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Atozy - 3 months ago
Thanks for the support recently guys! It's honestly insane.
Also If you wanna follow me outside of youtube you can find me on twitter and instagram as @atozy
William Mullen
William Mullen - 9 days ago
Atozy 1:55 if you don't know what you are talking about and you just walked in on someone watching the video they would just say uhhhhhhhhhhh
Makhia Brandon
Makhia Brandon - 27 days ago
Atozy yo you mighy special
Emily’s life
Emily’s life - 29 days ago
Iam a girl and Iam a gamer so respect that
thtfhuj tutu
thtfhuj tutu - Month ago
Why would the controllers be on if they are just doing a video? They aren't going to be in game singing on tik Tok, that's hardly fraud
Nom Nom
Nom Nom - 4 hours ago
I just want to know how the fuck they are so many people at once
Peypocalypse - 6 hours ago
complaining about content being unoriginal and annoying and then just making a video about watching tik toks. interesting tactic for views I guess.
rigz - 6 hours ago
if i had a death note and knew all their names poof they go
Eggmon -
Eggmon - - 19 hours ago
Basically none of the are wearing headsets or at least headphones with mics, half of their controllers are off, they’re “playing” on consoles that don’t support Overwatch. This is a mess someone please alert the Gamer Police™️.
ugh CRINGE - Day ago
8:59 thank me later
Laura BS
Laura BS - Day ago
I am a gamer girl, not a tik tok gamer girl :D
Mandy Rosenthal
Mandy Rosenthal - Day ago
That’s just kind a rude because some girls like actually like to game so you’re just offensive that’s just really offensive to me that’s why I unlikeed
DuecePiece - Day ago
Girl "gamers" 😂👏
roo_yoboo - Day ago
What are the odds i had a tik tok add before this vid
Leah Is a potato
Leah Is a potato - 2 days ago
Wait so wat with fake gamer girls... what about real ones...I have a Mac and ps4 and x-box I have over watch, fortnite, and call of duty.
General r3tard
General r3tard - 2 days ago
Filthy Frank would obliterate tik tok in one video

Glittery Mess
Glittery Mess - 2 days ago
it’s okay there doing that for fun I mean who is going to take 5 or 10 minutes for a tik tok video...
RadFist 2nd
RadFist 2nd - 2 days ago
People on the news: Cancer is spreading really quick... The hospitals don't have anymore room.The doctors don't know the cause...
Me: TIK TOK.... I wanna be tracer
Scarlett Schnapp
Scarlett Schnapp - 2 days ago
Omg You’re an actual mood
Annie Fandom
Annie Fandom - 2 days ago
who cares? They're having fun that's all that matters.
Fire Ring
Fire Ring - 2 days ago
6:14 thats a ps2 controller not ps3
shell yeah
shell yeah - 2 days ago
No we do not I am a real gamer girl I have a PS4 I play roblox and fortnight
Edit : i I know I spelt it it wrong
King Spade [flowerrune]

*12 yr old gamer girl has left the server*
Moltoy Gaming
Moltoy Gaming - 2 days ago
What a wonderful video you made here, keep it up
subweekend - 3 days ago
cbeyer23 - 3 days ago
Just because they make a trend video doesn't mean they aren't a gamer. You're contributing to the problem of teenage Vito gamers being labeled as sluts. They're kids
Julie Poor Bear
Julie Poor Bear - 3 days ago
Rip plants...
XxpነxAl ᙎoLfYxX
XxpነxAl ᙎoLfYxX - 4 days ago
more like tik tok gamer boys need to be stopped
Main_Ladyy - 4 days ago
Stop being hater some people don't know it is from over watch that is what tic toc is for to have fun and not be judged so leave people alone and stop doing tic toc vids if u don't know what tic toc is for
Tommy Breward
Tommy Breward - 4 days ago
Don’t zoom in so much you badsters
Devi - 5 days ago
You know that you can turn off a controller light
Charon Ferryman
Charon Ferryman - 5 days ago
30k fake gamer slootz downvoted this video...
Regal Fae Creates
Regal Fae Creates - 5 days ago
I might slice my wrists if I watch another second of Tik Tok.
MyStudios !
MyStudios ! - 5 days ago
okay but their control doesn't have to be on for a short music vid and they can enjoy the game but they don't have the system for it😂 like..? lmao
Your Name
Your Name - 5 days ago
Wow the chemistry is non existent. And he's not funny
Hazuki Ayami
Hazuki Ayami - 6 days ago
If your putting this video your just judging I know your mad. At them and the song is annoying and the controller and the headphones but just don’t just judge people please not trying to be mean
Joshua Oana
Joshua Oana - 6 days ago
Umm, just stop and go continue watching cringy K-pop vidoes. These videos are obviously not for you.
E. E
E. E - 6 days ago
The truth is tik Tok should be stoped period
Glorified thots
Part of plant Gang
Part of plant Gang - 6 days ago
I want to shove a fork down my throat right now
Kira O-verWhelm
Kira O-verWhelm - 6 days ago
can somebody please tell me the ending song being played? TQ
jdrive03 - 6 days ago
If I ever shoot myself in the face, at least I know which song to listen to for motivation.
Nexcas - 6 days ago
so this TikTok song thing is about Two people arguing over which hero they want to be,

*Tell me whats wrong in this*
YourBoi Boi
YourBoi Boi - 7 days ago
a real gamer would look soulless.
Beeboona Poop
Beeboona Poop - 7 days ago
I’m an actual gamer girl and if i asked them how to pronounce McCree they would probably say BcCree bc that what sounds like and I be like do u know what overwatch is bruv
Dnd-ish Official
Dnd-ish Official - 7 days ago
Everytime I see a tik tok gamer girl video, they always have a PS3 charger and act if they're playing Overwatch, And it triggers me so hard
natelobo93 - 7 days ago
Yea but half of them are pretty hot so its ok
Alisha Southern
Alisha Southern - 7 days ago
Girls can be gamers to! I I am!!!!!! AFENSIF
Alberto Abolafio
Alberto Abolafio - 7 days ago
I dont know what is dumber: the fact that tik tok exists, these retards doing shit with their time, or this guy who actually gives a fuck about the retards....
Chase Minatrea
Chase Minatrea - 7 days ago
Do you understand the bullshit that Tiktok is? Or are you trying to get views on a vid?!
Joshua Oana
Joshua Oana - 6 days ago
um, do you want to repeat wtf you're trying to say?
k9dutch gaming
k9dutch gaming - 8 days ago
i dont know if this is satire or the truth im confused
Kermit Tha frog
Kermit Tha frog - 8 days ago
They are ruinning or gamer image
Yandere Andrade
Yandere Andrade - 8 days ago
Im not being rude But they are Just doing it for fun your Just like fraude gamer so what if their not gamers I Just put thumbs down for this I want to vomit on your face because their Just having fun fraude you
Voodoo King
Voodoo King - 8 days ago
What an annoying song. Also, that dude with 2 lbs on make up on should have done the female part
AlmightyJamFod - 8 days ago
why is the thumbnail a btec belle delphine?
no u
no u - 8 days ago
I got 4 tik tok adds....
Angel Vix
Angel Vix - 8 days ago
I disliked this antil I sore the one whith the guy and his mother LAMAO♥
Shadelost - 8 days ago
what is the name of this genre, as a girl on the preview?
sadie gaspar
sadie gaspar - 8 days ago
I hate this dude
Ray Is Okay
Ray Is Okay - 9 days ago
Got a TikTok ad
__Anime__Is__ __real__
__Anime__Is__ __real__ - 9 days ago
*Sorry about those people sir, I’ll go finish your sandwich.*
Mysuky_Yukiel Mares_Samano
No entendí nada pero me gustó el vídeo ❤️😍
Mobile Games Haven
Mobile Games Haven - 9 days ago
Half of those Xbox 360 controllers were Xbox One controllers that weren't lit
R B - 9 days ago
Can someone tell me what is this song about, its origin, meaning, point of doing this vids?
Cheese weasel 1234
Cheese weasel 1234 - 9 days ago
Now every time I hear “I want to be tracer” I want to kill myself
Can Tin
Can Tin - 9 days ago
You must play the game while lip syncing?
Salman Azad
Salman Azad - 9 days ago
Do you want to stop something actually worth something?? Stop Tiktok.
Sad Goat
Sad Goat - 9 days ago
. This is very rude. ;-;
I am a female and I play Minecraft
Pear bear
Pear bear - 10 days ago
Yeah they should stop being a gamer and join the furrys!
ZeddisonS - 10 days ago
ZeddisonS - 10 days ago
I hate that he said maverick baker was a fraud!! I am a huge fan of Maverick Baker!!!!!
Jack Walters
Jack Walters - 10 days ago
"Her controller isn't even on".

Jesus Christ, do people honestly think that these are supposed to be real events? These are just girls making some kind of music video where they sing while playing a video game.

Do you also think that action movies are documentations of actual events? Maybe when The Rock was jumping on a burning skyscraper in that movie, he was indeed trying to save his wife and kids from the evil terrorists who set it on fire, or when the Avengers were fighting Thanos, they were in fact fighting for the future of the galaxy against the "mad titan" and everything in the movie, took place.

What's next? Are you going to "out" Victoria's Secret models who are on the catwalk with angel wings on their backs, for not being able to actually fly because their wings aren't actually real?

They don't spontaneously start singing while playing a video game, just like a singer who sings in a video clip where he's, I don't know, driving or shooting a gun or wrestling a bear, is not actually driving, shooting a gun or wrestling a bear! You don't HAVE to actually do the thing you seem to be doing in the music video.
If in the video you are seen to be snorting coke and fucking bitches for example (your average RAP video clip), that doesn't mean that you MUST be snorting coke while doing it, and fucking the actual models they have there sitting in the tub with you. You can like, you know, pretend and stuff! The coke is probably sugar or something and the models are just paid to twerk in the tub while in full make up.
Scarygamer 2005
Scarygamer 2005 - 3 days ago
Jack Walters bruh shut up
Internet Drifter
Internet Drifter - 10 days ago
11:28 😖😖😖😵
Karley Swarts
Karley Swarts - 10 days ago
I seriously have no fucking idea what Winston or Genji are, but if I ever hear this song again I'll kms.
Karley Swarts
Karley Swarts - 10 days ago
How'd this nibba get 5 million views on this video? 😂😂🤷‍♀
Dominique DoesNotExist
Dominique DoesNotExist - 11 days ago
TikTok’s time must come to an end, along with every other stupid annoying apps similar to it, because, those on Snapchat that just keep popping up are so cringeworthy. So so so cringey
Jonathan Murphy
Jonathan Murphy - 11 days ago
Hussa - 11 days ago
I almost died from laughter🤣 keep it up
Hussa - 11 days ago
Lol. I love ur videos they’re so funny.
Shante Shanice
Shante Shanice - 11 days ago
Tell me why the tik tok add pop up
Christian Abernethy
Christian Abernethy - 11 days ago
Whats the title of that song?
Jackie Frerking
Jackie Frerking - 11 days ago
Your so ugly
Hidden Bunnies
Hidden Bunnies - 11 days ago
Only real "Gamer girls" dont go on TikTok, They're to busy getting Fortnite Royals..
16bitFishing - 11 days ago
I stopped playing video games because of this song
Cristian Orozco
Cristian Orozco - 12 days ago
All the ads I got on this video were about tiktok...🤦🏽‍♂️
Haneen Erbab
Haneen Erbab - 12 days ago
And most people use others peoples contact because their to scared to make their own 😝
Haneen Erbab
Haneen Erbab - 12 days ago
Ok your vids are good but it kinda hurts when you said gamer GIRL the tittle hurts I'm a gamer I'm a girl but I never be a fraud so could you next time say for the tittle gamer fraud thx
KeepinItToasty - 12 days ago
My fav part was 12:58

Because I didn’t have to listen to that song anymore
locus viper
locus viper - 12 days ago
are you by any chance Tuxbirds brother
Broderyk Poole
Broderyk Poole - 12 days ago
Weebs (totally not like me) are coming next
Gacha Taco
Gacha Taco - 12 days ago
Eh hrm!

Firt off it's meant to be a joke

Second I'm a
real gamer girl
Jay Ruiz
Jay Ruiz - 12 days ago
Shes not good at recording
Evie Da Potato
Evie Da Potato - 12 days ago
Better nto involve me as one. Im a Real Gamer girl and a tik tok user. So if you want proof comment on one of my videos. Im not fake :
Jonathan Powell
Jonathan Powell - 13 days ago
You have a great point, but one girl had a Nintendo switch pro controller and you didnt point it out
leland 257
leland 257 - 13 days ago
The thumbnail wtf
Ashfam Forlife
Ashfam Forlife - 13 days ago
i am not hating put that is offensive bc we are just making tik toks we dont make them to be told to stop.again not hating
Sylveon46 Mixmedia
Sylveon46 Mixmedia - 13 days ago
Whhhyyyyy aren’t there fingers on the triggers 😂 😂 😂 that really bothers me
AllOverAgain - 13 days ago
"Maybe I'll be Tracer..."
*dressed as **D.VA*
James ChargerThe 4Th
James ChargerThe 4Th - 13 days ago
this song is literally how stupid bitches are they ONLY WANT EVERYTHING A MAN WANTS STUPID LEACHES
Amai Nanami
Amai Nanami - 13 days ago
I'm female
I'm gamer
I hate tiktok
So yeah
ailsas stuff
ailsas stuff - 13 days ago
Itscrystalomg Itsmyboycringein
My friend took a video of me reading the lunime comic and named a seven year old muffin reading the lunime comic with me lol
Itscrystalomg Itsmyboycringein
I’m seven years old playing Gacha life bruh
screen shakes*
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson - 14 days ago
The thumbnail of Belle Delphine though! 😂
Sky Rune
Sky Rune - 14 days ago
Lies. I have messy blonde hair, and blue eyes. But, even if my ugly ass was on tik tok, I'd have none XD
Sky Rune
Sky Rune - 14 days ago
No followers*
Sky Rune
Sky Rune - 14 days ago
Lmao, the only game I play is Ark on Xbox and Call of Duty XD
user - 13 days ago
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