HIGHLIGHTS | GGG vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko

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DAZN USA - 7 months ago
Who do you think won the fight?
Wilson Eusebio777
Wilson Eusebio777 - 25 days ago
SP FromNY914
SP FromNY914 - 5 months ago
Roman Reigns
BainGain - 5 months ago
Big Chungus
Michael Flops
Michael Flops - 6 months ago
Ben Layers if only the ref saw that it was behind the head
time is on our side ah88
time is on our side ah88 - 6 months ago
ggg got worked and lost this fight , its time for him to retire ... i will say derevyanchenko would be a great fight for canelo ,,, i just want to see a fight where somebody attacks canelo body all night long and see how that effects him
T. Simmons
T. Simmons - 13 hours ago
Wow triple g really got beat up and love the guy.....but you can't rob somebody like that when they're in the ring putting their life on the line like that I don't care if it was your little brother or your son out there fighting.
Bronze Bomber D. Wilder
Half the I bet based their opinions on this highlight tape, do you know how idiotic that is? Like go watch the FULL FIGHT to get an actual account of a 12 round fight. This was certainly not a robbery, close enough where it could have gone either way..
Sebastián2002 Antezana Sulca
Probablemente sea la unica pelea que GGG haya podido perder. Es una diferencia muy grande comparada a como le robaron la pelea contra la perra de Canelo
Juan Arias
Juan Arias - 6 days ago
Mui buena la pelea Mui serada pudo ser para sergey también pero al final c b goloski Mui cansado. Pero es un guerrero mis respeto para ellos
Lorenzo de' Medici
Lorenzo de' Medici - 7 days ago
I had GGG winning rounds 1, 2 & 3. I gave all the rest of the rounds to Derevyanchenko. He answered every GGG punch with 3 or 4 of his own. He outworked him, wore him down and beat him. Terrible decision.
Marlon Medrano
Marlon Medrano - 9 days ago
Pepe Rodriguez
Pepe Rodriguez - 10 days ago
RG will be multiple champion
Pepe Rodriguez
Pepe Rodriguez - 10 days ago
Ggg was not hurt look at the other guys face you have to hurt knock down or just about win at least7 or more rounds simply beet the champion. Beat
Ramirez Luis
Ramirez Luis - 10 days ago
Muy buena pelea.
Un buen rival y muy duro para GGG
josh oxenford
josh oxenford - 10 days ago
Devancako didn't beat the champ
Joe Torres
Joe Torres - 12 days ago
Im here in 2020 still saying GGG lost this fight big time
Sonny Valentyne
Sonny Valentyne - 15 days ago
Canelo will retire ggg.. Might even hurt him bad..
Brendan Jackson
Brendan Jackson - 16 days ago
Unanimous decision?
Daniel Castro
Daniel Castro - 18 days ago
Common GGG won
cesar del rasso
cesar del rasso - 20 days ago
Derevyanchenko should fight canelo ! He’s like a miniature GGG
Sergio E
Sergio E - 20 days ago
GGG is 🗑
Abe 123
Abe 123 - 20 days ago
GGG it’s not the same since he left Abel Sanchez
Adrian Mari
Adrian Mari - 21 day ago
They need a rematch because GGG lost that one
palomo_de_SJ - 21 day ago
Wow GGG lost in this one. I’m a huge GGG fan too. Sad to see him struggle like this. He needs to go back to Able. He probably underestimated this fight. You can’t have a bunch of Yes men at this level. Abel pushed him a lot more no matter what fight. GGG would def lose against cánelo if he were to show up like this to fight.
wapo original
wapo original - 23 days ago
ggg is chaves son the wey he fights i like it 👍🏽
SectionIsa - 25 days ago
Ref saved ggg at 2:39
John Merton
John Merton - 25 days ago
who said boxing was honest?-unbelievable
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams - 25 days ago
Close fight but GGG won.
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins - 26 days ago
Joe Hristovski
Joe Hristovski - 26 days ago
Those fights with Canelo and age is catching up with GGG !!
Caco - 27 days ago
@ 2:36
Why did the Ref separate them?
The boss 97
The boss 97 - 28 days ago
This show triple ggg can’t take body shots Canelo prove it in there first fight
alexs cedeno alikhan
alexs cedeno alikhan - 29 days ago
Paul Ssonko
Paul Ssonko - Month ago
Многие россияне жалуются на неудобства из-за мер самоизоляции, в первую очередь - на сложности с прогулками и нехватку масок с санитайзерами.
Sonny Valentyne
Sonny Valentyne - Month ago
Those canelo fights really fukd up GGGs ribs and body. He can't take body shots no more.
yeff89 - Month ago
GGG lost hands down 😂
Christopher Danjou
Christopher Danjou - Month ago
Gf won that first Camelot fight
Manny Lopez
Manny Lopez - Month ago
Bro the ref did everything in his power to keep ggg in that ring and not have him finished smh
Brimstone Helix
Brimstone Helix - Month ago
Mr Kika Bonita II
Mr Kika Bonita II - Month ago
GGG will be Hall of famer. What a phenomenal boxer. So many knockouts, the pressure and the toughness. He will never go down. But he lost this fight in my opinion. And I watched the whole fight not just the highlights. Point wise he lost this one.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson - Month ago
Triple G lost it fight
GGG gets robbed by canelo
Sergiy gets robbed by GGG
So it's even 😂
Ymirson999 - Month ago
The only thing for Derevyanchenko that out shined his ferocity was his sportsmanship afterwards.
jsbomber2 - Month ago
I love the way these ukranian guys fight... all about quickness and throwing punches from different angles
Judaean Hebrew
Judaean Hebrew - Month ago
Branyo Romero
Branyo Romero - Month ago
As A Triple G Fan I Am Sorry He Got His Face Destroy, He Clearly Lost This Fight.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez - Month ago
Sergiy win the fitght
Joelson Sabado
Joelson Sabado - Month ago
Tbh i thought this was a draw or closer to dereyevchenko
Edwin Gomez
Edwin Gomez - Month ago
Let’s see what canelo do with sergy derevenchenko
Edwin Gomez
Edwin Gomez - Month ago
GGG the master
Edwin Gomez
Edwin Gomez - Month ago
GGG master
Zoe Anduray fajardo
Zoe Anduray fajardo - Month ago
Por esto canelo le saco la vuelta a este boxeador si es completo alos vergazos
Adrien Manriquez
Adrien Manriquez - Month ago
They swore triple g was hurt
Beto Puga
Beto Puga - Month ago
Idk if GGG is ready for a 3rd fight vs Canelo, I think if he wouldnt have scored that knock down he would’ve definitely lost this fight
Kris Lytle
Kris Lytle - Month ago
I was at this fight live and GGG won. Sergey committed a lot of low blows and he missed or hit gloves most of the night.
M. O.
M. O. - Month ago
Robbed bad
charlie franco
charlie franco - Month ago
Robbery ggg lost
Mayo Sena
Mayo Sena - Month ago
Ggg el mejor de los medios
Matthew Cowley
Matthew Cowley - Month ago
Ggg lost the fight , very disappointing , just watched the fight again it was like ggg was protecting his nuts all night with the low punches from Sergy ,maybe it’s just me but did any notice this?
Brandon Chan
Brandon Chan - Month ago
I dont know man the other guy faced was ripped apart.
The Boxer
The Boxer - Month ago
Golovkin of 2020 is a shell of what he once was!
Chris Chris
Chris Chris - Month ago
Xavier the Boxing Nerd
You know it’s a great fight when the highlights show the opening and closing seconds of a fight
Irving Santamaria
Irving Santamaria - Month ago
Derevyanchenko mucho mejor que GGG, El Arbitro le ayudaba a GGG, Fue un robo esa Pelea
Mark H
Mark H - Month ago
ggg Lost this fight...he knows it..
Joshua Reed
Joshua Reed - Month ago
Watched this whole fight. These highlights were one sided for Sergei. GGG had the more consistent fight. Sergei had the flashier moments.
Alejandro Maldonado
Alejandro Maldonado - Month ago
Sergiy "won this one" but i mean look at the results :v 5:50
Yocc Pushkin
Yocc Pushkin - Month ago
Who in the world did this "highlight vid" Sergei's manager?! 😀
TXup92 G
TXup92 G - Month ago
Canelo will KO GGG in the 3rd fight. Bet on it.
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez - Month ago
Worst thing Golovkin could have done was change trainers. Banks is trash. GGG is gonna get destroyed in the third Canelo fight.
JokerAssassin - Month ago
Great fight , he really stood his ground against ggg
Kenny Hodges
Kenny Hodges - Month ago
Its F'd up how they robbed that man.... N I'm a GGG fan smh
BlessedYouAre - Month ago
Hearn Says Golovkin Was Sick Coming Into Derevyanchenko Fight. (Sergyi was excellent, and he might well beat Canelo.)If you pay attention to GGG's face before and during the whole fight, you'll probably notice that it looked like he was fighting a flu or something. GGG obviously was not at his best.
Fowi Duke
Fowi Duke - Month ago
Vince Cruize
Vince Cruize - Month ago
another fight decided off ONE knockdown....shame. smh
Joel Hartley
Joel Hartley - Month ago
Those wars with Canelo and this fight would of taken a lot out of GGG. True warrior.
Joel Hartley
Joel Hartley - Month ago
Those wars with Canelo and this fight would of taken a lot out of GGG. True warrior.
Ignacio Ruelas
Ignacio Ruelas - Month ago
GGG just doesn't seem the same after those 2 canelo fights. It seems like father time is catching up, he should be thinking of retirement after his next fight.
soong park
soong park - Month ago
늙었다 배 맞을때 마다 고통 스러워 하는게 보인다 카넬로와 싸울때도 얼굴만 공격 하고 몸통 맞을때 마다 고통 스러워 하던데 은퇴 진작 하고 돈 관리 잘했어야지 세월을 이기는 복서는 없다
soong park
soong park - Month ago
ggg too old
Juarez Boxing
Juarez Boxing - Month ago
canelo will put him down if he fight him like this.
Manjil Shrestha
Manjil Shrestha - Month ago
how can people say ggg clearly lost.? There were some rounds which derevecehnko dominated, but I think it has to do with the bias commentary. Just turn off the commentary a nd watch the fight and you can decide for youurself. Could have gone either way with the knockdown.
Luis Lorta
Luis Lorta - Month ago
GGG4 deveryachenko 8
Daniel Fox
Daniel Fox - Month ago
We want rematch
Pam Munoz
Pam Munoz - Month ago
No wonder canelo didnt want no part of it n vacated
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