Matt Stonie vs 100 String Cheese (5.33Lbs / 7,000cals)

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Seema Vinayak
Seema Vinayak - 18 hours ago
You should try lapino monster pizza it's really very very huge
lol mikaela mendoza
lol mikaela mendoza - 18 hours ago
Is it just me or does he really took a minute unwrapping some of the package
David Heller
David Heller - 23 hours ago
Andrew Yang MATH!
Draven - Day ago
The real challenge is gonna be the severe constipation 😣
Charlie Kien
Charlie Kien - Day ago
19:13 of triggering
Not 100 its 100.5
Arianna Crosa
Arianna Crosa - Day ago
Constipation has entered the chat
esrarengiz karanlık
esrarengiz karanlık - 2 days ago
29:41:10 ; (
Lanang Alfayed
Lanang Alfayed - 2 days ago
Indonesia: TANBOY Kun
omega dragon
omega dragon - 2 days ago
Ohh sh** that's so oh my
Aye Nyne Forever
Aye Nyne Forever - 3 days ago
I can't find the next video where he takes on the 50 gallons of Metamucil and Prune Juice Challenge
Carlos Matos
Carlos Matos - 2 days ago
Probably because he stuck his finger down his throat and projectile vomited it straight into the toilet
TheDudeRTR - 3 days ago
You're not gonna shit right for a week.
FUBAR Garage
FUBAR Garage - 3 days ago
96 string cheese*
Adventure Discovery
Adventure Discovery - 3 days ago
I want to see a poop video... am I the only one? Lol
Sobajit Roy
Sobajit Roy - 4 days ago
big chiken chalenge
M Z - 4 days ago
4:12 savage
Fifth Harmonizer CAMILA CABELLO
Matty mouse just ate 100 pieces of string cheese
G 113
G 113 - 6 days ago
I can't even take a tiny bite of that shit without throwing up
Arabella Grace
Arabella Grace - 6 days ago
0:00 asmr
Bon - 6 days ago
6:17 theese sounds are vile and i like it
Bon - 6 days ago
Those are rookie numbers
Rayden Magri
Rayden Magri - 6 days ago
1 why do you eat so much food
2 how do you stay in the same size
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson - 6 days ago
I would never get tired of eating string cheese :)
Nate Panza
Nate Panza - 6 days ago
This are not real
Dreth - 7 days ago
Okay Matt 👀👀
rhezzy ツ
rhezzy ツ - 7 days ago
He’s gonna be constipated
Marz_00 •
Marz_00 • - 7 days ago
Eating string cheese.. whole tastes completely different than peeling it in strings lol
Carlos Matos
Carlos Matos - 2 days ago
It does. He should have just ate a whole five pound block of mozzarella!
ArwenMeow - 7 days ago
Eat a dck
Natalie-LynxLover 0728
Natalie-LynxLover 0728 - 7 days ago
How he so skinny I gain 10lbs just from 1 cheese stick
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker - 7 days ago
Not gonna be regular for a week! 😂😂
SMG_Elite - 7 days ago
Dawg you not finna poop for a while😂😂😂
peter O'Gara
peter O'Gara - 7 days ago
Save the turtles more like save the cows
Yello Cavo
Yello Cavo - 8 days ago
2:48 magic like when you see it
A 4 Andee
A 4 Andee - 8 days ago
This is me at 2 am but maybe less cheese
iii matthew iii
iii matthew iii - 8 days ago
Me at home when my mom buys cheese sticks
ItsMeBigE - 8 days ago
Do a food challenge with tfue plz
Bren D
Bren D - 8 days ago
Oh sick, a keto challenge
Lamarr Otems
Lamarr Otems - 8 days ago
Parmasean cheese doesn't have lactose
Sophia Tucker
Sophia Tucker - 8 days ago
Imagine how constipated he’s gonna be😭😭😭😬
Teeguner -
Teeguner - - 8 days ago
"Get triggerd" 💀☠
Rain. - 8 days ago
i feel like i could do rhis, definetely not in that time, but man i love cheese
lolly mclolol
lolly mclolol - 8 days ago
Me when I want a midnight snack...
LilleLasse - 9 days ago
We have something like that in Denmark its called lillebror ost or ostehaps
JOHN GR - 9 days ago
i like how he spends A LOT more time trying to open it
Wavy Hailey
Wavy Hailey - 9 days ago
I’m triggered by the way he eats them
Scott Engle
Scott Engle - 10 days ago
I like eating food fast
elf._gamergirl - 10 days ago
Emagine how much Vitamine D he has in his body and looking at me a don’t have a lot
Marsmello From mastercraft
Eat all CHEESE 1.000
bbeaup - 11 days ago
He didnt unwrap them first. I gotta stop watching its driving me nuts
Spencer Adagala
Spencer Adagala - 11 days ago
can we get an r.i.p for Matt stone's toilet
mesiroy1234 - 11 days ago
Ohh men he opening 100 plastic was good
Qusai Albakri
Qusai Albakri - 11 days ago
هلا هلا
Kris Danielle
Kris Danielle - 12 days ago
Should've took them out the wrapper first and saved some time 😂
bangtan bomb
bangtan bomb - 12 days ago
0:10 is dat u How to Basic? HAHAHA just kiddin
SHANNON SA - 13 days ago
Did your hound grab that string cheese off the floor?
Gta Shooters
Gta Shooters - 13 days ago
Bro boutta be constipated rippp
Lauren Hahn
Lauren Hahn - 14 days ago
when his digestive system went 💀 i felt it
FREDDIE REAGAN - 14 days ago
Matt stonie is awesome and cool
Exxxtrasauce - 14 days ago
Pretty sure this dude has a digestive system of a snake.
Anthony Verciglio
Anthony Verciglio - 14 days ago
My guys gunna shit a brick
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