High School Students Try To Decide Who Gets $1,000

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - 3 months ago
I’m genuinely curious what you guys think of this
Rat God
Rat God - 12 days ago
I don’t have friends lol
Rotten edits
Rotten edits - 14 days ago
Frick Jordan @Ryan Trahan
Magical Megan
Magical Megan - 22 days ago
I think this was the most drama based video I have ever watched. 0-0
NickyMicky888 - 25 days ago
Jordan Moscheo
Jordan Moscheo - 7 days ago
when your name is also Jordan and you’re worried about sounding and acting as spoiled and bratty as this Jordan 😔😔
carolineg - 11 days ago
the girl who voted herself off deserves it
Hung Chau
Hung Chau - 12 days ago
The girl crying and wearing blue i am so pissed
PAYSON DAVIS - 12 days ago
Jordyn is the 'quirky' girl don't @ me
Connor Alexander
Connor Alexander - 12 days ago
HiGhScHoOl TeA ☕️
Hanna kay
Hanna kay - 13 days ago
when you take geometry freshman year. 😪
Max BeBeastin
Max BeBeastin - 13 days ago
This bitch jordan got me fucked up😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Judy Masry
Judy Masry - 13 days ago
7 strangers decide who gets 1000 dollars is so interesting i recommend it
Judy Masry
Judy Masry - 13 days ago
watch the one about seniors
violyt angela
violyt angela - 13 days ago
When Jordan said that she would use the money to go on a vacation,I was like YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT OTHERS AND YOU ARE SELFISH!!!!!
My instict was right....
Daniel Groot
Daniel Groot - 13 days ago
Your pimpels under your mouth look like the iphone 11 pro camera ngl
Femi Alex Williams
Femi Alex Williams - 14 days ago
Nina would be awesome on Big Brother
Femi Alex Williams
Femi Alex Williams - 14 days ago
Nina should have won.
Catch 22
Catch 22 - 14 days ago
This is the funniest thing I’ve watched all day 😂
Georgia Lopez
Georgia Lopez - 15 days ago
So I'm assuming the reason why the original video had comments blocked is because of Jordyn. If it's another reason I don't believe it.
Skyler Bowen
Skyler Bowen - 15 days ago
0:47 phUHH
iiixmaddie UwU
iiixmaddie UwU - 15 days ago
Me getting happy for getting 2 dollars
iiixmaddie UwU
iiixmaddie UwU - 15 days ago
Jordan is a lil Bitch tho tbh
Madisen Cross
Madisen Cross - 15 days ago
7:24 why is she sitting so close to him tho🧐😂
〉x Tasha x〈
〉x Tasha x〈 - 15 days ago
Her "NinaNinaNina" literally sounds like a fire engine
Brooklyn Weishaar
Brooklyn Weishaar - 16 days ago
Jordan elephant ears were the same size as heathers problems
Skye Gauthier
Skye Gauthier - 16 days ago
Omg I saw this video yesterday and that one girl with the overalls pissed me off
Boston Stroberry
Boston Stroberry - 16 days ago
Jordan’s a bitch 😂
Molly Webb
Molly Webb - 16 days ago
Heather: needs money because she can't afford transportation
also Heather: wears really pretty clothes, has her nails done, has died blonde hair, wears makeup
Tony Camarillo
Tony Camarillo - 17 days ago
I really liked this vid
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen - 17 days ago
kahlid was clearly suppose to get it no joke
Danny Dorito
Danny Dorito - 17 days ago
We have teenagers getting 1,000 dollars, then we have me, on a very old computer, living in a camp trailer, not being able to afford new clothes >:/

This is just the start, not trying to pity myself, Im fine
diora - 18 days ago
oo ryan’s gotta hickeyy
Taya Mb
Taya Mb - 18 days ago
I would just be in the corner and just like be "Why did I sign up for this I knew I wouldn't win anyways oop", and just been on my Phone rip
andrea m
andrea m - 18 days ago
why was jordyn not the first one to get eliminated eye-
maggie clare
maggie clare - 18 days ago
Oh I watched this a few days ago😂
Sravya Nagalakunta
Sravya Nagalakunta - 18 days ago
Why do you act like you havent watched the video when you clearly have
mark lee god
mark lee god - 18 days ago
is it bad if i say i hate a certain participant
Daniel Axel
Daniel Axel - 18 days ago
Parker Matherly
Parker Matherly - 19 days ago
Why ryans door have 4 hinges
Kila ishere
Kila ishere - 19 days ago
I love jordyn lmaooooo
Colin Sarabosing
Colin Sarabosing - 19 days ago
Jordyn didn't think it was fair, yet when they asked if they should to one legged standing, she CLEARLy expressed a strong opinion to do it
Elizabeth Solarz
Elizabeth Solarz - 19 days ago
Let’s not be so mean to Jordyn, she’s the youngest of that group and there’s a reason they didn’t allow comments on the original video. She’ll grow out of that attitude, all of us were immature at that age.
Abi Heinrichs
Abi Heinrichs - 19 days ago
Jordyn: I’m gonna be hella mean
Also Jordyn: I was really mean, I didn’t expect that
Ursula - 19 days ago
this is so fucking funny, havent laughed like this in a while, so thank you
MotionFN - 19 days ago
definently should’ve gave Nina the money.
Afro Nugget
Afro Nugget - 19 days ago
Anybody else thinks he looks like itsjustnick?
baby desiree
baby desiree - 19 days ago
who's more annoying? ThaTs NoT vEgAn (Erin) or NO! that's not fair (Jordyn)
Maddie - 19 days ago
i think jordyns a freshman or something because that would explain a lot
joy xiang
joy xiang - 20 days ago
I don't think Jordyn picks up on social cues very well or can handle emotions, she seems deeply insecure and lashes out because of it. Hopefully she matures out of it.
Miya4got - 20 days ago
He definitely watches the videos first then reacts lmao but it’s still funny
My Dude
My Dude - 20 days ago
6:27 to 6:37
Best 10 seconds of my life
You know what I love this whole video
server midget
server midget - 20 days ago
Bruh,, I'm only here because the freaking comments were turned off and I legit *need* somewhere to rant about how absolutely *disgusted* I felt towards Jordyn. I swear I thought she would be the sweet one of the group and probably just vote herself out, but NO!! SHE BECAME A LITTLE BRAT AND STARTED THROWING MAD SHADE TOWARDS NINA FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Honestly, she made me want to punch a wall or something,, the way she acted was totally unnecessary and very childlike. Anyways props to Nina for staying neutral and mature about the whole situation because I would of just about snapped.
Alex Raychinov
Alex Raychinov - 20 days ago
Whoever wins the money goes to shopping. I am sure. Like 100%.
zambieslayerX - 20 days ago
I honestly think that they all wanted to use ot for other dumbass stuff like personal stuff they say for college or some other sappy reason but we all know what they will do with it
m - 20 days ago
Jordan’s mouth rlly said: 〰️
Jeremy Munene
Jeremy Munene - 20 days ago
Ok Jordyn was annoying as fuck, but come on guys she's like 13, and she owned up to it in the end.

But the way she played herself with the leg thing😂
The Sloan and Vanessa Show
“KHAlid, YOunG,DuMb and Broke. More LIkE yOUNg,DuMB Andddddd WWWOOOKKkkEE”
navse - 20 days ago
Jordyn is the girl that would bark at you then bite you when you make eye contact with her.
Adrianna Gonzalez
Adrianna Gonzalez - 21 day ago
please do more of these!!! i’ve watched this video like 20 times
Allison Stenger
Allison Stenger - 21 day ago
Omg having to Uber everywhere is soooo hard I literally ride my bike 2.3 miles to get to school and home
Damian M
Damian M - 21 day ago
I laughed way to much in this video
Tobsterlobster3 - 21 day ago
EliTheGreat1021 - 21 day ago
He do be havin a iPhone 11 on his chin doe
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