
Mack M - 15 days ago
This new Star Wars needs to die
AlphaTrion92 - 15 days ago
Ok, so in ROTJ Palpatine was thrown down a shaft and incinerated. And then the Death Star blows up. But SOMEHOW old Palp's is back........if this isn't desperation to save this garbage new trilogy I don't know what is.
AlphaTrion92 - 11 days ago
SicParvisMagna123 well obviously EU's Dark Empire Series is just as dumb with an idea like that.
SicParvisMagna123 - 11 days ago
You've obviously never heard of the EU's Dark Empire series where Palpatine came back from the dead.
Pipe_Slinger_ 215
Pipe_Slinger_ 215 - 15 days ago
Lots of fanboys in the comment section doing absolute mental gymnastics here to try and prove some semblance of a plot line or character arc.
Truth is, this disastrous Disney trilogy has single handedly destroyed decades worth of lore and fandom. They are complete dog shit, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
How any of you can be fans of Jeremy’s great critical work, and find yourselves in support of these garbage movies is beyond confusing.
Red - 15 days ago
Don't watch Star Wars X !!!
cbesmer7 - 15 days ago
Do you remember TLJ at all? Luke confronts his fear at the end by facing Ben.
cbesmer7 - 12 days ago
@Leppy0014 Interesting theory.🤔
Leppy0014 - 12 days ago
Nobody forgot about it. Nobody bought it.
cbesmer7 - 13 days ago
@Akiraspin Luke stayed in exile because he believed the Jedi only made things worse when they interfered, which is true at times, demonstrated by the prequels.
Akiraspin - 13 days ago
Yeah, he did it after *hiding for 30 years and letting the First Order massacre millions*
cbesmer7 - 14 days ago
@Peter Korman Yes. I'm fine with people not liking "Grumpy Luke" and what Rian did with him. But choosing to forget that he did the most heroic Jedi act at the end to save his friends just befuddles me.
MIGHTY PUNK - 15 days ago
The movie ends with a small child telling a middle aged Luke about a comic he has written ep 7.8.9 then Luke says to him that’s a interesting story but here let’s make it better BOOM roll credits 😂
jim jack
jim jack - 15 days ago
Halfway through the movie, it's revealed that Plagueis was puppeteering a fake body of Palpatine, who actually died on the death star. He did this to win over those who were still loyal to the Emperor. He also reveals he is the father of Palpatine, who artificially created Anakin through the dark side of the force. When Anakin failed, Palpatine tried to create another child, Rey, but failed. So Plagueis continues Palpatines work and uses his own force energy to finish what Palpatine started. When Rey and Ben Solo fight Plagueis, they realize the only way they can defeat him is by draining him of his power, which is stored in Rey. Rey briefly tricks Plagueis that she turns to the dark side to let his guard down, then stabs both him and herself in the heart, allowing Ben to finish him off. As Rey dies, she tells Ben he must continue the Skywalker name. The Skywalkers rise again.
FreemenLiveFree - 16 days ago
do I have to watch the other 2 movies to watch this movie? comments?
Roc Arson
Roc Arson - 16 days ago
jojo rabbit please
St. Frank
St. Frank - 16 days ago
Jeremy quit the fucking act and admit already that the sequels are way shittier than the prequels.
elagc - 16 days ago
The socially "woke" Disney thought the fans were stupid.   They tried to use the SW platform to advance a trendy social agenda but it backfired on them.   They killed the goose that laid the golden egg and now the are trying to wring another egg out of a dead goose.
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote - 16 days ago
Hope Threepio turns into an HK-47 badass
Isaiah Colesanti
Isaiah Colesanti - 16 days ago
I honestly hope this film is better than The Last Jedi. I feel like if J.J. Abrams directed and wrote The Last Jedi the movie would be less of a mess. He had plans to make The Last Jedi a good ACT II of the Trilogy, but Rian Johnson steps in and butchers The Last Jedi with plot holes. Abrams from what I hope is picking up the broken pieces of The Last Jedi and has to come up with something totally new now that Snoke is dead he has to bring back Palpatine which is once again something unoriginal. Snoke should’ve stayed alive and have more character time, but instead all we got was a one-dimensional corpse. Damn it, if only we had better directing and writing for The Last Jedi, then we wouldn’t have Rise Of Skywalker being the film that says sorry about the mess. So I’m really mixed but I’m hoping J.J. Brings something improved and better than the Last Jedi.
Adrock 99
Adrock 99 - 16 days ago
The Prequels aged well like fine wine.
Hernando Escamilla
Hernando Escamilla - 16 days ago
So no Maleficent: Mistress of Evil review hum? Fine be that way. :(
The GratefulGamer
The GratefulGamer - 16 days ago
1:52 That overlay deserves to be played in theaters. 10/10 Funny sh*t
jj C
jj C - 17 days ago
fuck Disney , how the fuck are horses running around in space , on a fucken space ship ,fuck,fuck , the movie looks fucked, what a sad sad joke
Josh Miller
Josh Miller - 17 days ago
If Anakin aint in it, i'm fucking done
SEP SE7EN - 17 days ago
You fucking rock Jeremy 🤘🏽
LiamTheCarr - 17 days ago
My humble opinion on the sequel trilogy (well the TFA and TLJ), I like the films for the sake of them being good films because at the core, they are well made and entertaining. However, I do not like them as Star Wars films. TFA was alright and I had a good time watching it and have enjoyed watching it again since, however TLJ I just thought was a terrible Star Wars film althought it was a good film (that doesn't sound like it makes a lot of sense but go with me), I didn't mind it when I first saw it but after watching it a few times after I just felt like I was wasting my time because for me the plot of TLJ just doesn't move anywhere and doesn't provide enough leading onto the next films. Having said that, JJ looks like he is trying to right a few wrongs with this final film so I'm hoping it's going to be enjoyable and provides at least a good closing and end to the arc of probably the biggest franchise in the world.
At the end of it all though, this is still going to be huge and whatever happens, the mouse will be raking it in ($$$£$$£) and has already taken my money because I've already booked to see it at midnight haha.
It's Star Wars at the end of the day.
Mrblurr - 17 days ago
The thing Rey and Kylo are destroying in the trailer is the Vader mask and it's stone stand. I thought that was kinda clear (you can see the mask at the top of it fly off when they hit it) but I could be wrong.
SicParvisMagna123 - 17 days ago
An article said it was a shrine to Vader. So that's not his actual helmet.
Matt Boquist
Matt Boquist - 17 days ago
I think I'm in the same spot. Cautiously optimistic. I want the sequel trilogy to end on a high note, but honestly, after the utter abomination that was TLJ, I just don't see a way out of this trilogy that leaves me saying "OK, that was good, that was great even!"
Disney, if anything, has made me sadly look forward to them supposedly "ending" the Skywalker saga if only because it means they can't do any more harm to it and I can just stick with the original EU "Legends" for a far better and more satisfying story progression for both my old heroes and the many new ones the Legends universe gave me.
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