"ENCHANTED" By Chloe X Halle | El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Netflix

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Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez - 12 hours ago
It's really grand when you stand hand in hand with your lover
And thrill to the wonders of night
And days, too, will amaze you and soon you'll discover
Your dreams run to dreams in continuous flight
Cory Brown
Cory Brown - 13 hours ago
Damn you Walter White
Ana Paula
Ana Paula - 14 hours ago
Essa série é a melhor, quando acabou eu perdi um pedaço do meu coração, eu amei demais.
Руслан Гудошник
this is great! Damn holly fuckin shit)
Ale Vega
Ale Vega - 14 hours ago
Omg this gonna be really good
I Want To Die
I Want To Die - 15 hours ago
Been binge watching the series again. I'm watching this movie
Andrew Gambini
Andrew Gambini - 15 hours ago
Who else is watching this for the 5th time
I Want To Die
I Want To Die - 15 hours ago
Gotta pump those numbers
Andrew Gambini
Andrew Gambini - 15 hours ago
Who else is watching this for the 5th time
zimple jack
zimple jack - 15 hours ago
If world war breaks due to the drone attacks on the oil supplies in Saudi... can u please release this earlier
Artist Adriana
Artist Adriana - 15 hours ago
Jesse got beat up a lot lol
Trishita Bhattacharya
Trishita Bhattacharya - 16 hours ago
Jesse has been through enough violence for one lifetime.
Insouciance Incarnate
Insouciance Incarnate - 16 hours ago
Reading these comments, apparently I'm the only person who thought Jesse always behaved like a little bitch and got what was coming to him throughout Breaking Bad. Nobody else?
Merrilees - 17 hours ago
Goose bumps after watching that
Robert Vignando
Robert Vignando - 18 hours ago
Say my name
Filmyzilla - 19 hours ago
Hell Yeah!! Bitch!!
Mr. Burlon
Mr. Burlon - 19 hours ago
Breaking Bad rocks!! I mean, minerals...
Amna Javed
Amna Javed - 20 hours ago
Best series in the whole wide world
STdris - 20 hours ago
biri hafızamı siksinde tekrar izliyeyim
Brayden Hickey
Brayden Hickey - 21 hour ago
This is my favorite trailer of all time
Gracie Pearson Poulter
Gracie Pearson Poulter - 21 hour ago
Update: still crying at this
Anupam Konwar
Anupam Konwar - 23 hours ago
They should start the movie by rapeing then killing off skylar
mojoofftherobo - 12 hours ago
Bro wtf
Francesco Giantin
Francesco Giantin - 23 hours ago
My brain:"don't cry, don't cry"
Me: i criying
AndresMurke ecua
AndresMurke ecua - Day ago
Hopefully the movie is 3 h long at least jaja
Oh Gosh
Oh Gosh - Day ago
Those young ladies can sing .... oh yeah the movie... but Chloe x Haley...yasss ladies
Koala - Day ago
Jesse was used and used up by Walter White. Walt manipulated him to the extent of him losing his freedom to even decide anything on its own. Poor Jesse I hope this movie brings redemption in his life.
toxicyoutuber - Day ago
I feel bad for brock.
Lil Guerri!!a
Lil Guerri!!a - Day ago
Song sounds like two aliens making love and arguing at the same time....
Nølimit Trunkß
Nølimit Trunkß - Day ago
Breaking bad and better call Saul is the best shows ever
Valerie Valdes
Valerie Valdes - Day ago
I really wish I can watch breaking bad all over again as if it was my first time. Every ending of an episode, I was either in shock, angry, or filled with excitement. Definitely the best series I ever watched. Im thrilled for this movie.
Muneeb ul Haq
Muneeb ul Haq - Day ago
This actor is beyond words
s a y on
s a y on - Day ago
Ashur Piller
Ashur Piller - Day ago
How long after Breaking Bad is El Camino supposed to be set?
heyitsmira - Day ago
Poor baby. Jesse went through so much shit...
Breaking bad was not only one of the best stories ever created but it had one of the most intense endings. Them last few episodes really got wild, what a rollercoaster.
Bruna Gomes
Bruna Gomes - Day ago
operationdartboard - Day ago
Just watched Breaking Bad for the first time the past few weeks, so awesome this is coming out now!
Christian Cops
Christian Cops - Day ago
Literally the best and only show I watched
Poor Jesse. Bless his poor, sweet, broken soul. He had such a good heart. Walt ruined his life. I hope we get to see Jesse living his "best life" somewhere (in the movie). LOL He truly deserves happiness,
Johnny Guitar
Johnny Guitar - Day ago
Tekneeks - Day ago
Miss everything about Breaking Bad
Zack Fri
Zack Fri - Day ago
This trailer gave me goosebumps
pedrorehm - Day ago
Okay Netflix, you achieved what you wanted me to do... I'm rewatching the entire series
Ned Stark ZA
Ned Stark ZA - Day ago
Science Bitch!
Anthony Damasceno
Anthony Damasceno - Day ago
My favorite charaters of breking bad is walter white and jesse pinkman 👍😎
Musa Duman
Musa Duman - Day ago
Türkler nerede ???
Poor Jesse, I will miss Walter :(
CezaMVO - Day ago
This documentary looks sick
First name Last name
Hank is my hero 🖤
Gyzk foo
Gyzk foo - Day ago
Have to admit ever since walt came in to jessie life, jessie life has been the worst everr
Barnabás Halász
Barnabás Halász - Day ago
I hope they keep the cast.
Jamie Nicholls
Jamie Nicholls - Day ago
What's more depressing than watching a drug addict waste their life away ?? Netflix promoting it's own sh!t even though the company (Netflix) is worth 2-5 billion dollars world wide, even more annoyingly when Netflix OBTAINS the distribution rights to NON Netflix Original series & slaps their logo on it like they owned it the whole time
Joe FillmanBottom
Joe FillmanBottom - Day ago
have you watched the show though?
Frogman - Day ago
Spotify please
Nathan Brinker
Nathan Brinker - Day ago
Poor jesse
aashutosh bansal
aashutosh bansal - Day ago
they forgot to put that throwing away money moment
TimoPlays - Day ago
Everyone: Oh I hope this movie explains what happens to Walter and his family, jesse’s state and what’s next

Me: I want 2.5 hours of Jesse having the best time of his life
DDizon - Day ago
Is it just me, the music's not good for this show. It's too mainstream and corny
MistakenMystery - Day ago
New Mexico, the land of enchantment
Takshak Dalimbkar
Takshak Dalimbkar - Day ago
finished watching breaking bad just few hours ago....m still shocked by the endings and the wow scenes....kind of really like it bitch
brandon hargraves
brandon hargraves - Day ago
Hank aint have to knock my man off his feet like that
Gerry 7-7
Gerry 7-7 - Day ago
I just realized Jessie is driving an El Camino at the end lol
Muhammad Anas
Muhammad Anas - Day ago
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