Matt Stonie vs 100 String Cheese (5.33Lbs / 7,000cals)

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REZFUNK - Hour ago
5 year old me when my mom walks out the kitchen
Savage Gaming
Savage Gaming - 8 hours ago
4:12 When im eating a burger and my friend ask for some 😂
Savage Gaming
Savage Gaming - 8 hours ago
Get triggered
Wing Chun
Wing Chun - 18 hours ago
U no sheep before ?
fittutube - 19 hours ago
This cant be healthy.
Rage Shadow
Rage Shadow - Day ago
Why you eat so much food but not fat.🤔🤔
Omgtuyf 121
Omgtuyf 121 - Day ago
me after eating a lot of string cheese:im so sick of this cheese
Matt Stonie after eating a lot of string cheese: Im sick of this cheese wrapper
Landon Kaplan
Landon Kaplan - Day ago
I love Matt so much I still watched this video bc the way he eats the string cheese makes me want to barf
Irfan Irfu
Irfan Irfu - Day ago
U take a challenge .u donot eat anything morning to till evening 6 pm and eat 5 juices and somany foods
1k subs with 0 video challange
Me: Eating 2 String Cheese
Matt: **Eats 100 String Cheese**
Brody Stott
Brody Stott - 2 days ago
He not gon be able to shit for a week
xXMochiminXx - 2 days ago
Matt: *eats 100 cheese sticks*
Me: *laughs in lactose-intolerant*
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia - 3 hours ago
Wheres the funny
Fuat TÜTÜNCÜ - 2 days ago
ben turkkum turkler sizden daha iyi
Buzz Shock
Buzz Shock - 3 days ago
If you’re lactose intolerant

Good job u watched your nightmare
Moon Dusk83
Moon Dusk83 - 3 days ago
He must of felt so sick after this.
Rafael Escobedo
Rafael Escobedo - 3 days ago
Plastic cheese
Brayden Tanner
Brayden Tanner - 3 days ago
How long are you in the rest room 😂
William Hollins
William Hollins - 3 days ago
Dude cheese string is disgusting
freddy velasco
freddy velasco - 3 days ago
i want to see how many plates Matt stonie could eat at a All you can eat Buffet
mochi yummy
mochi yummy - 3 days ago
I cant really eat that much cheese cause i will throw up
Leunice akissha capulso
The dog be like 👁️👄👁️
ぉ•ZaneLight• - 3 days ago
I hate strings cheese ewwwww when you ate the string cheese I almost like ummmmmmm pass out idk
Samarth Chawla
Samarth Chawla - 3 days ago
No one
Pen tap covers on songs - 0:15
NibiriuS - 3 days ago
как ты стоко еш и отсаешся худым? {translation - how do you stock and eat thin?}
Chill ヅ
Chill ヅ - 3 days ago
Ma Boîte À Musique
Ma Boîte À Musique - 3 days ago
👎 c’est du grand n’importe quoi
Antonio Malegieri
Antonio Malegieri - 3 days ago
Mangia 100 pizze
Gee I Dont Know
Gee I Dont Know - 4 days ago
My stomach would implode
Frog - 4 days ago
He will be constipated for life
SSsavageEE - 4 days ago
Who is getting triggered
xaris spyroglou
xaris spyroglou - 5 days ago
Dog 00:27
Ruby Crunch
Ruby Crunch - 5 days ago
I’ve been wondering where does he get those cheese strings?
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz - 5 days ago
And i’m still confused how the heck he still skinny
jessica huang
jessica huang - 5 days ago
im over here peeling the string cheese one by one
Sylxc - 5 days ago
Am i the only one who realised he is getting abit fat
Kawaii Cherry
Kawaii Cherry - 5 days ago
oh god do i wish this was me
How do you stay fit when your eating alot of food!!!!
Grant Ricketts
Grant Ricketts - 5 days ago
Bet you didn’t poop for a month
Ryan Sallat
Ryan Sallat - 5 days ago
This nigga wearing a primitive shirt do you even skate
Rotaba Chauhan
Rotaba Chauhan - 5 days ago
SkiBearInBluee XD
SkiBearInBluee XD - 5 days ago
Brush water and cheese👌☠
Rifat Hossain
Rifat Hossain - 5 days ago
Please say, how to you maintain your diet?
Ñøŕhäń Möhāmęđ
Ava - 6 days ago
finally a challenge i could do
Garrett K
Garrett K - 6 days ago
Do this again but unwrap them
Ril Playsシ
Ril Playsシ - 7 days ago
Try imagining
Hes pooping
Alex G.H.F
Alex G.H.F - 7 days ago
y aint u take the wrappers off first
Christ Alie
Christ Alie - 7 days ago
This is soooooo bad for the Environment! Why dont you eat 5.33 lbs Cheese in one Piece?
coconut :'v
coconut :'v - 8 days ago
captions: [Music]
me: Yes it is and it slaps
Chethan Kumar Twins
Chethan Kumar Twins - 8 days ago
Mat why don't you do Indian 2 kg biryani challenge?
Opik Tea
Opik Tea - 8 days ago
Damn matt imagine the stringy dump
Shelley Payne
Shelley Payne - 8 days ago
Suggest next time unwrap them before you eat them
Mark Magtalas
Mark Magtalas - 9 days ago
Try Filipino spicy noodles!!!
Sebastian Resendiz
Sebastian Resendiz - 9 days ago
wertrk7kill - 9 days ago
He will not look at those the same
Ifti_006 - 9 days ago
4:15 peashooters be like
Keon Gillard
Keon Gillard - 10 days ago
This is something I could do
Azhar Kadir
Azhar Kadir - 10 days ago
Its cheese string 4:12
Ali S
Ali S - 11 days ago
no cats
no cats - 12 days ago
this is the most disgusting challenge he has done...
CYBR Gaming
CYBR Gaming - 12 days ago
Yep and hes constipated tomarrow
Quite Cold
Quite Cold - 12 days ago
0:48 100 indivitovidi wrapped iconic string cheeseses

Sam q
Sam q - 12 days ago
Do you know how much that will clog your system up and make you constipated
William Pomeroy
William Pomeroy - 12 days ago
And then he beat Randy Marsh’s world record
Envy FR
Envy FR - 12 days ago
This is really crazy! ✖﹏✖
I am legend
I am legend - 13 days ago
Do 100momos challenge
Julienne Delfin
Julienne Delfin - 13 days ago
I hope your health is really okay 😫
Olivia Macwan
Olivia Macwan - 13 days ago
me:*getting these strings for a month*
him:*eats them all in mins*
me:*dies agonizing*
Mobile legends Enkhkhuslen
Me:Matt stonie can i get 1 string cheese ?
Matt:For what ?
Me:For put on my noodles, and it can be cheese noodles :D
White Lic
White Lic - 14 days ago
You totally need to re-do this one!!!
Qwix YT
Qwix YT - 14 days ago
Disrespectful absolutely disrespectful eating cheese sticks the wrong way like that
Meh Person
Meh Person - 14 days ago
Anyone eating it while watching this?
Najwa Hermans
Najwa Hermans - 14 days ago
Prison Nicu
Prison Nicu - 14 days ago
at 03:03 triggered
Luna Moone
Luna Moone - 16 days ago
As a cheese lover, I’d love to do this challenge
Toasted Goose
Toasted Goose - 16 days ago
I wonder how strong his jaws are
Naura Fadlilah
Naura Fadlilah - 16 days ago
I'am mau
shaihan - 16 days ago
4:18 like a Hamster 😂😂
Sunny Roda
Sunny Roda - 16 days ago
I ate 100 donuts
Archie Castagna
Archie Castagna - 16 days ago
Cute dog
Jugz _05
Jugz _05 - 17 days ago
What if he was lactose intolerant
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