Binging with Babish 5 Million Subscriber Special: Recreating Homer Simpson's NOLA Food Tour

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - 3 months ago
Well I'm stuffed. Thank you guys again, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me reach this milestone - we've got some exciting stuff in the works!!
Prathamesh Salunke
Prathamesh Salunke - Month ago
plz do miyazaki spirited away spirit hotel feast.
B-Boy Ronin
B-Boy Ronin - Month ago
Do pizza gyoza from TMNT
Geo - Month ago
Hope you enjoyed my home state!
Rice Is Nice
Rice Is Nice - Month ago
I want to visit
Ditch-11 - Month ago
Binging with Babish our pleasure. Now go hit the gym
DJ Milli Millz
DJ Milli Millz - Day ago
No Beignets?
Michael Burrows
Michael Burrows - Day ago
Rasheed talks too much.
Owen Teague
Owen Teague - 2 days ago
has anyone ever told you that you look like Ryan Reynolds without hair
oof oof
oof oof - 2 days ago
WOW all the restaurants homer went to are REAL!?
oof oof
oof oof - 2 days ago
also the drawing of the buildings in the episode is pretty accurate too now that i think about it
Till All Are Fun
Till All Are Fun - 3 days ago
Yours is ten times better though
FairNut - 3 days ago
6:48, yknow, i know who stands behind how to basic.
Conscious_Whisper - 5 days ago
I want friends like Babish, Rashid and Sawyer.
blitzblaster 26
blitzblaster 26 - 9 days ago
Do big smokes order
Krantz - 10 days ago
Super Star!!
Brandon Wilks
Brandon Wilks - 12 days ago
It just looks weird with him sucking on half the food instead of eating it. Same with the animation.
Slagg CS
Slagg CS - 14 days ago
Dirty streets. Street fights. Women being raped on the daily.. lots to love there.
Bryce Davis
Bryce Davis - 14 days ago
Why do i think hes the vsauce of cooks
Sunflower94 - 15 days ago
Homer Simpson 😄
Dolphinboi - 15 days ago
Water-Proof featuring Beardless with Babish
Kalaisha K Totty
Kalaisha K Totty - 16 days ago
This was the best
therfrag 12
therfrag 12 - 16 days ago
Homer copied your hair cut brah sue him😒
Dee Znuts
Dee Znuts - 17 days ago
Sandy g.
Sandy g. - 18 days ago
“What is creole cuisine?”
Babish: 0:47 - 2:03
Me: period, 🐻
Jacob Dalton
Jacob Dalton - 19 days ago
If he made a porno would it be called "Banging with Babish...?"
Iris Alejandría
Iris Alejandría - 20 days ago
Is there a PDF or something like that about the places you guys went searching for food? I want to see if I can try all that food if I manage to go to New Orleans someday 🤤🤩
morgan - 20 days ago
babish is the best, so you did it better lol
yat - 20 days ago
i want the list of this
Trex0328 - 21 day ago
You did it better
dumpster fire 69
dumpster fire 69 - 21 day ago
7:20 new show Aheago with Andrew?
Twinclouds Gaming
Twinclouds Gaming - 23 days ago
I will always love king cake
mibi R
mibi R - 25 days ago
GERMANY TIGER - 27 days ago
compare the other one, lots of it isnt out of orders
Ice Gravity
Ice Gravity - 27 days ago
Wow ur channel is growing fast, Good Luck to you
Galactic Puppy J.R.
Galactic Puppy J.R. - 28 days ago
He had so many po-boys, he must’ve been in heaven
Isaac Wide
Isaac Wide - 28 days ago
You ripped this from the Simpsons real original🙄
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine - 29 days ago
You went to so many diners just to do one joke
Gtg 9
Gtg 9 - Month ago
1:16 😂
Melted Socks
Melted Socks - Month ago
I hate you babish, this video made me more hungry than any of your other videos.
Edit: will be heading to new orleans shortly
Vedant Agarwal
Vedant Agarwal - Month ago
hi shane
Kawaii Pachimari
Kawaii Pachimari - Month ago
*gently whispers* "I'm gonna be rough"
The soft dom energy I deserve
Nobad Mask
Nobad Mask - Month ago
I think your training like kratos has gone to waste
Thomas Wanderer
Thomas Wanderer - Month ago
I prefer this video then the other one by Catherine. I watched it. And this one seems more accurate
Mathavan - Month ago
Babish is discount bald Ryan Reynolds
Scott L.
Scott L. - Month ago
Outstanding!!! Outstanding!!!
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