G-Eazy - No Rappers (Audio) ft. E-40

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Jessica Baker
Jessica Baker - 2 days ago
underrated as hell
Jessica Greensly
Jessica Greensly - 7 days ago
Hoodie Alan be missing easy
D Z - 7 days ago
E 40 The Legend
rene landa llamocca
rene landa llamocca - 24 days ago
Nadie que hable ???
Jeremiah Hogan
Jeremiah Hogan - Month ago
G Eazy dropped some good shit here, but E-40 needs work. "1911 bolt-action Kimber" ...wtf
Mood1n - 2 months ago
this does not get the clout it deserve
AeCuR0 - 2 months ago
Perfect track
brad taylor
brad taylor - 3 months ago
politic with pillars and i hang around factors, snatched olivia from a green bay packer
Johnny Cumpian
Johnny Cumpian - 3 months ago
This song is too underrated
D Z - 3 months ago
E 40 (with) G Eazy always 🔥
Neebzone - 3 months ago
Laia Hernández
Laia Hernández - 4 months ago
Love that old school
Weronika Dziaduch
Weronika Dziaduch - 4 months ago
Weronika Dziaduch
Weronika Dziaduch - 4 months ago
... so Where is my lawyer to rodo and major ?
Tracey - 4 months ago
Oh yah. Awesome hearing E-40. Used to listen to him alot back in the day
Ali Beast
Ali Beast - 4 months ago
Larsen Parker
Larsen Parker - 5 months ago
E-40 kills the vibe of this song dont @ me
Mary Chairez
Mary Chairez - 5 months ago
Fuk bois....fuk aftervtime after time ..grown asses lol E %E lol hmmmmmm mixer Porn worthy. No jokes hmmmmmmX facture...Cali408 Tricken69 Mj SWEET HUH
Mary Chairez
Mary Chairez - 5 months ago
Stress facture
Mary Chairez
Mary Chairez - 5 months ago
Im humble now fools lol.....brownies anyone
MarinosAU79 - 5 months ago
harper lee
harper lee - 5 months ago
The Teacher and Student come together as equals
Joronomo - 5 months ago
Kttycat11 - 6 months ago
why doesn’t this one have more viewssss
Jessica MacCabe
Jessica MacCabe - 6 months ago
old school g, I love it! I love your new shit tho just do what you feel at the time, man! we trust you n we wanna hear exactly what you feel, keep rockin G (ik he wont see this I wanna be someone who's there though)
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 6 months ago
Make a video to this
mohammed Meekaeel
mohammed Meekaeel - 7 months ago
g eazy got words this is the G eazy i like
Here’s The Deal Folks
Here’s The Deal Folks - 7 months ago
Big Factz! This is the G-Easy we want but don't deserve!
Jana Berendsen
Jana Berendsen - 7 months ago
first the right then the left rappers always live
Liam Triffett
Liam Triffett - 7 months ago
Who produced this beat? Does any one know his name?
Joe McKinley
Joe McKinley - 4 months ago
Liam Triffett Take A Day Trip - it’s two guys. Everything they make is crazy
Lex Turchin
Lex Turchin - 7 months ago
Are you Eminem's brother?
Gaurav Kathait
Gaurav Kathait - 7 months ago
This is lit 🔥, hit a like for Gerald
Preston Life
Preston Life - 7 months ago
I like no rappers
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 7 months ago
You a beast Easy still a G 🤘😜👌💨🔥🔥
Rivinaka Dharmaratne
Rivinaka Dharmaratne - 7 months ago
I’m sorry but e40s part was so cringe and bad
Lightning McQueer
Lightning McQueer - 7 months ago
E-40 is just etp445 as a rapper
nba543 - 7 months ago
This song gives me nostalgia. The good days from 2010 era
Josef Eljundi
Josef Eljundi - 7 months ago
This Song deserved way more views
Luksy - 7 months ago
More of this!
Bald Head Jamaican
Bald Head Jamaican - 7 months ago
This joint go. E40 went ham
Brian White
Brian White - 7 months ago
Man I was sleeping on dude, his voice smooth af
Brian White
Brian White - 7 months ago
@Kalem St.Louis maybe i do idk
Kalem St.Louis
Kalem St.Louis - 7 months ago
Sounds like you literally want to sleep on him now
Mad Jim Jaspers
Mad Jim Jaspers - 7 months ago
Damn snatch Olivia from a Packer.
Doungul Paominlun
Doungul Paominlun - 7 months ago
Who would want G-eazy to clb with NF?
Kttycat11 - 8 months ago
prettyflirty_7 - 8 months ago
Take a Olivia from a Green Bay packer.. an Aaron Rodgers diss haha 🔥🔥
Broseph - 8 months ago
E-40 just ruins this song 🤦‍♂️
Neat52 - 8 months ago
E-40 is just awful why he ruin good songs from G
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores - 8 months ago
lars - 8 months ago
e30's are the shit man ///M
Top10 video
Top10 video - 8 months ago
100 %
Gecko Rob
Gecko Rob - 8 months ago
It's like eazy can be good but he stay wanting singles and talking bout b*itches and alcoholic and that's been oldd
Moe H.
Moe H. - 8 months ago
Freek Jansen
Freek Jansen - 8 months ago
Thats straight up fire Gerald🥵🥵
YuChi Pan
YuChi Pan - 8 months ago
joseph harry
joseph harry - 8 months ago
Butter - 8 months ago
too good
Vianney Le dantec
Vianney Le dantec - 8 months ago
The best sound in B-sides ! Welcome back my G
Badger - 8 months ago
am i the only one who doesnt like e 40?
Luke Nadeau
Luke Nadeau - 8 months ago
You my sir will change the game keep hustlin 💪🔥
The Whiz Kid
The Whiz Kid - 8 months ago
Corbeau Montllor
Corbeau Montllor - 8 months ago
Rich white boi, I dont dance but I'm dapper😝
Ali Foxx
Ali Foxx - 8 months ago
HeyImOrie - 8 months ago
This is honestly the best song to come out of G since When it's dark out, proud of you G, We welcome back the king.
K W - 7 months ago
Hmm maybe
madduma sanka
madduma sanka - 8 months ago
Where are all the geminis at? Hit like if u r proud to be a gemini!
madduma sanka
madduma sanka - 8 months ago
@Jonas Torres ohh hell yeah
Jonas Torres
Jonas Torres - 8 months ago
madduma sanka more then proud lmaoooo
Luiz Fellype Messias Castro
Vim - 8 months ago
That Redbone vibe tho
GotChills - 8 months ago
This man is LEGEND ....
Charles Smartly
Charles Smartly - 8 months ago
Thanks G this is the shit that I've been needing from you. Hope you got some more of this greatness coming out.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 8 months ago
What old school beat is in the background playing
Blaviken Butcher
Blaviken Butcher - 8 months ago
Gyano Van Straaren
Gyano Van Straaren - 8 months ago
Kapsones like shit...
AnA BOI - 8 months ago
This is So Fucking FIRE!!!
Mike AZSkywatcher
Mike AZSkywatcher - 8 months ago
I’m just here so I don’t get fined
Jonas Torres
Jonas Torres - 8 months ago
Holy shit this shit banging on everything , goddamn g back 💯💯😭🤧
james HighThinkWrite
james HighThinkWrite - 8 months ago
dont worry about the money, if you good at what you do it will come to you
slowed & reverb tingz !
slowed & reverb tingz ! - 8 months ago
damn, and he snapped again.
3.W.M #3wisemotherfuçkers
eevakern - 8 months ago
Forsythe P
Forsythe P - 8 months ago
Swaaaaggg at its finest
Eerik Haamer
Eerik Haamer - 8 months ago
E-40 sounds so wack! Never liked him anyway...
cameron brown
cameron brown - 8 months ago
Favorite pistol is a 1911 "bolt action" kimber? Really E-40?
cameron brown
cameron brown - 8 months ago
@Jordan Schmidt, BSN RN clearly lmao
Jordan Schmidt, BSN RN
Jordan Schmidt, BSN RN - 8 months ago
Lol dude obviously knows nothing about weapons
SKippySounds - 8 months ago
"She''d be running from the dick"

Hey bro I don't think you can say that anymore lmaooo
Victoria Perkovic
Victoria Perkovic - 8 months ago
Rapper.....no if I can say
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