First To ESCAPE Haunted House Wins $10,000 - Challenge

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Jinsung Yuu
Jinsung Yuu - 11 hours ago
Morgz will win
Zion Zanchi
Zion Zanchi - 13 hours ago
Rachel Khalifa
Rachel Khalifa - 14 hours ago
Henson won
mr robloxian
mr robloxian - 16 hours ago
Morgz ur lucky to be alive
Appiah Kodie
Appiah Kodie - 16 hours ago
Team mogz
Dawn McGregor
Dawn McGregor - 21 hour ago
Who is watching this in 2020 while coronavirus
Christine N
Christine N - Day ago
hows the camera man this calm🤨
Skye Raleigh
Skye Raleigh - Day ago
Prubhcharan Singh
Prubhcharan Singh - Day ago
I’m ur hater
Finlay Stewart
Finlay Stewart - Day ago
I bet morgz poo his self
Seanie Boi
Seanie Boi - 2 days ago
Is that real
Mike Summers
Mike Summers - 2 days ago
That you can
Kyron Cole
Kyron Cole - 2 days ago
Martin or Jason is gonna win
lil vipes
lil vipes - 2 days ago
Why isn't mini morgz scared
lil vipes
lil vipes - 2 days ago
He keeps on hitting his head 😡😠
Elly _T.j
Elly _T.j - 2 days ago
It’s amazing how many people put in the effort to scare people
Tarron Bhangu
Tarron Bhangu - 2 days ago
JustinPlayz - 2 days ago
I found morgz in my house hold on let me get him 🗑
Delia Santos
Delia Santos - 3 days ago
the one that pig shes just wearing a pig mask
Lil Quez
Lil Quez - 3 days ago
Lil Quez
Lil Quez - 3 days ago
I was dying when he said I can’t help you goodbye
Qays Iman
Qays Iman - 3 days ago
Qays Iman
Qays Iman - 3 days ago
clickbaitYT - 3 days ago
Morgz win
Karen Downs
Karen Downs - 4 days ago
They scream slot
Karen Downs
Karen Downs - 4 days ago
Morgz do u play roblox
Veronica Garcia
Veronica Garcia - 4 days ago
That is scary
Emma Maringe
Emma Maringe - 5 days ago
Jenson don't care
Bruh Kbriuh
Bruh Kbriuh - 6 days ago
I think Morgz will win.
Phil McFadyen
Phil McFadyen - 6 days ago
Oh no
John Durick
John Durick - 7 days ago
Ahmed Almuqaddam
Ahmed Almuqaddam - 7 days ago
Riley White
Riley White - 8 days ago
I would cry
Boby Mathew
Boby Mathew - 8 days ago
Morgz is the first
Lisa Spencer
Lisa Spencer - 8 days ago
Natasha Govan
Natasha Govan - 9 days ago
I think big jill is going to win
idilyc 2
idilyc 2 - 9 days ago
I think next challenge should be the *finally let Martin win a challenge challenge*
Liliana Porubin
Liliana Porubin - 9 days ago
and i am much beter at fortnite then you
Kristina Francis
Kristina Francis - 10 days ago
Mum is a skaredy cat
Mohamed hussein
Mohamed hussein - 10 days ago
Gaming with Alex
Gaming with Alex - 10 days ago
I’m scared
Mishelle _playz
Mishelle _playz - 10 days ago
Why does morgan looks creepy and in tabnail 😂
Matthias Shkurti
Matthias Shkurti - 11 days ago
20:29 that's dangerous
TikTok Dinosaur
TikTok Dinosaur - 11 days ago
This is so sceary I have had nightmeres 4 3 days
Y O L O - 11 days ago
There not even doing anything there just running away from them
Lawrence Clemente
Lawrence Clemente - 11 days ago
I think they have to share the money
Joseph Isaac
Joseph Isaac - 12 days ago
My gosh Morgan almost got killed by that chainsaw 😭
Kyla Shannon
Kyla Shannon - 12 days ago
I love it how Jill Morgan and Martin are screaming and then jenson is like I can't help you eat vegetables 😂👌
Jean#niceboy steven
Jean#niceboy steven - 13 days ago
I love how Jenson is like not even scared and just say eat vegetables and stuff
Kathy Grujovski
Kathy Grujovski - 13 days ago
patrick nyanzi
patrick nyanzi - 13 days ago
wow jenson is brave he was just walking and just said bye like he doesn't care and and martin is the day third scared person but a wonder how scared Darren will be like this if you think that too
patrick nyanzi
patrick nyanzi - 13 days ago
Jill: You are the most scared person look down how scared you are
Michelle Fox
Michelle Fox - 13 days ago
Jensen his face lol and he was not scared
Stephen Matthews
Stephen Matthews - 13 days ago
Anvesh Kumar
Anvesh Kumar - 13 days ago
Morgz will win this challenge
Sonic fan
Sonic fan - 14 days ago
Jason Bostock
Jason Bostock - 14 days ago
I think the scared ones are the science one clown one and the zombie one
Cool Pie
Cool Pie - 14 days ago
I love you morgez
Robert Jeffries
Robert Jeffries - 14 days ago
Mgz said the f word
MehmetAras akbulut
MehmetAras akbulut - 14 days ago
ss jenson
Justice Appo
Justice Appo - 14 days ago
AKA Jensen
Justice Appo
Justice Appo - 14 days ago
Mini Morgz will win
Oreo Gaming
Oreo Gaming - 14 days ago
How is Jenson not so scared and everybody is screaming like hecc
L8Sonic Games
L8Sonic Games - 14 days ago
L8Sonic Games
L8Sonic Games - 14 days ago
Lily Staines
Lily Staines - 14 days ago
Lily Staines
Lily Staines - 14 days ago
These people are good zombies very good
Harley Mccheyne
Harley Mccheyne - 15 days ago
Mini morgz:bye
Morgz: AHH
Hashtag savage mini morgz
Vlad Vieru
Vlad Vieru - 15 days ago
I chlallenge you by doing a part 2. Just you and Jenson.
Alisha Bundy
Alisha Bundy - 15 days ago
Face your biggest fears
Scurdie Ness
Scurdie Ness - 16 days ago
This is How many times jenson was not scared
Alaina s
Alaina s - 16 days ago
Wait a sec that boy with clown paint is bald Martin lol
TTVDefaultPlayer - 16 days ago
Lol nice makeup
Matty Mattz
Matty Mattz - 16 days ago
They make sound effects to make it more scary
Matty Mattz
Matty Mattz - 16 days ago
I think they stupid actors
Jose Carmona
Jose Carmona - 17 days ago
Lets go Big Jill amd Bald Martin
Lovely Lexie
Lovely Lexie - 17 days ago
I was just a little bit scared of that but I wasn’t scared a lot about that and I think know who I think will win morgzs because he’s the king of challenges
Raphael Komolafe
Raphael Komolafe - 17 days ago
I l m
pablo Herrera
pablo Herrera - 18 days ago
No one
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