High School Students Try To Decide Who Gets $1,000

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - 10 months ago
I’m genuinely curious what you guys think of this
Watermelon fan
Watermelon fan - 5 days ago
Ryan Trahan hi Nina or Jordan won
Mr.dippitydo - 10 days ago
NRG 4eva
NRG 4eva - 13 days ago
Absolute piece of poopypoo
Streamzkid - 14 days ago
Ryan Trahan i wanted Nina to win she deserves it more
Annelise YT
Annelise YT - 16 days ago
It’s okay
Francisca Vasquez
Francisca Vasquez - 35 minutes ago
Jordyn is just so annoying
omg - 2 hours ago
kalid just seems so nice tbh
Selma Langås
Selma Langås - 10 hours ago
The video is so much better with you😂💗😌
Alexis L
Alexis L - 22 hours ago
I don’t like how half of their reasonings for needing the money, changes when people ask again..
Anti-Social Club
Anti-Social Club - 23 hours ago
TBH honest all I was thinking about when this abomination of unfairness ended was:
Dominick Sanchez
Dominick Sanchez - Day ago
F heather with her lazy self
Rylee Manuel
Rylee Manuel - Day ago
Why Jordan so obsessed w/ Nina💀 BIG fan behavior 🥱
Tianna Watkins
Tianna Watkins - Day ago
This is so funny
Chloe Diehl
Chloe Diehl - Day ago
Ok EJ should’ve gotten it. Like I am so sorry Heather, but there are other modes of transportation.
Holden Zann
Holden Zann - Day ago
I literally can’t watch this man everyone just acting like they aren’t trying to get pity when they obviously are lmao
Jamy Bethke
Jamy Bethke - Day ago
Im crying right know.... how can somebody be sooooo mean to those beautiful and smart people... you said, That the girl with the Short hair just want the money.... but you cuttend the part out, in wich she said that she doesn’t want it because the others need it more.... she’s such a smart girl and you make fun of her.... damn... you didn’t even know them and their lives... imagine them seeing this video... they will cry...they wanted the money for good reasons. Maybe their parents aren’t able to give them that....but that’s not a reason to blame them... this is the 5th video is see, where someone is so bad to somebody else....is this a American thing????? Because in Germany I’ve never met somebody who’s sooooooo mean and dumb and has no feelings...maybe there are some...but maybe one out of thousand....and noooooooo I don’t want to blame USA... but I just thought of it....
Genevieve King
Genevieve King - Day ago
Kaild watching this be like 👁👄👁
CyberSand - Day ago
Nina is defensive but she's really cute ....also i'm a junior so no fbi needed here
vlone chris
vlone chris - Day ago
EJ shoulda won prove me wrong
Disha makan
Disha makan - 2 days ago
lee girl
lee girl - 2 days ago
Why did jordyn and kalid sit so close to each other on the couch when they went out? lol
I am Joy
I am Joy - 2 days ago
I actually like Nina
I am Joy
I am Joy - 2 days ago
Jordyn is so annoying
Camryn Watson
Camryn Watson - 2 days ago
Everyone has shit with Jordan
Bedroom Vlogs
Bedroom Vlogs - 2 days ago
Jordan needs to chill she is making me mad 😡
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace - 2 days ago
Jordyn is def gonna be a karen 100%
Lina TM
Lina TM - 2 days ago
the girl in the short hair made me so mad, she wanted a PERSONAL trip but she acted like she deserved it more
Carrigan Currier
Carrigan Currier - 2 days ago
Bro I swear Heather chose to take Ubers to go to her bi weekly eyelash extension refills which takes more money than the Uber......👀🤣
Something OrAnother
Something OrAnother - 3 days ago
Is public transportation that common? I know a lot of people myself included who will walk like 3-5 mi and then get an upper for the remainder and like that’s the only option if you can’t get a ride. Some places everything is a good 20 mi apart
lowes sophia
lowes sophia - 3 days ago
i wish i were "Heather"
audrey pike
audrey pike - 3 days ago
i feel like people who want to be marine biologists don’t shut up about it
Sarah :D
Sarah :D - 3 days ago
Jordan is a EMOTIONAL reck lol
Speed Cancer
Speed Cancer - 3 days ago
Easy, rock paper scissors tournament
Amir Yasin
Amir Yasin - 3 days ago
my guy's door lookin like a vault
Tianna Alicia Haliburton
Jordan is literally a young Karen! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Koli R
Koli R - 3 days ago
they way you were able to take every single one of my thoughts and put them in this video is really astounding
Sierra Brown
Sierra Brown - 4 days ago
Jordyn is without a doubt homeschooled
Claire Bryant
Claire Bryant - 4 days ago

Jordyn: “Wish I were Heather”
Scarlette Watson
Scarlette Watson - 4 days ago
I feel like it’s sort of hypocritical for Jordyn to say ‘well we’re not all just gonna use the money on a trip or a flight.’ When she said she would use the money for going to the Bahamas
Crunchy Chipotle
Crunchy Chipotle - 4 days ago
Your reactions
Darryn Crow
Darryn Crow - 4 days ago
I feel mj should’ve gotten the money he was pretty chill about it and wasn’t trying to prove a point why he should win
Annalisechapa1 - 4 days ago
This editing tho
Samanth Reneé
Samanth Reneé - 4 days ago
Oh to be in high school again and think that $1000 will cover multiple textbooks and tuition...
sugarytaepapas - 5 days ago
Me throughout the entirety of this video: just sHUT THE FUCK UP, JORDYN.
AzadA - 5 days ago
Crocodile tears are really annoying
Leon Barlow
Leon Barlow - 5 days ago
The know it all girl is like my brother
Gamer Roach
Gamer Roach - 5 days ago
pov - you watched this right after ryan yerrow's college video
not_LegenDary - 5 days ago
These people say they need the money, but they seem to have some expensive clothes. Like, why don’t you sell them and buy cheaper ones.
Gaven McGuire
Gaven McGuire - 6 days ago
i want to slap jordan
Itzzcrystall - 6 days ago
Jaycie Seland
Jaycie Seland - 6 days ago
Jordyn is clearly an only child
Victoire Heyworth
Victoire Heyworth - 6 days ago
i CANNOT stand that jordyn girl
Ellen Davies
Ellen Davies - 6 days ago
kalid is my spirit animal lmaoooo
Twentyone Winchesters
Twentyone Winchesters - 6 days ago
God I hated the short haired girl SO MUCH like man I feel like I'd punch her right then and there
Abhinav - 6 days ago
why everyone is so mean to Jordyn, chill guys. She would evolve as a person.
xo xo
xo xo - 6 days ago
Stop with the comments about the Biologist I can’t like them all
Tooty Bum Shat smelly Shard Pood brown mushy dump
This became my new favorite yt video
Bri unicornpoop
Bri unicornpoop - 7 days ago
Hate the winner! Such a baby! Grow up 🤦🏼‍♀️
Storm :D
Storm :D - 8 days ago
I think that they’re all using reverse scycology yes I spelled that wrong I don’t care
LED's Channel
LED's Channel - 8 days ago
I’m shocked how the girl who wants a vacation doesn’t get out first.
Jada Christina
Jada Christina - 8 days ago
I only like Nina. Heather started crying and THATS what kinda made me mad cus I feel like she knew what she was doing. Jordyn..please go somewhere. I wish the guy who had to pay for his tests got the money honestly.
jessica thach
jessica thach - 8 days ago
Heather and Jordyn shouldn’t have even been there in the first place lmao 💀💀
Avery Leach
Avery Leach - 8 days ago
does anyone else think the Khalid kid is just the most kind and gentle human 🥺 I felt so bad for him :(
Karen Ramos
Karen Ramos - 8 days ago
the way ryan reacted to kalid leaving reminded me of jonaton on that one kurtis connor vid
FernanXDD - 8 days ago
12:33 5 starts GTA 🤣🤣
Karan Gaglani
Karan Gaglani - 9 days ago
Pika Denki
Pika Denki - 9 days ago
I feel bad for Kalid, he was just awkwardly smiling like he’s the kind of person I’d like to be friends with but match his awkwardness so I can’t start a conversation so I started trying to help them with stuff and quickly develop a crush on them but I end up making friends who bring out a different side of me like Goofy and I embarrass myself Infront of them or there is always that girl who is better than me and ends up making friends with him.... I am not okay
Bram Zwaan
Bram Zwaan - 9 days ago
3:14 I wish I had teeth like that
Jimden Tenzin
Jimden Tenzin - 9 days ago
What does being Buddhist have to do with standing on one leg? Im a Buddhist and I’m confused with what Jordyn said😂
Sarcoleops - 9 days ago
how DARE they vote out kahlid.
LedgerGRL116 - 9 days ago
Why am i crying laughing rn...i cant. You videos bring me so much joy especially the editing.
Aerin 177
Aerin 177 - 9 days ago
Jordyn’s a bitch
Tricky Nicky951 A
Tricky Nicky951 A - 10 days ago
Khalid and Nina are kings and queens
Sean Raftree
Sean Raftree - 10 days ago
The girl who needs Uber is crying, when she has legs. God gifted you 🌝✌️
subscribe to my puppy
subscribe to my puppy - 10 days ago
Khalid is just anti social and kind
Josiah Knapp
Josiah Knapp - 10 days ago
1st world problems...
olivia122863 - 10 days ago
jordyn needs to shut her peter pan looking self tf up
Maya Sibley
Maya Sibley - 11 days ago
my top 3 in order:
Kim - 11 days ago
Evelyn Clarke
Evelyn Clarke - 11 days ago
Khalid seems soooo sweet. I literally hate Jordan so much she’s so fkn annoying and like
I wAnNa gO tO tHe bAhAmAs
People are dying
With actual problems.
Anyways love u Ryan
illuminating Wings
illuminating Wings - 11 days ago
Lyft is.... better than uber 🤪
Demoy's View
Demoy's View - 11 days ago
Really Jordan? Smh
Demoy's View
Demoy's View - 11 days ago
Jordyn **
abc123 - 11 days ago
So sad that kalid got out😄😄😄
beetle juice x3
beetle juice x3 - 11 days ago
LMAO this is EXACTLY what i’d expect a bunch of high schoolers put in a room to make a selfish decision to act like this is how high schoolers I KNOW act like
Reeces pieces
Reeces pieces - 11 days ago
Jorydn is the person nobody likes and thinks everyone's out to get them and when they get in trouble for something they did they blame everyone else in the room, im basically describing someone that goes to my school
Vivian Purvis
Vivian Purvis - 11 days ago
Oh my god Jordan is the type of girl who asks you personal questions in a weird annoying way like when she asked EJ about his gf
Brele - 11 days ago
I really like Jovina and Nina, Jovina presented herself maturely and Nina was very reasonable.
Karina Montoya
Karina Montoya - 12 days ago
Jordyn gives me Karen vibes
Lauren Pardijs
Lauren Pardijs - 12 days ago
Jordyn is 7th grade emotionally and Nina 12th grade
Mary0505 barb
Mary0505 barb - 12 days ago
Jordyn is the one that deserved it the least tbh
Mary0505 barb
Mary0505 barb - 12 days ago
Jordyn was unbearable, like she got pissed when she lost after she decided the game and then went:"It's not fair", I just can't stand her
Rayha - 12 days ago
Tianna Watkins
Tianna Watkins - 12 days ago
I don't like Jordan that much
Nevaton - 12 days ago
Uber everywhere? That shits expensive when I started walking to work instead of Uber I saved so much. It was an hour walk n I didn’t like the bus so foot it was lmfao don’t think it made me “grow” up fast
c w u t i e
c w u t i e - 12 days ago
jordyn is the amazing, funniest being i ever seen LOL
Arsh Kaur
Arsh Kaur - 12 days ago
Heathers crying didn’t sit right with me
daniela - 12 days ago
Ej, Jovina, and NJ were my favorites
Funeral enthusiast
Funeral enthusiast - 13 days ago
Nina should’ve won >:) or the girl who voted herself out (not fish girl)
Isabel Gomez
Isabel Gomez - 13 days ago
I don’t want to be mean but I hate it when people cry it annoys me but she had a really valid reason to get the money and I’m glad she got it !!
Sun Dance
Sun Dance - 13 days ago
How much was it for that balyaged hair, eyelash extensions, nails and gucci bag Heather?
Abby Lewis
Abby Lewis - 13 days ago
I cant be the only one who thinks heather did that to pity them into giving it to her like how are they sure that she is telling the truth
Sunny Li
Sunny Li - 13 days ago
You watched this ahead of time huh?
Roblox Minecraft queen
Roblox Minecraft queen - 13 days ago
Jordyn’s so petty 😂😂😂😂😂 she’s like trying to vote that other girl out 😂😂😂😂😂😂 (sorry forgot the other girls name)
Lukas - 13 days ago
See none of these kids are really struggling. Like they have valid reasons to use the money but none of them really need it. For shit like rent, bills, whatever to survive. That’s why they aren’t going to share everything going on with them or be super emotional.
If you’re truly struggling like I’ve been you wouldn’t be afraid to let people know that. You wouldn’t care about the shame because you’re too focused on trying to survive.
I wish they had kids from working class or poorer conditions who actually would need the money. All of these people want the money but they don’t need it.
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