Prince Harry: Meghan and I had 'no other option' than to stand down as royals

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Guardian News
Guardian News - 4 months ago
Prince Harry: We had 'no other option' than to stand down as royals ►
Iris Jay
Iris Jay - 4 months ago
@V S ++
drServitis - 4 months ago
Robert Hicks
Robert Hicks - 4 months ago
T B the little bit*h wanted to be a princess! Once she realised that theres unpaid work involved she suddenly wants to “live a normal life” Black hearted alright!
V S - 4 months ago
The option was to perform the duty assigned by the Queen. His narcissistic wife wasn't prepared to do it. So he says there was NO OPTION other than wagging his tail to his wife.
captain Zuma fishing 772 captain Zuma fishing 772
@drServitis thank you,someone else gets it
didi noto
didi noto - Month ago
Stupid Harry
K S - Month ago
He is silly boy. Poor u baby boy😂
Inspire - 2 months ago
we love you Harry
Winz Winz
Winz Winz - 2 months ago
You need a job Harry, for buying your wife a Prada bag 😂
aMUSEher - 2 months ago
This comment is directed towards Catherine Bennet’s opinion piece (Sunday, March 15, 2020), bashing Duchess Kate in regard to her response or lack thereof to MM at the Abbey. If you think that all MM has done is express that fact that she does not want to lead the royal life, you have not been paying close attention. The list of what MM has and hasn’t done is a long one and likely does not include personal affronts amongst the Fab Four, or young royals that were kept private. Duchess Catherine is a class act. Something more from MM than just not wanting to be part of the royal life must have triggered her. There is no doubt in my mind that it was probably a hair-raising event. We have not seen the end of MM’s shenanigans. Whatever she wants is never enough.
jothinath Arokiyaraj edward's
Prince harry can able choose he is private life it is nothing wring with that and he is still price,briton is he is home,when ever he love it and can able return back and thank you....
Joshua sullivan
Joshua sullivan - 2 months ago
you should go to church.
Samiolla - 3 months ago
I’m in love with him such a gorgeous, brave and humble person ❤️
Haley Parrot
Haley Parrot - 3 months ago
Stupid decision
Agoroy Agoroy
Agoroy Agoroy - 3 months ago
Hindi nmn kailangan ni Meghan yan
Daniela Lobos Pérez
Daniela Lobos Pérez - 4 months ago
Will he end up living like a modern version of his Great-great-uncle Edward, but without the titles?
Az bilinen Gercekler
Az bilinen Gercekler - 4 months ago
are you little bit unintelligent?
Realist 1801
Realist 1801 - 4 months ago
At least he can now visit Hewitt at long last
Marko Vareca
Marko Vareca - 4 months ago
Amazing Harry.
utube - 4 months ago
He is no more a 'Prince' .. LOOOL
Jose da costa
Jose da costa - 4 months ago
Your country wants you to be a royal! not what the witch wants. OPEN YOUR EYES... the whole world does!
Geraldine Office
Geraldine Office - 4 months ago
Dianna did a speech to I always wounder why people like this always seem to do speeches even though they canot wait to leave he could just have left no one asked him to explain why and he totally contradicted himself to . He loves a country that is racist to his wife be really has lost the plot or he just canot remember the narrative he is playing either way am glad he has gone
WeirdPlanet108 - 4 months ago
If there was a prize for a modern day Oliver Cromwell, it's not to hard to guess who it should go to is it!
Ram Alley
Ram Alley - 4 months ago
Being a princess involve a lot of work, Meghan thought if she married a prince, her life would be like the movies where princesses do nothing but swans around in nice dresses, serves by servent at every needs and call, but when she found out that she actually going to do a lot of engagements work, she runs away but happy to spend taxpayers money!!!! What a selfish cow!!! I have always liked Harry but feel sorry for him after she married someone so opposite of Diana!!!
Liza Bay
Liza Bay - 4 months ago
weak man with greedy wife! Shame
Khanyisile Cibane
Khanyisile Cibane - 4 months ago
Harry please come and live in SA, we love ur courage.
jpvp vander
jpvp vander - 4 months ago
myferilli - 4 months ago
Did it take PH 35 years to grow up??? No, I don't think he has grown up. Enough of this fakery, using the Diana card, trying to get people's sympathy. PH and MM are irrelevant hypocrites. PH said it really: he can't carry on supporting the charity because he is not getting public funding any more. Shame how low he has gone.
bob saggot
bob saggot - 4 months ago
Why did they leave the royal family?
Wind of Roses
Wind of Roses - 4 months ago
As a result, he abandoned royal status and honor and property, it's so stupid.
Calliope Jackson
Calliope Jackson - 4 months ago
Best of love and life to Harry and Meghan!💜
Ariel Summer
Ariel Summer - 4 months ago
Wish you, Meghan and your son all the best from the bottom of my heart. You are such amazing family. Also, your mother is so proud of you. So are we, the people who want love and happiness overcome anything.
Vanessa Gomez
Vanessa Gomez - 4 months ago
Wow he shows true courage, and bravery ❤️
Dan Sivyer
Dan Sivyer - 4 months ago
See yah don’t come back
Faridah Nalu
Faridah Nalu - 4 months ago
You got part of your mother's
hotfootage - 4 months ago
What happened?
Iazzaboyce - 4 months ago
The 'duke of dinam' (daddy I need another million)
Kirko Lokez
Kirko Lokez - 4 months ago
Tax payers complain about supporting this gentleman, but happy to make sure the pedo prince is looked after... Get away while you still can Harry!!
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - 4 months ago
Something bad must of happened for him to leave Hogwarts
First Second
First Second - 4 months ago
Prince get ready for the divorce paper 📄 she wil dump u i put 50 thousand pounds on it she wil kick u out of hwr life i can promise u that
First Second
First Second - 4 months ago
Prince get ready for the divorce paper 📄 she wil dump u i put 50 thousand pounds on it she wil kick u out of hwr life i can promise u that
RoadKillzine - 4 months ago
I agree with Prince Harry, the press are literally some of the worst people in our country.. they cause so much damage it's unreal... Can we start a new rule, if they can't prove it they can't say it.. and if it's clearly wrong or they hide in bushes.. they get fined 20k everytime
June Burns
June Burns - 4 months ago
Oh get over yourself you proud spoiled pompous ungrateful individual !!
Pooja Nair
Pooja Nair - 4 months ago
Wow amazing guy great mother Diana giving both boys great values of life I hope she is the women remembered and still will be remembered almost 23 years with same respect and love from everyone
Linda Richmond
Linda Richmond - 4 months ago
Sometimes it's not that you made a decision to do something it's how you did it and if you don't do it in the right way everyone suffers and he did not show respect for his grandmother the queen.
DanDan Bordeos
DanDan Bordeos - 4 months ago
I commend his courage and humility, he’s indeed the son of Princess Diana
DanDan Bordeos
DanDan Bordeos - 4 months ago
I-T iyah man 🤪🤣
I-T iyah man
I-T iyah man - 4 months ago
Dang like momma boys baty bois metrosexual boys not a bad boy like me 😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂
I-T iyah man
I-T iyah man - 4 months ago
Nutmeg wears the pants
I-T iyah man
I-T iyah man - 4 months ago
What a looser he listen to his wife aka momma 😂😂😂pull up your 👢 man
simone mitchell
simone mitchell - 4 months ago
Oh, Harry ! Your quest for love and her quest for power. Love unites, love gives balance and strength, love is fun, love is welcoming. Like your family and country welcomed her, just because they love you. You are loved, Prince Harry, and you're walking away from your source of love.
Sakura Moore
Sakura Moore - 4 months ago
They are fantastic team. 🇬🇧And more, I hope to over time, try and have as much impact for all the things that they care about as much as possible.🇨🇦 The fact that he fall in love with her so incredibly was a sort of confirmation❤️💗, all the starts 🌟were aligned. I hope Everything is gonna be OK.🤗😘
Michael S
Michael S - 4 months ago
Harry became the better actor than his z lister MeAgain.
Irina Sonkina
Irina Sonkina - 4 months ago
Someone had powdered his brain really bad.
Abraham Abe
Abraham Abe - 4 months ago
Warren Dargusch
Warren Dargusch - 4 months ago
I can think of many options. All would be possible. What's this thing about 'stepping back'? From what? Did you need 'courage'? Hot air and lots of bulldust. Get a job, and grow up and be like the rest of us.... if you dare!
Dave Theone
Dave Theone - 4 months ago
His dad, James Hewitt, will be feeling proud of him!
Thing - 4 months ago
Geht zum Teufel. Gott strafe England!
Sheila Ampah
Sheila Ampah - 4 months ago
All the best 🙏🙏👌😁🙏😊
withluv Sparks
withluv Sparks - 4 months ago
jus kool
jus kool - 4 months ago
To stand up for his wife ,he had to stand down
P M - 4 months ago
Everyone have a choice. You saying that there were no options was also a choice. The fact that your wife is behind your speech, a choice too." Commander in Chief"? Very American 😂😂😂
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford - 4 months ago
No substance, just words.
Uwanda Roberts
Uwanda Roberts - 4 months ago
Can we get back to Prince Andrew and why he is not rotting in Jail? Had enough of this distraction!
Compatriot - 4 months ago
Looks like we found. The King of Simp nation
TOP PLAYS - 4 months ago
what does the Royal serve anyway, beside serving themselves of tax payers money.
lou lu
lou lu - 4 months ago
harry is always a prince no matter what.
MilitantPacifist - 4 months ago
not how royalty works.
Friedrich Hof
Friedrich Hof - 4 months ago
With entire ecosystems collapsing, millions of people in fear of war... sorry, but who cares for this person?!
Margaret Lovelock
Margaret Lovelock - 4 months ago
You have had the decency to put this out without comments, not like many others.
notabluff1 - 4 months ago
Nope dont fee sad at all, but yes feel sad for their child who will not grow in royalty which every child dreams of
MilitantPacifist - 4 months ago
being permanently in the limelight and having your every move and mistake put under the microscope isn't a dream, it's a nightmare...
haarshan haarshan
haarshan haarshan - 4 months ago
First why can't they continue to live in UK after step back from royal duties? 2nd if they wanted to out from the media, paparazzi circle that will never ever happen in fact it will become more crazier...
Rusty Au
Rusty Au - 4 months ago
Harry and Meghan wont starve that's for sure .. To many trump cards in his hands to deny him financially ...
TaYa K
TaYa K - 4 months ago
Kevii - 4 months ago
How stupid can you be.. if i was a prince i would never ever quit..
MilitantPacifist - 4 months ago
almost as if there's more to life than living in big houses and having your every move be put under the microscope.
Ari Gold
Ari Gold - 4 months ago
If he had a brain he would be dangerous
lockleaze - 4 months ago
When Meghan speaks, Harry jumps, even if it’s across the Atlantic. Funny how the Queen has left options open for Harry’s return. Is that as a precaution or in anticipation? The Queen is no fool.
Sandra Vd Merwe
Sandra Vd Merwe - 4 months ago
Ons is lief vir jou Prins Harry
Doctor Onishi's Psychosis Lab
He never actually said anything
Tabitha Totten
Tabitha Totten - 4 months ago
Being disrespectful of the Queen and the Monarchy by choosing this interloper is not service. I feel you will come to regret this choice.
strawberry jam
strawberry jam - 4 months ago
J M - 4 months ago
Hey granny did you have my mum killed ?
HANIFA SK - 4 months ago
Move on my humble prince
behnamasid2 - 4 months ago
What happens if his grandma decides to leave ?
ITS SHOWTIME - 4 months ago
Alexander Crowe
Alexander Crowe - 4 months ago
Why isn’t Meghan Markle like Sleeping Beauty?
Because when Prince Harry kissed her, it was him that got woke.
Ram Pach
Ram Pach - 4 months ago
Harry! Is real prince, and he's son too. but then..?
Martiane - 4 months ago
Edward and Wallis remake:) same story I believe history repeats itself
Jerry Jaye
Jerry Jaye - 4 months ago
yes, there is a similarity.
awtrace87 - 4 months ago
Nothing about this is honorable, the guy is still a product of an imperialist culture/mentality just because you let the typical opportunistic bed wench get in your head and manipulate your Beta tendencies, doesn’t mean you’re making some type of revolutionary move by breaking from tradition...smh people will do anything for clout including destroy their family legacy. Stay over there bruh i guess he thinks he will be more revered by the rank and file commoners on the bottom, naah bruh you’re just another ginger that felt out of place by your white brethren so you went rogue nothing new just a bigger stage.
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