Is RICE The Best Way To Save A Wet Phone?

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Peachmatt - 6 days ago
So Cali just ate a grain of rice and no one is going to say anything?... lol 9:30
Alena Deerr
Alena Deerr - 11 days ago
I love kewe co
bharath kumar
bharath kumar - 17 days ago
Thankyou for the video.
Can you specify vaccum pressure, which will be helpful
UFO Specialist
UFO Specialist - Month ago
Rice always fixed my phones whenever they got wet.
Dalton Barrett
Dalton Barrett - Month ago
Are we gonna skip over the ghost that made an appearance in the background with the book?
Unicorn Gamer
Unicorn Gamer - Month ago
What happens if you put a sealed bottle of water in a vacume chamber?
Or a empty bottle with the cap glued on?
caseybeans08 - 2 months ago
you should put small holes in batteries and see what happens if you put them in a vacuum chamber
Jason H
Jason H - 2 months ago
👍👍Rice worked for me before on a old Nokia. The bag or container has to be sealed to draw water into the rice I thought. Other wise u r drying the entire room? I think
Abhishek Acharya
Abhishek Acharya - 2 months ago
10:23 Calli.exe has stopped working
Sabrina Cook
Sabrina Cook - 2 months ago
I made a hydrolic arm in school
Collin McVeigh
Collin McVeigh - 2 months ago
The kiwi co list are also great for spare parts
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman - 2 months ago
Can u plz save my phone☹
Garrett Belders
Garrett Belders - 2 months ago
With rice I've always left my electronics in it for about 24hrs and it has never failed, Im unsure how long you left it in the rice for this video but I'll assume 15mins as you did with the vacuum chamber
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy - 2 months ago
um eating raw rice 🤣🤣
Dokuujin .
Dokuujin . - 2 months ago
For the rice bit, aren't you supposed to take the battery out if the phone allows?
The idea is that the rice absorbs the residual water. It's not gonna absorb any water that's inside the phone if the rice isn't at least sort of in the phone.
I'm sure the vacuum chamber is still gonna be better for obvious reasons but the rice would have worked better if done, ya know. Correctly.
H.J.M - 3 months ago
Most phones are water proof but dont have am ofical rateing to same on cost
MC PLAYS - 3 months ago
Please never put your phone in a microwave as it sets on fire and blows up! I did this and it blew up
Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers - 3 months ago
3:53 if you have been here long enough you know what's sad about this image😥
Cheyanne Wolf
Cheyanne Wolf - 3 months ago
Did...did Calli eat raw rice? (9:30) 😂
Maajidah Shambe
Maajidah Shambe - 3 months ago
Rice saved my phone once
HannibalVexor - 3 months ago
i honestly used to love these shows but now, you seem to be throwing in things just to bulk up the content, i mean you tested the rice for 15 mins?Doesnt matter how hygroscopic something is. its not going to draw out water from a tight, compact space in that time and all you've done is make people believe rice doesnt work. where in fact it does work and is probably the best thing most normal people have to hand.
Double Helix
Double Helix - 3 months ago
Put rice in the vac chamber and place the phone in that.
Jimmy - 3 months ago
Best way to not put your phone In The washing machine. Watch TKOR while doing it
eccedxntesiiast - 3 months ago
I dropped my phone in the toilet while at school and my teacher went to dollar treee to buy me rice 💀
antonio sloan
antonio sloan - 3 months ago
set off fire works in a vacumm chamber
Chicken Cranberry
Chicken Cranberry - 3 months ago
I could relate to accidentally washing my phone in a washing machine..
Violet Vitek
Violet Vitek - 3 months ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Lance Stone
Lance Stone - 3 months ago
at 2:02 in the video Nate said the water was about 5 degrees fahrenheit.
me: no that is room temp where I live, in Canada!
Doesn’t Care
Doesn’t Care - 3 months ago
Can you do a video on the best way to get a wet Calli?
Wyatt Gearhart
Wyatt Gearhart - 4 months ago
*Calli* is this waterproof ?
*Nate* it did'nt say so.
*Calli* yay we broke stuff!
Gaynugg Wt
Gaynugg Wt - 4 months ago
Who else is watching this in 2018
Gavin C
Gavin C - 4 months ago
Cali ate the rice what the heck call TLC😂😂😂
Potato pops
Potato pops - 4 months ago
Me expecting a march plus instead gets a commercial I should have expected a sponsor🙄
NateDog1026 - 4 months ago
Can you guys vacuum seal aerofoam, its suppose to be less dense than air
Jack L
Jack L - 5 months ago
Rice takes a lot longer
Timothy Groff
Timothy Groff - 5 months ago
That's funny You washed you water proof phone. I washed my Moto Z 3 play and KILLED it.
Evelyn Brylow
Evelyn Brylow - 5 months ago
For the vacuum chamber, can we use a shop vac? Or just a regular vacuum if we have the rest of the top set up correctly?
RegionalBlurryface - 5 months ago
Jason Schot
Jason Schot - 5 months ago
I would like to try this. Can you please tell me to what pressure I should bring the chamber?
Raziel Talos
Raziel Talos - 5 months ago
Callie is just adorable, someone is very lucky
itsDonutdragonlovergirl Lover Girl
We put wet or broken phones in the rice cooker still along time ago we did that d:
The Lightning King
The Lightning King - 5 months ago
I think it’s stoped working because it’s not an apple
Efren Oreiro
Efren Oreiro - 6 months ago
Hey can i have the phone😂
Jeff Gedgaud
Jeff Gedgaud - 6 months ago
I used to manage a cell phone repair store, rice does absolutely nothing to a wet phone. Any electronics needs to be ultrasonicallly cleaned in order to remove corrosion.
Jacob Dilley
Jacob Dilley - 6 months ago
Thanks for letting me know that my phone is relatively waterproof
Crazy Corbin
Crazy Corbin - 6 months ago
Isn't he dead?
Emily Allred
Emily Allred - 6 months ago
Why does it say pre-order I thought it was available.
mark collins
mark collins - 6 months ago
Would love to see a redo with oxygen absorber! Heard it was better than rice!
Snowwwmannn YT
Snowwwmannn YT - 6 months ago
I’ve done both of those crates 🤣
Stormcruzerlore - 7 months ago
is it possible to cook noodles in boiling water in a vacume chamber or do the noodles need to also have the heat
Xander Pryce
Xander Pryce - 7 months ago
Did you actually get the phones at Walmart for 30 bucks?
ScatteredHoloGrapedrin k
ScatteredHoloGrapedrin k - 7 months ago
Rice takes about 2 days
Then let it just sit out a little and it works again
Gia Han Pho
Gia Han Pho - 7 months ago
“Yayy we broke stuff” that is literally me when i was 5 and still is
Misha Stro
Misha Stro - 7 months ago
Can you cook pasta and veggies in a vaccum chamber with the boiling water?
RedWolfAlpha 205
RedWolfAlpha 205 - 7 months ago
Wow. Just last night I dropped my phone in water messing around with friends. What a coincidence.
Mykeal Rose
Mykeal Rose - 7 months ago
Try tictok hacks
Mr Frosty2
Mr Frosty2 - 7 months ago
10 minutes with a hairdryer problem solved Save's you waiting a day or two the phone won't melt it will get a little hot but its not going to melt the screen or the phone the hairdryer doesn't produce enough heat to melt the phone try it you're mind will be blown.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Toni Brentson
Toni Brentson - 7 months ago
4:57 my mom comparing my older sisters stuff (Callie’s) with my stuff (Nate’s )
danielle hume
danielle hume - 7 months ago
At least it’s not Sponsored by Raid shadow ledends
Threw The Looking Glass
Threw The Looking Glass - 7 months ago
she looks so sad?.
alexdiana24 - 7 months ago
My phone was just in the water because i dropped it by accident and the sound of any video or anything that makes sound and it sounds so bad🤣 but i can still understand it welp yea just wanted you to know ig
Humans Beware
Humans Beware - 7 months ago
Can you cook in a vacuum chamber?
David Chadwell
David Chadwell - 7 months ago
Calli looks high as balls in this episode.
Jorge Vazquez
Jorge Vazquez - 7 months ago
Can you freeze dry a wet cloth of different types of materials and see what happens
Haewon Choi
Haewon Choi - 7 months ago
May you put kinetic sand in a vacuum cleaner?!? Please?
AnnoyingDog - 7 months ago
Or just do both
Lulu Asian
Lulu Asian - 7 months ago
I have gotten both of those
Erik Hall
Erik Hall - 7 months ago
I use crystal cat litter to dry out electronics that get wet, it is just silica gel
WILLY WANKER - 7 months ago
3:03 its boiled its boiled its Boyled aye
Varun Joshi
Varun Joshi - 7 months ago
Soak a shirt in a bucket of water for 5 to 10 minutes.... When it's dripping wet..... Toss it into the freeze dryer..... Maybe it becomes crisp?????
oliver 2359
oliver 2359 - 7 months ago
If your phone goes in the washing machine, just put it in the tumble dryer as well. Actually works
Maximum Gamer
Maximum Gamer - 7 months ago
I think rice would be better if you did it over night my phone got wet i put it in rice over night it worked plus not everyone has a vac chamber
Ally - 7 months ago
Did she eat uncooked riced?
Shmeegan - 7 months ago
*thats a lot of damage*
Jentry D
Jentry D - 7 months ago
M and my sister also got a kiwi co subscription for Christmas
Erika Alecsandru
Erika Alecsandru - 7 months ago
Try and put sparkling water in a vacuum chamber and see if you can turn it in to still water
Amy Friedman
Amy Friedman - 7 months ago
I went to drop my phone in the toilet it was gross haha
Anyone else ever do that
Talon Tumback
Talon Tumback - 7 months ago
What happens if you put water in a vacuum chamber???
joelhoon1707 - 7 months ago
dries up
joelhoon1707 - 7 months ago
dries up
David Behrens
David Behrens - 7 months ago
10:25 Calli: Forgets How To Talk"
Hobnob - 7 months ago
you should have done a control test too, another wet phone just air dry.
D Fro
D Fro - 7 months ago
can you try boiling water in the vacuum chamber then take it out and try to boil an egg
rana juned siddiqui
rana juned siddiqui - 7 months ago
9:30 she eats raw rice
joelhoon1707 - 7 months ago
Shadowreaper50 - 7 months ago
It helps if you take the battery out guys. I also put it in the rice and I put it on the dash of my car. The sun will heat up my car and that seems to help take the moisture out. I've saved 3 phones like this. Admittedly none of them were this walmart super phone, but they were saved.
Josh Collazo
Josh Collazo - 7 months ago
If u drop your phone in water turn the oven on at 200 wrap your phone in a towel or shirt and put it on top of the stove for about 20 minutes with the battery out and it will work 100%i have done it before
Bradley Whais
Bradley Whais - 7 months ago
This might be more inefficient than heat...
Nathan Navarro
Nathan Navarro - 7 months ago
Thats the phone i watched this on
random shnakins
random shnakins - 7 months ago
They should investigate why warm air drys faster than cold
Kampfgulasch - 7 months ago
the phone is waterproof?! 😂😂 lmao
Group Boy
Group Boy - 7 months ago
ComputerNerdInside - 7 months ago
Best way I’ve thought to save a wet phone is, silica packets. Those little “do not eat” packets that come with shoes and such, collect them in a zip-lock bag. Seems to work the best, without any residue that rice may leave. I’m sure you can also order the packets if you don’t wanna wait to collect several.
Rendell Schulthies
Rendell Schulthies - 7 months ago
Broken things GET A Hammer
Rendell Schulthies
Rendell Schulthies - 7 months ago
Can you drink the water after you use it in a vacuum
Travis Lansing
Travis Lansing - 7 months ago
i got both of those kits
Daniel McLaughlin
Daniel McLaughlin - 7 months ago
My phone is more awesome than I knew...
demetra zigenis
demetra zigenis - 7 months ago
i have both the spin art thing and the claw hand from kiwi
Boyprien Girlpriend
Boyprien Girlpriend - 7 months ago
I'd like to see this again, but put drying salts in the bottom.
creative me
creative me - 7 months ago
Could you cook food in a vacuum chamber.
Jonn - 7 months ago
It's not the rice, it's the anti-stick coating on the rice. Also, you needed a third phone as a control experiment.
Wyvrenne MacDaniels
Wyvrenne MacDaniels - 7 months ago
Can you boil ramen noodles with a vacuum
정진배 - 7 months ago
3:55 check the backround 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢
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