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Speak For Yourself
Speak For Yourself - 4 months ago
Did Kawhi's move to the Clippers officially end the LeBron era?
Love MoreTv
Love MoreTv - 3 months ago
Are u dumb
Jeffrey Youngblood
Jeffrey Youngblood - 3 months ago
The LeBron era ended last season.
213 - 4 months ago
Speak For Yourself Made in Japan stuff in the 1970s were considered trash. Then they dominated in the 80s & 90s. Then it became South Korea and China. Sports is like tech. Always something new and different.
213 - 4 months ago
Speak For Yourself Twenty years ago, nobody was buying Apple products. The Lisa, Macintosh, and Newton all flopped. Apple almost went bankrupt in 1996. They're now worth a trillion. Things change...
213 - 4 months ago
Speak For Yourself LeBron is the King of LA? After they finished 37-45 and went *3-12* after he activated playoff mode? 🤣
CrimeSide - 23 days ago
I saved this video to my Watch Later list just to revisit it once the season started. This segment was the boldest segment of the entire summer on the NBA and its current landscape. No upstart "red headed stepchild" team has ever overtaken the favorite team in an American major market. The Clippers have that potential. This truly could be historic... and 3 months from now this clip is STILL going to keep me hyped up. #clippernation
Rashad Ginn
Rashad Ginn - Month ago
K.D. needed backup
kabagema yannick
kabagema yannick - 3 months ago
Prime KD or prime Kawhi ? I 'll go with KD tbh
John Minx
John Minx - 3 months ago
la will never be a clippers town... the clippers are a joke!
Dyno Saur
Dyno Saur - 3 months ago
Bron was king of the east but not in the west. Brons era ended when KD joined gsw then Bron confirmed it by going to LA west. Good thing im not a Lakers fan because they are about to have a major epic fail 2020. A championship is not realistic for Lakers to achieve with this new team.
Sean Aniyunwiya
Sean Aniyunwiya - 3 months ago
Can we sign a petition to get whacklock off ESPN?
Genius Report
Genius Report - 3 months ago
It's a lebron era until he retires. His skills are so high he will always be in the top 30 best players in the league. Probly 22 time allstar shi*. Just cuz hes not the best player in the league doesnt change his impact on the nba
Sean Aniyunwiya
Sean Aniyunwiya - 3 months ago
One move to make. The PF position. We're pretty complete right now.
queen bee
queen bee - 3 months ago
Jeffrey Youngblood
Jeffrey Youngblood - 3 months ago
I love how all these guys have already awarded one of the two LA teams the WCF championship. Like the rockets, jazz, nuggets and trailblazers are all chopped liver.
Mrcheesehead B
Mrcheesehead B - 3 months ago
LA is not lebron’s city and I’m a laker fan ! He’s done nothing to be labeled a Laker king .
John - 3 months ago
Preach...🙌🙌. I got chills..lol
keepkul - 3 months ago
Cant wait for the season to start so that all this can be settled on the floor.
Rudy Herrera
Rudy Herrera - 3 months ago
Nah trust George Paul is overrated period
Wavybone Andretti
Wavybone Andretti - 3 months ago
I thought the Warriors already killed the so-called “LeBron era”???
Matthew McCrary
Matthew McCrary - 3 months ago
Imagine forgetting Anthony Davis and Demarcus cousins are on the lakers lol
G King
G King - 4 months ago
James Lang
James Lang - 4 months ago
KEVIN DURANT and the Golden State Warriors killed the Lebron era. If you take 4 clueless individuals and put them together, they are still clueless. These 2 teams play in the same conference, no chance to play one another for the N.B.A. championship. The championship of LOS ANGELES!!!!
Nigel Lewis
Nigel Lewis - 4 months ago
If LeBron Won the Championship like How Kawhi Did. What do you think the media would be saying??
Nigel Lewis
Nigel Lewis - 4 months ago
LeBron Misses the playoffs once...... How Quickly they forget how dominant he is in the post ( and yes that's a double entendre )
David Estilo
David Estilo - 4 months ago
So Los Angeles is Lebrons city ? Wow
darius barnett
darius barnett - 4 months ago
The clippers x factor to me over lakers is lou williams
GeeCoach35 - 4 months ago
Golden State ended the Lebron era.
immasoxfanbaby - 4 months ago
No curry and g state ended lebron era, jahlil just locked the door from lebron ever goin to the finals. Lebron needed Westbrook on the lakers. Let the games begin
Shawn Simmons
Shawn Simmons - 4 months ago
Heres hoping the rivalry will reach epic points
Micheal Johnson
Micheal Johnson - 4 months ago
GSW stopped LeBron legacy my boy Steph
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez - 4 months ago
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SGTSayz - 4 months ago
If the Lakers don’t work out, they’ll just blame Boogie 😂
Matthew Ross
Matthew Ross - 4 months ago
Kawhi just won the chip and they are talking about Lebron like he is the king when he didn’t even make the playoffs. His era is done son!
Isiah Nunn
Isiah Nunn - 4 months ago
everyone wants to see lebron era end because he's been great for so long so there tired of seeing him honestly. well not everybody is tried , but some.
213 - 4 months ago
Made in Japan stuff in the 1970s were considered trash. Then they dominated in the 80s & 90s. Then it became South Korea and China. Sports is like tech. Always something new and different.
213 - 4 months ago
Twenty years ago, nobody was buying Apple products. The Lisa, Macintosh, and Newton all flopped. Apple almost went bankrupt in 1996. They're now worth a trillion. Things change...
213 - 4 months ago
LeBron is the King of LA? After they finished 37-45 and went *3-12* after he activated playoff mode? 🤣
Anthony Davis Unibrow
Anthony Davis Unibrow - 4 months ago
LA Clippers better than the clippers the entire clipper fan base is full of bandwagons literally every clippers fan was a lakers fan from 1999-2011 bandwagon trash franchise
213 - 4 months ago
The 2020 WCF between the Clippers vs Lakers will be the real Finals.
213 - 4 months ago
Kawhi is from LA. LeBron is just an uninvited guest from Ohio. Kawhi will prove who the real King of LA. 😎
DERRICK WESLEY - 4 months ago
Yep it's pretty much over for James , the Clippers was already good but now they have PG and the KLAW.. Those two r quite and let there game do the talking, and players respect that even more and the rest of the team will give it there all
Darilyn Tyrese
Darilyn Tyrese - 4 months ago
Love this show!!
Kevin Grind
Kevin Grind - 4 months ago
Jason Whitlock was on point this espisode. I like the breakdowns
Anton Santiago
Anton Santiago - 4 months ago
Lebron era is over .
Hero 3
Hero 3 - 4 months ago
Rodman, Pippen, Jordan is the best defense ever assembled
Hero 3
Hero 3 - 4 months ago
calling it now. Lebron or AD will sit 'load management' possibly Klaw or PG sit 'load management every matchup. book mark this comment and call me nostrodamus.
Rubi Kino
Rubi Kino - 4 months ago
Didn't know Paul George was that amazing , too bad he couldn't use his super power to help OKC out of the first round 2 years in a row. They're all talking like AD doesn't even exist. Best perimeter defence , well that will be perfect to stop AD / BOOGIE/MCGEE/LBJ when they're coming down the middle. Lakers are built to score inside and outside , can't wait to see these SAKKAS faces.
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - 4 months ago
WHITLOCK...take them snacks out of your mouth when speaking
James Johnson
James Johnson - 4 months ago
LeBron is over. Lakers bought a lemon. Killed their young talent for him and he will bring them no titles.
Owen Minter
Owen Minter - 4 months ago
They talking about kahwi like we ain't been going against GS the last couple years the media is getting crazy like they don't know the facts cause a healthy GS was beating the raptors
Michael Ford
Michael Ford - 4 months ago
clippers need 17 championships before they “take over” LA 😂
White Walker
White Walker - 4 months ago
First time he’s had to fight 😂😂😂😂 so he didn’t face a 73 win warriors wit KD
6052 News
6052 News - 4 months ago
James era never started James is a fraud. They acting like he won chips every year. Dirk got chip on his watch KD and Steph where is his scoring titles NBA BEEN GASSING JAMES
RenaldoSeguin - 4 months ago
It’s a war zone down here! Requesting immediate evacuation!
PimpMyPeon - 4 months ago
lebron is merely the king of the lakers. but kawhi is a son of LA.
Tulsi Thapa
Tulsi Thapa - 4 months ago
Everyone picking clippers, we will see when the season begins
Jamal Wood
Jamal Wood - 4 months ago
Anthony Davis is the pathos of the L.A. Lakers bad choices....I have a message for the TRUE laker fans....this is not for the Bron fanboy fan girls who come out know where and Jersey jump for their boo thing....and probably will abandon Laker nation just like they did Cav and Heat nation once Lebron is gone.....this is for True Laker fans....I feel sorry for the spells you guys are under and the stupidity that they are trying to get you to be ok with in Laker Land.....like I said, the day Dr. Jerry Buss left the Earth.....the L.A. Lakers and surpreme winning left with him.....now your just trying to live off your image .....I see you winning ONLY 1 title and that will be because of Adam Silver ...based off this current looking at this current roster, who will probably be gutted by Lebron James in January lol The Clippers look better ....and their IQ is higher....which has always been an Achilles heel for LBJ ....high level basketball IQ teams (warriors, spurs, 08 celtics) always smoke and destroy him.
Rqs79 - 4 months ago
I give the advantage to the Clippers. Their team is pretty much the same from last year. Great coaching, good GM and added two star players. The Clippers are going to be a TOUGH team in the West. The Lakers are basically a new team.
GCM - 4 months ago
We didn't see Kobe/Bron because Bron can't win unless he's on a superteam and even then, it's probably going to end in failure. Kawhi is going to own Bron
Coach Jon
Coach Jon - 4 months ago
Many people in the know that are actual reporters knew he was going to the Clippers. It made no sense that after winning the title him going to the Lakers. Him going to the Lakers was nothing but the media hyping up a story. For him to make such a stupid comment which is not knew speaks to his ignorance. The Lebron era is about more that on the court is about off the court. His era will end when he retires and calls it a career. He is still having a positive impact on the game. He is still selling out arenas where ever he goes. In his 17th season he is one of the favorites to win a title. When is the last time this has happened in the history of any sport. He is not the side kick. This man is the lead dog on this team. Just like Skip Baseless, Whitlock is nothing but a TMZ sports guy. Which means they are all about creating controversy and have no real substance behind what they say. They are nothing but shock jocks.
Gilbert Miller jr
Gilbert Miller jr - 4 months ago
Angryreed52 6
Angryreed52 6 - 4 months ago
This dude as stupid as they come. Sad
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith - 4 months ago
Somebody needs to tell Stephan Jackson Bron is not the king of LA. Your not a king in LA until you have won a championship for there teams . Nobody in LA cares about Cleveland or Miami.. somebody tell Mr. Jackson that
Michael Walter
Michael Walter - 4 months ago
Thats what they said about Kevin Durant going to the warriors
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