Prime Picks! - The #1 Headphones on Amazon!

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Roy Bodin
Roy Bodin - Day ago
I don't like you brown boy
Sharanjot Raike
Sharanjot Raike - 5 days ago
The only reason I have 200 dollar headphones is because they were 80 dollars on cyber Monday so It was very good deal
Bacon Muffin
Bacon Muffin - 8 days ago
Been using the ergofits for a couple years, first picked em up after just being tired of having shorts in more expensive in ears and figured I'd try them as I'm not super picky. They sound fine, nothing special but perfectly usable (I mean they sound fantastic when considering the price, I thought they'd sound horrendous) and I don't feel bad when they inevitably get a short like every wired headphones.
Gheorghita Melinte
Gheorghita Melinte - 9 days ago
JBL T110 extremly cheap but the sound is excelent. 7$ and they last like 1 year and then I buy them again
renderman - 10 days ago
Thats a nice chair in the background. Do a review of office chairs?
Jon Bryant
Jon Bryant - 12 days ago
The best is WH-XB900N on sale for $150 this Black Friday
Woolheart1 - 13 days ago
My EarPods broke because I was dissecting a broke. Pair of them and I cut the ear part off the wrong one
Marty Wilkinson
Marty Wilkinson - 13 days ago
I've had the $20 MPOW headphones for 8 months as my gym headphones, and they have been great! I'm a bit of a brand snob, honestly, but I've had good luck with these! Good video.
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza - 15 days ago
thanks or this
Matthew Powell
Matthew Powell - 15 days ago
I’m contemplating getting the mpow sport ones. Anybody used them that can tell me if I should or should not buy them.
Dead Parrot
Dead Parrot - 16 days ago
This night be a good time to revitalize the series. Given the holiday season
Dead Parrot
Dead Parrot - 16 days ago
Maybe make it an annual thing
Corner Shop
Corner Shop - 17 days ago
Who else read the title as 'prime pricks"??😂😂
Sean Mcmillan
Sean Mcmillan - 18 days ago
Mpow has better quality stuff now.
Sean Mcmillan
Sean Mcmillan - 18 days ago
Hi Marques, Can u review the EDIFIER W830 BT ?
eatcheesekobe - 18 days ago
it's only natural, not everyone has hundreds of dollar to spend on headphones, and definitely not everyone need audiophile quality, the mass just need something cheap and functional
Sulph - 21 day ago
do more
DeaGLesS - 23 days ago
I love it when you bring no added value in a 10-minute video, just like my professors in a 2-hour lecture
Hani Hazzouri
Hani Hazzouri - 23 days ago
Proud to see my trusty mpows headphones reviewed here, they're starting to fall apart after 2 years of heavy use but hey, I more than got my money's worth
dhruval bhansali
dhruval bhansali - 23 days ago
Wanted you to review budget audio technica's like ath ax1is
M.Q.S. - 23 days ago
This is A Almost 11Minute All just calling me *poor*
Johnny Sood
Johnny Sood - 25 days ago
To be honest doesn't suit on your head
James Smith
James Smith - 27 days ago
I have a meow head phone for 3 years before I had to get new ones
ryan the hockey player 44
i had the 059s loved them they are amazeing absolutely love them
Moaz Ikhlas
Moaz Ikhlas - Month ago
Maybe MPOW is gonna be the today's generation beats 😂😂😂
1080p official
1080p official - Month ago
2:48 no you're completely wrong here man sound quality is indeed the top quality its just about having top sound quality in the budget
Coco - Month ago
my dad actually has those over ear ones, he’s used them basically every day for a year, i rarely see him with them off
FB Kensar HD
FB Kensar HD - Month ago
Ergo fits are one of the most underrated earphones. ❤️
The 14 Year Old Traveller
That was literally the first time that i heard Marques laugh.
asdfghjkl;' - Month ago
Prime picks
leandro Viana
leandro Viana - Month ago
i dont know if i want to buy them
Melvin Sein
Melvin Sein - Month ago
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Personal Backup Channel
9:06 dude your arms are so long
LittleMintDrop - 18 days ago
You sure it's not the lense on the camera adding to his height?
Yasmin Yusoff
Yasmin Yusoff - 19 days ago
Skysong - Month ago
"Despite the length of the video" killed me
Joseph Jimenez
Joseph Jimenez - Month ago
Zedeye - Month ago
my anker soundcore does the hiss as well lol
Night King
Night King - Month ago
My boltune in ears too I think its because theyre bluetooth
BERRY - Month ago
I produce music with the Panasonic ones on the daily! His review doesn't give enough credit to the sound quality you get from Panasonic, but the amount of clarity these headphones have is quite impressive. The frequency response is pretty flat; no heavy bass, no ear-piercing high (even at high volumes). Definitely well worth the price. Do not buy the mic version, in my experience they have been less durable.
Goahead - Month ago
I will stick to my Sennheiser HD 800S.
osamaFXX - Month ago
I tried to do it and see what a cheap best seller sounds like... Its kinda bad cheap sound. dont be fooled by the 54000+ rating. When it comes to headphones always invest in a good one, am not saying buy 349$ Sony, just get a good one to hear the lows and highs and between very well. except if you want something to replace the basic headphone which comes in your phone box. The only thing good about these is value.
John La Fave
John La Fave - Month ago
Using a sound equalizer app can really improve the sound clarity for cheaper earbuds, so if your earbuds sound overly bassy and/or muffled that my be a good place to star.
Zack Butler
Zack Butler - Month ago
Lol "series." Never revisits topic again.
Naomi Disaster
Naomi Disaster - Month ago
Everything is for a whole other video...
Ryan Xu
Ryan Xu - Month ago
Nice intro 👍
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