The Netherlands Is Letting People Get Sick to Beat Coronavirus

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VICE News - 11 days ago
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lofalta -meir
lofalta -meir - 17 hours ago
dave gonzo
dave gonzo - 4 days ago
This is stupid and misleading information. I am dutch and I can tell you these images are not from the last couple of weeks. We are in partial lockdown. Groups of more than 3 are prohibited. Parks are empty and people stay at home as much as possible. Yes, our PM wants group immunity but still keeping social distance so we can protect the elder and vulnerable people. It's a long shot, our government and PM are not perfect.we all know that, but we're still better off than having Donald Trump for a leader.....
Zbriu - 6 days ago
Don't watch anything in this channel. It's all sensationalism. This video is complete BS and most likely other videos in this channel are no different. While the Dutch Prime Minister is kind of the European Donald Trump, i don't think they would just suicide. Dutch Prime Minister only talks BS but this video is no different.
Oki - 6 days ago
This is some real mis information shit. It's on the edge of being fake news. Remove this plz.
Andypirate - 6 days ago
This is the best choise, so your economy wont collapse like the Italian one
Esteban Brijbag
Esteban Brijbag - 2 hours ago
this a lot of blinking
Unicorn 1
Unicorn 1 - 3 hours ago
Sweden and the Netherlands will come out of this ahead while other nations fall into chaos with civil unrest and destroyed economies. The virus is already resurfacing again in China because lockdowns prevent herd immunity. The W.H.O. followed China’s wrong actions and the world’s politicians have become a mob mentality also following while the Netherlands have shown to be common sense leaders. History will prove this in reasonable time but it won’t help elected officials come time to postpone their stay in office. Understand that in China masks are only used to protect workers so production isn’t impeded without concern for the greater good of the population. It’s only a short term solution that is fatally ineffectual and yet the W.H.O., coincidentally coopted by the Chinese Communist Party, have followed the anti-herd immunity response and spread their false doctorate to foolish world leaders even so far as enlisting substantial military force to fight an unseen enemy they themselves are now promoting by virtue of this seemingly simple abstract.
Master Richie
Master Richie - 4 hours ago
See how the officials see common people? They see us as a bunch of cattle
HallieYoung21 - 4 hours ago
This is a clip from the 16th of March. Mark Rutte has gotten a lot of backlash from the Dutch people about this. Since then we have gotten a stricter lockdown. The people who can work at home, have to work at home. People who have vital jobs still have to work. Schools are closed. Coffeeshops, cafe's, restaurants etc. are closed. If people walk closely together they will get a ticket.
cizlerable - 4 hours ago
This is just badly researched bullshit. The Dutch prime minister named herd immunity as a goal and later retracted that when the experts corrected him. You don't give any real context. You just take a few statements of randomly selected people and add a voice over. Considering most video's on the topic are demonitized you really have no excuse to not try to optimize on quality in stead of click bait.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson - 5 hours ago
If herd immunity worked well we should be immune to the common cold, flu, TB, measles,mumps, and many others. Flu is not wiped by herd immunity and neither will coronavirus because they mutate.
Pariksha10 - 6 hours ago
I am Dutch and I can say that this video is misleading. Things you see here are not completely true. I suggest everyone who is Dutch definitely to report this video
AnnaMB - 7 hours ago
Time for some calculations. Netherlands has a population of around 17.180.000 people, to get herd immunity you need to get at least 60% infected, that means around 10.308.000 people, but with a mortality rate in your country of 9,46% at the moment, it means that the Dutch government is ready to sacrifice around 975.137 people. I hope they wont go through with this, there are numerous countries working on medicine and a vaccine, including 2 laboratories in my own country that are working non stop to help with finding a cure. Together we will get through this.
UnitedStatesOfTerrorists - 9 hours ago
If you get infected don't sit at home go to the rich neighborhood supermarkets and spread it.
protexusa - 9 hours ago
For me herd reminds me cattle ,and cattle usualy go to slaughterhouse.
Bruno Nunez
Bruno Nunez - 10 hours ago
0:25 he sounds like a British guy talking backwards
Howard Li
Howard Li - 10 hours ago
does herd mentality strategy against virus mean dont do anything to limit virus? just let virus kill weak people? why? so many lives would be gone.
jag251080 - 11 hours ago
They keep saying it’s a war , when did anyone win a war hiding indoors hoping for the best , need to except there will be a lot of deaths and get out there back to work or the damage really will be something that warrants all this hype
Ron Tailwind
Ron Tailwind - 12 hours ago
that sounds really good....until the virus mutates, then it will get ya. Remember this is not the first corona virus
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia - 13 hours ago
Not gonna they had me for a second there. This experiment is a little risky
Michael Seo
Michael Seo - 13 hours ago
LMAO .... a weed shop ? vital for netherlands huh? lol
H Van Kooten
H Van Kooten - 16 hours ago
I’m dutch and I’ve been isolating and keeping my distance for 4 weeks now because that is the advice! Of our government!
Its bs the way it’s presented in the title!
George Soto
George Soto - 16 hours ago
Probably the best thing to do tbh
Jack Gunn
Jack Gunn - 17 hours ago
This makes the most sense to me. Yes, a lot of people will die from the virus, but the alternative is worse.
Jack Gunn
Jack Gunn - 3 hours ago
@oschoa The alternative is destroying the economy which would financially ruin millions of people and lead to potentially as many suicides as virus deaths, but nobody wants to talk about the psychological effect this is having on people.
oschoa - 12 hours ago
what's the alternative?
Archea AURORA MotherOfNewCreation
My ppl 💋🌟
Archea AURORA MotherOfNewCreation
Bravo .
joe 90
joe 90 - 18 hours ago
Smoke enough Weed Smendricks that's enough to kill anything
Padraigh Wright
Padraigh Wright - 20 hours ago
In the end the dutch will be right. Do not underestimate the power behind the dutch way of thinking.
TA Lindsay
TA Lindsay - 20 hours ago
I know they are also doing this in Sweden. It will be interesting to see in 6 months which society makes out better.
joko tri
joko tri - 21 hour ago
Well, you have over 1000 deaths now in relatively small country. So well played asshole, gambling with people's live
Polandski - 23 hours ago
Does anybody know what are the statistics about dies related to ordinary flu this year ?
Black Mack
Black Mack - Day ago
they should try this with AIDS
Arlin Birkby
Arlin Birkby - Day ago
I did the math guys, even if all goes well 60% of 17.8 million (Netherlands pop) is ten million six hundred eighty thousand, then the fatality rate at best is 1% so 106,800
people will die, assuming everything goes perfectly.
Ares Walker
Ares Walker - Day ago
How many tests are they doing?
How many medical staff, equipments and beds in their hospitals do they have?
What proofs do they have about herd immunity if we don't even know of people who were sick once can get the virus again or if they're now immune?
If there's no answers to these questions then they're just waiting for the worst to happen like trump did.
What about this
What about this - Day ago
Omg and i can dream again of being there hah
Smegma Lasagna
Smegma Lasagna - Day ago
We are actually doing the opposite of what the title says. Which is telling the citizens that they have to stay at home and enforce isolation.
Though herd immunity will probably eventually have to be a thing.
Lo Nie
Lo Nie - Day ago
Be prepared to be Italy or Spain in the next weeks... inmunity is not an easy task
John McCourt
John McCourt - Day ago
Heard immunity will happen naturally
Dingle Stingle
Dingle Stingle - Day ago
What is a flu vaccine? Gives people the flu. Yeah I will never get one.
This is not flu nor related
saša - Day ago
I volunteer to get coronavirus, seriously. Because I hate fucking expectation.
jutubaeh - Day ago
cöGh GöGh v ? v
BlahBlah Rahman
BlahBlah Rahman - Day ago
Wow, the title.
Jackson Estacado
Jackson Estacado - Day ago
Herd immunity, means 1 part of the herd gets an immunity. The rest of the herd dies.
So only the healthy part of the herd passes the immunity to their young.
That's what happened with the plagues and influenza's of the past. Immunity gets passed on through breeding.
You can pass to others viruses, bacteria through touch, not immunity. What is it, a magic immunity.
Do people believe in magic again, why didn't anyone tell me.
Stone Hedge
Stone Hedge - Day ago
You know what happens to herds? The weak die! 🐆🐆🐆🍴🍴🐄🐄🐄
Nekminute - Day ago you peasants cant make decisions for yourselves, so we'll make them for you
Jack Gunn
Jack Gunn - 17 hours ago
Um.... that's literally whatever other government in every other country is saying when they tell you to close your business, stay home, and pray you can still pay your rent.
Costantino De Paoli
This is atheism
Stop hate Hate crimes world wide.
FEMA Virus control plan, population control. also look China 1 month a head with program, this is Agenda 21 now. Netherlands beat the virus and prove bill gates n nwo fake.
Coen van Winkelhoff
So sad that they had to interview coffee shop owners. The Netherlands is not just about weed guys! Also, our government is not letting people get sick. We have to stay inside like all other people do. I find this video to be very biased and misleading and it makes me doubt the Vice documentaries I have see so far.
Bekah - Day ago
Except 3% or more of the "herd" or population will die. So good luck on making enough room in your hospitals, morgues, cemeteries & crematoriums.
Its actually better to constantly wash hands and clean surfaces. Sanitize & disinfect your body & environment. Try to avoid communal activities & find your own space to occupy. Stay in your room for a few months. Be careful what you eat don't eat food that has been handled by many others hands. Grow your own vegetables (or wash them properly) make your own bread at home. This virus can kill any age. Stay isolated, stay clean to stay alive.
Christopher Regnery
What if your immunity lasts only a year? Are you going to just try and get it every year? This likely isn't the chickenpox. Single-stranded RNA mutates often.
Doreen Chang
Doreen Chang - Day ago
Herd immunity is not proven to function scientifically and virus as unpredictable as such can mutate. However, I mean if the PM really wants to try this experiment out, he can apply it on himself first.... Don't risk the people. The elderly does not deserve this.
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator - Day ago
Cool! Do AIDS next Euro-dopes!
Mishy Mish
Mishy Mish - Day ago
Darwin was almost right. The fittest n the richest survive.
Li Mr
Li Mr - Day ago
SO Funny when you look back now. Good for your people.
Netherlands ..... Hold my beer
Rupalii - Day ago
as someone from the uk, with a government that started the same way, this is a really stupid idea
Makale Fitzgerald
Makale Fitzgerald - Day ago
"once you have it your body starts up immunity" um hello! People are dying by the thousands every day! Not everyone survives. Wow..are they not following what's happening around the world!?!
carguy - Day ago
So they are killing their people until all the ones left are immune! Why didn't everyone else think of that?
In two months: dead people everywhere
kudorgyozo - Day ago
Corona virus can be contracted multiple times I think.
ZMacZ Furreh
ZMacZ Furreh - Day ago
Herd immunity is just about the worst kind of outcome to random infection, nationwide.
In that case I vote for ISP-FIR Therapy, which has a much better survival rate.
this would also involving being exposed to infection, but would also take all neccesary steps
beforehand to optimze success first, and could actually be done on a larger scale,
since the optimized success rate would decerase the volume of people needing healthcare,
ventilators and such, and would also forego many of the nasty side-effects like
kidney and lung damage, for prolonged time.
ZMacZ Furreh
ZMacZ Furreh - Day ago
ISP-FIR is an experimental treatment that offers far better chance for survival than waiting for random infection to happen, and hoping to live. It's Immune System Primed-Forced Immune Response therapy. And involves exposure to a virus at the patient's side optimized survival success rate, which may be called Imune System Priming. The priming of the immune system means giving the patient certain medications and treatments, to allow for preperation of teh body for infection, while teh infection itself doesn't allow standard viral progress throughout the body, but instead triggers an immune response from the start, disallowing the viral infection to build up first. Then knowing the exact time of infection, and it propagation rate, any ant virals known to have a significant effect on the viral body count, can be applied to keep the spread to a minimum, and thus giving the body optimized time for a correct antibody response. MUCH better than random infection on the street and such.
Yannick Kors
Yannick Kors - Day ago
Article on corona, or coffeeshops? tragic reporting
Gertjan Brinkers
Gertjan Brinkers - Day ago
A country is never more reinforced then by its psychos
DudleyTheDragon 420
Stock up on the miracle medicines and keep your immune system strong
Rick simpson oil
Stay healthy
Gertjan Brinkers
Gertjan Brinkers - Day ago
The day after The Netherlands went into lockdown, the prime minister reiterated again that out of the 3 options available, herd immunity and uncontrolled spreading was not one of the choices. Vice is sounding off like an alcoholic drinking against the return of a hangover
Gertjan Brinkers
Gertjan Brinkers - Day ago
I unsubscribed from Vice months ago
Umesh - Day ago
Plus their population is less. So don't really need to flatten the curve per se.
Steven Du toit
Steven Du toit - Day ago
My sentiment actually.
Steven Lee
Steven Lee - Day ago
Negan is in Holland, smoking pot.
M G - Day ago
I wish America would do this
Joe Costner
Joe Costner - 2 days ago
Yo I've got the solution. Put all the youngsters together during a 3 week music festival, give everybody a little load of the virus and just wait for them to get immune. Then they can go back and help the old and sick. That's herd immunity + protection of the vulnerable.
Nora‘s vintage kitchen
im from Holland. The health care is shit!! fake news 💩
joepmeneer - 2 days ago
This video and its description are very misleading, since it insinuates that social distancing is not being applied in the Netherlands. It's illegal and punishable (fines up to 4000 euro) to not have 1.5m distance.
I did not expect this of vice... There goes your credibility.
Marco Antunes
Marco Antunes - 2 days ago
Neatherlands: “tough time never last, only tough people last”.
tooltalk - 2 days ago
Netherland already has 14+K cases with 1+K death..
lokeyGee87 - 2 days ago
Lets have some Coronavirus parties!
MIC M'ill'itary Industrial Complex
Everyone talking about Grandma dying.. you have to realize you're losing life several years early while at the same time putting many young people at risk who has 30+ years ahead of them.. It's an ugly proposition, but it's silly to put a 90 year old on a ventilator when and let a 30 year old die just because the 90 year old was first..
The Murderbot Feed
The Murderbot Feed - 2 days ago
The clickbait is back, pls don’t call yourselves jounalists, thanks
bean cat88
bean cat88 - 2 days ago
What a shit video title.
Paras hit
Paras hit - 2 days ago
No herd immunity for Covid-19. Your lungs will be damaged if you has one. No one is imune, but some people wouldn't feel sick because they are asymptomatic.
Asymptomatic is more dangerous because you're a living carrier of the virus. This not about being sick or not, its a Virus vs Medical System war. Virus has won the battle so far, your job is to support medical system to turn the corner and won the war.
James Wisrik
James Wisrik - 2 days ago
Herd... like sheep's! I live the idea.
therealfattewok - 2 days ago
Yeah, COVID-19 is a mutating virus. Fools. Some people who healed from the virus regained it and some of those even died.
Incompetent politicians. You don't even know the virus yet.
Thelegend27 - 2 days ago
Vice this is just shit, im dutch and you guys painted a wrong picture of what is going on in the netherlands.
Mert Öztoprak
Mert Öztoprak - 2 days ago
i am also living in the netherlands, and thats what PM said. Britain PM was also defending herd immunity, now we see what situation they are in. I hope Mark Rutte changes his mind before its too late. Also i will tell you another picture of whats going on here; health system is already overloaded. My GP closed their office 2 weeks ago. I have another cronic health problem, and i can not even go to GP. I dont fear corona, since i am not going out from my home. What i fear is; if i get sick from something else and its too late...
Babette de Jong
Babette de Jong - 2 days ago
Unbelievable that this kind of 'news' is made and continued to be spread
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