hey, been a while

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sid's amazing video's
sid's amazing video's - 9 hours ago
I missed u so much
Sandy Jackson
Sandy Jackson - 10 hours ago
My boy is back
ReZ_ luke
ReZ_ luke - 11 hours ago
Cory: checks views holy sticker wiper it hit that many in a A second I might leave again and see the views

Viewers: the fuck man got me fucked up I will find you if you do 🏠
Galazy - 14 hours ago
Sinse cory left, the world has been going down, Juice Kobe, Pop smoke have died and probably a lot more..
Gianna Broussard
Gianna Broussard - 15 hours ago
I have been watching you for years ( even when I was 10 ) and WE LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for coming back and I will always be a og samurai
Darren Riggan
Darren Riggan - 17 hours ago
You inspire me to be a better and happier person
Darren Riggan
Darren Riggan - 17 hours ago
Love your videos
Isabella Gorman
Isabella Gorman - 17 hours ago
6:00: look how happy this people are
Everyone watching during the pandemic: NO NO NO NO NO NooooOOoOoooO
Epic Tiger 7
Epic Tiger 7 - 18 hours ago
Shadow Gamerz
Shadow Gamerz - Day ago
Bro I straight up missed this dude
HxH1gh HxH
HxH1gh HxH - Day ago
When cory popped his face out in the beginning I felt like my dad returned from the store
KurosakiXIchigoxXx - Day ago
Hey guys can we give cory 1 million likes on this video
Toxic Corrosiv
Toxic Corrosiv - Day ago
SnowluZ z
SnowluZ z - Day ago
Cory- **look how much you've grown**
**Me who literally grew 1 fucking inch**
6yco. - 12 hours ago
damn 1 inch in 9 months
Mazen - Day ago
Cory dropped this unexpectedly
Even tho Cory was gone for 9 months his videos still make me laugh 😂😂😂
You and dashie living out one of my dreams I’m jealous
Cj Litgaming
Cj Litgaming - Day ago
Been watching for a while, and to see my baby brother watching your videos is crazy my guy. I heard that samurai slice and saw a flash of great videos come through my mind. Still here my guy and I’m glad your back.
Miguel Garibay
Miguel Garibay - Day ago
Yay coryxkenshin you the best YouTuber
B M - Day ago
I'm a month late, but WELCOME BACK!!!
Space legend
Space legend - Day ago
Prayes Khadilkar
Prayes Khadilkar - Day ago
This mans making a joke out of this I’m fucking done
Keishey Pitts
Keishey Pitts - Day ago
Do tik tok
Jeff Cunningham
Jeff Cunningham - 2 days ago
Welcome back man missed u
Space legend
Space legend - Day ago
Bro this was a month ago
Afro Puff Cousins
Afro Puff Cousins - 2 days ago
Who else cried when he came back? ❤️❤️❤️
Vaalkin - 2 days ago
"You are a human"
Yo that hit
Igorthegoat - 2 days ago
guys I think Cory won the gulag
RomanNoodlw - 2 days ago
Plays Minecraft music in background*
cretaceous world
cretaceous world - 2 days ago
I got you if you take a break take as long as you want enjoy life
Siren Head
Siren Head - 2 days ago
Guys this actually isnt the longest the was gone one time he was gone for 2 years
Sophie Evans
Sophie Evans - 2 days ago
He came back with the milk
ObeyAnaa - 2 days ago
im so happy cory is his own person this is why I watch him more then the other youtubers cause they record they whole freaking life like come on, man I love you cory im so happy u spend all your time with your family im so sorry I am late with this comment I have been so busy with my daughter and school the only time I get to watch your videos is at night, we love you cory.
Supreme furry Hunter 360
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that this video has 352k comments
Serena Davis
Serena Davis - 2 days ago
i miss you sooo much every day been going on your channel and im like where coryxkenshin where he but know your back i miss youu
Travis Rivera
Travis Rivera - 2 days ago
Omg i thought you would never come back i only found out because game theory said it in their newest video
Johnny Alapai
Johnny Alapai - 2 days ago
I went to gum dam cafe too!
Adam Donnelly
Adam Donnelly - 2 days ago
Emma Pottios
Emma Pottios - 2 days ago
theformum reader
theformum reader - 2 days ago
Good to See you Back my bro,Been a fan since the tribute to Michael Jackson days.
Moments with CeeJay
Moments with CeeJay - 2 days ago
One of those rumors could be true......The rumor abt having a baby......I mean...hes been gone for 9 months.....and it takes 8 months to have your baby.....
ThëÑäpøł ThëÑäpøł
Dolphins are coming back to Italy
Meanwhile on YouTube:
chia jyh kwang
chia jyh kwang - 3 days ago
So the person who saw cory in japan wasnt lieing
The Legendary Robloxian
cory make a cxc plzz
i got so much questions lol
Gacha AJ
Gacha AJ - 3 days ago
6:38 man Cory be like
Cory: ayeeeeeee
J Bongo
J Bongo - 3 days ago
"Hey FallenKnight3862, mind checking out my (mostly horror) gaming channel? If that is your thing than stop on by! If not, thanks anyway sorry to have bothered you and have a good one :3"
It's been five years since I got that comment for you on my channel and I just wanted to let you know that it's been one heck of a ride so far! I know this is coming a bit late, but I'm glad that you're back and already going strong. I can't wait to see what other content you bring and will always be a Samurai. Peace to you, brother (Note: I may be J bongo now, but I used to be the other username lol)
AydenDraws - 3 days ago
Me: remembers coryxkenshun and watches old videos
Cory: comes back to YouTube
Me: whoomst-
Zackaria Murray
Zackaria Murray - 3 days ago
Cory back he back yeeeesssssssss!
Khalif does nothing
Khalif does nothing - 3 days ago
I thought this dude dead lol
Ayy CHIEF - 3 days ago
Were just happy you came back, my Shogun brotha.
samaria Baby love nice
samaria Baby love nice - 3 days ago
Y ...yesterday huh
Aureya King
Aureya King - 3 days ago
BROOOOO cory can u plzzzzz bring back cooking with kenshin :P
Username_Taken - 3 days ago
Him: Hey... I’m back...
Me: ,•-•,
Sgtviper Gaming
Sgtviper Gaming - 3 days ago
I know it's late but welcome back.
SquadMaster - 3 days ago
Im ded, at 6:39 i died laughing
John H
John H - 3 days ago
Okay so I didn’t know Cory was back so like imma have to watch all dem vids-
SwiftzZ Lol
SwiftzZ Lol - 3 days ago
0:16 When Your Dad Comes Back From Getting The Milk 9 Years After
The Memer Man
The Memer Man - 3 days ago
This video was the day before my dad died.
Cynn Cynn
Cynn Cynn - 3 days ago
Well at least I’m off today to catch up. Well finally your back ‼️
Be4st_M0d3 - 4 days ago
I thought Cory was dead
The Memer Man
The Memer Man - 3 days ago
Too late to comment that.....
Brian Zavala
Brian Zavala - 4 days ago
I was watching this in the bathroom and my dooodo went flying 💩 cuz of my reaction seeing he had uploaded again
Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan - 4 days ago
Over a month now hes been at it
Mimi - 4 days ago
i’ve been watching cory since his return and i’m so jealous of the og fans😭or even people who knew him for just a few years😭
Bader Alquood
Bader Alquood - 4 days ago
Bro he better not pull some shit like that again, i know he said he should take time off when he needs to. And that he’s not a machine, i don’t care tho. He can’t just leave like that without saying anything. I’m not tryna hate i’ve been a fan for longer than six years now but i’m saying this because i’m scared he’ll disappear again. If you wanna take a break cory just let us know without having to worry. AND DONT TAKE LONGER THAN A MONTH BREAK OR I’LL-. Anyway, love you cory, glad to have you back sucka♥️.
Blacklight Gaming
Blacklight Gaming - 4 days ago
2:27 did you have a baby?
Camila Bonilla
Camila Bonilla - 4 days ago
Whoever those 6.7k dislikes are your mad he left he had to okay
Dylan King
Dylan King - 4 days ago
I didnt realise he had 762 THOUSAND LIKES
scobo mastercom 28
scobo mastercom 28 - 4 days ago
does anyone know the song cory used after he said he was back, ive been tryna find it for, forever
No_Name Xplr
No_Name Xplr - 4 days ago
Notice me
Zain Martin
Zain Martin - 4 days ago
I see sum haters slicing the dislike wut up with that
The Moon
The Moon - 4 days ago
How is this not the most popular video ever
Graysen Ellis
Graysen Ellis - 4 days ago
Do you actually
Rania Awny
Rania Awny - 4 days ago
Anyone notice minecraft music
DawnWalkerWolf - 4 days ago
12:45, ok...what was that noise
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 4 days ago
Who ever remembers corayy is a real fan
Cluck donalds fat chicken
Coryxkenshin got number 1 on trending
Charlie Curtis
Charlie Curtis - 4 days ago
The Minecraft music in the background is beautiful
Karma_Duh_Immortal - 4 days ago
Cory I understand that when you help people, sometimes you don’t have someone to help you. Even if I don’t know you and you don’t know me I still think you could just make a video on how you are feeling. We don’t care if you don’t upload, we are forever loyal!
- from a sincere fan ❤️💖💕💘💝💞💓💗
Caleb Vega
Caleb Vega - 4 days ago
Guys, remember duck season how it said 269 days to open? What if Cory goes back?
CEO of Trickyfingers inc.
Thank you
Rextron21 - 4 days ago
Where the milk though?
Fam Squad
Fam Squad - 4 days ago
You can tame wolfs if you have a enough bones. bones come from skeletons make sure you have a least 10 bones or the wolf mite take it and still mite not be your friend. You should get flowers. Flowers make diy. DIY can be used to make a different color bed.
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