Try Not To Laugh Challenge #47 - At Home Edition!

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Smosh Pit
Smosh Pit - Month ago
I'm Helen Mirren.
Aysia Thorne
Aysia Thorne - 7 days ago
coachella at home.
6ix God
6ix God - 21 day ago
Why didnt they just disconnect their headphones and play audio from a speaker ?
MANIAKT - 21 day ago
I'm not sure how Helen Mirren feels about that.
Nebula Cheese
Nebula Cheese - 26 days ago
Im cheese
ADX Cat - Month ago
Nick Hull
Nick Hull - 3 days ago
Wether you like Amish or not, we can all agree with Damien and say that the most recent Star Wars movies are absolute dogshit
TheRealTone - 4 days ago
Why don’t you cover the cameras wit clear plastic?
Aysia Thorne
Aysia Thorne - 7 days ago
coachella at home
Mihaela Dulic
Mihaela Dulic - 7 days ago
I just realized that my sense of humor is Olivia Sui
kotvtvko - 8 days ago
I always want these kinds of videos
giorno giovanna
giorno giovanna - 8 days ago
Haha it's like full
house whoah epic
Norcal Bowhunter
Norcal Bowhunter - 9 days ago
I really think you should move to this format in the future. Not the zoom call, but the harmonica over a mouth full of water. I feel like you guys make people laugh, they just don't spit water. Since the challenge is "Try not to laugh" not don't spit water. I think a better way to do it would be to switch like this. Because then they would really have to try not to laugh or they will blow air. Just seems a better system to me.
Alex Hunter
Alex Hunter - 11 days ago
Is it just me or is Courtney and Olivia really unfunny and cringey
Tyler Little
Tyler Little - Day ago
Courtney and Olivia are funny and the good kind a cringe. And we all love both of them.
Blues Harp Ninja
Blues Harp Ninja - 12 days ago
I’m glad to see my favorite instrument being involved in one of these challenges.
Rebekah Yurschak
Rebekah Yurschak - 14 days ago
no one is talking about the way damien said coronaVIRUS like cardi b that sent me
Fearley Brownlee
Fearley Brownlee - 14 days ago
jay z
Emma Wheeler
Emma Wheeler - 16 days ago
I kinda wanna see a try not to laugh but they're drunk, I feel like that would end in a lot of comedy
Preston Gerry
Preston Gerry - 17 days ago
Shoutout to Ian for telling everyone he loves us the entire video ❤️
socrative - 18 days ago
Please lose the harmonicas, just be honest if you laugh......
Lonely People
Lonely People - 18 days ago
the girls name was Britney poor Britney
Kwenspi - 19 days ago
So, trying to enter quarantine eh?
Luis smith
Luis smith - 19 days ago
Britney is a unit at apple
Tate Ng
Tate Ng - 19 days ago
I want to be your friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ I want to meet all of you guys
Tatiana Kandiah
Tatiana Kandiah - 20 days ago
All smosh members have this in common

All are very funny
All are good people
All have really weird laughs
luckypants2020 - 20 days ago
I think a good joke is to say

You see this white belt it used to be black
New Day Rising
New Day Rising - 21 day ago
Can we have more Smosh Tank now? OK Great thanks!!
HappyC Is Me
HappyC Is Me - 22 days ago
Soy Boys and Beta Males!!!!
Mani Kanta
Mani Kanta - 22 days ago
3:39 i thought it was an August D mug
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches - 23 days ago
Shayne was SO IMMEDIATELY UPSET at Courtney's call
LittleMiss Stef
LittleMiss Stef - 23 days ago
When he shows the horse:
Courtney: woah that’s incredible!
Everyone: woah!
Shayne: I don’t like that at all😂
Sean Dumont
Sean Dumont - 23 days ago
You guys should get one with jontron
basically speb
basically speb - 23 days ago
is this a wilbur soot reference
Alianbow - 24 days ago
Shayne's ability to just full on commit to a bit is amazing
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug - 25 days ago
Slightly Distressed Slug
Slightly Distressed Slug - 25 days ago
Why does an adult man just... have butterscotch the pony, every child’s dream? Not that I’m judging. Those big FurReal friends are NOT cheap though. would have KILLED to have her when I was little.
Luna - 25 days ago
Shane’s face when he has the harmonica in— no shame and I’m living for it lmaooo
Raven - 25 days ago
Bag Man was genuinely Ian's funniest bit, that was incredible
Flavored Gas
Flavored Gas - 25 days ago
"the bullsh*t storyline of the recent star wars" really got me
Mason G
Mason G - 26 days ago
I'm not trying to be mean, but I've watched enough smosh videos at this point to start to question Olivia's presence on the show? She doesn't make anyone laugh on the show? She doesn't seem to have a humor bone at all? I don't understand why she stays a part of the show when she brings nothing to it?
Husky Darklove
Husky Darklove - 26 days ago
I love this. Its brilliant
DatMexican Jose
DatMexican Jose - 26 days ago
Wait... this isnt my zoom meeting
Ira Malonzo
Ira Malonzo - 27 days ago
Shayne, that's what you call commitment. But, Olivia is the champ here, honestly 🤣🤣🤣 MVP dude!
Morten Asphaug
Morten Asphaug - 27 days ago
Plz find something else then harmonica next time, or atleast remove it when u are out, to much noice
Assassin Link
Assassin Link - 27 days ago
Hold up did damien have an ac oddysey helmet
Lorna Gwilliam
Lorna Gwilliam - 27 days ago
Courtney sees horse, flashback to "She's a rescue, but I'm not"
Fisto 69
Fisto 69 - 28 days ago
Fus Ro Doodles is my new favorite thing!
Gamooch - 28 days ago
I wish I could hear the jokes. The harmonicas and background music are so loud.
Tim Maher
Tim Maher - 28 days ago
Tommy has to bring back this character again 😅
Alex Gongaga
Alex Gongaga - 28 days ago
Petition for smosh to do a reddit video?
Augusto POLI
Augusto POLI - 28 days ago
I want, no, I NEED daily Shayne News updates throughout the quarantine.
Lexi Venx
Lexi Venx - 28 days ago
okay how did i not realize this before buy damien looks like Chaeles Percy from greys anatomy??
Sam Tankersley
Sam Tankersley - 28 days ago
The fact Damien likes final fantasy made me love him more
Calaya Nicole Nicole
Calaya Nicole Nicole - 28 days ago
Lol 😂
Katie Brady
Katie Brady - 28 days ago
Some girl named B****y who works at the Apple store is very confused right now😂
Carson Rhoades
Carson Rhoades - 29 days ago
Why don’t they just take the harmonica out of their mouths when they laugh
Ollie Wilson
Ollie Wilson - 29 days ago
i KNOW for a fact that that was a Butterscotch horse for the only fact that i had one as well XD
Bwubewwy And PrettyFawn10652
My man Damien did mutha fuckin Naruto handsigns
music player
music player - Month ago
its so loud you can bearly hear them
Eraider - Month ago
Im saying this from the bottom of my heart, Smosh was better when it was just Ian and Anthony 😔
Eraider - Month ago
In my opinion
Clipper Clan
Clipper Clan - Month ago
Next you guys should get Marilyn Manson XD
RED Spxryzz
RED Spxryzz - Month ago
how shit is the video i cant see shit mate
Hail TayLord
Hail TayLord - Month ago
The next Annabelle movie: AnAHorse
Point Rate
Point Rate - Month ago
Fuck you Nerds! No one should like any of you!
Point Rate
Point Rate - Month ago
Yup! I’ve paused the video!!!! This gonna be Bad!!!! God damnit!!!!!
fleeboi_kyhi 23
fleeboi_kyhi 23 - Month ago
Zoom classroom
Niki Stinchcombe
Niki Stinchcombe - Month ago
I think I enjoyed this more than the water😂😂 I also felt like I was literally in a Skype call with them playing the game 💕💕
Maila Limaya
Maila Limaya - Month ago
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im bored and been bored for some days so im staying up all day
and no nap for me I guess:0
Psycho Genesis
Psycho Genesis - Month ago
Shayne’s but was on another level
fairy godmother
fairy godmother - Month ago
i didn't even understand olivia's part but it was still hilarious
DrJammz - Month ago
This was ghetto.
smosh floral
Liam Hall
Liam Hall - Month ago
Olivia just isn’t very good at this game is she lmfao
MiVidaLoka333 - Month ago
I must be missing something very significant because I honest to God did not laugh or even smile one single time during this entire video-typically I’m a humorous person and find all kinds of things hilarious but I didn’t even find this kind of funny...🤷🏽‍♀️.
ShadeDust - Month ago
I just recently noticed that Courtney's pupils are differently sized :o Any story on that?
That’s My username
That’s My username - Month ago
The chaos that is Olivia is all I need
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - Month ago
I want Augustus to appear in a sketch
Mary Llanes
Mary Llanes - Month ago
I lost it at *THAT’S RIGHT, SHAYNE!!!* 😂😂😂😂🤣
Ringisai Muzongondi
Ringisai Muzongondi - Month ago
A we a a goodwe
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix - Month ago
Looking to Enter Sandman Eh- Old Man
Ipercrayy - Month ago
this must be ripped off from vat19.
Confusa xD
Confusa xD - Month ago
Lmao Shayne literally showered himself 😂
Kevin H
Kevin H - Month ago
This is the corniness shit I’ve ever seen. You guys can’t really be laughing at this horribly unfunny skits. Please stay in your homes.
Confusa xD
Confusa xD - Month ago
Hormonica is the new Laugh
Hunter H
Hunter H - Month ago
So in honor of us healthcare workers. PLEASE MAKE AN EVERY HOSPITAL EVER VIDEO! and PLEASE don’t hold back lol
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