Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #132

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Anarchy Ducky
Anarchy Ducky - 2 hours ago
Take authentic individual purpose out of our lives, trade it in for traditional forced indoctrination and this is the world you get.
Parents can't even fully watch their children grow up let alone teach them about life, Govt does that, govt and it's zombie camps.
Dalton james
Dalton james - 5 hours ago
Why would u not want him to be ur president
wr1jongin - 7 hours ago
But won't the government go after your income tax no matter where you are as long as you're an American? My friend was born here but never lived here and 30 years later he had a notice from the US government....
Leo - 8 hours ago
Picture this. Bernie and Yang together. The old and the new joining forces. That's what I want to have in my life.
shadowsail8 - 10 hours ago
This is the first time I've really seen anything from Yang and I've gotta say he's the first political candidate I could listen to talk politics for hours. Officially a member of the Yang Gang.
inesa - 11 hours ago
Nick Bray
Nick Bray - 13 hours ago
lolhe got my vote but i dont like his laugh
Lurking - 19 hours ago
I want to like yang, but immigration concerns me. If he pulls a leftie and decides to import poor people and pay them to vote for him, Americans are going to keep losing their voice.

I do appreciate his lack of pandering though. Major problems with the democratic party are blatantly buying and importing voters. The democratic party is due for a split, because non republicans are forced to vote for garbage like Elizabeth Warren due to the democratic party's rigged primary system. Something like a people's party and a non-people's party lmao. Too bad most voters arent smart enough to stop supporting the trash front runners. I'm sick of trump as much as you, but I'd sooner slit my wrists than show support for Bernie Warren Clinton or Biden.
Harlock Aznable
Harlock Aznable - 22 hours ago
Yang is a fucking beast and I love him.
Cultof Ian
Cultof Ian - Day ago
Andrew kinda cusses a lot.
EZrider - Day ago
Getting some seriously creepy vibes from this guy...
Nunchuck - 12 hours ago
eat rocks and bricks shit
Among the Stars
Among the Stars - 2 days ago
not american, just here to like the videos and comment so this guy gets more attention
Domo - 2 days ago
Cannot wait to hear him on the podcast again this month. Love listening to him speak 👏
Attack Helicopter
Attack Helicopter - 2 days ago
But robots don’t do construction? Immigrants aren’t driving trucks, there doing construction and manual labor jobs
Brian K
Brian K - 4 days ago
Why don't you were an American flag lapel pin? Do you love America?
okBoomer - 4 days ago
This dude looks like he smell good no homo
Ritchy050 - 6 days ago
This man is what we need in the presidential chair. good luck Sir
64imma - 6 days ago
This guy honestly articulates his points very well and seems to have a grasp on what the American people want. Trump won because we wanted change and he was the only one who wasn't a career politician. We are sick of career politicians sucking up to the wealthiest 1% of Americans while the rest get screwed over.
64imma - 6 days ago
Heck even within a state you can face totally different worlds. I grew up in northern Indiana, and moving to central Indiana has been a huge culture shock for me.
Undeadsweater - 6 days ago
Holy shit THANK YOU ETHAN AND HILA. I’m so glad you had him on. America would be much better if he were president. Let’s help this man win
64imma - 6 days ago
What companies need to understand is that employees are an investment not a liability. If you spend money to make sure the most qualified people are able to live comfortable lives on their income, they'll stay. If you don't offer health insurance, they'll go somewhere that goes.
64imma - 6 days ago
I think what yang has to say about the nihilism we feel as a nation rings true. I'm about to graduate with a 2nd degree, I have debt worth almost an entire years salary. Jobs in my fields are hard to come by and most dont pay good enough for me to thrive. I'm potentially looking at not being able to achieve what I hoped for. As a college graduate I can say a sense of helplessness and exhaustion run rampant in those trying to better themselves by getting an education. Luckily I only have 2 classes this semester but I know people who are working the same hours as me and taking 5 classes (equivalent to a 45 hour a week job). Imagine struggling to get decent grades in your studies, to then go to a job for 30 hours a week that treats you like garbage. No wonder why theres so many problems.
I'm not sure if universal income will be a dream come true over night (because of corrupt multimillionaires who think providing their employees with health insurance and a livable wage is a liability not an investment), but I can definitely agree that if I were making an extra thousand dollars a month, it would mean that I could spend more time getting the most out of my education, rather than working 30 hours a week at a minimum to barely support myself.
madscrapper85 - 6 days ago
Had me till they got to gun control. And to answer some of the questions. At the time of the writing civilians could own anything that the military had. And even after the civil war, a civilian took his case to the supreme Court and won the right to own a Gatling gun which is more powerful than most semi auto rifles now days. The 2A protects all others if it goes so do we.... All that said he does have my vote in the primary
RGEntertainment - 6 days ago
37:50 Economist Ethan
Megatron300 Theimpaler
Megatron300 Theimpaler - 7 days ago
Yang have a strong border policy clean up cities by enforcing the law and you have my vote UBI for Americans not illegals
Chance X
Chance X - 7 days ago
He feels like the democrat trump. Let’s see if he can win it
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas - 7 days ago
Rizmond Laniog
Rizmond Laniog - 8 days ago
Im from asia, am I allowed to contribute/ donate to the yang gang?
if not, im still rooting for America to make the right choice. ( sorry for my english)
Rizmond Laniog
Rizmond Laniog - 7 days ago
@Salad mus ohhh ok, ill follow the laws of the USA. Ill still support his policies, your country affects the rest of the world.
Salad mus
Salad mus - 7 days ago
His website where you can donate says by giving money you're saying you're a U.S. citizen or resident. So, yeah. You can't donate sadly. American rules are we try to keep our elections an America-only thing.
Salad mus
Salad mus - 7 days ago
Actually that might be considered an outside country interfering with an election. Or something? But I'm pretty sure you can donate anyway safely haha.
Salad mus
Salad mus - 7 days ago
Awhh, that's sweet.
antonio88 - 8 days ago
Honestly ik this sounds far fetched but we need to embrace all of this ai and automation and have our human rescources all focusing on science fields and well being fields. I hope in the future we can have all of these easy jobs automated and have most of our society focused on things that will better out society. I would want most people to be working in feilds such as space exploration, computer sciences, in depth researching, and also a large part of the population working in fields that keep us healthy like medical, public services, and military. Sounds kinda sad but in a perfect world i would have no one working this i would call pointless jobs like so many do rn. Jobs like retail, trucking, restaurants etc. It would be crazy but i hope we could have all of the population educated enough at one point to be working jobs that are actually meaningful to society. Rn it seems like most people just dont care about researching and it would be crazy to think we could have basically all of our population working in jobs like that but it would be awesome.
On A High Note
On A High Note - 8 days ago
A N D R E W Y A N G 2 0 2 0 🧢
estebanchampion - 8 days ago
If Andrew Yang is capable of uniting the comment section on YouTube, then there is no question that he can unite this country.
King_Jackerson - 8 days ago
OpticalTrends - 9 days ago
If every body who likes Yang just post links to his YouTube videos in their FaceBook pages, he will be seriously trending in search engines and he will become main stream: we need a trickle up economy. The people needs to be empowered otherwise solutions will come too late after riots start in our streets. All politicians are behaving like it's business as usual.
gnikytta m
gnikytta m - 9 days ago
2:56 yoooooo 3 minutes in and president yang getting willd
Phillip Guetterman
Phillip Guetterman - 9 days ago
Freedom Dividend is almost a conservative idea. Giving peoples money back to them
ThatGameDev - 9 days ago
Bring Ben Shapiro!!
God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body
I dont think I want a chinese president,
Salad mus
Salad mus - 7 days ago
He's not even Chinese
Rou Chuan
Rou Chuan - 9 days ago
I think that my vote is still with Trump but if Trump doesn't win I hope to God it's Andrew Yang winning
Rainier Esguerra
Rainier Esguerra - 9 days ago
Andrew Yang hit the 2M dollars by end of November campaign donation goal right on the dot.
1.5M dollars were generated in the last 2 days, with people donating even as little as 1 dollar to help the campaign. Yang is truly becoming The People's Candidate. Amazing!
His policies and ideas are really beginning to clearly and strongly resonate all across the Country.
We are going all the way to the White House. Yang 2020!
Y2K Savior
Y2K Savior - 9 days ago
How outdated the democratic polling system is, they are only polling people who have voted Democrat before, not Libertarian, Republican or third party. Think how many votes he'd have if they polled EVERYONE even from those groups. I've never voted before but I'm going to vote for this guy. There's so many voters who aren't showing up in the polls
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