Reacting to OUR 1V1| J.Jones VS FRIGA ! | Here's the truth...

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Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones - Month ago
Sorry if this was too loud, I had to rush it all lol. Peep the original video using the link in the description! Thank you for watching!
Carl Casey
Carl Casey - 22 days ago
Good battle🏀💪🏽😎
James White
James White - 29 days ago
I live in Arkansas so good shit repping our state💯
CalebInDaCut - Month ago
We need more of these mannn this 1v1 was so tuff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Obito OTS
Obito OTS - Month ago
REP BAR 99% to ELITE 1
Zoe Cartia
Zoe Cartia - Month ago
Rush for what?
NoLimit Bravo
NoLimit Bravo - 13 days ago
Good ass game
Ironhorse 264U
Ironhorse 264U - 20 days ago
We need a part 2
Ironhorse 264U
Ironhorse 264U - 20 days ago
Jay got a jay ahahhababaha
Nathan Pham
Nathan Pham - 21 day ago
They both have mad respect for each other that’s what we like to see
Skiz Bit
Skiz Bit - 23 days ago
Coming over from Lapray's channel. Love your game style n the reaction vid. You both humble, I like that
ChipTheRipOG - 23 days ago
How much Friga smoke before this video? High af
Dave Theiceman
Dave Theiceman - 25 days ago
I’m droppin both y’all off
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight - 28 days ago
Thank you for exposing Friga, J. You... YOU MAH GUY!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 28 days ago
This is one of the best 1v1s I've seen no doubt. I respect how you've mastered getting to your spot and killing from mid.
jrealoutdishoe - 28 days ago
I make 5’9 dunker videos 💯💯👌🏾🔥🔥 show sum love
alex skidmore
alex skidmore - 29 days ago
Pull up Stockton CA ! I got run for y’all
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 28 days ago
Bag Of rats
Bag Of rats - 29 days ago
Start of a great bromance 💯
TheYeezy750Pizza - Month ago
Wish y’all reacted to the manscaped ad😭
JJA 23
JJA 23 - Month ago
Cash and mal need to get ready 👀
Rae-Jin Gaitan
Rae-Jin Gaitan - Month ago
All the mid range maestros know to push the checkup near the free throw👀
DBL N - Month ago
D 🌹 vs. Klay Thompson
Tommy Canlas
Tommy Canlas - Month ago
Let’s please not disrespect Friga, Jay Jones is not on that top tier of the Frigas Laprays J Laws Filays and Devs of the world, Tre has the potential but we just don’t know how he is at this point
Jack man
Jack man - Month ago
Bry - Month ago
Somebody tell Jeremy:
Every time he scored a jump shot, his body was relaxed and he didn’t elevate as high. When he jumped super high, didn’t hold his follow through or leaned forward on a jump shot it didn’t go in. It’s true for every single jump shot except the 14th point. One of the reasons Westbrook doesn’t shoot well is because of tension in the shoulders from jumping to high on his shot. If you work on relaxing your back and not elevating as much like you did this game your game will skyrocket even higher.
j jjj
j jjj - 23 days ago
weird thing is that he was playing on a tore Achilles this game so he was in alot of pain
Tahj Cappalot
Tahj Cappalot - Month ago
2v2 me and my homeboy
KingMillsTV - Month ago
2v2 for 1k 👀👀👀?
H_ cipher
H_ cipher - Month ago
like cash said jay jones vs tjass make it happen brother
Montrel McHenry
Montrel McHenry - Month ago
Jay mid range jumpers are so nasty!!! Its really a beautiful thing to see.
Luc Hallberg
Luc Hallberg - Month ago
we need a 1v1 with jay and dev
bernard tarter
bernard tarter - Month ago
The was great two elite hooper going at it 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
iconicPain- - Month ago
cash and mal but i got yall
aalvalle3799 - Month ago
Zyshaun Henderson
Zyshaun Henderson - Month ago
Pause 6:16
AggroPlays - Month ago
Play cash and lsk
Nathaniel Moore
Nathaniel Moore - Month ago
I think it would be worst if friga gave j Jones the ball at the three... cause he would have took more threes and the game would have been over
Paul - Month ago
play me and my homeboy my socials @randyopaul
Rohit Srikanth
Rohit Srikanth - Month ago
I seen this other comment so basically jay jones and d friga are basketball players who do YouTube and cash and brawadis and flight and other content creators are youTubers who play basketball. At the end of the day, j Jones and d friga are equal overall bc if they gonna play 10 games jay gonna take 5 and friga gonna take 5 it's always gonna be 50/50 not 60/40 or70/30
DatBøiiRdz - Month ago
Bmore Reacts
Bmore Reacts - Month ago
Off of this video alone u can tell j Jones is a down to earth person respect bro💯
Akash Chhabra
Akash Chhabra - Month ago
Jay’s jumper is so flawless. Keep it up bro you killin it
Jeremiah Aguilar
Jeremiah Aguilar - Month ago
This really shows the sportsmanship in these 2
Ro_ _
Ro_ _ - Month ago
Friga had an off game. He beats jones any day
Felix BeTrolling
Felix BeTrolling - Month ago
I wanna see Tre vs jay and vs frigga 👀
Zechary Wu
Zechary Wu - Month ago
Tre looks a little different here
Marcus W
Marcus W - Month ago
Get solluminati in the mix since he thinks he good. He probably want respond though lol
Larry Conrad
Larry Conrad - Month ago
wholesome asf
Dee Evans
Dee Evans - Month ago
Great game fellas keep it up
Tiko Blackwell
Tiko Blackwell - Month ago
I will hoop on both of yall lol nice video
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - Month ago
Yo I see y’all playing people 2v2. No cap pull up me and my boy want to play y’all. I’m not saying we will beat y’all but my boy has a channel. My boy and myself would love the competition and get some content in. Love both y’all game much love, be smooth y’all.
xqcL - Month ago
I don't know bout y'all but Jeremy reminds me of Terence Davis. Not just looks but playstyle too
Dominique Ballou
Dominique Ballou - Month ago
Cash and Mal getting dropped of quick lol
Wood Climber
Wood Climber - Month ago
Play the professor and bone collector 2v2
iCashout FG
iCashout FG - Month ago
your defense is crazy dude. nuff said
ADAM. - Month ago
NO ONE'S going to want to play both of you 2v2 we've got two hoopists here
Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy - Month ago
play marcelous howard
Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy - Month ago
one of the best 1v1 ive seen
Eddy V
Eddy V - Month ago
In stead of setting for shots
Eddy V
Eddy V - Month ago
Devontey friga should’ve drove more
SniperGang Yt
SniperGang Yt - Month ago
You from Arkansas I had to subscribe 72315 870 Blytheville were I’m from
Jabbaweezy - Month ago
Alright Jay I finally see the light. You're the real deal
kevivert - Month ago
jeremy is goated 🐐
Fatmir Becovic
Fatmir Becovic - Month ago
Man they ain’t even a challenge for prime trey Good :/
Curt Ayars
Curt Ayars - Month ago
How can we watch the 2v2 that you and d friga played
Davey J All day
Davey J All day - Month ago
D friga hoopin in some shoes built for o-linemen and shit😂😂
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