[2019 FESTA] Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) - JK memories by BTS

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Selfiza Ilzar
Selfiza Ilzar - Hour ago
Emiina D
Emiina D - Hour ago
*Jungkook is my source of happiness.*
Avril Ashair
Avril Ashair - Hour ago
I watched this and I started crying, I won't lie. I cried harder still when he hit the high note. Let's all be honest here, watching our Kookie grow up has been a wholesome experience, and we ARMYs are proud of BTS's 6 long years❤
It will be so hard to let go of BTS when the time comes...
Jungkook being my bias and knowing BTS changed my life so good and no matter what, I know they're good men. That's all that matters. ARMY, BTS changes lives. They are the cause of our Euphoria ❤
Куралай Ахмедова
I love you Jungkook❤️😍😘💋💓😭
April Joy
April Joy - Hour ago
I'm watching it over and over again, and the emotions that I felt is still the same. This video is so emotional especially when you know the whole story of BTS, of Jungkook. He debuted at such a young age and his hyungs raised him. I will never ever forget this. I'll forever be an ARMY. 💜💜💜
Charlene Boba
Charlene Boba - 2 hours ago
Dam he sexy af
Tiara Amalia
Tiara Amalia - 2 hours ago
cry :')
Tae hyung Kim
Tae hyung Kim - 2 hours ago
Quá hay luôn í
zaina alam
zaina alam - 3 hours ago
this bunny baby will always be in our hearts forever
Azercell Azercelll
Azercell Azercelll - 3 hours ago
Messaoud Benachour
Messaoud Benachour - 3 hours ago
I want them to do one for each member. Smash this button if you agree with me. 👍🏻
Kim Taehyung Nay
Kim Taehyung Nay - 3 hours ago
Okay fixx love you jungkook saranghaeyo love you-love you jungkook 나는 너의 콘서트를보고 가벼운 물건을 사기 위해 구할 것이다. 내 이름은 나타샤 (Natasha, 12 세)이다.불행히도 부모님은 너무 바빠서 콘서트를 볼 여력이 없지만 일하면 만족 한 콘서트를 보면서 가벼운 스텔스 군용 폭탄을 구입할 것을 약속드립니다. LOVE YOU BTS saranghaeyo RM, V, JIN, JIMIN, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE, SUGA AND ARMY 😍😘😘😘😘😍🤗🤗🤗😚
Nochu Kookie
Nochu Kookie - 3 hours ago
LeLa Snitram
LeLa Snitram - 4 hours ago
Karina ARMY
Karina ARMY - 4 hours ago
jungkook kookie. bts
jungkook kookie. bts - 4 hours ago
thecuteone 1.1
thecuteone 1.1 - 4 hours ago
Natalia Padron
Natalia Padron - 4 hours ago
I can not stop watching this. Is so cute and makes me feel so sensitive about time but comforts me too
Natalia Padron
Natalia Padron - 4 hours ago
Baby baby baby baby Jungkook 😭💖
Mi Ho
Mi Ho - 4 hours ago
although jungkook edited this video himself and we how have been bamboozled, Jungkook sees what a treasure and beauty he truly is.
stina marie
stina marie - 4 hours ago
Jungkook in them glasses though!!! Raaarrrwww!!
Julieta Perez
Julieta Perez - 4 hours ago
Ma ria
Ma ria - 4 hours ago
Okay. I cried
Dara Pidor
Dara Pidor - 4 hours ago
My life
Diyah Damayanti
Diyah Damayanti - 5 hours ago
This is the version of Euphoria which I like beside the original version. Nice voice, JK!
Farid Kurdi
Farid Kurdi - 5 hours ago
The golden maknae
ELIZABETH WITH BTS - 5 hours ago
So cuteeeee i will die of cutteness *dies😍😍😍
Dejanira Alves
Dejanira Alves - 6 hours ago
전정국 당신은 제가 만난 최고의 사람입니다. 비록 제가 사실이지만, 저는 브라질 출신이고 조금 더 힘들어하기 때문에 당신이 저를 모른다는 것을 압니다.하지만 저는 당신을 용서하고 싶습니다.그러나 당신은 할 수 없습니다. 또한 당신이 내 인생을 많이 바꿨다는 것을 알고 있습니다. 그리고 더 나 빠졌던 것이 더 좋았고, 진지하게도 당신이하지 않았던 것이 아닙니다.만약 누군가가 당신을 비판하기를 원한다면, 비판하는 사람들은 너무 아름다워서, 같은 명성을 가지지 않고, 그들을지지하는 수천 명의 사람들을 가지지 않고 부러워하는 사람들입니다.그래서 그것은 내 사랑입니다. TEEEEEE AMOOOOO DEMAISSSSSS😍😍😍😘😊
Nguyệt Lưu
Nguyệt Lưu - 6 hours ago
Huyng ấy gày đi trông thấy luôn đau lồng quá
Manuel Viteri
Manuel Viteri - 6 hours ago
Que tierno ¿ Soy un macho ahhh
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook - 6 hours ago
Jungkook you are the cause of my Euphoria ^-^~♡
cherrybluegirl - 6 hours ago
Rozy_94 HOPE
Rozy_94 HOPE - 7 hours ago
Cutie kookie 😍😍💜
Huy Hoàng
Huy Hoàng - 8 hours ago
Em yêu anh Jungkook
Indika Perera
Indika Perera - 8 hours ago
luv you jeon jungkook
silverina mose
silverina mose - 8 hours ago
Man you are the reasons why I'm always happy...Thanks to you and BTS members I always get through my hard times😢You will always be in the armys heart..and you will get through the hard times with the bts members together..💞💞hope you read this even though you won't ..May god be with all of you😇😇luv you bts..nd army
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon - 8 hours ago
Jungkook saliste perfecto mi bebé lo amo ...❤❤❤❤😍
Loida Al V
Loida Al V - 9 hours ago
Feliz cumple 😍
Aalika Chakraborty
Aalika Chakraborty - 9 hours ago
I'm seriously not crying my eyes are sweating this video is so lovely 🥺💜💜💜
Happy tears~
I love you so much
pathangel !
pathangel ! - 10 hours ago
why it’s gotta hurt so bad
Flonne Dagum
Flonne Dagum - 10 hours ago
Saranghe jeon jungkook
Jungkookie_Lover - 11 hours ago
He is the only reason why I'm in love with BTS. If it wasn't for a picture of him I randomly found over the internet I wouldn't even know who they are. He lights up my heart in every way possible and just through a freaking computer screen! When I see his smile it makes me light up with joy, and I can't help but smile too. I don't care what anybody says, Jeon Jungkook is an angel sent from God to entertain us. He has everything you could ask for; he's funny, a good person, handsome and cute and adorable all at the same time, kind-hearted, he has an aura that draws everybody to him, and even more. I don't know why God blessed us with such an amazing human-being but I thank him for letting us have him on this planet with us. Kookie, all I can say is that; "You are the cause of my Euphoria"!
Aimara Aguirre
Aimara Aguirre - 11 hours ago
I love jungkook:
-yes: like
-do not: coment
Tanhya Rizo
Tanhya Rizo - 12 hours ago
Jungkook is adorable
Eden Han
Eden Han - 12 hours ago
정국이 보고 싶을때마다 오고 있어
정국이 얼굴 보는라 음악이 귀에 안 들리는게 좀 그러네~ 정국이가 부르는 유포리아 너무 좋다
Merabet sarah
Merabet sarah - 12 hours ago
Kooky I love you you are the cuz of my euphoria
Our golden maknea
King of vocal
You are the reason of happiness in my life
JEON SARAJK - 13 hours ago
Jungkook love you 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Aracely Alegria
Aracely Alegria - 13 hours ago
I love jungkook♡♡
Gloria Pampa coaquira
Gloria Pampa coaquira - 13 hours ago
mi prima ama a junkok no porque es guapo sino por sus sentimientos
Cristoffer Zuleta
Cristoffer Zuleta - 14 hours ago
Jungkook is my cookie😄😄😄😘😘😘✌✌✌
israa flower
israa flower - 14 hours ago
너를 너무 사랑해
bts♪♪ 알제리 군대🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜 🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜 🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜🇩🇿💜 🇩🇿
Sofi Savage
Sofi Savage - 14 hours ago
kallen gondim
kallen gondim - 14 hours ago
love sarang
Danna Galeano
Danna Galeano - 14 hours ago
una vez uno de ellos dijo que le filmaron a jungkook durmiendo con alguien bien abrazaditos, y luego mandaron al grupo (kakao talk ) y le molestaron e hicieron bulling por mucho tiempo XD XD
no se referia a este video???? 3:42

-nadie lo recuerda?
soy la unica?
Efren Rodrigues
Efren Rodrigues - 14 hours ago
Natalia Mordka
Natalia Mordka - 15 hours ago
I love Jungkoook
Sharythin Machuca
Sharythin Machuca - 15 hours ago
Chong Khang
Chong Khang - 15 hours ago
Wichita bts member do you like I like jin i don't now y
Cori Rey
Cori Rey - 15 hours ago
Es bello hermoso me cago en la punta que bello
o h h o n e y
o h h o n e y - 15 hours ago
Jungkook mixes frosted flakes and coco puffs cereal together Hahahahaha okay
Silvia Urzagasti
Silvia Urzagasti - 15 hours ago
i love bb jungkookie ❤😢como creciste pero para mi sirmpre serás mi bbkook
•ARMY Cami•
•ARMY Cami• - 16 hours ago
Guadalupe Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez - 16 hours ago
Jungkook eres lo mejor que me apasado en la vida y sin duda este video me hizo llorar sigue siendo feliz :3
Guadalupe Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez - 15 hours ago
Gracias es que jungkook y todo bts lo merece todo :3
L U C E R O - 16 hours ago
Guadalupe Hernandez concuerdo contigo👌💜
L U C E R O - 16 hours ago
OWWW😍 Cuteee!😩💕
Rahmieka Putri
Rahmieka Putri - 16 hours ago
Like it so much, purple u my little prince.
-호시기호시기해 - 16 hours ago
혹시 55초에 나오는 영상이 어디껀지 알수있을까요..?? 링크주시면 감사하겠습니다!!!!!
Auriane - 16 hours ago
i'm literally crying, i really love him with all my heart
i wish i could hug him and tell him why he is so important to me and why i love him.
My mom : that not cute
Me: are you okay?.

#_ARMY'S #_in#_iraq#_kook_my_angel.
Isabel Hernández
Isabel Hernández - 16 hours ago
Ji-hyun Jung
Ji-hyun Jung - 17 hours ago
보고있는데 눈물나네.. ㅜㅜ 내 일상의 일부분에 방탄이 깊숙이 자리잡고 있나보다 ,,,,,.
ILOVEJIMIN.JU - 17 hours ago
Jervis Robles
Jervis Robles - 17 hours ago
Imagine you are the girlfriend of jungkook's you feel blessed....
Mrs. Jeon
Mrs. Jeon - 17 hours ago
Everytime I look back at this, it's like this weird tingly feeling of being in love all over again. It feels like a long distance relationship, perhaps I'm in a time where he has already passed away. But everytime I look back at this, it's the feeling of nostalgia. It's like I'm meeting him for the first time and seeing him for the last time, it's happy, bittersweet, sad.
arielsisurya arel
arielsisurya arel - 17 hours ago
Love you kookie♥
HumorlessCube94 - 17 hours ago
Rose Rose
Rose Rose - 17 hours ago
He looks at me, OMG
Firdows Daranibong
Firdows Daranibong - 18 hours ago
Satyendu Majumder
Satyendu Majumder - 18 hours ago
2:26 The non makeup JK
Kim Taehyung is BAE
Kim Taehyung is BAE - 18 hours ago
*Who's still here watching this beauty?💜*
Eliana de Oyague
Eliana de Oyague - 18 hours ago
I didn't acept my baby grow up to fast...
박우진 - 18 hours ago
ARMYs Kookie Dough
ARMYs Kookie Dough - 18 hours ago
Jeon Jungkook my Euphoria, as well as your brothers.
Hiệp Kookie
Hiệp Kookie - 18 hours ago
Salma Al-shabaan
Salma Al-shabaan - 19 hours ago
박수빈 - 19 hours ago
몇 번을 봐도 행복하다.^^ 보고 또 봐도 질리지가 않는다.
Maria Conceição
Maria Conceição - 19 hours ago
Eu amei JK....
*Quase chorei*
AlbaAParte - 19 hours ago
Maria Clara Oliveira
Maria Clara Oliveira - 19 hours ago
I love you jungkook😍🌹🌹💘💘💘💘💘
Bích Phương
Bích Phương - 19 hours ago
i love bts because he is hansome anh cute
ii Asian
ii Asian - 19 hours ago
*emotional euphoria going on*
*ten seconds’ later*
*hears Jins’ laugh*
 - 19 hours ago
I love oppa kook
Cristine Rovero
Cristine Rovero - 19 hours ago
The song is about happiness, but why I feel so emotion rn 😭 I'm really so proud of you boys! ❤️ I promise that I will support you till the end! 💖 Thanks for inspiring us ARMY'S! ❤️ 사랑해
Jeon JK ARMY - 19 hours ago
Jungkook love you!
Ellie - 19 hours ago
Are you trying to make me cry?
Masa Kini
Masa Kini - 19 hours ago
I feel so happy :)
Revigin Acedo
Revigin Acedo - 19 hours ago
Thank you bighit for this video. It really gives me strength when I've been so tired and struggling this past few days. Just looking at this video gives me hope and makes me smile.😍💜💜💜
Tooba Haq
Tooba Haq - 20 hours ago
Just wanna say that jungkook is Jin eomma's son and no one mess or hurt him, or I will personally come to kick that person's ass!
Thoa Nguyen
Thoa Nguyen - 20 hours ago
sarada tchou
sarada tchou - 20 hours ago
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