The Bachelor Colton Underwood & Cassie REVEAL ALL

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Y0UNG DAGGER DICK - 17 hours ago
I thought he ran away in the episode?Why are they together now like the show is a play.
David Cardona
David Cardona - 17 hours ago
Fake it until you make it Cassie....
Anza - 21 hour ago
Everyone's saying she's acting weird, but she's obviously just incredibly nervous. And that's ok. It's not like they're famous actors or musicians who do talk shows regularly.
beltop5 - Day ago
When I was 18 an older woman was giving us girls advice. She said that she had tons of suitors in her day and she chose her husband. She said “All you have to do is laugh at everything they say.” Now I believe it
Deanna Campbell
Deanna Campbell - Day ago
Isn’t he from Vegas? I wanna be on his show 😍
Jade - Day ago
There’s was a woman literally faking an accent just to make him like her more. HOW DID SHE NOT GET PICKED!?
Mike - Day ago
The Bachelor and ABC plays all the contestants in the name of ratings....they thrive on people being hurt...better ratings....Harrison is not innocent fact he is the main culprit
Haley - 2 days ago
they are so PRECIOUS
Patty Kerman
Patty Kerman - 2 days ago
im only here because of noel
brown barbie
brown barbie - 2 days ago
This girl is not that into him. I know because I'm the same way with my current boyfriend. I like him and I have fun with him and I like the attention, but I don't know if I'm in love with him. He says hes in love with me and yeah he does act like it. I broke up with him several times just cause I wasnt sure and hes always still here trying to be with me. Shes just young and so am i. Idk what I want I know she doesn't. Hes more into me than I am into him. Sometimes its just like that .
fvcdsfvd dfvdfvdf
fvcdsfvd dfvdfvdf - 2 days ago
He's more into her than $he i$ into him.
QueenD - 3 days ago
Best batchelor couple
mbasilasad - 3 days ago
Whitney Messer
Whitney Messer - 4 days ago
She does NOTTTT love him omg
Katharine Hanlon
Katharine Hanlon - 4 days ago
Cassie and Colton are a cute couple
cassie elaine
cassie elaine - 4 days ago
the constant laughing...............................
black paw
black paw - 4 days ago
this is what happens when people are famous purely for their looks
JAMES GILMORE - 4 days ago
I hope they prove all you haters wrong . Because I see LOVE in cassie with Colton. She even said it on the batchlor that her love for him has changed after he left the other girls and they got time to know each other . You once that hate are probably in a relationship that your not happy with and wish for other people not to be happy . Cassie said there so much alike in every witch way even when it comes to cooking
Tommy Capps
Tommy Capps - 4 days ago
So on the DOCA trap set for the Trump supporters JIMMY BOY allows NO comments! What happened Jimmy Boy were the truthful, fact filled comments to much for your scam program! You are a pervert interested in what people do in their bedrooms, which I thought looney liberals wanted everyone to STAY OUT of! You all are a bunch of hypocrites!
shakuni - 4 days ago
Eva Philly123
Eva Philly123 - 4 days ago
She looks like Sharon Stone.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown - 5 days ago
Anh Tang
Anh Tang - 5 days ago
Can Colton and Cassie name their kid Carrie so it could be Carrie Underwood pls
Alex Fiona
Alex Fiona - 5 days ago
Every time the word “engagement” is said Cassie nervously laughs and looks at Colton and it makes my heart squirm.
Jay Keats
Jay Keats - 5 days ago
I feel really weird about this, she still seems so unsure
A Ninna
A Ninna - 5 days ago
They look related. Litterally the same features.
m ily
m ily - 5 days ago
Konad B
Konad B - 5 days ago
Cassie... Cassie..., why were you even in that show? You should have just continue your study. First of all to get speech pathologist and therapy course is not easy. Plus, this career is very lucrative and you are still very young to get marry. Just don’t distract yourself with all this kind of thing. It is beautiful now but later part it might not be what you expecting. It is better to have a good career and a partner who has proper career too.
VINO9411 - 6 days ago
Cassie gave it up almost as fast as Molly did Trump!
Janoue Martin
Janoue Martin - 6 days ago
she was ready to accept the ring
sarah kelly
sarah kelly - 6 days ago
2mil watched this bf me.😔
Kelly Downey
Kelly Downey - 6 days ago
I’m confused as to why there’s so much hate on this video they’re a beautiful couple and seem really happy together
Carls Junior
Carls Junior - 6 days ago
This vid made me uncomfy and Kirpa deserved more thx for coming to my TED talk
nothing at all
nothing at all - 6 days ago
Best couple ever
skï - 6 days ago
OK at the end of the show.!!! OK.. you can give me my ring cassie hahah Haha hah..
sadsoulsyd - 6 days ago
cassie doesn’t deserve that hunk of love and hotness
Jewel - 7 days ago
Is she ok????
Shi Qiu
Shi Qiu - 7 days ago
While shes laughing HAHAHAHAHA.... my eye is on Colton’s neck😂
liv irwin
liv irwin - 7 days ago
why is everyone hating on her? If i was her i would laugh the whole time too lol. And not only that, but Colton also picks who he wants and they seem happy. Y'all are probably just jealous that they are both happy and the girl you wanted to win didn't.
Mary Quite Contrary
Mary Quite Contrary - 7 days ago
Can't wait for these two to break up and fade into obscurity
hermionnie L.
hermionnie L. - 7 days ago
I can't take my eyes of coltons neck.
Jordin Masters
Jordin Masters - 7 days ago
That should be tayshia with Colten not fake rude Cassie but he will make the right decision soon
Mary-Anne B
Mary-Anne B - 7 days ago
i still get the sense she is just kind of going along for the ride. will see if it lasts when the hype dies down.
lula0975 - 7 days ago
Y'all, Cassie is me if I ever had to do an interview "hehehe" "hehehehe" "hehehehehe"
Calvin Mngatana
Calvin Mngatana - 7 days ago
I swear I was so in love with them until I watched this interview
Ladonna Simmons
Ladonna Simmons - 7 days ago
Jimmy said to them, "Aaah I'm just trying 2c if I can detect any sign of uuum trouble" LOL Jimmy knows it's going downhill with them he just doesn't wanna say it & hurt Colton feelings!
RaQuan Ward
RaQuan Ward - 7 days ago
What’s the name of the song and video of that rocking roll band that performed this week they was outside they dope...... I can’t find it
Brian Hilton
Brian Hilton - 7 days ago
Those two are as fake & plastic as Hollywood, & Jimmy wants Colton more than Cassie does!
Callie Shann
Callie Shann - 7 days ago
Worst bachelor ever. Vapid, bland, inarticulate, and ends with a girl looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Orchestrated. Each season gets less real romance, and more millennials looking for IG fame. There was no real chemistry between Colton and any of the contestants, though some of the ladies tried hard. This is the last season I'll by on ITunes. This was not worth it.
Joan Marie
Joan Marie - 8 days ago
I'm starting to feel bad for this guy could you imagine how his parents must feel........ Colton is a big kid he looks happy I hope Cassie is being genuine there's nothing like being young and in love....... I really hope it works out it would be great to see them so happy
Aaabbb Aaabbb
Aaabbb Aaabbb - 8 days ago
Was he really a virgin?
Bella Bee
Bella Bee - 8 days ago
The bachelor/bachelorette are dumb shows but I can’t stop watching it.
Rooby Antoine
Rooby Antoine - 8 days ago
Why do white people kiss in public??????
Athena - 8 days ago
Well damn... jimmy can your wife tell me who I’m going to end up with? She should just start a business and make stacks💰
Ruth Mutombe
Ruth Mutombe - 8 days ago
To me it won't last but Im not god.....
Alex Ski
Alex Ski - 8 days ago
Once the hype dies down and the interviews stop she’ll leave him
xVvix xnNix
xVvix xnNix - 8 days ago
R they bearding for each other?🤔
Trebor Magmathon
Trebor Magmathon - 8 days ago
This kind of show is giving guys a hard time getting a date, I mean who can compete with that show. Every women in America now thinks that a date consists of getting whisk away in a private helicopter to an Island somewhere for a dinner for 2 and a Island excursion complete with hot oil rubs and sweat nothings. Lol My wife loves this show and I hear about it constantly. Plus I watch it sometimes with the sound down and input my own commentary.
Lindsey - 8 days ago
I think colton would be too afraid to propose to her because she would probably say no and run away again. Kind of sad that he has to worry about being rejected more than once by his own "girlfriend"
Angeliquelovely - 8 days ago
Colton is not in love with Cassie he's in LUST
Shreeya Chand
Shreeya Chand - 8 days ago
what's better than this. white people being caucasians.
Kat F
Kat F - 8 days ago
Does colton have a fake tan
Edward Yurchick
Edward Yurchick - 8 days ago
If they do marry. Divorce is imminent. All fake.
FIFI - 8 days ago
She love Fame !! Her goal to be famous !!
FIFI - 8 days ago
Amy Kemp
Amy Kemp - 8 days ago
10:01.... I see You jimmy
Jasmine Shockey
Jasmine Shockey - 8 days ago
Did Anybody Know that Cassie Randolph learned a lil bit of Sign language
Nia Dugay
Nia Dugay - 8 days ago
If yall watch the show you’d see that Cassie broke up with Colton because she thought he NEEDED a MARRIAGE at the end of the show that she wasn’t ready for. I’d like to see all of you get engaged within a couple of months. She had every reason to let him go because she wanted him to get the ending she thought he wanted. She wanted what was best for him, it doesn’t mean she didn’t love him. Just because the bachelor didn’t end how all you guys wanted, you’re hating on a woman who just NEEDS MORE TIME.
Thevioletdreams - 8 days ago
Literally no one:
Cassie: hahahahahahahahahahaha......hahaha
M Palmer
M Palmer - 8 days ago
Waiting for split
Valerie Blonski
Valerie Blonski - 8 days ago
This is a happy station and also a very true story station. However, I don’t know how to join it.
Just Yes
Just Yes - 8 days ago
Everyone over analyzing this. It’s simple...nerves, immaturity and confusion. 😂
spreadLove - 8 days ago
5:07 - they said they have seen each other like 1-2 times every week. Colton is saying that it seems like they have been together more than any other Bachelor couple... but Cassie says “it seems like it’s been a lot”. Why would she say that? it wouldn’t feel like “a lot” if you were actually in love. NO amount of time felt like “a lot” with me and my boyfriend of 4 years- it was never enough! I hope she does fall in love with him truly! I just hope this isn’t cuz she is settling to “try” to be in love. I like both of them ♥️
sevenpabosandafan - 6 days ago
+spreadLove Did you see her face after she got the rose after hometown dates? She was not happy about getting a rose at all. And considering the fact that a large percentage of the other girls said that they heard her talking about becoming the next bachelorette, it's very likely that she only went on the show to get the chance to be the bachelorette, but that's now screwed over since Colton chose her so she's just riding the fame wave as his "i don't know" girlfriend (like seriously, she couldn't even call him her boyfriend and it's been how long since they finished filming) until it's acceptable to leave him again
spreadLove - 6 days ago
+sevenpabosandafan you think so?? I think she is trying to give him a shot but it honestly seems SO forced on her end. I just feel bad for the guy at this point.
sevenpabosandafan - 7 days ago
she's in it for the fame
Chihuahua Gurl
Chihuahua Gurl - 8 days ago
It’s so annoying when people make jokes about virgins and virginity - there is nothing wrong with being a virgin 🙄
Julie Bozaich
Julie Bozaich - 8 days ago
Love them! ❤️
Daniel Boldt
Daniel Boldt - 8 days ago
What’s going on?
Ciera Howell
Ciera Howell - 8 days ago
I respect them not getting engaged. The process is so fast, they are being smart!
Fnicole - 3 days ago
Riiighhtt!? Like people keep talking crap about her not wanting marriage at the end of this but thats the most rational decision! Maybe she is doing it for the fame but maybe, just a thought, this is what’s best for both of them as normal peopleee!
Dose of Dan
Dose of Dan - 8 days ago
Awkward...they were clearly putting on a show. Felt like they had required amount of times they had to kiss to make sure we believe they’re in love.
Erik Sivec
Erik Sivec - 8 days ago
lol at get rid of him
Jenna Love
Jenna Love - 8 days ago
No one's going to mention the fact that he basically forced her to like him?
raxmarrone - 8 days ago
Ahhh yes, he chose the giggling blonde. A fairly common breed of woman in the United States.
kayla marie crabtree
kayla marie crabtree - 8 days ago
Go Colton future wife!🤗🤗🤗🤗😅😅😅
kayla marie crabtree
kayla marie crabtree - 8 days ago
They are so cute..😍😍☺☺ he made a great choice shes gorgeous so happy for you Colton and Cassie.
Brent Last
Brent Last - 8 days ago
Katie Hathaway
Katie Hathaway - 8 days ago
This is the first season in several years I have not watched the Bachelor. I really couldn't stomach all the "your a virgin" talk every other second!! Now, its over and still talking about his sex life!! Do people not want intimate privacy anymore, and why do others like Jimmy keep bringing it up?? I watched this clip until he brought up the stupid fantasy suite, then I had to get off !!
Kyle and Sammy
Kyle and Sammy - 8 days ago
You guys wanna judge real hard dontcha? Guys, Cassie was CONFUSED. Literally their relationship reminds me of My husband and i's relationship. He fought and fought for me, and I was scared of commitment and I was extremely confused until the day when I said I wanted to marry him. He jumped that fence for me. ;) Now, everyones going to make mistakes, but we need to realize that it is THEIR life. Its THEIR happiness, and if they are happy that's all that matters. I personally know what she feels/felt like. After going through a major toxic relationship it screws your mind up, it messes with your feelings and scares you. Also, as you know this show does not have any rules. As long as they're happy it's all that matters. Sure this is out in the public, obviously but it's their life, we cannot judge. We just cant. I was that same girl. My husband and I were not on the same pages until 4 months into the relationship because I knew he wanted marriage and knew that the next person I wanted to be with I wanted to end up marrying so I was completely blinded. So instead of hating on the relationship, let's all celebrate their love and just be happy for them.❤ this was the most realistic season I have ever seen.
Troy Amadeus
Troy Amadeus - 8 days ago
He was never actually a virgin
Hilary Anne
Hilary Anne - 8 days ago
I love how they're both beat red the entire episode
MandaFandaa - 8 days ago
Maybe it’s that she’s nervous or maybe it’s not. Pretty sure being on tv is not new to her though. Just saying. The success rate of bachelor franchise relationships is obviously very low. I do wish them the best. Can’t say too much negative because it would be hypocritical of me as I am a sucker for almost every season 😂.
MEG B - 8 days ago
GoldenBoy - 8 days ago
Cassie will dump Colton and Colton will do something very risky and bad with himself
Richard warren
Richard warren - 8 days ago
Ewww he kissed that thing! I would pay to see her with her natural gray hair and no plastic surgery makeup.and then watch Kimmy boy kissy her lips lmao.
Bodhi Sattva
Bodhi Sattva - 8 days ago
She maximized her hypergamy and this beta fell hook, line, and sinker.
Ladonna Simmons
Ladonna Simmons - 8 days ago
Jimmy said, How often do you see each other? Cassie said, WHO US HaHaHa! LOL she's trying her best not to hurt Coltons feelings and fake this Love thing as long as she can but we all see it's really hard for her to do. When Jimmy handed Colton the ring Colton acted like he was getting down on one knee. Cassie said, "REALLY" LOL it totally terrified her! Colton will be crying again soon and wish he kept Tayshia or Hannah G after Cassie drops him for not being in Love with him at all!
skater - 8 days ago
So Colton said he thinks they've been together more than any other [bachelor] couple. I wonder if producers helped arrange for more secret dates for these two than any other bachelor couple because they were afraid Cassie would never get there with him.
Faith Castellanos
Faith Castellanos - 9 days ago
I think she's fake! I don't know why Colton went back to her ? When she wasn't even ready to be married and have a future and her father even told her.. But I think she wanted the attention he's just gonna end up heart broken in matter of months after they stop getting attention..
JDez TV - 9 days ago
She’s a clout chaser
Frederick0220 - 9 days ago
How does Colton pay the bills? He doesn’t seem to have any job.
sevenpabosandafan - 7 days ago
He was in the NFL
Isra Mohammed
Isra Mohammed - 9 days ago
no one:
cassie: hahahhaha
i think she’s just nervous so chill people
Mathew Ramirez
Mathew Ramirez - 9 days ago
Imagine if Howard had the couple on the Stern show.
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