Brent Rivera VS Lexi Rivera Celebrity Impressions Challenge (she impersonates EVA GUTOWSKI!)

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AwesomenessTV - Month ago
What. impression do you think was the BEST?!?!!! And I need Brent and Eva to go on that trip 😂
Dlano Zaal
Dlano Zaal - 22 days ago
No not Brent and Eva, because it'll destroy Brent and Pierson's relationship
lovely rebornhobby
lovely rebornhobby - Month ago
me too i think they do need to go to JAPAN
Trisha Patil
Trisha Patil - Month ago
yall spelled charli's first AND last name wrong
Rose Riviera
Rose Riviera - Month ago
Brent's Impression is better than Lexi
Melody Evertsz
Melody Evertsz - Month ago
jojo siwa
#Altitudes Ofsuccess#
#Altitudes Ofsuccess# - 3 hours ago
COLE SPROUSE and CAMILA MENDES .♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Barry Storms
Barry Storms - 3 days ago
literlly brent british acsent was amazing
DaRobloxGamer !!!
DaRobloxGamer !!! - 5 days ago
10:43 he was imitating Jojo Siwa omg sooooooooooo funnyyyyyyy
Yu Yan
Yu Yan - 5 days ago
_And Pick Out Of The Bucket_
layla clabaugh
layla clabaugh - 6 days ago
when lexie did brent she said should have said ben stay away from my sister
brhane tsegab
brhane tsegab - 6 days ago
Why lexi did't say when she have James Charles she didn't say like hi sisters he was going to guess it if she said that 😑😐😕😚😚😘but i enjoy it 😷 stay safe
Triin L
Triin L - 6 days ago
When Brent did Harry Styles impression he talked to fast and didn't say um
layla mcloughlin
layla mcloughlin - 7 days ago
BlaZe Clan
BlaZe Clan - 7 days ago
All the celebrities that were in this video watching this 👁👄👁
Spectrum - 7 days ago
So Lexi basically gets the person who Brent used to roast her with in his diss track
Amelia Jeal
Amelia Jeal - 8 days ago
i can laugh exactly like ariana grande go o Amelia Jeal to listen
sana gehad
sana gehad - 8 days ago
the best impression was lexi hensler
Ghayour Mohammed Khan
Ghayour Mohammed Khan - 10 days ago
Miley cyrus is good
Unicorn Skyfy
Unicorn Skyfy - 11 days ago
OMG 6:58 I'm dying brents face though!!!!!!!!!
Maka Kunzi
Maka Kunzi - 11 days ago
Lol the stokes twins😂😂😂
Denise Castro
Denise Castro - 12 days ago
the rock: HUWAAAA!!!!
Maria Rosu Cristina
Maria Rosu Cristina - 13 days ago
Maria Rosu Cristina
Maria Rosu Cristina - 13 days ago
did anyone noticeded that they spelled chalie d'amelio on the paper and when they showed usin place of charli d'amelio
Sadie Loranger
Sadie Loranger - 13 days ago
I like how they called it "the butt thing"🤣
Marissa Harvey
Marissa Harvey - 14 days ago
Brents British 🇬🇧accent is really good 😂
Annie Liu
Annie Liu - 15 days ago
8:06 it could of been dom
Baobab DeLorenzo
Baobab DeLorenzo - 15 days ago
Hey Sisters!!!
Baobab DeLorenzo
Baobab DeLorenzo - 15 days ago
Ummmm that is not ariana grande
Emi 9
Emi 9 - 16 days ago
Saying celebrity and keeping everyone 😂😂
Samantha Petty
Samantha Petty - 16 days ago
I swear this is the first time in forever that lexi got the most ponts she is the best youtube in the house!
Mushroomsurprise957 - 16 days ago
Maricar Dagohoy
Maricar Dagohoy - 16 days ago
The Charlie.....hahahahahha
Oksana Palamarchuk
Oksana Palamarchuk - 17 days ago
Brent. : doing Jojo siwa
Me:ears bleeding
Me: it’s good she answered it fast 😂😂😂😂
nini javashvili
nini javashvili - 17 days ago
I love you Lexi and Brent
Kenny Adams
Kenny Adams - 18 days ago
Tina & Katharina
Tina & Katharina - 18 days ago
1:23 that is not how you spell Charli D’amelio
Paul Robertson
Paul Robertson - 19 days ago
Congratulations To The Winner Lexi Rivera
Aslı Şanal
Aslı Şanal - 19 days ago
I watched the whole video just to see Brent's mouth closer
Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera - 19 days ago
im a savage clasy buggu savage
Electro Clan
Electro Clan - 19 days ago
Definitely Ariana grande that lexi did.
Fatima Zuberi
Fatima Zuberi - 19 days ago
Smita Ghorpade
Smita Ghorpade - 20 days ago
Harry styles ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Sarikonda Raghu Deepika
Sarikonda Raghu Deepika - 20 days ago
Back side of Brent is art canvas now it is pictionary video.that means they shoot videos before a month
KawaiiKittiesPlayz - 20 days ago
In the end, I thought Brent was like "Her channel will be Ariana Grande and mine is Hairy Styles!" XD 12:59
Lena Gjorgieva
Lena Gjorgieva - 20 days ago
why is everyone spelling Charli's name incorrect? its CHARLI DAMELIO
Elvin Kim
Elvin Kim - 20 days ago
Brent could have sung the what can I say from Moana
for Dwane
Ahmed A
Ahmed A - 20 days ago
4:43 you should have said
" *hey sisters* "
Isabela Harrison
Isabela Harrison - 21 day ago
i laughed so hard when brent tried to act like miley
cherryclouds - 21 day ago
They spelt charli’s name wrong no hate to them I’m just saying they spelt it wrong 1:25
Barke Abdulrahman
Barke Abdulrahman - 21 day ago
You laugh like Annabelle 😅😅
emilija sokaitė
emilija sokaitė - 21 day ago
harry isin't like that
Interesting Facts and knowledge
I am prem from India. I want to marry you Lexi really 💙
Interesting Facts and knowledge
You have a sweet smile...Lexi 😊😊😊😊
Haset Melaku
Haset Melaku - 21 day ago
Am i the only one that loved brents british- like accent
Aroosh dadhich
Aroosh dadhich - 21 day ago
what if he just said welcome or welcome back to my channel of lexi h
ASHEESH JAIN - 22 days ago
for a moment I thought that brent's impression for harry styles sounded more like tom Holland
Mercedes Ramírez
Mercedes Ramírez - 22 days ago
lexi in james charles you had to say hi sisters
Awesome Angels
Awesome Angels - 22 days ago
Wow Lexi is pretty good at singing and she said she wasn’t! (When she does the Ariana grande impression)
tess 321
tess 321 - 22 days ago
What Brent Said : Close your eyes
Youtube subtitles : Okay it was rice
Hej hej
Hej hej - 22 days ago
It's Charli not Charlie
Jacqueline Hernandez
Jacqueline Hernandez - 22 days ago
You still make the stoke twins one person 🤣
GinnyPotter 04
GinnyPotter 04 - 23 days ago
Who else was laughing my head off this entire video? >_< >_< >_
roblox fan
roblox fan - 23 days ago
Lexy has an beautiful voice
Stella Yan
Stella Yan - 23 days ago
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