Vocal Coach Reacts to BLACKPINK - How You Like That

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Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes - 4 days ago
Hey! I'm sorry for not including more of Lisa. I promise, it's nothing against her! I just wanted to focus on the vocalists of the song and I didn't think I had anything interesting to say during Lisa's rap section. Hope you understand! I really enjoyed every member and their contribution, though!
IgVik - 11 hours ago
look here this girl usa-video.net/7jv-DQnf2UY-video.html "wicked game" she is 15 years old
Mama Huntress
Mama Huntress - 19 hours ago
If you really wanna hear one of the best groups, VOCALLY speaking, Mamamoo are your girls. I personally suggest watching their cover of Tom Jones' Delilah from a show they participated in. Live vocals and stunning sound/control usa-video.net/YJfC23ZZjNw-video.html
ridhalolypop - 19 hours ago
AMAZING react tristan! Would u react TERSIMPAN DIHATI BY EKA GUSTIWANA (member of weird genius group) FEAT PRINCE HUSEIN AND SARA FAJIRA (lathi singer), the video "rich" of indonesian music instrument and show indonesian culture,,, I RECOMENDED and u will never dissapoinment 😁
gethai - Day ago
johnsel mariano i know and i know that jennie made blackpink but i think jisso does not get that much attention
johnsel mariano
johnsel mariano - Day ago
@gethai actually jennie Is the main rapper not lisa but... As you can see
iisatellitexx - 5 hours ago
Me just patiently waiting for him to react to Dixie D'amelio's new song...
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 5 hours ago
woohoo! react to mamamoo live too!
corinne mistlove
corinne mistlove - 5 hours ago
Can please react to selena gomez lose you to love me vocally
Daydream :3
Daydream :3 - 5 hours ago
You should ask Brad Mondo he’s a hairstylist
Muhammad Arridho
Muhammad Arridho - 5 hours ago
Why you skip first rose part -_-
Jeli Agravante
Jeli Agravante - 6 hours ago
You should try reacting to JThree, I highly recommend it. Lots of Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭
Kris Tine
Kris Tine - 6 hours ago
What about Lisa? You missed Lisa☹
melati andaita
melati andaita - 7 hours ago
Jisoo 😍
Optimo Podcast
Optimo Podcast - 8 hours ago
Can you do a react video on Netflix's movie eurovision??
Bea dejesus
Bea dejesus - 8 hours ago
Kryztofah - 9 hours ago
Nice 👍
Naya Yamaoka
Naya Yamaoka - 9 hours ago
Tristan please react to jungkook's new song still with you
Melissa McAndrew
Melissa McAndrew - 10 hours ago
Hey! Just wanted to ask you if you could react to the song 'Wondering' from ' High School Musical: The Musical: The Series'? It's a really good song.
Maéva Chedid
Maéva Chedid - 10 hours ago
can you please react to rosalia singing “la llorona” it’s on her instagram
bassmasta93 - 11 hours ago
This dude looks exactly like ray from my chemical romance ! 😂
Franz Fries
Franz Fries - 11 hours ago
dislike. You skipped Lisa's part and u call that reaction? Lol
Jessica - 11 hours ago
I don’t wanna be that person that tries to shove kpop down your throat but if it’s vocals you’re looking for there’s this kpop group called MAMAMOO and they’re known to have some of the best vocals in kpop. This is one of my favourite performances that really showcase their talents, theirs no dancing and it’s completely live so no backing tracks and they get to us their full power so it’s all raw.
acupofadriano - 12 hours ago
I know the struggle of being a guy with long hair...you're in the awkward phase..if you wanna let it grow keep going and time will give you a good length to make a bun
Evelyn Javana
Evelyn Javana - 12 hours ago
How have you not reacted to the Queen herself So hyang!!!! Please react to Arirang Alone or Everyone from her!!!! Pls like so he can see!!!
chris jay
chris jay - 12 hours ago
tristan, you should listen to another Morissette Amon song/cover, I recommend morissette's cover of "Fly like a bird". -silent viewer here :D
Bhad Jenna
Bhad Jenna - 13 hours ago
U need to rohan menon his amazing you won 't be disappointed!!!
Eldahi Martinez
Eldahi Martinez - 14 hours ago
He's skinny
Rishita - 14 hours ago
Please react to Niall horan
Anthonie Ramos
Anthonie Ramos - 14 hours ago
Idk if you’ve done it already but you should react to Devil Clef’s cover of idontwannabeyou it’s so good
ROSÉNATOR - 14 hours ago
Rosé has the most beautiful voice in K-Pop
Glenn Williams
Glenn Williams - 15 hours ago
Love his hair. Like a rock star. Although I can relate that when hair gets long it doesn't feel good, even if it looks like he could do a hair commercial.
Opyee Etlar
Opyee Etlar - 15 hours ago
you even skip the rap part of lisa....
i am almost mad
Opyee Etlar
Opyee Etlar - 15 hours ago
we blinks hate when u skip too much
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - 16 hours ago
Tristan should react to Reneé Rapp and Barrett Wilbert Weed
Ashley Vonderhaar
Ashley Vonderhaar - 17 hours ago
This makes me sooo happy! My favorite people together, and he loves Jisoo's voice - I cried& died.
Tristan, please check out Mamamoo (another Kpop group & their vocals are SUPERIOR.)
Also, curly girl method - give it a whirl. I think your hair will thank you!
Saviorz gaming
Saviorz gaming - 17 hours ago
Please react to CarlMalone montecido singing when i was your man by bruno mars pleeease. This man is a vocal genius if that makes any sense, an absolute frickin star 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chris Villanueva
Chris Villanueva - 17 hours ago
Hi Tristan, I would like you to react to Dimash's Across Endless Dimensions, I Love Your Vids😁😁😁💖💖💖
Lisa Loves me
Lisa Loves me - 18 hours ago
I suggest you do dye your hair like jennie
Jerry Bax
Jerry Bax - 18 hours ago
Yoo’ you totally should react
to sam ryder!!!
Wow NO.
Wow NO. - 18 hours ago
Bruh I thought this was another person and searched Tristan againnn but U GOT A DIETTTT OR WUT
The thing that dangles when Namjoon twerks
I thought Evan Peters was reacting to BLACKPINK
engjell lezo
engjell lezo - 18 hours ago
Ain't nobody talkin'about that Losa's part isn't there,she makes the song even more better,all of you are saying things about Jisoo,that i think thats good,but why aren't you talkin'about her☹️😒
nayeon - 19 hours ago
please react to more & more by twice
Que más da lo que pienses
I recommend you : She used to be mine, crazy in love and Creep by Alba Reche, she has a wonderful album in Spanish
ridhalolypop - 19 hours ago
AMAZING react tristan! Would u react TERSIMPAN DIHATI BY EKA GUSTIWANA (member of weird genius group) FEAT PRINCE HUSEIN AND SARA FAJIRA (lathi singer), the video "rich" of indonesian music instrument and show indonesian culture,,, I RECOMENDED and u will never dissapoinment 😁
ridhalolypop - 19 hours ago
AMAZING react tristan! Would u react TERSIMPAN DIHATI BY EKA GUSTIWANA (member of weird genius group) FEAT PRINCE HUSEIN AND SARA FAJIRA (lathi singer), the video "rich" of indonesian music instrument and show indonesian culture,,, I RECOMENDED and u will never dissapoinment 😁
Joemar Sehun
Joemar Sehun - 19 hours ago
Jisoo is everything 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾
Roze - 19 hours ago
Hope not would be the most interesting blackpink music to react to since the vocals are heavenly in there
Daniel Balsamo V
Daniel Balsamo V - 20 hours ago
Does he not look like an older finn wolfhard with that hair
iiZedaii - 20 hours ago
Can you please react to BTS ‘ON’ ?
Marcos Filho
Marcos Filho - 21 hour ago
Please please please react to The Weeknd’s “In Your Eyes” Remix ft Doja Cat! 💗
Hannah Baird
Hannah Baird - 23 hours ago
would you ever react to cimorellis covers? they recently did one of i love me and i think it’s interesting having their vocals dissected
funny jisoo
funny jisoo - 23 hours ago
React to jisoo singing Yuki no hana
Emlynne Jabah
Emlynne Jabah - 23 hours ago
Bts-stay gold live performance 🥺
autumnmycat - Day ago
aaaaanyway Jisoo's cover of Clarity is right up your alley especially since Jisoo is hands down the most talented vocalist (i saw them live and her cover destroyed me)
autumnmycat - Day ago
Clementine Kim
Clementine Kim - Day ago
React to mikaela astel
Danean Willson
Danean Willson - Day ago
Hey I'm surprised you haven't checked out Black Swan or On yet
Sanda Ionas
Sanda Ionas - Day ago
Pls try bts
Vivica - Day ago
Kill This Love
Valeria Shkarupeta
Valeria Shkarupeta - Day ago
Please react to bts‘s stay gold music video:)
Yunita Meyer Sianturi
At this point tristans becoming the blackpink stan lol
Adelynn - Day ago
Check out mamamoo , i think you would like them a lot
Cracked Asia
Cracked Asia - Day ago
react to mr yeah yeah, the ceo of the singing challenge please
Novaiza Cosain
Novaiza Cosain - Day ago
I love Jisoo she have unique voice.
Animelover Bacanice
Maybe straight your hair then use a gel wax to style it?
Abbie Crook
Abbie Crook - Day ago
Tristan, Can you react to more Harry Styles!
bilias hour
bilias hour - Day ago
Listen to “Hope Not” that’s one of their songs with only vocals and no rap. U can hear all of their different vocal styles better.
bilias hour
bilias hour - Day ago
I love jisoo too, she so good
T P - Day ago
Hey Tristen can you pls react to video of zayns acapella Instagram covers compilation on YouTube his technique has changed a lot since you reacted to him he uses more nasal resonance then before nd has got better so I'd like to se your opinion on his new style
thecrystalardis - Day ago
PLEASE watch Yebba - My Mind live performance!
topright - Day ago
Tristan look up on TikTok jordenthanmusic plz
Marzana Ahmed
Marzana Ahmed - Day ago
Can you please react to Sunmi pporappippam pleasee
tutti fruti
tutti fruti - Day ago
250 subs before July CHALLENGE
ok but I'm wondering why Lisa's rap was cut off and you didn't reacted to it you didn't even identify Lisa's voice what's happening huh?
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - Day ago
Hey, I would like you to react to Eskimo Callbsy - Hypa Hypa 🤣
мιтѕυ SR
мιтѕυ SR - Day ago
React to Solo by Jennie from Blackpink
derKleineGnom - Day ago
I know it's not blackpink but please react to Hwasa and/or the gg she's part of, Mamamoo
She recently released the song and album 'María' which is absolutely amazing and from Mamamoo I really recommend 'Hip' and 'Destiny'
John Chester
John Chester - Day ago
YG is forcing rosé to change her Voice !
Diana W
Diana W - Day ago
speechless cover by Solar from Mamamoo! the one without the background music, on her Solarsido channel!!
Yuvani Jayatillake
Yuvani Jayatillake - Day ago
hey Tristan can you react to Rohan Menon's cover of paparazzi his voice is amazing btw he did one a couple years ago so it would be cool for you to watch the old one and then see where he's improved!!!
*cringy weeb*
*cringy weeb* - Day ago
Could you listen to Hwasa’s new song named “Maria”? You don’t have to make a video, unless you want too, but I just thought her vocals were really nice in it, and that made me think that you’d maybe like it
grace schafer
grace schafer - Day ago
could you please react to Alec banjamin???🥺
Faye - Day ago
Pleaaaaaase react to Faouzia, she is insanely good ❤️❤️❤️
hyunjin's long hair
You should react to txt's eternally I think you'll be pretty surprised
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