Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #132

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Sean Burson
Sean Burson - 9 minutes ago
paid my rent. had 13 dollars left, and every last dollar of it went to Yang’s campaign. This man is going to change america
pCeLobster - 19 minutes ago
He seems like someone who doesn't respect what he doesn't know. Like he kind of nonchalantly assumes something and that's good enough. People like this classically trivialize things in factually incorrect ways. For example, this quaint notion that the founding fathers had no clue there would be advancements in firearm technology. As if they did not see advancements in firearms during their own lifetimes. They created a system of government that was unprecedented in how future-proof it was and yet were too obtuse to foresee something like better guns being invented at some point? Mr. Yang, I think they might have known that would happen. I think they were pretty careful about how they worded things. The only way to think that these guys didn't think about things like that would be if you'd never read their works. They were meticulous. They were extremely knowledgable about the history of government and thoughtful in the design of ours. They knew what leads to what. There are a lot of justifications for why the government operates the way it does that have been all but lost to public knowledge. For example, no they would not be shocked that we have not "added more shit". They knew it was built to be difficult to change. It's slow and clunky on purpose to make it resistant to abuse. There's volumes written about this. The federal government was never meant to do as much as we expect it to do today. That's one of the biggest reasons we get nothing done in this country, is that we expect the federal government to do everything. We forget entirely about state and local governments which were intended and better equipped to handle a lot of things, and instead demand that the President do everything, which of course he can't and won't, much to our self-inflicted disappointment and disillusionment. The founding fathers knew this would happen too. I think either James Madison or Alexander Hamilton has some line in the Federalist Papers basically to the effect of "It wouldn't surprise me if they fucked this up in less than a generation." And they did, although less so than people think. People like Yang have done a number on it by thinking they could carry it on without properly understanding it. By not knowing that they don't understand it and assuming they do. Or, more succinctly, the well-meaning but arrogant.
Jr Ladislao
Jr Ladislao - Hour ago
Everything he talks about directly affects 98% of the people I know. We NEED to vote this man to become our President
Boosh Comix
Boosh Comix - 2 hours ago
Is there a FAQ for new listeners to this podcast? I'd like to ask a long time viewer what exactly the fuck is going on with dude's facial ticks?
Mitchell Kmatz
Mitchell Kmatz - 2 hours ago
I'm a Republican and I pray if a Democrat wins it's him! The dems have picked horrible choices in so bad that trump won the last election.
I agree and disagree with Andrew on things but he is reasonable.
Lukáš Neoproud
Lukáš Neoproud - 2 hours ago
I just got to a point where Andrew Yang is explaining how big companies like Amazon are lowering their taxes and I don't think it's fair to say that by paying profits to executives using stock options is avoiding taxes. Don't the executives pay taxes from that income?
John Smith
John Smith - 4 hours ago
He is well spoken. Clear, sincere and well intentioned. Unfortunately, his ideas are logically (and morally) flawed and not economically sound. Clearly, Ethan is not prepared to challenge anything, which makes for a very frustrating interview. With that said, Yang is still better that most democratic candidates and Trump. Sad, but true...We can and should do better.
CptnHammer1 - 6 hours ago
I'm European but I'd like to join the yanggang
lmao idk
lmao idk - 7 hours ago
yang gang
Liam - 9 hours ago
Andrew Yang is the Elon musk of politics
123GOHANZ - 11 hours ago
I was disengaged with politics. This one video has made me interested in it again. Gotta admit, I’m impressed by this guy
sky - is-strife
sky - is-strife - 11 hours ago
Can we get Ben Shapiro on this podcast
But I really loved this interview and definitely opened up my eyes to Some of the problems so this was very beneficial
Tim Winkler
Tim Winkler - 11 hours ago
What is the easiest way to donate to Andrew Yang without putting in all the info, does he have Venmo???
Joshua Todd
Joshua Todd - 14 hours ago
Ever since I've been able to vote (which isn't long, I'm 25), I've never cared that much about any presidential candidate. This guy is the first person I care enough about to vote for.
doc ahhk
doc ahhk - 14 hours ago
1 ohioan = 23000 Californians
Rayndom Nayme
Rayndom Nayme - 15 hours ago
That jacket is bomb
TheBarf - 16 hours ago
This politics crap is boring. Can we skip to the part where they show Andrew Ethan Bradberry videos?
V1Gibby - 17 hours ago
We need an AI government that is fair and unhackable
Kristen Rutland
Kristen Rutland - 18 hours ago
As a Canadian, I wish we had some forward thinkers like this running for Prime Minister one day. Great sound ideas, you can tell he's a genuine humble human just looking to solve our problems. No more presidential podcasts necessary lol somebody hire this man
Gio Van der Vegt
Gio Van der Vegt - 18 hours ago
Andrew "Bringer of Hope" Yang
ThePresentation010 - 18 hours ago
Obviously He's not gonna win. No one even now in govt wants to spend money like that for that. Plus all the immigrants coming in and getting free $1k. Lol.
Yang better start planning for what hes gonna do after the election cuz its alrdy over for him.
If Youre not with the mainstream on the left, Youre done. For the most part only Biden is with the mainstream left.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 17 hours ago
Just in case someone reads this. Only United States citizens qualify for the Freedom Dividend. Alaska has a petroleum Dividend. The citizens of Alaska voted for the Dividend. Corporations issue Dividends. This is not a complex concept. Please visit the campaign FB or Reddit post and ask questions.
Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran - 18 hours ago
When can we vote for Yang
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 16 hours ago
Register now the primary elections will begin soon
NAVIE - 19 hours ago
YaNg GaNg
Emily R
Emily R - 19 hours ago
Donated! What a great guy.
Snoh - 21 hour ago
Alaska's dividend is actually holding on by a thread. The government has been taking bits of our dividend and is thinking about taking it away entirely because it cant hold up.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 17 hours ago
30 years is a solid record. The price of oil fluctuates. The VAT tax will remain a steady metric.
Shafer Hart
Shafer Hart - 22 hours ago
Ethan you did a very good job, you asked some insightful questions. Keep it up 👍
Jay Dyer
Jay Dyer - 22 hours ago
Imma be the ying to this yang.
Cziffra - 22 hours ago
1:17:57 if I knew four people could afford to buy my piece of crap property just because of the free 1k, I wouldnt be selling it for an amount they could afford. few would
Cziffra - 14 hours ago
@Tearle Lee If 4 random plebs together could afford to buy their own property with just UBI, property prices would go up.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 17 hours ago
Reese F
Reese F - 22 hours ago
Yang it's about resource not money. If you want to increase access to homes increase the amount of homes. If you want to increase the food access, then increase the amount of food. Money means nothing without increased of resources
CarFreak - 23 hours ago
You know I don’t really support this guy but how the fuck does joe Biden have 29% more supporters than this guy lol. Dems are making a mistake not supporting this guy.
banzay123 - 23 hours ago
wow, i put off watching this because i thought ethan wasnt ready for this big magnitude of interview. but i was wrong and ethan asked well thought out questions further analyzing andrews proposals
bog cheese
bog cheese - 23 hours ago
Hila doing a whole ad read 😍😍😍😍
ShyTenDa - Day ago
This might be a controversial comment but has anyone on the left come out and critcized Andrew Yang for his comment at 9:44? Haven't Americans gotten mad at other people for calling natives "indians" because it's not politically correct? I just think it's funny, especially how quick people are to accuse people of racism and stereotyping in our country. All of this aside, I loved this episode! Andrew Yang seems like a hell of a dude with a moral standing much higher than our current president. I look forward to voting for this guy. Good stuff H3H3!
M00n M4n
M00n M4n - Day ago
Want my guns? Come and take em.
Bondy - Day ago
Pure Fantasy. This dude is dreaming.
Ry the car guy
Ry the car guy - Day ago
I love how people pretend that if you tax the hell out of business it won’t affect the consumers. Where do you think they will forward that expense to?
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 17 hours ago
We are well aware corporations will pass on the VAT to consumers. By year three of enactment of the Freedom Dividend you will have earned $36000.00 in Dividend payments. If you invest in Amazon compound interest will still work you may double your investment. We have done the MATH. Who is paying for Presents Trump's tariffs the Corporations?
Ry the car guy
Ry the car guy - Day ago
How ridiculous, “Alaskans would pay more taxes to keep their dividends...” so you would pay more taxes to get more back? Think about it.
Sarah Kern
Sarah Kern - 13 hours ago
Ry the car guy I don’t know anything about politics, but I’m pretty sure you’d earn more from dividends than losing with taxes.
rants n' rambles
rants n' rambles - Day ago
I hate the "what is your gun going to do against a nuke or a drone" argument. When civil wars happen the goal is not to demolish half the nation.....I bet prior to invading Vietnam a bunch of ignorant pricks said the something about the Vietcong..."we gots battleships whats a bunch of ww2 era guns gonna do"
RealTalk - Day ago
back in the day people were excited about automated jobs thinking they would get the same money with less working hour, instead we got less money and more working hours. what a fucked up world we live in.
Andre - Day ago
I don’t agree with Andrew a lot but he seems pretty cool as a person
Matrix Moments - Spoken Word Poetry
New Zealand watcher - love this guy - makes me want to donate to his campaign... Started to watch 10 min and like the yanggang.
MasterPnut - Day ago
As someone with mostly right-wing views i can say that yang makes a lot of sense and in all honesty might have my vote.
James Stanley
James Stanley - Day ago
Anyone who thinks this man is intelligent is a bimbo.
James Stanley
James Stanley - 13 hours ago
@Sarah Kern thank you! His philosophies and fears is what going to bring this country down. Fearing automation? That's going to make things cheaper and make jobs easier. If automation is so bad then make tractors illegal and give everyone shovels. Another example is how everyone was stealing copper back in the 2000s because copper was used for wires for everything due to the internet, then we figured out fiber optics which is better and is made of sand. Innovation is a good thing!
Sarah Kern
Sarah Kern - 13 hours ago
James Stanley you have a point. We already have an inflation problem and it’ll only get worse from here if he’s elected.
James Stanley
James Stanley - 14 hours ago
@Tearle Lee it doesn't matter, that 36000 wouldn't be worth that much as much anymore. Your 36000 will be worth the same as 300 million other's 36000 bucks. It's a terrible idea. You can get the same principle by burning people's tax dollars, now everyone's savings are worth more! But that's not going to help anyone.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 15 hours ago
@James Stanley Will I have the Freedom to purchase purchase $36000.00 of Amazon stock? Will the government stop you from spending $1000 a month at Trump Casino?
James Stanley
James Stanley - 16 hours ago
@Tearle Lee if everyone has 36000, it makes the value of it drop like crazy, ever heard of 1920s to 1930s germany? That's basically what will happen. Plus stealing from others thinking it's going to benefit someone else has never worked. He might as well throw rocks through the windows of google executives cars and scream "look, I'm helping local mechanics!"
Lava Koirala
Lava Koirala - Day ago
talking about productivity, we pay teacher for teaching "way less than they deserve", we pay nanny, we pay babysitter and so on ...ofc mom is doing all those things not for the money but for the future and she loves her kid/s , society needs to value this, if not it is a bad sad society and I bet we all want awesome society to live in.
Caiden Ziolkoski
Caiden Ziolkoski - Day ago
Ethan’s eyebrows said: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️
seth arnaud
seth arnaud - Day ago
While I don't agree with them both Bernie and Yang have enlarged their voting base quite a bit by just showing them-self up to slightly more conservative viewer-bases and talking. This should be a lesson, go to the other side, and talk. You never know if that could be what wins you the election.
Sarah Kern
Sarah Kern - 13 hours ago
seth arnaud that can go either ways. Politicians can go full-on right or left and earn the same bit of voters
Benjamin Thimell
Benjamin Thimell - Day ago
Andrew "Self-driving Trucks" Yang 😂
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 16 hours ago
Is Tesla developing FSD semi's? Have corporations taken orders for the Tesla semi's? If so why?
johnfehringer - Day ago
Great answers during a really bad interview.
Rocco Diciano
Rocco Diciano - Day ago
The VAT in Canada is around 14% (varies by province, our version of a state). It does make items a bit more pricey than in the US, though. 10% as proposed by Yang is a modest figure that is doable. You'll get used to it fairly quickly. Mind you, the political Party that introduced it here got annihilated for doing so and didn't recover its viability for a I guess people really hate to be taxed.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
What was the profit from the VAT used for? Yang is proposing it goes straight back to the citizens, so it seems like a win for the average American, but could be punishing for people spending >$10,000 / month
Janosky Designs
Janosky Designs - Day ago
daniel duran
daniel duran - Day ago
51:28 Andrew Yang a Protoss player? Im totally voting for him.
Jacques Pasquinel
Jacques Pasquinel - Day ago
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 3 hours ago
@Sarah Kern Except the Freedom Dividend is not a marginal tax increase to target wealth. Amazon and Netflix reported that the company paid $0 in taxes. Please research to verify. Corporations are pay take advantage of tax loopholes. The VAT tax is a consumption tac. Corporations will not suffer harm they won't have to pay accounting find, lobbyist, and bribes to Congress because the loopholes will not exist. Netflix reported subscriber losses. Corporations will pass on the tax increase to consumers. My daughter is 17. She is working off to college. At age 18 she will be eligible to receive a Dividend of $1000 monthly until death. She will have discretionary income to purchase annual subscriptions from Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Disney; in addition the CEO's of those corporations will each receive a monthly Dividend of $1000. Who is stealing everyone in the explanation gains except the accountants and lobbyist on K street.
Sarah Kern
Sarah Kern - 13 hours ago
Jacques Pasquinel tax big business more and give the money back to the people. Doesn’t sound socialist at all...
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 16 hours ago
Republican Libertarian Democrat Independent socialist Communist all will receive $1000 beginning at age 18 until your death.
Jack Krmpstee
Jack Krmpstee - Day ago
This guy seems like someone you could meet out in public. He seems really cool and down to earth.
Andrew Sickafoose
Andrew Sickafoose - Day ago
Just disappointing that Yang actually believes the industrial base was hollowed out by automation. Offshoring during the 80s and 90s gutted manufacturing and destroyed communities. It's not even close. The third wave of automation was the direct result of companies trying to keep factories and jobs in the United States. Offshoring continued to destroy jobs in IT and service sectors well into the 2000s. Agriculture could only compete by bringing in illegal migrant labor and now even those jobs are gone. Now there is NOTHING left for poor Americans except retail, fast food, truck driving, and overdosing on cheap Chinese fentanyl.
Andrew Sickafoose
Andrew Sickafoose - 2 hours ago
@Tearle Lee just astounding that you think Google Speak will help me figure out how to return packages when Amazon fucks up my order, or figure out why there was a discrepancy in my billing statement, or help me set up a new insurance plan. The current state of AI assistants is vastly overrated. Walmart can replace cashiers with robots but they take higher loses in stolen inventory and they CANT replace stock workers and greeters with robots. If tax revenue really became an issue, the USA would just start implementing VAT on anything touching service robots. Anyway thats not even the point.
Sarah Kern
Sarah Kern - 13 hours ago
Andrew Sickafoose yeah, I think we should make foreign products more expensive than American ones and we should make American resources cheaper to foreign ports than ports within the country. I don’t know shit about politics, so I’m sorry if I sound very stupid or naive. Just felt putting in my two cents.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 16 hours ago
Just because Siri, and Google speak and translate every language they're not Mexican's. The Walmart robot check out's are not Mexicans. Mexican's that work in the US pay taxes. Walmart robots pay $0 in taxes.
Kiki Fernández
Kiki Fernández - Day ago
Can citizens from other countries dónate to the Yang campaign? Would it be legal?
illGottenGains - Day ago
Yeah I’m sure amazon will soak up 20% VAT without passing it on to the consumers 😂
You’re right Ethan, you pay the VAT.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
From my limited understanding, that is expected. The VAT is only 10% btw, but if you are getting $1000 / month from the dividend funded by the VAT, as long as you're spending less than $1000 on the VAT every month you're still coming out ahead. So you'd have to spend $10,000 every month to break even. I'm pretty sure he's thought a lot about the possible repercussions of UBI or every educated economist in the country would be eating him alive right now lol
sole ua
sole ua - Day ago
There needs to be more views
Rafael Arturo Mateo Núñez
So, I am sorry. But the problem is both, automation, immigration, and internationalization. You cannot say that the problem lies simply in automation! It is more complex than that.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
Yang has policy proposals on many topics! He speaks so strongly on automation because its the topic he has the most first-hand experience with. He believes in limiting illegal immigration and many other things. I don't believe he meant to take away from the other issues. Nobody can be an expert on every issue but Yang is very open about listening to experts on topics so he can get hear the entire story and make decisions. Check out his website if you're curious about his other policies.
Rafael Arturo Mateo Núñez
@Tearle Lee I concord... it is more complex than simply automation
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - Day ago
The real problem is our current political system where career politicians are afraid to have honest conversation with the populace as if we don't see the Walmart robots etc
InSaNeRuSsELL59 - Day ago
I like the guy but his ideas are far too extreme to win the election (UBI). I am not attacking, just bringing practicality back into the discussion. Biden was the DNC's best chance but his brain is scrambled beyond repair. Trump will be re-elected in 2020.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 21 hour ago
Alaska a deep red state held a VOTE citizens voted for the petroleum Dividend. A Dividend policy is on the national ballots we all have a right to vote. There is no basis to support this faulty logic.
InSaNeRuSsELL59 - 22 hours ago
@Tearle Lee We can but it is not a practical future. Unfortunately.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
@InSaNeRuSsELL59 I respect your opinion, I don't know much about Booker but i'll look into him!
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - Day ago
@InSaNeRuSsELL59 Why not it's an example where citizens voted for a Dividend. The Alaskan residents have not voted to repeal the Dividend. The concept is what is relevant. We live in an era of quantum computing we can scale Dividend legislation on a national level.
InSaNeRuSsELL59 - Day ago
@Cameron Dow Although I do like Yang, Trump will dismantle him harder than Marco Rubio. Cory Booker is our savior but the DNC wants to push Joe. Speaking as an observer, America will not elect an Asian man proposing UBI. Yang/Bernie are only stealing votes from someone who has a chance of beating Donald. Booker is the DNC's messiah, he just is. Cheers
Michael Berta
Michael Berta - Day ago
Andrew has a great laugh, the mark of a great politician. I just made that last part up. He is endearing and very smart.
Claus Bohm
Claus Bohm - Day ago
This guy is very smart and would do us justice ... I wish he worked with Bernie! ... Sanders/Yang 2020
John C.
John C. - Day ago
if he doesn't become president, he would make a great CEO
Orafaun - Day ago
We already have common sense gun laws. People that think we don't don't know the laws.

Also, back then the right to bare arms included cannons and multi-shot rifles. Muskets weren't the only firearms.
Also, also, I am a gamer and I used to shoot pistols competitively. There is absolutely ZERO similarity. You hold a real gun and you have a sense of gravitas.
chicken nuggz
chicken nuggz - Day ago
Ermek Rysbek uulu
Ermek Rysbek uulu - Day ago
I liked the Freudual slip: "Jeff Bezos things: I am gonna advance the species, I am gonna put people on Mars, what is the government gonna do? the government is gonna do another stupid thing..."
themza912 - Day ago
Why wouldn't Amazon just increase prices to offset the VAT?
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - Day ago
@themza912 Some goods and services will be excluded from the VAT. If anything Andrew Yang had generated positive discussion around new ideas. It's okay for us to inquire.
themza912 - Day ago
@Tearle Lee Understood, thanks. Yea I did know he said 10% so as soon as I asked my Q to you i realized what you meant. The other thing I want to know is what companies would actually be applying the VAT? Like is your mortgage payment subject to it? Your utilities? Or just large multinational tech companies? I like the idea of it but I feel like it is going to pass onto the consumer, much like the tariffs....I will check out his detailed explanation tho.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - Day ago
@themza912 Corporations will pass on the the VAT tax to consumers. This is not a negative because you will receive $1000 monthly from age 18 until your death. You will have to spend a lot to be adversely affected by the VAT. Keep in mind that people will still have their employment, business, ventures, investments, OT essentially other income streams. I encourage you to visit the Andrew Yang FB or Reddit post for a detailed explanation of the VAT policy.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
@themza912 so the VAT is 10%, and the dividend is $1,000/month. That means if you spent $10,000 on goods that had the 10% VAT, you'd have "lost" $1,000 to the VAT. Meaning you can spend $10,000/month to effectively break even. Multiply that $10,000 by 12 months and you'd have to spend $120,000 in a year to lose your total yearly dividend amount. At least this is how I understand it. Hope that helps!
themza912 - Day ago
@Tearle Lee what do you mean spend 120k? And can you explain how that number is calculated?
bollyblob - Day ago
there are multiple graphs about video games and gun violence you can find on reddit, that show absolutely 0 correlation between gaming and gun violence, comparing those 2 in multiple countries, its not even close, japan for example has as a percent more gaming than US and like 99% less gun violence, thats true for almost every country on the planet.
Chris Van Middelkoop
@47:42 that is just not true... even in the 1700's there were experimentations with rapid fire weapons and multi firing weapons along with people had freaking cannons! If you had a ship you probably wanted some cannons to protect against pirates(thieves). Come on Andrew Yang you are an intelligent person. Please don't get caught up in the fear of weaponry and look at some actual facts. Actually try to look at the subject with a birds eye view rather than fall into the same rhetoric you are complaining about. You sound like an echo chamber right now. Please be original and try to actually discuss facts. I said the same thing to Tulsi Gabbard.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
Yang believes that only the most dangerous weapons should be banned from sale. He says on his website: "For many Americans, guns are a big part of their culture and identity. That must be respected." so I think he understands your point of view, just feels differently. Don't fall in to the trap of believing people who disagree with you are not being genuine! You should defend your stance and encourage debate.
Zachary Longenecker
Zachary Longenecker - 2 days ago
You should get Tulsi Gabbard on the show!
Brian Hancock
Brian Hancock - 2 days ago
I like this guy and I think he is the most genuine of all candidates, but If you add an additional 10% tax to a company like Amazon, ultimately you (the consumer) will be paying an additional 10%+ for their products. The money always comes from somewhere, and if you think that rich people or companies are just going to roll over and take a 10% loss... well, how exactly do you think they got rich to begin with? Ultimately the consumer is the going to cover the bottom line, and if they don't then that company will die or moves somewhere else. Everyone is promising all this free crap, but they wont be able to deliver. If they somehow do deliver, it will come with massive caveats.
Brian Hancock
Brian Hancock - 23 hours ago
@Tearle Lee As I stated, I have a degree in finance. Please be smart with your finances as I would not count on every American pocketing $1000 a month through the government in our lifetime. It is clear you are either not able to understand what I've said or you just do not wish to have a real conversation, but I guess I should not expect more from the USa-video comments section. I hope you get the help you need through SSI, because that is the current system you should be utilizing. This will be my last response. Good Luck to you and your disabled daughter.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 23 hours ago
@Brian HancockI would talk to you but if you continue to insist having the means to invest $1000 in Amazon, Tesla or crypto is not worth a miniscule 10% tax I suggest you consult with a new financial advisor. Compound interest will still work end of story. I want my daughter to have security if the great workplace displacement comes to pass.
Brian Hancock
Brian Hancock - Day ago
@Tearle Lee I'm a disabled veteran. I also have my B.A. in Finance. I don't know why you have 180'ed all of a sudden and are calling me a troll. I've never said anything about you accepting your daughters benefits, and was unaware of this situation in your life until you just now mentioned it. I utilize my benefits to the fullest. We just do not have the same rational as each other and what we consider the end result. It is okay to agree to disagree instead of calling people a troll. I'd happily give you my email or phone number and discuss wealth advisement with you. I am a real person, just with a different perspective. Sometimes its easy to forget that on the internet. Either way, Good Luck to you and your Family.
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - Day ago
Is Mickey mouse paying the cost of President Trump's tariffs???
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - Day ago
You are a Troll. My daughter has two disabilities. I don't want some one like you blaming her for accepting benefits. She is 12 via the magic of Compound interest her mother and I will have $2000 discretionary income to decide how to invest in the market. I know some stocks will split because consumer spending drives our economy. I am done replying. I am not going to stop working.
Claireeds0 - 2 days ago
When Andrew said, "We don't have time for that shit."
I felt that.
Herr Kürbis
Herr Kürbis - 2 days ago
Man. That guy is everywhere. In every podcast on YouTube
Jewer Joys
Jewer Joys - 2 days ago
I love this guy.
Kayla - 2 days ago
i really appreciate the fact that Ethan, Hila, and Yang are people who value the world they leave for their children to grow up in. My parents tend to not care as long as they leave before shit REALLY hits the fan (my parents aren’t bad people, they just believe the idea that other people will fix it and that they can’t do much to change how the world is). I’m a senior in high school, and since middle school we have practiced run hide fight drills, where the school simulates a person in/around the building who is an active threat. Isn’t that insane? My grandparents talk about how when they were in school they were taught to hide under their desks if they ever faced a nuclear threat. Kids my age are taught to lock themselves in a room, run from the school, or worst case scenario, somehow fight active shooter/armed individual. i hope this nightmare is over soon. no kid should go to school fearing that another student might snap at any second, or that a stranger may just walk in and open fire. schools are supposed to be safe. theyre supposed to be a place where you learn mental and social skills. no one should be afraid that their school could become a shooting range.
Feels Goodman
Feels Goodman - 2 days ago
I love jews
Commander Russels
Commander Russels - 2 days ago
lol at this dumbass thinking Amazon pays the VAT. We pay the VAT. It’s a tax on us.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
I'm copy/pasting this from another comment I responded to (i'm a youtube WARRIOR) The price raise is expected and if you do the math I think it turns out ok for the average person. So the VAT is 10%, and the dividend is $1,000/month. That means if you spent $10,000 on goods that had the 10% VAT, you'd have "lost" $1,000 to the VAT. Meaning you can spend $10,000/month to effectively break even. Multiply that $10,000 by 12 months and you'd have to spend $120,000 in a year to lose your total yearly dividend amount. At least this is how I understand it. Hope that helps!
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 2 days ago
We provide our collective data freely. The tech Giants require our collective data to develop algorithms. The algorithms generate massive profits. To many underestimate the return on the 10% VAT tax proposal. Data is the new oil. Consumers will have discretionary resources to purchase goods and services from the tech companies. Small business owners will see an influx of new customers. Small Town America will experience economic growth. Life expectancy will likely rise due to increased opportunity. We operate in a consumer demand driven economy. Laborers are the driving force behind economic growth.
Cody Ramseur
Cody Ramseur - 2 days ago
I urge conservative independents voting in open democratic primaries to support Yang over Biden
David Grenier
David Grenier - 2 days ago
If you think the second largest army in the world armed with AR-15s can't do anything against the gov. you're just wrong.
LUCID streaming
LUCID streaming - 2 days ago
this guy andrew really thinks that he can just speak for everything
Tearle Lee
Tearle Lee - 2 days ago
You don't have to agree with all of his policy positions. Will his Freedom Dividend policy benefit laborers and Shareholders unequivocally.
Tony C
Tony C - 2 days ago
I love Andrew. He's clearly a good man, a brilliant researcher, and a courageous entrepreneur. He also has numerous policy proposals on his website that all kinds of people would be on board with. So he has my vote regardless.
However, I would very much like to see more details about implementation of UBI. I really hope that corporate business to business sales are included in the VAT. If that just becomes an additional sales tax for middle and upper middle class workers, it's going to get exposed and not fair so well.
We're taxed enough already. What people really want is fairness and freedom from political corruption and corporate plutocrats. How does UBI do this if it just raises the prices of consumer goods?
Maybe I just need to get educated on this better, but I didn't see a lot of details on his website. I'm saying this because I want him to succeed very badly. So better his supporters point out the holes in his arguments before his enemies do.
Cameron Dow
Cameron Dow - Day ago
I'm copy/pasting this from another comment I responded to (i'm a youtube WARRIOR) The price raise is expected and if you do the math I think it turns out ok for the average person. So the VAT is 10%, and the dividend is $1,000/month. That means if you spent $10,000 on goods that had the 10% VAT, you'd have "lost" $1,000 to the VAT. Meaning you can spend $10,000/month to effectively break even. Multiply that $10,000 by 12 months and you'd have to spend $120,000 in a year to lose your total yearly dividend amount. At least this is how I understand it. Hope that helps!
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