Norwich City v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/1/19 | NBC S

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Patrick Rasnake
Patrick Rasnake - 2 days ago
Wow arsenal take your point and run. That was Norwich’s game
Stephen Barrosse
Stephen Barrosse - 3 days ago
The Arsenal defense looks like a bunch of American middle school girls playing "soccer.'
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon - 3 days ago
Luiz is such a bad good player
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon - 3 days ago
It’s amazing how these lesser teams are so much more defensively organized than the top sides. These players show a commitment the top sides in England lack
Ryan Zheng
Ryan Zheng - 4 days ago
1:20. Willockkk, come on dude. Shouldn’t have been selfish there. Auba wide open for a tap in
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 4 days ago
Imagine how many clean sheets Leno would have if he played behind Liverpool's back line
Brett Erskine
Brett Erskine - 4 days ago
Getting to redo penalties because the goalie is half a foot of the line is so bad, considering it happens almost every time, they should just let them retake every missed penalty..
sarah18497 - 4 days ago
Deporte paisa.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 4 days ago
we really dont deserve Leno
JBM 1 - 4 days ago
Arsenals backline can’t prevent a shot to goal lucky them though for having Leno.
JBM 1 - 4 days ago
Really don’t ( not an Arsenal fan btw )
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 4 days ago
we really dont deserve Leno
R McElhaney
R McElhaney - 4 days ago
Football and soccer fans in St Louis, Missouri, USA have to be loving this! Former St Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who moved the Rams to Los Angeles, has a struggling Arsenal squad this campaign.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 4 days ago
Aubas flip at 10:00 was a crazy drifty flip.
R McElhaney
R McElhaney - 4 days ago
Arsenal dropped more points in this match with Norwich. Arsenal will have to be active in the January transfer window. One player they may want to keep an eye on is Fortaleza forward Edinho. He's small, but quick and fast, with nice dribble moves.
Justthatguy Ronnie
Justthatguy Ronnie - 4 days ago
Stupid arsenal squad...the players are the issue not coaches
Widi Chahyadi
Widi Chahyadi - 4 days ago
we need BOSSCIELNY..
Audemars Piguet[TQ]
Audemars Piguet[TQ] - 4 days ago
Send Luiz to Chinese league already.. his knees shake when someone comes at him with a ball
Joshua Israel
Joshua Israel - 4 days ago
Very corrupt decision to give another penalty, I see this a lot in the premier league, big teams get a lot of favorable decisions that make them win games...
sweet say
sweet say - 4 days ago
Willock suck.... lost the ball and don’t even try to get it back..
Tyler Grey
Tyler Grey - 4 days ago
Mustafi is probably the worst defender I have ever seen. Period. No idea why he is a starter, much less in the prem. The guy backs off the attacker and just blames other for his own errors. He isn't good at free kicks like david luis, isnt fast, there are no redeeming qualities he has as a defender. Arsenal needs to sell him.
Geoff Onsrud
Geoff Onsrud - 4 days ago
Kinda crazy call against Krul after what we've already seen this season in terms of straying off the line...
bluetint - 4 days ago
as an arsenal fan reading these comments hurts. But im not blind the point where i cant see flaws
1) Mustafi is an absolute doughnut.
2) Willock should not have been on the pitch
3) Get Torreira on for Xhaka to provide defensive support, because good god we need that.
Roberto Cardoso
Roberto Cardoso - 4 days ago
2:57 glitches
Roberto Cardoso
Roberto Cardoso - 4 days ago
2:24 listen closely
And make a comment when you heard it
Ryan Spangler
Ryan Spangler - 5 days ago
Let’s not wear our normal colors, let’s wear colors closer to the opposition colors.😩idiots
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks - 5 days ago
Aubas flip at 10:00 was a crazy drifty flip.
hassan shahrokhshahi
hassan shahrokhshahi - 5 days ago
we really dont deserve Leno
Aloha - 5 days ago
Ozil is completely worthless. He should not get paid until he contribute!..
Osman Aguilar
Osman Aguilar - 5 days ago
that arsenal defense on the first goal is school boy stuff man
Trash Bin
Trash Bin - 5 days ago
Imagine shushing Norwich than drawing against them
Markus Steiner
Markus Steiner - 5 days ago
Arsenals problem isn’t that they have bad defensive players it’s that they have terrible chemistry non of them know where each other are at any point in the game it’s a scramble for who can get to the man and put him down first when it should be how can I use me and the players around me to disposes this guy. That first goal could have easily been stopped by the two Arsenal players had they just know what each other where thinking tactically.
Patrick T
Patrick T - 5 days ago
Should have been 2-1 for Norwich. Rubbish penalty
Tyler Steinberg
Tyler Steinberg - 5 days ago
I thought those pricks said they wouldn't use var for goalkeepers coming of the line. As a completely biased Norwich fan, thats bull crap
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez - 5 days ago
Started watching this game right after aubameyang scored his second. Cant believe how many concrete chances Norwich made. Should feel disappointed they didnt get all 3 pts
Dip Thongthathongthongthong
3:40 Look at Mustafi and Luiz position as a CB pair. SHAMBOLIC! Why is Luiz chasing Pukki and keeping him onside while Mustafi stays wide and high??? Might as well out Mertesacker back in there!
Dangrg - 5 days ago
What up with Torreira and Pepe being benched? They're literally better than half the players in the team
PickleishBILL - 5 days ago
Why did they get rid of hazard
Aldair Sumaya
Aldair Sumaya - 5 days ago
Time and time Willock shows his inexperience 😡😡
David E
David E - 5 days ago
6:59 don’t touch my friend
Mo Diallo
Mo Diallo - 5 days ago
What kind of training do the arsenal players do weekly. Defenders who keep backing off and letting the Norwich players shoot. Arsenal is my team but this is terrible. Defenders who are unaware of danger and midfielders who stroll around like they don't care and don't try at all to win the ball back. Good luck ljunberg with this bunch.
VJ - 5 days ago
When Norwich beat man city, I thought they were gonna be where Leicester is now.
ryan curfman
ryan curfman - 5 days ago
Mustafi makes Pukki look like a speed machine lol
Will - 5 days ago
Tough relegation battle
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