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Stacey Villanueva
Stacey Villanueva - 3 minutes ago
I wish I could meet jojo and abee
Lana Not Lona
Lana Not Lona - 12 minutes ago
She could be so pretty but she ruins it by dressing like she's 6
Woah It’s You Again
Woah It’s You Again - 15 minutes ago
5:38 omg I love that 😂
Dakota Kloes
Dakota Kloes - 27 minutes ago
I can’t believe they still talk after dance moms 😂
WinterWolf - 33 minutes ago
Jojo is pretty good at driving!
Stop - 34 minutes ago
Is season 8 gonna be a thing?
cindy pawela
cindy pawela - 46 minutes ago
She is 15 and driving whatttt???
Sleeze - 50 minutes ago
Why a 15 year old driving? its illegal
esmaaa - 54 minutes ago
this bish can drive? i thought she was 10
Ruby Mason
Ruby Mason - Hour ago
Will Abby Lee ever go back to dance moms 🤔❤❤❤
COW MEAT - Hour ago
I didn’t know a 7yr old could drive 😲
Hey Kim
Hey Kim - Hour ago
driving mom's coming soon....
Monica Kelly
Monica Kelly - Hour ago
Abby looks different
The horses
The horses - Hour ago
Jojo grows up so fast
Bella Fisher
Bella Fisher - Hour ago
They should do a Q and A
Celyse Cave
Celyse Cave - Hour ago
How much do the tickets cost
•Hannah Rae•
•Hannah Rae• - Hour ago
what the frig i thought she was 7
Kaleigh Stewart
Kaleigh Stewart - Hour ago
Dude if someone is on my tail I spray them with my windshield wiper water thing
Celine Khaled
Celine Khaled - Hour ago
The keys are very smart
Elle Purnell
Elle Purnell - Hour ago
She looks like a child driving
Toyadvencuredoll 153
Return of abby???
Rachel R
Rachel R - Hour ago
how can she drive she’s only 15??
Rylie Medford
Rylie Medford - Hour ago
I’m glad she has another car then the BMW
Paigevlogs S
Paigevlogs S - Hour ago
We love a good shister Abby
Officially Ziegler
Officially Ziegler - Hour ago
jojo is so tall omg
Vghtp1234 - Hour ago
Jojo looks like a 10 year old giant omg😂😂
ヅMT11 - Hour ago
Hey Jojo my sister wanted to say hi and she’s going to your concert in may2019
NORTH Line - 2 hours ago
My thoughts when she said she was going to talk about her experience on traffic rules.... Yeah, right 😂... Maby a sentence if you talk fast... 😉😘
Chrissy Grace
Chrissy Grace - 2 hours ago
heidi stanley's Spiders
heidi stanley's Spiders - 2 hours ago
Love abby lee dnce show! so happy she is out!!
Chrissy Grace
Chrissy Grace - 2 hours ago
Anais Gouati
Anais Gouati - 2 hours ago
Glad to see she’s out of pRiSoN
Ryan Alexander Lawrie
Ryan Alexander Lawrie - 2 hours ago
How tf is she old enough to drive
I gotta wait til I’m 17 to drive 👀 me and jojo are the same age I’m triggered
Luke Barron
Luke Barron - 2 hours ago
Wait what age is jojo??
v i i x
v i i x - 2 hours ago
A giant toddler..

*driving a car*

America, I am _CONFUSION_
Betty Barratt
Betty Barratt - 2 hours ago
So happy to see you Abby. Jojo, we all should be as joyous as you. Also, supporting Abby like you do. Very proud of you.
Katrina Couch
Katrina Couch - 2 hours ago
abby looks so pretty!!
MONKEYDRUMMER2000 - 2 hours ago
I actually love Abby
BalletLad1 - 2 hours ago
So nice to see Abby’s doing ok these days!
Madison Maggio
Madison Maggio - 2 hours ago
I thought she was in jail
Alexandra Honicutt
Alexandra Honicutt - 2 hours ago
1:53 that’s right. Take your hands off the wheel so you can talk with your hands. Oh yes.
Alexandra Honicutt
Alexandra Honicutt - 2 hours ago
She looks 8..
Cyan Pinedo
Cyan Pinedo - 2 hours ago
I’m ngl I legit thought Abby died.... like no joke
Miranda munoz
Miranda munoz - 2 hours ago
it’s like seeing a 11 year old driving
Raquel #Army
Raquel #Army - 2 hours ago
Manmeet Dhaliwal - Shaw PS (1489)
Abby Lee are u still doing dance moms
Amandax - 3 hours ago
She’s old enough to drive but she’s not mature enough 🤷🏽‍♀️
Audra Hofacker
Audra Hofacker - 3 hours ago
We need more dance moms tea from Abbey!!
FriendlyGhostChild X
FriendlyGhostChild X - 3 hours ago
Mina Sapkota Baruwal
Mina Sapkota Baruwal - 3 hours ago
Audra Hofacker
Audra Hofacker - 3 hours ago
Jessica Kwasneski
Jessica Kwasneski - 3 hours ago
omg wtf
pretty kitty lps
pretty kitty lps - 3 hours ago
They get pulled over mam why is you child driving
Ada Schepens
Ada Schepens - 3 hours ago
I am just looking for comments on abbys earrings
Jessica Speaks
Jessica Speaks - 3 hours ago
Hi Abby lee
Jazmin Davis
Jazmin Davis - 3 hours ago
Did she just say she learned to drive in a red G Wagon?
KillerChris Run them pockets fool
JoJo needs to get her M shaped edges fixed
Nicolli Santos Miquelini
Nicolli Santos Miquelini - 3 hours ago
Alguém brasileira que entendi eu entendo inglês
SavageSophia XOXO
SavageSophia XOXO - 3 hours ago
She is not even 17 and she is driving... I thought this would be clickbait😂
stfuwhat - 3 hours ago
what? how they allowed to drive at 15? what?..
xXGamerBoyXx Pro
xXGamerBoyXx Pro - 4 hours ago
JoJo is only 13 or 14 and drive a car :O cool
Lily-Mae Evans
Lily-Mae Evans - 4 hours ago
It’s great to know Abby’s doing well now after her illness! Xx
Levi Bramble
Levi Bramble - 4 hours ago
Why can’t we drive at 16 in the uk this is bullshit
Annabeth Jackson
Annabeth Jackson - 4 hours ago
I miss Abby
Lauren Sampson
Lauren Sampson - 4 hours ago
is this spongebob and mrs puff?
Frog Green
Frog Green - 4 hours ago
I want to punch on jojos face.
Sorola Begum
Sorola Begum - 4 hours ago
Whoooooo abby is fighting you can go abby keep fighting
Samantha Mills
Samantha Mills - 4 hours ago
omg abby told her not to shoulder check😂 hahaha
Casey Howard
Casey Howard - 4 hours ago
I thought abby was a mean dance teacher to jojo
Sabrina Weaver
Sabrina Weaver - 4 hours ago
How old is she
MariaSilvera GT
MariaSilvera GT - 4 hours ago
Does JoJo have a License? I remember liking JoJo when I was 9 XD
Ella Minas
Ella Minas - 4 hours ago
Aw I love Abby xxx
Gitana Ališauskaitė
Gitana Ališauskaitė - 5 hours ago
You are too young
Andreaa Mariyah
Andreaa Mariyah - 5 hours ago
I loved this video idk why lol.
RosiePosie - 5 hours ago
Anyone else only here to see Abby?
Darby Miller
Darby Miller - 6 hours ago
Please don’t listen to Abby! You ALWAYS look over your shoulder when changing lanes!!!
Akira Jno Baptiste
Akira Jno Baptiste - 6 hours ago
Hi thought Abby had cancer💝💓💗💖💘💞💕
Notorious Nara
Notorious Nara - 6 hours ago
Okay the fact that she kept taking her hands off the wheel..
Lexi Froio
Lexi Froio - 6 hours ago
Jojo you’re on top of the pyramid this week
Poppy Pearson
Poppy Pearson - 6 hours ago
Abby looks so well for herself
Poppy Pearson
Poppy Pearson - 6 hours ago
It’s so weird I’m 15 and I cannot imagine driving rn (in the Uk)
sean rackett
sean rackett - 6 hours ago
She should not be driving at her age
Celi Sherpa
Celi Sherpa - 6 hours ago
Jojo and Abby las amo😘
Leah Keyes
Leah Keyes - 6 hours ago
Your back with your dance teacher #dance moms
Ariaunna Conway
Ariaunna Conway - 7 hours ago
nuggetty86 - 7 hours ago
This is sweet tbh
Sims4Eva 1
Sims4Eva 1 - 7 hours ago
Don't press read more

You little rebel
Jacqueline Booi
Jacqueline Booi - 7 hours ago
You should do driving with miranda
Brian  Sheriff
Brian Sheriff - 7 hours ago
Nicolle Silva
Nicolle Silva - 7 hours ago
Meu Deus já dirige
i like Asian boys
i like Asian boys - 7 hours ago
i honestly feel so bad for abby
i know she like shouts a lot stuff but i feel terribly sorry for her 💔 damn
Skyler Px
Skyler Px - 7 hours ago
I'm the only one noticing that keys?
niamh x
niamh x - 7 hours ago
Oh my god my youth
Martha Hill
Martha Hill - 7 hours ago
Plz do a drive with me with Miranda!!!
Sophie Regan
Sophie Regan - 7 hours ago
Abby looks so beautiful
Sumaya zara pachiyannakis
Abby shaved her head
Winonah Alico
Winonah Alico - 8 hours ago
Everyone here is talking about how Jojo is too young or looks to young to drive or how Abby and Jojo is reuniting, etc.. While I'm here still confuse of how and why is abby's earrings are keys😂🗝️🔑
Maria Jose
Maria Jose - 8 hours ago
once abby ni maddie does that for you like jojo does
Maria Jose
Maria Jose - 8 hours ago
why did not you listen to abby at your house
Emily Hutchings
Emily Hutchings - 8 hours ago
When you finish a 6hr shift at burger king and come home and watch YouTube just to end up seeing more Burger King 😂
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